Mad Luna's Fate

Mad Luna's Fate

By:  Shine Lyn  Ongoing
Language: English
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“I don’t care if I have to tear down every mafia family in the world. You are mine, and no one can take you away from me.” the Don said as he carved a crescent moon on her thigh. “All you have is a death wish, and I’ll kill you myself.” she said as she clenched her teeth and ignored the burning pain from the way the man carved the shape on her skin. In a world where two souls are fated to mate, what would you do if your reason to live is the same reason to die? Will burning desire and fate be enough?

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8 Chapters
“Why don’t you just pull that little thing down so I can get a better look?” said the big man who was now looking directly into the eyes of Anastasia, “I can even help you dry yourself if you can’t reach other parts of your body, little lady.” He was teasing her as he looked at every curve of her slender body. There were only the two of them in the pool side in the middle of the night, and Anastacia knew that the man in front of her was drooling over her the whole day. Ms. Anastacia was already twenty, so she didn’t appreciate the term, little lady, from the big man in front of her, no matter how hot he was. She was a slender woman who was five feet and eight inches tall, with wide hips and a full breast which would make her anything but a little lady. She took pride in her beautiful figure that matched her fiery red hair with blonde streaks, and emerald green eyes. She was light skinned, and she was turning a bit red from the heat of the sun since she was constantly walking around
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Anastacia moaned as her naked body became warmer and warmer as the pressure inside of her body and soul began building like a giant wave. Her body shook as she groaned and shook her head from side to side while her entire body trembled in both pain and pleasure. She pulled the scrunchy that held her hair up in a bun as she let her hair flow in waves on the sheets where she was laid on top of.Anastacia was filled with ecstasy and love for her mate, as she lost her breath at the pressure in her body at how her mate was pleasuring her with every ounce of passion that he has, as she gave herself to him under the red full moon. It was a night that was meant for her and her mate, and she moaned as tears flooded her eyes at the pain of the heat in her loins that were aching to burst. "Please…" she begged as she groaned and tore the sheets that were covering her body, "Please, please, please…please, come..please come to me. Please, come" she begged while her body was covered in sweat and bl
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“I’m sorry if I can’t decide on the food, because my mind is too preoccupied with the fact and the thought that you closed your mind to me during a crucial time of our transformation, and I nearly lost it while we were on separate islands!” Anastagio said quickly in a raised and early hysterical voice. He was mad and he could feel a frustrated growl building inside his chest.His eyes on the other hand, were glowing a bit with his gold irises turning from his natural brown to gold. Anastagio’s irritation was building inside him and his look sent daggers to his sister who was ignoring him and was busy looking at the menu.Anastacia felt guilty, but it was better to make her brother less worried by shaking the whole experience off as if it was nothing. She knew that she nearly lost it, and even though her connection to him was lost, his connection to her was strong, and she could feel all that her brother felt. As wild as her wolf was, Anastacia’s beast was her brother’s sister as well.
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Anastacia punched the dummy once, twice, thrice, and a few dozen more until the sand filled dummy broke and fell to the floor. Her hand felt like it was about to get ripped off, but she just growled and went to the next few sets of dummies and demolished one after the other.She was in the training room in her house, and as she heard one dummy fall to the ground after another, she felt herself relax a bit. Her anxiousness was slowly disappearing as she was able to take control of her emotions.“Tacia,” Anastagio called and gave her water. She forgot that her brother was a few feet away from her. She was too preoccupied with destroying the dummies. He only called her Tacia when he wanted to talk to her privately as a big brother, and Anastacia dreaded the incoming conversation.“Thanks, bro,” she said and gladly drank the water her brother gave.“You need to stop training and start mingling with others again, Tacia,” he said in a worried tone, “All you have ever done for months now is
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“It wasn’t a normal assassin. I’m sure that the assassin knew about Anastacia’s true identity,” Anastagio said as he slammed his fist on the table and stood up in anger. He took deep breaths to control his wolf as much as he could.One of the things that can get him to lose control was when his sister was at stake. It was the first time that he actually felt like rampaging when the doctor said she died. It took him a while to process it, but he was glad that a single look from him made the doctors and nurses understand that he didn’t take no for an answer. They began reviving her, and he thanked God that it worked. He knew that she could make it. But now, it was his turn to find the fucker who tried to take his twin from him.Anastagio began pacing in his office when he realized that the bullet used to shoot his little sister was not just an ordinary bullet from a typical gun that a person can acquire from a store. It was a bullet made up of silver and was laced with poison herbs that
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“Where are you?” Anastacia was back in the dark void again, and by the feeling of coldness and fear that surrounded her, she knew that Asteria was there. She knew that her beast was somewhere listening to her. “Answer me!” She screamed. She tried her best but she couldn’t remember how she got there in the first place.  Anastacia prayed that nothing bad happened, and that she wasn’t back in the operating room again. After the shooting and the death of her five soldiers, she had developed an irrational fear that the same vision would be shown to her again, and it would mean that many would die again. To her, the beast inside of her, no matter how amazing, powerful and beautiful it is, the beast was still bad luck to her. She was still pissed that her beast didn’t come out and rampage while
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Anastacia, still in the form of her hybrid wolf, looked at her twin brother who had just lost his consciousness while his body desperately gasped for air. Ana’s golden eyes lit up with a molten gold light, and her entire body froze. For the first time in her life, she felt her beast tone down and shut up as she took over. “Anastagio!” Her hybrid wolf screamed, and it sounded like a cross between a beast and Ana’s voice, and Ana knew that this time, it was her voice and not Asteria’s voice. She was the one screaming through her wolf. Her beast, Asteria, suddenly lost all control.  The pain of the situation, and the image that was now in front of her made her want to go on an even bigger rampage and kill everything in her sight. The only thing stopping her were the small gasps of air that the unconsci
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“It’s your fault that your brother is dead! You and your pathetic weakness, your uncontrollable emotions, and your lack of willpower to overcome your wolf is the reason why you lost your twin brother, Anastagio!” Anastacia’s tears kept falling and her hands covered her ears as the voice penetrated her mind. “You should have been the one who died and not your brother! He was the better wolf! He deserved the power he had, and you don’t! You don’t deserve to have such power, you crying little bitch! You should have been the one who died a gruesome death and not the Alpha! You deserve every blood from your weak body to be drained, and not him!” Anastacia let out a quiet sob of pain as she recalled the look of death from her brother’s face. “Listen here, you bitch! There is no gr
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