Let Me Go, Alpha Calhoun

Let Me Go, Alpha Calhoun

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"You..should reject me, this is wrong," I rasp out between his powerful thrusts, wanting to push him away but my wolf is totally against it, making my body betray me and becoming even more welcoming to him by squirting in abandon. Calhoun's sweaty brow raises in amusement as he hooks my legs around his hard, naked waist, "we were made mates for a reason, I cannot throw that away," "I don't want to hurt my mother, not anymore .." my last word ends up in a quivered moan because he is going at a full speed now, making my eyes travel into the back of my head. No, this is wrong! "You already started hurting her on the night you parted those legs for me," Calhoun voice supress my moans as he pounds hard into my dripping wet honeypot. *** It all started the night I turned twenty-one. I was dared by my friends to hook-up with a total stranger. Tipsy and determined to be a badass, I approached the most powerful man in the club and had hot steamy sex with him in the back seat of his car. The following day, I traveled for my mom's wedding and came to find out that the stranger I hooked up with is to be my stepfather. And as if that isn't enough, we are mates.

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I'm loving the book I thougth is was complete... can you tell us how many more chapters for the end?? Thank you!
2023-10-19 01:01:53
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LeChelle Smith
This book was really good. I enjoyed reading it. Nice change from Alpha being mated to an Omega.
2023-10-18 04:21:24
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Delinda Schumacher
94 chapters 9-6-23
2023-09-07 07:24:50
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Vanessa Pagan
how often is the book updated
2023-07-09 10:30:14
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I wish I can give this book more than a five stars. I'm in love with everything. especially the storyline. the situation is so complicated I hope it'll be resolved without conflict between mum and daughter.
2023-06-20 21:33:02
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Interesting story so far
2023-10-16 00:24:47
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OK, it is past time to wrap this up now.
2023-11-26 07:10:42
user avatar
Really interesting!!
2023-07-14 02:39:43
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1: The Dare
Kristen's POV"How long have you been celibate?" Maddy inquires after downing her tequila."Six months, two weeks, and three days," my hand is already on my neck, massaging the back of it. The music is loud and it gives me a headache but I can't complain. My friends literally dragged me down here. Everywhere I turn to, people are either dancing or drinking themselves into a stupor.The bartender refills our tequila glasses."That's too long, I can't do without getting laid for a week," Sapphire frowns a little, referring to what I had said earlier."And neither can I get intimate with someone who I don't share mutual feelings with," I point out and stare around the club. "Might keep having flings with different guys until I find my mate," this from Sapphire."You've been loose from day one," I retort with an eye roll.Maddy pulls my glasses away, places her elbow on the tabletop, and leans closer to me with all seriousness, "You need to get laid.""No," shaking my head, I dawn my tequ
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2: Hooking Up With The Stranger
Kristen's POV"Why are you men so easy?""Trust me, we aren't. You saw me turn down a couple of girls,""That's because you knew I had my eyes on you.""No. I let you in because you and I have something in common.""And what could that be?" Blue-eyes doesn't respond but lowers his head to suck my flesh through my cotton bra. Something which makes me angle my head back and push my fingers through his hair because this is coaxing my senses.Yes, you read right. I am in the backseat of his car with my shirt torn and the buttons left everywhere. Then there's my huge cleavage for him to feed his lustful gaze on. He didn't kick me out as I had expected earlier, no. Instead, he carried me in a bridal style and left, stunning everyone around, including his friends.Random people don't behave this way, right?He accepted my offer and he's been letting me talk the entire time, not even asking me to shut the hell up. He didn't rip my shirt apart, I did because the urge to satisfy my feminine u
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3: An Alpha's Dilemma
Calhoun's POVTwo hours earlier…I wasn't planning on cheating on Natalie, no. It never crossed my mind since I met her, she's like the best thing to ever happen to me in a long while, despite the six years age gap between us two. We're to get married tomorrow and she's to be my Luna, but I messed up. Threw away eight months of our relationship because I couldn't control my wolf to stay still. It was meant to be my bachelor's night. I had my beta and some men from my pack with me. We drove two hours away from our town just to have one last night of fun, but everything changed when she came. At first, I smelled her before I saw her. Being Alpha of the Greyhound pack, I have a heightened sense of smell and keenness than the rest of my pack members. She smelt of scented lavender and lemon shampoo. I heard her throaty little laughter and just as I snapped my gaze in her direction, I lost all touch of concentration, and then my wolf screamed 'Mate!' in my head. Something I thought I'd ne
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4: My Stepfather, My Mate
Kristen's POVI shouldn't have gone drinking with Maddy and Sapphire last night.None of the things I did was productive except making me wake up late on the day of my mother's wedding. Last night I slept until 8:35 AM this morning and Mom's wedding is starting by 11 AM. This is a result of a blooper on my part because the drive to the next town is two hours.I missed seven calls from my mom and it's beginning to freak me out because I was dead-ass drunk and dozed off like I left the world or something. Now, Mom's actually thinking I wouldn't attend her wedding. Right now, I can picture the expression on her face, how she bites her forefinger whenever she's nervous. And then the dullness in her brown eyes. It's something I can't afford to see.I've tried to call back but she's not picking up. Probably away from the phone.Now I'm running around, shoving all of my clothes into my box because I couldn't pack up last night. Shifting into my wolf and running to the next town would have
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5: All That Guilt
Kristen's POV My life is just so messed up right now, that I'm starting to think the moon goddess is against me.Why is this happening?I feel ugly and dirty not because I didn't shower before I wore my dress, but having reality hit me back in the face that I slept with some random person, and the next day he turns out to be not just my stepfather but also my mate.Fear.There's a lot of theory to this word and if there's another word worse than fear, that's what I feel.This unpleasant emotion merged with the feeling of anxiety concerning what might be the outcome of something dangerous. I've never seen my mom this happy in her entire life. This is the first time.She's walking through the hall, side-stepping the rows of seats with a bouquet in her hands. And everyone is rising to their feet as a sign of respect."She's one gorgeous being like a descendant straight from the moon goddess.""Our Alpha is lucky, she's suitable for Luna's position.""But she's older, has a daughter.""S
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6: Mom Doesn't Even Know It Yet
Kristen's POVThe grand wedding reception is organized in the courtyard, containing over five hundred guests served five-course meals instead of the usual three-course wedding meals.Of course, this is to show off wealth. Alpha Calhoun is a billionaire. The wealthiest on the East side.The bride and groom dance and people cheer for them as they're at this.Alpha Calhoun hasn't looked at me for some time now, he's so focused on Mom as he dances with her. Even his smiles aren't forced anymore as he looks at her. I ought to be relieved that he isn't staring at me anymore, but why do I feel even worse? Like I am being betrayed or something. This isn't me but my wolf. She's overwhelming me with emotions that I don't even want to feel. Craving to connect with Calhoun's wolf. It's just so bad that I want them to round things up so I can shift and do a marathon. Far away from everyone.But I'm tipsy right now.I can't count the glasses of wine I've had. My bladder feels full but because I w
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7: Torn Between Mother And Daughter
Calhoun's POV"We have a little birdie in our midst," Bruce slams his fist on the executive wooden desk, startling the men seated at the table with us."He has been gathering bits of information and sharing them with our enemies, so the crafty can plot their attack and bring us down," Bruce continues as he pops his head from one man to the other, through a suspicious squint.It's evening and I'm supposed to spend quality time with Natalie since it's nearing the hour of our wedding night, but I excused myself from her, promising to return in a few hours. When in reality I wanted to be away from her to clear my head. I literally forced Bruce to our pack conference hall despite how hard he tried to resist, claiming it was my wedding night and I needed to ensure other engines were serviced. The bastard sure knew what he meant.From The power seat where I am, I mind-link with my Beta who in turn tells me the culprit amid us.It's no other person than Donovan, our very own Delta. Who woul
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8: Doing It In The Rain
Kristen's POVMy wolf increases her pace into fast gallops when she sees a big black wolf chasing after us. All my worries fade away and replace with fear, because it looks like someone is out to get me.For the third time, my wolf turns to throw a glance at the wolf right behind us and she accidentally hits a tree and falls. When I shift into my human form, my heart is already doing dangerous backflips in my chest because I can feel him. It's Calhoun. My mate and stepfather. He stops in front of me and shifts."What are you doing, Kristen?" "N-n- nothing," my response comes out in a stutter when he takes a step closer to me. Why is he here? Isn't he supposed to be with my mom, having the best of their wedding night?"Why did you take off like that? It's dangerous for a female to go for a night run in times like this," Calhoun holds out his hand to help me up.And it's not like I can accept it. I don't want any part of me touching him. Having him this close is doing no justice to m
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9: In The State Of Being Perplexed
Kristen's POVThe middle-aged man is drawing closer with his flashlight, stirring up a churn in my stomach as panic punches out of my lungs. "Relax," Calhoun quietly orders upon sensing my fear but I can't. Things are so messed up right now that I just want to close my eyes and wish I never came here. And the thought of my mom finding out what I did with her husband. Oh my God!It all happens in a swift motion when Calhoun leaves my body and before I am left with moments to process what's unfolding right under my gaze, Calhoun snaps the man's neck and lets his body drop to the wet ground.My hands fasten to my mouth to suppress the screaming intending to erupt from it. Because he just killed someone. An innocent man!And when Calhoun shifts his gaze back to mine, I tremble so hard that my teeth are beginning to chatter. "Put on your clothes, I don't want anyone seeing you like this," he commands, whilst he's standing naked in full glory. "You just killed someone," I force these wor
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10: To Reject My Mate
Calhoun's POV"I caught her trying to sneak out," I tell Natalie, something which isn't a lie."Why'd you even want to do that?" Her face transforms into confusion as she leaves the stairs and meets with us."It's just…I don't feel welcomed here." Kristen thins her lips and fiddles with her small, delicate hands. Hands that she had run through my bare back under the rain last night."But I thought we've gotten past this already," Natalie tucks her daughter's hair behind her ear and touches her cheek, "My poor baby is now a woman. I can recall when you always teared up when I left you in someone's care. Now you're all grown up, cannot wait to get away from me.""It's not like that, Mother," Kristen ensures she's avoiding my gaze as she tries to defend herself."You have three weeks until you're returning to school for your final semester. I want you to stay, so you can bond with Calhoun and me." Natalie clasp Kristen's hands in hers.And I just clench my jaw.If only she knows how I ca
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