Intoxicated Vengeance

Intoxicated Vengeance

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Her trembling body backed away watching her predator reaching her, her lips quivered in fear keeping her shaking hand over her bandaged stomach. "P-Please," She whispered letting out a loud gasp when he grabbed her throat roughly jerking her near him, his lips touched hers freezing her shaking body on the spot. "Don't worry il mio veleno, I wouldn't let you die, we will live together like we promised. but the difference is, the once promised heaven would be a hell now!" And he didn't lie, the man who once loved her beyond him hated her with the same intensity. They were poles apart, they were not meant to be but he refused to accept the fate, he refused to let her get away from him, his hate, his vengeance. This time he will hate her with passion the same way he loved her once, but the only thing that will stay same would be. He didn't let her go before, he wouldn't let her go now. She was his venom and he has let her intoxicate him with no escape. THE SPIN OFF SINFULLY YOURS CONTAINING ACE SULLIVAN STORY. IT CAN BE READ AS STAND ALONE NO NEED TO READ SINFULLY YOURS. REMEMBER ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE THERE WILL BE GRAMMATICAL AND SPELLING ERRORS SO PARDON ME.

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16 Chapters
Author's PovA cold wind sprinted her hair in a rhythm as she tightened her arms around her body trying to provide her small frame as much warmth as she could, she took feeble steps towards the hotdog stall heaving out a tired sigh. Even after working whole day she knew she couldn't afford to buy something more than this for her dinner. If she did she will waste money which was needed for other matter. Her whole body felt like tons of weight had been thrown over it but the irony she still had to endure it after all she had no other option.She paid for two packed smoking hot hotdogs before accelerating her speed to reach her little house, finally a sigh of relief decided to erupt her lips as she stepped inside the small apartment which she called as her house. Who could have guessed that once a spoilt princess had to face this unfortunate day when her pride, ego and luxury would be crushed under the cruelty of fate. Well indeed everyone had to face the karma and she was no less than t
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Author's PovWhen did I ever say I love you?A weak and powerless boy like you can only be a plaything.A melodious laugh filled with mock echoed in his ear followed by a pained shrill making the sturdy man unlatched his light grey eyes lazily letting it fall over the screaming man. His usual blank gaze got fixated over the bloodied man who was on the verge of losing his life, he blinked a few times clearing his mind from the memories that had vowed to never let him have a moment of peace."PLEASE I DON'T KNO-- AHHHHH!" Once again ear piercing shriek escaped his lips crossing the patience of the ruthless man.Swiftly grabbing the gun from his lap he shot dead the crying man ending his misery after painful five days. His men looked over to him in surprise, the man wasn't supposed to die this early. They needed to get some information from him and their boss never acted this impulsive before and indeed his action wasn't only based on his irritation instead."He didn't know anything othe
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Author's PovAurora gulped feeling a weird sensation erupting her spine, this wasn't something new to her but she wasn't just getting used to it. For the past few years, she had felt like someone was constantly following her or watching her but whenever she tried to find the source of her discomfort her efforts always returned hopeless.But she knew one thing, this feeling always started whenever she went to the cafe for her first job, but again shaking away her uncertainties she reminded herself that she had left nothing in her to allure anyone anymore to be her stalker. In past, all of her friends and the boys who hit on her or were behind her for either her money or her body.Being 5'5 Aurora had an hourglass body which every girl would kill to have, her waist was slim but not to the extent of being called skinny. Her puffy cheeks, red lips and shiny blue eyes which resembled perfectly with ocean water could drive any man insane. Her once healthy brunette silky locks were the sign
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Author's PovFlashback"What is your problem Ace? Can't you be a bit sensible!" A young girl not more than 17 bottled up in a stunning shimmery dress snapped at the young man cladded in a simple hoodie and sweatpants. He gritted his teeth looking away from her watching her in pure silence as she vent out her anger on him even though it wasn't even his fault to begin with."Why did you beat that guy? Do you even have a slightest idea what dad will do to me now?" Ace scoffed standing tall and tough as he ignored the ache he felt on his lips because of the punch he got."As uncle should! You're just 17 Aurora! Why did you go to club? I am being 18 never touched alcohol, thinking about going to clubs is out of question then why did you?" Aurora smiled sarcastically at him."Yes because you're weak, you can't handle alcohol that's it but I can! You ruined everything, I was having fun but from no where you ---" Before she could continue Ace whispered in astonishment."Fun?" Just then Aurora
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Author's PovAurora's wide blue eyes stared in utter astonishment at the rugged man cladded in a scary black suit, his once soft gaze was cold as ice, his stare would have scared the shit out of her if she wasn't dive into the well of shock. For years! She had dreamt, wished and died each second to witness these eyes again and when he was finally here standing in front of her she couldn't accept it.This reality was too hallucinating to be true, she finally let her teary eyes blink when he stepped near her, crossing her frozen frame he entered the house leaving the rock solid petite woman behind giving her no chance to relish the moment of him coming in front of her alive. The second he passed her, she closed her eyes shaking her head when the familiar scent invaded her nostrils. This same crisp strong mint scent he always wore finally forced her to accept that he was real. She wasn't dreaming.Her body startled when she heard a loud shrill of her father, running inside she found her
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Author's PovBoth the father and daughter's faces paled when Ace pulled the dagger out gazing at them with his sinister eyes, he looked nowhere the young innocent man who danced on their tunes years ago. He had turned into way more dangerous and ruthless than they could ever imagine him to be, his cold eyes, blank face and the fire of resentment all over his face almost made them run for hills.Before Aurora could comprehend anything her arm was grabbed into a bruising grip as Ace yanked her up. Alvin cried out for his daughter but one gesture from Ace, his men held the wailing old man down. Ace watched once proud and arrogant runt crying and begging for his daughter's well being, it was a sight to behold and Ace loved every bit of it.Aurora clawed at his fingers to get rid of the scorching pain she felt because of his grip, but her struggle didn't even move the burly man an inch, he steadily turned his fiery cloudy eyes to her watery ocean ones freezing her with his one intense glar
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Author's PovLaying on a cold floor with chain restraining her left arm brought more tears out of her already swollen eyes, she didn't even try to tug at the razor knowing very well that if she moved even a bit from her spot the sharp edges will pierce through her skin. All she could was cradle her bandaged stomach and stare at nothing.The moment she opened her eyes she found herself prisoned in a small room resembling a abandoned basement, her wounded stomach was indeed treated but whoever band-aid her didn't even care to change her ripped clothes, the shirt she was wearing was shredded from her stomach so her injury could be on display.She still felt a burning pain all over her body, her usually warm skin was a proof of her suffering from a fever but her terrible condition pointed out the brutality of the man who once was her angel. She didn't want to raise any delusional in her mind anymore, he had changed, he had turned a monster and there was no one to be blamed but her and her
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Author's PovFlashback Continue Aurora held the urge to roll her eyes in annoyance after finding the concerned look in his eyes, he had been hot on her heels from the past month they were together. She had regretted listening to her friends many times already, she sometimes wished she didn't have the patience as the size of a bee so she wouldn't had taken this step in anger."What are you doing here?" Surpassing the need to tell him to get lost, she wore a blank face before trying to divert her mind, the young man danced his fingers in his messy hair before shooting a small smile in her way, even though it hurt the side of his lips.Aurora's eyes subconsciously ran towards the small bruises plastered over his face, his forehead had a small purplish scar and a sharp painful cut over his lips, but it didn't surprise her. Ace had been getting trained from the time he was adopted by her father, he never regarded this young boy as his son, he was more of a liability and tool to enhance his
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Author's PovFlashback Continue"Ace!" Aurora gasped out when the tall man hovered over the wincing guy laid on the floor, he grabbed Max's throat in his large palm squeezing it mercilessly cutting the passage of air to his lungs."Why don't you try to show your strength on someone of your size bastard!" He hissed lowly watching Max's face turning white as sheet, he punched Ace's arm, tried kicking him and even clawed at his face but nothing worked, he was completely shunned down."You shouldn't have touched what's mine!" He smirked like a savage beast watching him struggle like a fish out of water and just when the choked guy was about to pass out Ace felt someone trying to free the struggling lad.His dark steely gaze snapped to the intruder and instantly they softened when he noticed visible evidence of tears on her eyes, and just like that his hand lost it's grip over Max's neck letting the man cough urgently. He hungrily gulped huge puffs of air letting his lungs find a way to li
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Author's PovFlashback Continue "Max let me go!" Aurora sneered keeping her voice low as she didn't want to gather any attention, she couldn't anyone to see her with Max, at least not today. She tried to pull her wrist from the sturdy young man who roughly ranked her in front of him making her stumble back, she almost fell on the floor if it wasn't for the pillar which she held for the support."What the fuck was that?" He growled not caring if anyone would hear him practically yelling on her, Aurora cradled her hurting wrist before looking at him nervous gaze, she understood why he was so angry, and surprisingly she had no idea why she even defied him even though she had never refused him anything before."You said you will break his heart today! But now you're saying you need more time!" He seethed taking a step closer to her, the anger was clearly evident over his face like he wanted to kill her! Aurora's breathing accelerated in fear, she had never seen Max this crazily mad befor
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