Legend of the fated mates.

Legend of the fated mates.

By:  Panda Bloom  Completed
Language: English
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Werewolves, packs, fated mates, the moon goddess, the Alphas & their moon gifted Luna's, Omegas, Lycans and rogues, just to some up the most famous, well known and popular shifters of the "other" world. A world beyond our wildest dreams and imagination, a world where anything can happen, above and beyond, a world full of unending possibilities and unending fantasy! But besides those famous moon howlers, there are more living creatures out there! But they are sometimes being forgotten since they are living beyond the shadows of the famous wolves. Creatures who are much alike as their famous howling neighbors.... They are also shifters. Shifting between their human form and their true form, having also mates and feel the same way about them just as the wolves! But what if fate brings two people together. Two very different people coming from two very different worlds, not to say from extreme opposites! This is a tale about one of those "forgotten ones", a tale of love, passion, sacrifice, hope but also of fighting for your right of place in the world and for your hearts desires but above all, about the discovery of one's true nature that transcends all boundaries! They have to fight for their live and their right to be together together with their family and friends. A tale of two sisters, humans & two shifters, a grizzly and a lion pulled & bound together by fate!

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46 Chapters
Somewhere in the bustling city of New York, amidst the towering skyscrapers and the never-ending rush of people, there lived two young orphan girls named Ava and her younger sister Betty. They had lost their parents at a young age in a car crash and since then they lived with their distant aunt and uncle. They were struggling ever since, feeling unwanted and unloved due to the harsh treatment they got from their relatives, but fate had something else in store for the siblings, something amazing but also life changing!....One day, when Ava took Betty out for a weekend camping Ava got lost, and ended up into a whole new world, a world she only heard of from a famous fairytale being told at school, called the "Legend of the fated mates"While trying to get back to the human world she stumbles upon a wounded creature........a Grizzly bear who ie in dire need of help!........Not knowing anything more than the stories and feeling the fear running through her veins she first walks away but
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1. Once upon a stormy night....
While the humans of New York city were either save and warm inside their own homes, or out and about on their way to work or recreation, outside the city somewhere in the wild, far away from human eyes, a woman had just given birth to a little boy with beautiful brown / golden eyes and a cute nose. As she stayed hidden in between some trees, bushes and high grass she was watched over by the moon, while an authum storm raket about the city and the woods with all.itw inhabitants. She lay beside her newborn pup and looked at him with motherly love. He looked exactly like him, his father Xander, her mate. Just like herself, her son was born a shifter. Half human and half bear, a grizzly bear to be precise. Later when he would come of age he would shift for the first time and find his mate hopefully and start his own family. Sara Grizzly, wife of Xander Grizzly the bilionaire and philantrop of NY City had just given birth to their first son, all alone in the wild without Xander by her s
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2. 34 Years later.
"Ava I'm hungry!" Betty, Ava's little sister muttered while rubbing her belly with a pout. "I know sis, and I'm sorry! i haven't had time yet to go do some shopping, with all those interviews going on, but i promise you I'll go later ok, i still have one interview to go today and then on my way back I'll drop by the mall ok?" She asked while looking at Betty who just dropped herself down on the sofa, still with a sad pout on her face. "Okay, thank you....do you think you will find a good job today sis?" Betty asked looking hopefully at her big sister who sighed while sitting down next to her. "I don't know sweety, i hope so because I'm getting tired to do these small jobs, i just need and want ONE job that gives me the means to provide for us both so we could get out of here but it seems that nobody wants to give a poor orphan like me a chance! Only the dirty jobs are left which i am already doing but they don't pay sh*t!" Ava muttered at her sister who sighed thinking what to say n
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3. Mate!!
"Do you have everything?" "Yes i have sis, lets just go, before uncle comes back! I don't want to talk to him right now!" Ava muttered with a pout. "Ok, I'm ready!" Betty says as she walks out of their room, down the stairs. Ava looked quickly around to check one last time since she didn't want to have to go back and run into uncle and aunty. "Okay I'm coming!" Ava says and walks out too, shortly behind Betty. Once outside they walked with two backpacks and weekend back towards the bus stop and waited for the bus to arrive. "We made it sis! Thank you so much for arranging this for us, i love it!" Betty mushed once sitting down at the back of the bus. "I know sweety! That's why i arranged it! But also because i needed to get away from this place! I can't stand to stay and hear all the bad things they are probably going to tell me after they noticed i failed to get this job as well!" Ava says sighing. "It's ok! I have faith that you will get the perfect job, you'll see! It's mayb
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4. Mayor Develin La Croix.
It was a chilly night, the moon was half up and the stars were twinkling while the city was still in a deep slumber, as a group of men, all dressed in black armored suits are roaming around the streets, in search of fantasy creatures who didn't have the right or incomplete ID's with them. This was a decreet of Mayor La Croix, and it was his men who were sneaking around, putting fear in the poor creatures and sometimes also in the humans even because of their ruthless ways of dealing with them. The drive around in an armored car with the groups sign on the side of the car and the Mayor's favorite slogan underneath it. Inside the car they had special equipment to find creatures of the fantasy realm, it didn't matter if they were rogues, shifters, half breeds full bloods, the scanning device they used got them all in their radar. A device that was created by La. Croix himself, a long time ago. The car that was driving on the main street of Manhattan was currently being driven by bij o
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5. Our mate is in trouble!
"Did you find a job yet!" Uncle sneered at Ava who shuddered at his malice behaviour towards her, as always."N....no uncle, but i am still busy with going to interviews" She almost whispered fearfully of the consequences. "By the end of this week you will have a job or else!!.....it is about time you start earning and pay us what you owe! All the money we spend on you and that....that little kid sister of yours , is eating away our savings! so you better find a well paid job soon otherwise I'll throw you out in the street so you can earn some money through there, if you know what i mean so hurry up and get a job!!" He said harshly towards Ava who was on the verge of crying by now, shaking like a leaf.Once uncle was gone she quickly ran upstairs and locked herself in the bedroom where her sister was busy trying to focus on her homework. "I'm sorry sis.....please don't cry, we will get you a good job okay, you'll see!" Betty whispered, trying to comfort her crying sister with a heavy
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6. You're HIm!!
Hours later at Grissom's home in the city...."Where....where am i, where is my sister, where is Betty??" Ava fired question upon question after she woke up in a strange bed, in a strange room."Easy dear, you are safe here with us! No one will hurt you and your sister!" A nice elderly woman said to Ava while gently holding her trembling hand."Where is she, please i need to see her!" Ava whispered desperate."Hey sis! I'm here! Don't worry!" Suddenly Betty says after waking into the bedroom where Ava was laying in bed. "Betty!!!....my God are you okay, did he hurt you?" Ava asked her while squeezing her almost to death."No i am fine sis, but you need to rest! After what that bastard did to you!!...let Mr. Grissom and his parents take care of you sis, they are really nice and saved us from that animal!" Betty says softly just when Grissom opens the door slowly after a short knock. "Mom, can i come in?" He asked."Yes you can, she's awake now!" She says getting up from her chair."Li
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7. His offer.
The following days passes by and little by little Ava gets her strenght back although she still feels some soreness between her tight but that's normal after being forcefully raped like that! She and Betty are still staying with Grissom and his parents house and they have been very gentle and kind and caring to the both of them, something they always dreamed of having with their uncle and aunty but never got. But still it feels a bit strange somehow especially with Grissom walking around who looks nothing less than a Greek God, with his sexy body and mesmerizing eyes who always have a way of looking her right into her soul!Since they had that talk that afternoon he hasn't talked about the whole mate thing again which she was happy about since she didn't know what to answer him especially not after he had confessed to her that he loves her! Although it was warm and mushy from the inside she still can't believe that his feelings are true since she just met him! But she has to admit
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8. Meeting Bruno.
A thick silence floated around Grissom's office and only their own heartbeats they heard, waiting, in anticipating of her answer...."Working here, as your assistant?....wow that's.... I don't know what to say! You and your parents have already done so much for me and Betty!.....i can't possible accept.....how can i ever repay you?!" Ava says softly.Grissom stood up and walked over and sat down on his knees in front of her while grabbing her slightly trembling hands. "Little one, what are you afraid of? Tell me so i will try my very best to take that fear away from you?!" He softly says. Ava sighed, swallowing hard, trying to get rid of that heavy lump in her throat. When she looked in his eyes she saw so many emotions but not recognizing some of them....."Are....are you still afraid of me....of what i am process, is that it?" He asked with an aching heart while Bruno was crying in his head hoping that she would say no..."No, it's just......i....it is all so sudden....i believe yo
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9. Honey & Lucas.
It is Friday, the last day before the weekend and Ava can't wait for the weekend to start! Celebrating with Betty her first week as a personal assistant to the most enigmatic and sexy grizzly bear in town and his lion friend. It was after lunch when suddenly she heard strange noises coming from Grissom's office. So she decided to check up on him, to see if he's okay. Upon entering she finds him half buried in a pot of honey while licking his delicious lips with the sugar treat still visibly hanging around his mouth. With his eyes closed, Bruno is enjoying his afternoon snack, thinking he's all alone, not noticing his mate until she steps a bit closer and her flowery scent huts his nostrils. As soon as his brain registrars that it is his mate he opens directly his glowing eyes and looks straight at her with a pout and drilling honey from his chin making her chuckle. "You silly bear! Now look at you! Your face is full of honey!" She smirked as she walked over to him taking the honey
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