Is this love, Mr CEO?

Is this love, Mr CEO?

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Rosé Willian discovers she has been dating a married man on their fifth year anniversary. This news doesn’t only destroy her heart, but her whole life too- her reputation and career alike. She loses her job due to the viral video of her going around in the small city of Ontario. Unable to move around freely in the city without whispering gossips and accusing fingers following her around, Rosé flees Ontario to Washington with her friend, Paula. Rosé’s life takes a new turn when she meets Navy Leonardo, a CEO of a luxurious clothing line, a company where she goes to seek a job as a Blogger of the company. On the first day of her employment, Navy Leonardo receives a message from his father, Mayor Alessandro demanding his presence at the family Thanksgiving, else he will be disowned and canceled from the family will. Meanwhile, his father’s threat is due to the fact that Navy has been absent from home in Italy for about five years following the betrayal of his girlfriend, Clarissa getting married to his brother, while the whole family watched. Receiving the message not only upset him, but it makes him bitter and vengeful. A sudden idea to make his ex-girlfriend jealous and his brother envious, occurs to him, a plus fun would be the panicking reaction of his parents to him, bringing home a low class woman as his girlfriend. Who is more perfect for the job than the down to earth Rosé Willian, the Blogger. Beautiful and younger than Clarissa, but poor enough to make his parents turn. Navy is overwhelmed by the pleasure of a silly revenge that he asks Rosé to be his fake girlfriend, just for a night, not knowing he is in for a twist of fate.

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Enwongo E. Gwunireama
trying hard not to say Navy as an a** ...... but Darcy comforts me so that’s okay. When’s the next chapter please? ......
2023-11-29 17:47:23
148 Chapters
The End
Sitting quietly by the window, I watched the eventide overtaking the bustles of the day in the small town, Ontario. It was just like any other day, but not for me. The day was special, I was celebrating my 5th year anniversary with Owen Doyle, my boyfriend.Owen and I started dating around the time I turned 19.It was love at first sight- at least for him. I didn’t like him until a few dates after our first meeting, but eventually we got together. He was older, going to 32 as I will be turning 24.We have been together for five years and I naturally, expected a ring.I repeatedly told myself “today is the day!” The signs were all clear. Today is the day he would go on his knees and say those words: “Rosé Willian, will you marry me?”I envisioned myself saying yes a thousand times, with a few drops of tears of course, and Owen, would wipe off my tears with his thumb finger and plant a kiss on my forehead to seal the beautiful evening. A smile played across my face as I enjoyed my i
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A New Beginning
The next morning met us on the way to a far, far away land Paula called Washington. Paula’s seat on the plane was a few rows from me, she was actively taking pictures of the skies, clearly enjoying the takeoff.My eyes fell on an older couple beside me, giggling and chattering with each other and my heart ached uncontrollably.“Home-wrecker…” I cursed under my breathe, and a few tears dropped from my eyes.“I will never love again!” I muttered to myself. I was too numb to think, too heartbroken. My pains, now very accustomed to me patted my back gently, and I drifted off to sleep.Seven hours later, I was startled awake by the screeching sound of the plane landing.I scanned the aircraft for Paula and our eyes met,"Welcome to Washington!” She mouthed, beaming excitedly as we deplaned.We stepped down to the Terminal and we immediately spotted a lady with a “welcome back cousin!” placard, waving happily at us.“Lydiaaaa!” Paula squealed excitedly, running towards the girl. She looked
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A walking god?
Mr EyeCandy stepped into the hallway, and his footstep resounded in the air. Our eyes met and my heart sank.“Hazel!” I muttered silently, that was the color of his eyes.I timidly darted my eyes to the ground as he closed the distance between us.A pair of the most expensive Daniel Martins boots stopped before me.“Woah!” I gasped, intoxicated by his manly scent that wafted my senses.“CEO!” The French speaking lady exclaimed, groveling over to his side. My gaze remained on the ground, as I failed to steady trembling heart.“Nicole Guy must have definitely seen this guy before writing about the character, Anderson!” I thought to myself. “Who’s this?” I heard him say. His voice clearly befitted his persona. Firm, confident, dominant, oozing with authority.“I already interviewed her, you don’t have to bother.” She replied.Her lie caught me off guard and I didn’t even know when I blurted out,“No, you didn’t!”I instantly regretted it when my eyes met with hers, because she gave th
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Navy; women are vile!
Navy’s POVI walked into the reception of my multimillion dollar company and my employees went numb. That’s how much influence I have on my workers and I like it that way. I like to see the women drool when I walk by, and the men tremble nervously at my presence. But I love the effect I have on women more, making them wish their lives on me and never having it, no matter what. Yes, no matter what, no matter who.I have only tried to love one woman all my life, Clarissa McDamon- my ex. I am yet to recover from the suffering agony and trauma she put me through. To me, women are all the same, despite how innocent they look, or how pure their eyes seem. They are vile creatures, despite what they wear, and their fake smiles creep me out. Like the smile on my receptionist’s face right now, fake, unreal, pretentious.“Welcome, Mr Leonardo” she beamed. I nodded indifferently, scanning the expanse hall.“Are you looking for anyone, sir?” She asked, sensing my curiosity.“The Blogger…” I
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Less is more?
My relationship with Clarissa ended on my stepbrother’s wedding day. It was a shock to me when the bride was revealed and Clarissa was unveiled. We had been dating for two years, and we were still in a relationship when she appeared as my brother’s bride.Lumbar Leonardo, my older brother- jealous, greedy, self-centered, always wanted everything I had. Maybe it was because I was born from an affair my father had with my mother that he constantly hated me.Everyone, including my father and stepmother knew about this marriage, except me. My father came up to me and said, “You’ll always find love, don’t create a scene. The whole Italia is watching.”There at the aisle, I cut ties with my family and relocated from Italy to Washington and rebuilt my life away from those toxic people I called family, avoiding women like a plague.Five years later and a message from my father chimed through the phone;Not that this was the first, but this time, it was dire.“If you don’t come home for th
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Darcy: meetcute?
Navy stormed away without a second glance at me. The bouquet of white roses looked beautiful and lovely but it was quite confusing from whence it came. I had no boyfriend and I hadn’t yet made any friends.Slowly, I advanced to the bouquet and picked up the card next to it.“Congratulations on your first day at work- Paul” “Who on earth is Paul?” I wondered aloud. If the card was not addressed to my name, I would have left it alone, just thinking about the size of it was discouraging.I shuffled into the elevator, wrestling with the oversized bouquet of roses covering my face and making it hard to see what was in front of me.The elevator dinged open and I stepped out, sauntering towards the exit by mere instincts.I had almost made it to the exiting door when I suddenly bumped into something- or someone. His phone fell, clashing brutally against the glass door before dropping to the ground. With a sigh, I slowly lowered my bouquet, wearing a regretful expression for the unintended
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Pins and daggers
What was I thinking?!” I scolded myself, increasingly irritated and disappointed that it was thirty minutes past 7 and Navy was no where at the airport.“One more minute and that’s it.” I declared.Just as I decided not to wait any longer, my phone blared into life and I automatically dreaded having to lie to Paula again.“She’ll definitely catch me this time” I murmured.I reluctantly pulled out my phone and glanced at the caller ID. It was a strange number. Relieved that it wasn't Paula, I touched the answer button and placed the phone to my ear.“Where are you?” The caller asked, his voice deep and commanding.I immediately recognized it as Navy’s voice, no one else could be so brooding and cold, even on the phone.“I’m at the terminal, Sir” “Look up” he replied.I glanced across the hall and my eyes fell on a tall figure, waving stoically. My heart fluttered as I made my way to him.It was amazing how he managed to be so beautiful even with the frown he had on his face. He look
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Weak in the knees
Rosé's eyes widened in surprise as we locked gazes and an awkward silence hung in the air. My heart raced uncontrollably as I searched in vain for the right words to break the ice that was fast forming between us."Should I apologize?" I wondered."Why should I when she's to blame for leaving the door unlocked?! I mean she was the naked one." "I...I'm s..." she paused, her trembling voice cutting through the silence."I'm sorry sir, I didnt know you'd return so soon" she finally said, her cheeks burning with apparent embarrassment.I swallowed hard and pretended I was unmoved by her curvy body, nor moved by her shocked demeanor when in fact, I was suppressing the urge to scoop her in my arms and kiss her. My body responded to her body in a way that I never imagined possible and I knew the right thing to do was to vanish before I did something stupid."I'll, wait by the parking lot" I muttered, averting my gaze from her."Okay sir" she replied, her voice just above a whisper.
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Rosé's POV"Why?!""What is he doing with you?"Put him on the phone, or I'm coming to get you right this minute." Paula ranted, evidently frustrated by the knowledge that I wasn't coming home on my first day at Varde's."Paula, just hear me out. It's not what you think," I pleaded, trying to calm her down."It's just for work and I’m not complaining." I shifted away from Navy’s earshot and positioned myself at a corner in the Terminal while he went through Security Check."Well, I'm complaining for you, get the phone to him!" Paula replied."Paula, I can't just take the phone to him, you know I won't" I replied, whispering in a way."Why not?" "Is staying out part of blogging?""You have to follow him to Italy? For a job? Why is he making you do that? And within really short notice." She ranted."I agree that staying out isn't a part of blogging. I'm not just going to Italy for a job, its more complicated than that."I could sense her frustration and concern growing with every word,
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My revenge is on the way
Navy’s POVI got carried away watching her sleep peacefully, I couldn’t bring myself to wake her up even though we had arrived in Italy five minutes ago.Maybe it was a bad idea to make her change into the crimson dress, she looked uncomfortable in it and the sight of her discomfort made my heart ache.My eyes roamed the curvatures of her body and her naked body suddenly popped into my head.“Jesus, Navy!” I exclaimed, quickly averting my thoughts from that direction.Still, I couldn’t completely shake off her half-open lips, desperately calling out to me.I found myself trying so hard to keep away from brushing the strands of hair that were on her face. “Am I falling for Rosé?” I asked myself for the umpteenth time since we shook hands as friends. Or was it her dysfunctional family background that endeared me to her?“That was it and nothing else.” I told myself.Unexpectedly, she turned and swiveled in the chair, stirring up from sleep.She looked around and the surprise on her fac
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