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After Lila knows the secret behind her parents' death, she also face sudden accident which leads to her soul swapping. With her new face and body, she decides to confirm if her fiance actually loves her or want her wealth by seducing him with her new identity but her fiance falls head over heels with her new body which is Cindy's without knowing it was her soul in Cindy's body. Playing love between her fiance and Cindy's boyfriend in her new body, Lila falls in love with the two guys and don't know which to choose.

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5 Chapters
The dispute
"Take that!" Rosy shouted and landed a hot slap on Lila's face out of nowhere. "You deserve that for your insolence," Rosy spoke with a menacing stare directed at Lila who was both shocked and infuriated by the sudden assault. "Have you lost your mind, Aunt Rosy? How dare you lay your hands on me?" Lila fumed as her face turned red from the slap. "I'll keep slapping you as many times as it takes to get some sense into you," Rosy threatened with a malevolent glare, poised to strike again at the slightest hint of defiance. "What if I tell everyone that you murdered my parents?" Lila seethed with rage. "You wouldn't dare," Rosy spat back, winding up for another slap, but Lila was quick to grab her wrist mid-air. To Rosy's dismay, her own niece had the audacity to resist her authority and attack her. "You spoiled brat! I will teach you a lesson you'll never forget!" Rosy struggled to free her hand, but Lila's grip only tightened further. In one swift move, Lila forcefully twisted R
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The Accident
Rosy started pondering over Lila's call and the message she conveyed. She was perplexed about whether Lila's apology was genuine or not. Rosy was certain that Lila had some knowledge about her parents' demise, which is why she had brought it up during their conversation. Rosy accept that she was the perpetrator behind her parents' death and that Lila had confronted her as a result of some instigation. Rosy paced back and forth, trying to make sense of how Lila could have obtained such information and whether her apology was believable. After sometimes, Rosy came to the conclusion that if Lila had information about her parents' death, it meant that her apology was nothing but a ruse. "Lila, you already know what you shouldn't know." Rosy sighed, "Lila, I really want to take care of you has my own child and just to take control of your inheritance. But now that you have known what you should not have known, i have no choice" She was convinced that Lila was up to something and would n
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The Epiphany
Lila awoke to find herself still lying in the hospital bed. She sighed upon realizing that her face was no longer her's. She wondered what had caused this to happen and why she now had someone else's face. When Cynthia, one of Cindy's sisters, noticed that Lila had woken up, she looked at her with concern. "Are you okay, Cindy?" Cynthia asked. Lila was perplexed by the question. "What year is this?" she asked, considering the possibility that she had travelled through time or into the future. Cynthia sighed upon hearing Lila's strange query. Feeling the need to assess what had actually occurred, Lila expressed the desire to see her reflection. "I need to use the bathroom," she informed Cynthia, who still appeared to be worried. Cynthia then assist Lila in getting to the bathroom. When she realize that she was alone in the bathroom, Lila rushed to the mirror, hoping to see her real face. But, she was disheartened when she saw that her face was still Cindy's. The mirror also reve
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The Cocktail party
Despite Eddy being deemed as Lila's fiancé, with her new face, Lila wants to confirm whether Eddy is sincerely in love with her or if he is merely interested in her wealth. Lila believes that Eddy is a gold digger and his only interested in her wealth. This belief was because Lila's aunt, Rosy, was the one arranged for Eddy to be Lila's fiancé. Lila's parents who owned several successful businesses died tragically in a plane crash nine months ago, leaving Lila as the sole heir to their businesses. No one expect such misfortune since they went on their private jet but if misfortune is banned to happen nothing could stop it, so everyone believed their death was natural. In their Will, Lila's parents appointed her aunt, Rosy, to take charge of the business until Lila turns 21 since she is just 18. A few months ago, Rosy introduced Eddy to Lila as a potential fiancé, suggesting that their relationship would benefit both the businesses and Lila herself. Lila gladly accept Eddy as her fi
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The Collusion
Looking down at the business card Eddy had given her, Lila's anger flared. "How could he hand out his contact information so carelessly, wanting Cindy to work for him?" She scowled even though, she is Lila and not Cindy, her lips pursed as she re-entered the party.Her original goal had been to find a way to enter the ward where her body lay, also to confirm Eddy's intention towards her, as she had no choice but to attend the party, now that she has Cindy's body.As she surveyed the party once more, Lila realized that she had achieved her primary objective, and decided to leave. Her true mission now was to conclusively determine Eddy's feelings for her, and then seek revenge on Rosy for the wrongs she had done to Lila and her parents and get back to her own body.Clutching her purse, Lila strode purposefully towards the exit, but suddenly collided with someone. Her focus solely on her belongings, she hadn't been watching where she was going. The impact was severe enough to send her tu
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