Love Behind the Veiled Terror

Love Behind the Veiled Terror

By:  Your Last Enemy  Ongoing
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An accident that killed her father made Valerie always overshadowed by fear and terror. She managed to get through the traumatic period with the help of a psychiatrist and got on with her life well. She wants to live as normal as women in general; experience romantic love stories like in books and so on. That hope began to come true with George in her life. However, it was not as beautiful as she dreamed. Nine blue candles. This scared her very much. Someone suddenly became close to her and she trusted him because he helped her. Someone else looked suspicious to her. But what does Valerie have to do with all this? Who are they… who is he?

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When the night wandered on, Valerie sat pensive on the bed, for some reason this night was not as usual. Valerie was horrified, this horror was almost the same as the horror that always attacked her in the old nights. The birds in the leafy front trees made terrifying noises, squeaking as if for omen.But what omens?Valerie checked back and forth for the door alarm, and took a deep breath. The alarm is set perfectly, the door is tightly closed with the lock and latch attached. Why does she keep feeling scared?Valerie went back into the room, locked her door and lay down, pulling the blanket up to her back. She should have felt free, she should not have been wracked with fear anymore. But why is this feeling the same? It was the same as before... far back in the past, where bad memories surfaced, memories she wanted to forget.Suddenly there was a loud voice at the back door of her house. Valerie was so shocked that she jumped out of bed. Her heart pounding violently, she stared at th
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Valerie just came home from work. She threw herself onto the brown sofa in the middle of her apartment. The tendrils creeping up in front of the windows blocked the orange sun that shot out before setting. She closed her eyes, then took a deep breath, trying to relax. Even if she closed her eyes, Valerie was still smiling, remembering George and their small talk.Olive said George had actually been aiming for her for a long time to be approached. Valerie was pensive in a smile that never went away on her lips. From the first time she was introduced to George, a new employee in her division, she fell in love at first sight. She, however, did not think George might have had the same feelings, until Olive told her.This afternoon, George suddenly approached her when she was pouring hot water from the dispenser into a cup containing instant coffee. The aroma of coffee immediately wafted out, filling the room, creating a pleasant fragrance. George greeted Valerie casually and she was alread
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George approached her that afternoon with his signature big smile.“I heard you won the greatest contract of employment this year.”Valerie smiled shyly at George's greeting. Everyone praised her, even though all she did was come and bring files to be signed as ordered by her superior. Valerie herself rejected all the compliments. The goal of this large tender was not based on her efforts, but rather on the efforts of her superiors who negotiated with great effort. What Valerie did was just the finishing touch, preparing all the contracts and letters of agreement, according to her expertise and then making sure that they were all signed.“It's all not just because of me,” replied Valerie sweetly, half shyly.George laughed at that and shrugged. “Whatever it is, you've done it, and I think we deserve to celebrate.”“Celebrate?”“Yes. You and I, have dinner together.”“Dinner together?”This time George chuckled with amusement. “Val, you are repeating my every word.”Valerie's cheeks flu
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“You know, it's been almost three years since I last dated a girl.”George smiled softly as he looked at Valerie. They have finished dinner at an elegant restaurant which serves extraordinary delights. The light of this restaurant is deliberately dominated by a warm yellow color, with dark wood paneling floors that blend into the atmosphere. It's very, very beautiful.Valerie never thought her date with a man, as far as she can remember, could be this beautiful. She smiled, resting her fingers lightly on her chin, looking up at George who looked very handsome in the dim light.“Aren't you interested in asking anyone before?”George took a sip of his drink, then looked at Valerie meaningfully.“I lost my loved ones, and then tried to heal my own soul. When I realized, it turned out that I had missed a lot.” The man looked sad. “My fiance died three months before our wedding date.”Valerie's face turned pale. “I am sorry.”“do not apologize, I really want to tell you.” George looked at V
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After that incident, George escorted Valerie home and in the end, after Valerie forced him and assured him that she was fine, the man wanted to leave her and go home. That night she lay in the dark, trying to sleep but her eyes were wide open. She then sat down and opened the drawer beside her bed. There was a small pill in a glass bottle, a sedative from her psychiatrist in a small dose, only taken if Valerie had a panic attack due to the trauma of her accident.She hadn't taken the pill in a long time.Does she have to drink it now? The memory of the incident at the restaurant still made her nauseous. It feels so excruciating to feel scared but do not know why. Valerie took a deep breath, closed the drawer again and tried to forget the intention to drink it. She has recovered, she will no longer return to being the depressed and fearful Valerie. Maybe the candle just reminded her of something from her past, something that had probably sunk into her memory so she couldn't even think a
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“Your prince is coming to pick you up.”Charlotte winked as she lightly touched Valerie's shoulder as she walked by, awakening her from the work contract files she was examining. Valerie raised her head and her smile widened when she saw George leaning against the entrance to her division, looking at her with a gentle smile.It was already late in the afternoon and most of the employees in her department had left so the room was deserted, there were only one or two people who were still finishing their work, including Valerie.“Overtime?” George approached and stood at Valerie's table side.Valerie shook her head. “Just finishing unfinished work, this file just arrived at four o'clock this afternoon and I have to check it because tomorrow this contract must be signed.”Valerie smiled apologetically. “I am sorry, it might take a while. If you have something more important maybe you can go home first.”George smiled. “I do not have anything to do. I'd rather sit here and wait for you, st
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“Gift for you.” George stood again at the entrance to her house that night. Shows the mysterious paper bag in his hand.Valerie smiled broadly, they had met so often in the past few weeks. It could even be said that George drove her home almost every other day or visited her house and brought her dinner to eat together.“What other dishes did you bring this time?”George winked. “Come on into the kitchen.”The man entered Valerie's residence casually as if he were in his own house. They went straight to the kitchen and Valerie prepared the dishes. George took out the boxes of food from the paper bags and poured them carefully onto the plate.Valerie's eyes widened at the food George had poured onto the plate. A fish; a fat, fleshy fish covered in a mouthwatering reddish sauce.“What fish is this?”“We call it yellow tail fish, with a special sauce from the maker.”“Wow!” Valerie brought herself closer and immediately smelled a tantalizing aroma there, a spicy aroma mixed with very sedu
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Valerie is in a room. The room's shades are golden in color. The soft white silk sheet felt so good against her skin, she sighed and writhed in satisfaction, the gift of her restful sleep.Valerie opened her eyes and felt confused, this room is not her room. This room was so beautiful and she did not know it at all.She winced even more when she felt a heavy, burly arm wrapped around her waist. A man's arm? Valerie on tiptoe was about to sit down, but the man's arm held her back. Soft but dominant.For a second Valerie felt very scared, but the arm moved up and his fingers caressed her gently. Soft and seductive, one of the man's fingertips traced the surface of Valerie's arm with a feather-light touch. The man's head was lowered and presented a kiss on Valerie's temples.Valerie frowned, trying to see the man's face, but the dim atmosphere of the room made his face vague. Suddenly the man's body was crushed on her. With seductive smooth movements, as if he had already done it hundred
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It turned out that tonight Valerie had to work late. She took a deep breath as she repeatedly looked to the left, the place where the bus she was waiting for should have appeared. The bus was supposed to have arrived half an hour ago, but it was almost ten at night and the bus was still not in sight.The atmosphere at the bus stop was dark and eerie, making Valerie feel uncomfortable. She hugged her own body as the chill hit her, sending goosebumps on her back. The air grew colder when the rain started to fall, making Valerie even more anxious. She could have waited for a taxi, but even on this silent night there were no taxis, while motorists were only passing by rarely. It seems like the cold night and light rain make people lazy to go out of the house.Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, Valerie caught a crowd of people walking towards her. As they got closer, Valerie was worried because it was a bunch of young men with indistinct make-up, piercings here and there and
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When Valerie got home, it was raining heavily and stabbed the earth with a loud sound, the water crashing along with the wind. The taxi stopped in front of her house. After she paid, Valerie jogged through the rain to her porch. Her whole head was drenched, but her body was protected by the thick coat of her mysterious helper so that it could remain dry. Even though the coat was now drenched in water and dripping on the terrace floor.Valerie tossed her wet hair and tried to find the keys to her house. She wanted to hurry in and dry herself off, perhaps making a cup of warm chocolate milk to drink. Actually Valerie prefers a cup of coffee, but coffee makes her sleepless, while she must sleep enough tonight.She opened the door and stepped inside, then locked the door behind her. She took off the coat which was now heavy and wet from the rain and she embraced it. The scent of wood and musk lingered over her, making her feel good. Valerie walked over to the kitchen and put the
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