Married To A Powerful Domineering Billionaire

Married To A Powerful Domineering Billionaire

By:  Oma  Completed
Language: English
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"You came to me, you initiated the whole thing that lead to my being dis-virgined. I promised my grandma that until I get married, I wasn't going to share my bed with any woman, but you came along and forcefully took me to bed. You seduced me, you took my virginity, therefore you have to marry me." On the night of a heartbreaking discovery, Rayne is forced into giving her first time to a handsome stranger, one she never thought she'd be meeting afterward, but after she woke up with a ring on her finger, she shockingly finds out she is now the wife to one of the city's eligible bachelors, Eric Arnold, a Domineering Billionaire.

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Marena John Lambrou
This was a great story! Ty
2024-03-03 09:47:13
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Yemi Olatunde Oluwafemi
Nice story and very interesting, I love it from the beginning
2023-09-30 03:25:01
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Black queen _2
Nice story, please keep updating
2023-05-09 05:49:26
121 Chapters
Chapter 1: Betrayed
Married To A Powerful Domineering BillionaireWritten ByOkeke-Eze Ifeoma IsabellaChapter 1BetrayedDecorated with dazzling stars, and a half moon, the evening's sky shone brightly in south central LA. In a taxi sat a nervous petite.Staring fixated through the windowsill, she reminisced on all that she had been practicing for a few days now. It was her boyfriend's birthday and she had just the best surprise planned for him, but she could only hope Fred didn't get turned off by her cluelessness in bed. One of the reasons she had forced herself to watch a few of those nasty videos she had come across during her search online, despite how disgusted they had made her feel.But it is all good. She loves her boyfriend and that is one of the many things she would do for him, just to show how much she loves him.For the umpteenth time, she went through the text Fred had sent to her phone. He was at EL Chrisanto' a famous high-class hotel in LA. He wanted to celebrate his birthday alone wit
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Chapter 2: A Handsome Stranger
A Handsome StrangerRayne PovMoving my eyes from the shoes, I looked up to see who it was I had bumped into, but all I could see was a man's chest. I had to pull away from this person in order to see his face, which I did, and was rewarded with alluring gray eyes. They were the most captivating eyes I had ever seen. Something about them felt so... cold and yet, so compelling. The lackadaisical way they glared down at me with zero emotions hinted at danger, but something in me wasn't listening to the warnings. My tiny little heart still felt hurt. I had planned a lot just for today, only to come to Fred's hotel room and find him doing to another woman the things I had planned to do with him. I had finally agreed to give him my first time. After all the surprises I had planned in stock, I got to this place, only to be at the receiving end of the most painful experience. I love Fred. He's the first man I have been with. And to think I was always ready to do anything for him!! Yet, at th
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Chapter 3: Diamond Ring
Diamond RingThe elevator dinged open and he pulled me out after him. We walked down a short corridor till we stood opposite a commercial electronic keyless door. He inputted his passcode and as soon as the door opened, he pulled me in and shut it back close.Then his voice came from behind me. "You can continue already." He didn't even give me a chance to look at the spacious room. I turned around to face him, only to find him already shirtless with perfectly chiseled olive-toned skin and abs on display in front of me. I was left in awe."I like sex on the couch." He said casually, claiming the space on the couch.___I woke up the next morning feeling dizzy in my head and sore in between my legs. What was this strange feeling, and where was I? I looked around, but the place didn't look at all familiar. I turned around and saw a familiar handsome face lying next to me. His eyes were closed and his face was plain. I frowned in confusion as memories of the night before came flooding my
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Chapter 4: Hello, Wife
Hello, WifeAs soon as I sent her the text, I dragged my lazy self up from my bed and began packing up my things into a suitcase. When I was done, I went to the parlor and told Sarah about tomorrow's trip, and to my surprise, she urged me to go. Although her reasons were valid, I needed to breathe some fresh air, but I had expected her to at least try compelling me to stay, but, it's okay, it's not like I wanted to face any obstacles whatever my decision.First thing in the morning, I got ready to leave. Sarah wasn't around, so I left her a note.Elaina had already booked a flight this time, before inviting me over. As if she already knew that I no longer had any excuse to give her or a reason to stay back in Los Angeles.I dragged my boxes downstairs, hailed a taxi, and was ridden absentmindedly to the airport.For a moment, my thoughts drifted to the woman I had seen atop Fred two nights ago. She had a sexy back and body entirely and knew how to use it. I could tell she was an exper
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Chapter 5: Threatened (1)
Threatened (1)He was standing in front of me, looking as perfect as he had that night. Seeing him again reminded me of how intimate I had gotten with him. The moans and all of it. And my cheeks instantly turned red in embarrassment. But for the first time after that night, I questioned my upbringing. How have I ever done that? And wait, did he just call me... Wife?I stared up at him, confused, but he still had his smirk."What did you call me?" I queried. But instead of giving me an answer, he started toward me, and with just a step, he was covering the distance between us, so that we were standing uncomfortably too close. At least, it felt that way to me. But he didn't look like he cared or minded."Wife!" He repeated it, this time, with a lot more sensuality. His breath fanned my face and my breath hitched. He was standing so close, too close that his lips were ghosting on mine. I Involuntarily started to take a step back, but he grabbed my waist before my foot could touch the flo
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Chapter 6: Threatened (2)
ERIC's POVWhen I got a call that the little woman was about to run off the country, I immediately instructed my chauffeur to reverse the car. Luckily, I was somewhat close to the airport.On arrival, my bodyguards had her surrounded and I could see the worry on her face. She looked so innocent, like a damsel in distress and it made her look adorable.I approached her, first noticing her small eyes grow wide in shock, then her cheeks instantly turning red in something that looked to be embarrassing when she saw me."Wife?" I called when I was close enough to her.She stared up at me with a look of confusion."What did you call me?" She asked, looking both innocent and confused. But instead of giving her an immediate answer, I took a step toward her, covering even the tiniest distance between us."Wife!" I said it again, hoping she would hear me better from this range. I mean, I had squatted just to be at her level. But rather than giving me an answer, she inhaled sharply and I found m
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Chapter 7: Her New Home
Her New Home.Rayne's POVTears formed at the back of my eyes as I said those words to him. I didn't dare to look up at him at that moment as I didn't want him to see my tears. He was a stranger and I could afford to show him this vulnerable side of me."Get her luggage." I heard his authoritative voice speaking over my head, then his strong big arms encircled my waist and pulled me forward. "Let's go home, wife."Each time he said that word, my eyes stung and threatened more tears, tears of disappointment. The disappointment of ending up with a total stranger after hoping and dreaming all along that it would be Fred with whom I would be spending the entirety of my life. Yet, I was getting married to a man I didn't even know his first or last name. I barely even knew anything about him.As he walked me to the car and opened the door for me, my head remained bowed while I continued to bite on my lower lip, trying so hard to hold myself from crying aloud.When I was inside the car, I im
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Chapter 8: Pleasing Her
Pleasing HerRayne's POV"Alright, wife, I'll have a room prepared for you."I glanced up at him, surprised that he agreed."Thank you," I said to him, grateful that he had agreed. He nodded, turned around, and started toward the door. But he soon stopped just when he had grabbed the knob, and then turned to me."What's your favorite color?"I was taken aback by the question, but I still answered."Dark Purple," I replied and saw him lift a brow, expressing brief surprise before nodding and walking away.ERIC'S POV"I- it's not that, I just want to be by myself for now." I watched her talk, she had her head bowed, and was stammering like a scared little kitten in front of a bulldog and I couldn't help but wonder if I looked scary.I could make her stay in my room. I could make her share my room. I could just say the words and she would have no choice but to stay back here with me, but, for some reason I couldn't, not with her looking at me with frightened eyes as though I was some can
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Chapter 9: To Carry My Weight
To Carry My WeightI strolled in, shutting the door behind me. When I was close enough to her sleeping form, I squatted beside her. I watched her sleeping face with a frown. Her cheeks had those trails of tears again, and her countenance looked disturbed. It was visible that she had cried again after I left.I lifted one of my hands, gently cupping it on her face and she sighed heavily at the feel of it. Then I caressed her spotless milk skin with my thumb and watched as her expression began to soften slowly and her breathing gradually began to return to normality. I stared at her innocent pretty face, my eyes studying every form and angle until they stopped on her lips. Small, pink, and succulent. I pulled away, stilling myself from claiming them. Then my phone suddenly rang, and my attention was pulled from her. Seeing the caller id, my mood turned sour. I rose from my position and walked toward the bed."What is it, Smith?" I returned to Rayne on the sofa after dressing the sheet.
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Chapter 10: Suddenly Married
Suddenly Married"You should learn to eat more, you'd be needing a lot of strength to carry my weight." He said and winked at me. My heart began to race stupidly. I looked away from his smirking face and pinned my eyes to the food in front of me. Picking up the fork from my side, I rolled some spaghetti and took a bite, my stomach growling in excitement. I hadn't realized I was so hungry. In a few minutes, I had devoured the meal in front of me. It surprised me, knowing that I wasn't the type to eat much. Guess I really had been so hungry. After all, it was my first meal since the day began. I glanced over at the stranger and my face turned red with embarrassment when I saw him staring at me questioningly."I haven't had anything to eat all day," I said, defending myself. But he didn't say anything, instead, he dished some more food onto my plate."Thank you," I muttered to him and he nodded before picking up his spoon."We will be going to the registry tomorrow morning." I heard him
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