Life in a matters of seconds

Life in a matters of seconds

By:  angelicasofia1111  Ongoing
Language: English
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A gray sky, full of clouds warning of an approaching storm. This is how Allie's world is perfectly described. A girl whose vision of life is pessimistic and full of darkness, where not even the slightest ray of light enters through her window thanks to her illness. But there is Rie, the boy who, despite the circumstances, remains optimistic and radiant, who will be the ray of light that Allie needs so much in her life. However, Rie hides his true origins from her, he comes from a rich family, but he does it out of fear that Allie will see him differently, so he pretends to be a middle class person, and tries to keep his secret hidden for a long time. But as they say, the truth... sooner or later it will come out. Will Allie be brave enough to dare to see beyond her gray world? Will Rie tell Allie the truth or will she hide it forever? Will Allie be able to forgive Rie?

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6 Chapters
Chapter one
CHAPTER 1I enjoy coming to the park at night, it's a place where I can relax, think freely without having someone around to bother me for staring at nothing, lost in my thoughts. I like to contemplate the night sky full of stars, the beautiful moon shining brightly and just stop to think, will I always live like this for the next few years of my life?I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when I was months old, I am now 19 years old.This disease causes my body to generate excessive mucus, causing problems in my lungs, pancreas and other organs. There is no cure, but there is a treatment. There is also the possibility of a lung transplant, I have been on the waiting list for years, although if you ask me my hopes of having new lungs have gone down a cliff. I don't care anymore, I guess I have entered the acceptance phase, where if they talk to me about my life expectancy and confess that I only have a few months left I might sigh with relief, a break from all this what you call "life"
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Chapter two
CHAPTER TWOTHE NEXT MORNING...Light knocks on the door wake me up and then Mom's soft voice echoes behind the door. I stir in the covers and open my eyes lazily.“Allie, can I come in?”“Sure mom”She enters and I greet her with a small smile and sleepy squinting eyes.“Good morning” I kiss and rub my eyes with both hands.“Good morning, honey," she sits on the bed and gives me a warm look, “you have to get ready, today you have an appointment with the psychologist”For a moment I look at her confused and then I remember, I thought I had the appointment tomorrow. I give her a nod and get up slowly.“Okay, I'm going to get dressed”Mom leaves my room but not before telling me that for breakfast she will make me toast with orange juice, my favorite breakfast.I go slowly to the bathroom of my room, and I look for a few minutes at my reflection in the mirror. The girl who looks back at me is a sad girl, I'm not the same since a few years ago, I guess that's how people look when they ha
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Chapter three
CHAPTER THREERIEI walk down the hallway nonchalantly and looking at my cell phone, take a sip of coffee I bought at the coffee shop and hear the hurried footsteps of someone else in the hallway right in front of me but I ignore it. I'm sure it's some security agent or something making sure no strangers are around.Without any warning I crash into a person and all the coffee stains my shirt and I feel the burn on my skin because it was scalding hot, but somewhat bearable. The fabric cushions the burn.I look up and a short girl is with her eyes wide open, she seems scared waiting for my reaction but to her surprise I don't react in a bad way, quite the opposite.“For God's sake! I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to.... I just wasn't watching where I was going” she stammers and her nervousness makes me feel tender.I let out a small giggle and confusion spreads across her face. She slyly details me and I can't help but smile. I'm detailing her too, she's very pretty.“Easy, okay? It was
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Chapter four
ALLIEThe anxiety that eats away at my chest is breathtaking, my heart's unbridled beating doesn't allow me to think calmly, my wild thoughts flood me in a pit of pain and despair. I thunder my fingers, shake my hands, pull my hair, sob and toss and turn in bed but nothing manages to calm me.The anxiety attacks have become more frequent, no matter how much medication I am taking, they always return in some form or another.I feel dizzy, nauseous and a pain that squeezes my chest and shatters at every second, my body trembles and sweats. It cries out for help.I desperately run to grab my cell phone to call mom, I can't yell to her from here, my vocal cords seem to have sealed up almost completely and my voice doesn't come out very well, over the phone she will hear me and she knows what to do in a situation like this.One beep, two beeps, three, four... it takes almost an eternity until....“Hello?”A manly voice answers the call and I despair even more, that's not mom but I don't ca
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Chapter five
AllieSaturday morning, 7:00 AM. The time when it all happened.It happened so fast that I didn't even have time to process what was happening, what was happening to me at that very moment.I get out of bed with difficulty and sit up, I rest my hand on my chest and cough in desperation as I struggle against my lungs to be able to breathe, it's not anxiety, it's my illness acting against me, doing its thing.Mom comes running into my room and talks to me but I don't hear her, all my senses are focused on finding more oxygen so I can breathe but despite my attempts I can't do it, it's all in vain.I feel how she takes between her arms and carries me easily but it is because my current weight is 42 kg, so she can carry me without problems.I cough harder and feel all the phlegm in my throat, but it's already burning from the effort, and when I cough again mom freaks out because she sees blood and it was something that had never happened to me before.“Hold on, Allie. Hold on, it's going
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Chapter six
"Neither do I. Did you get the stain out of your shirt?"He lifts his apron a little, revealing a big brown stain on his T-shirt, and I laugh."Nope. But from now on it's the one I'll wear to work so I don't damage the others I have" he winks.I laugh again."That's called strategy.""Of course it is. But hey, I have to take your orders otherwise my supervisor is going to give me a lecture."Finally mom decides to speak up and asks for both orders, the boy leaves and mom looks at me. Here he comes with his questionnaire.She looks at me mischievously and I shake my head smiling."What?" I ask still smiling."Nothing, nothing" he lets out a teasing chuckle-he's very cute."Mom! He can come at any time, don't say things like that.""There, there. I'll shut up. But... how did you meet him?"I tell him my sad story about when I spilled coffee on him and he laughs."Allie, the guy is almost six feet tall, how could you not see him?""Well, in my defense..." I open my mouth and close it aga
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