His Replaced Bride

His Replaced Bride

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Marriage is one of the greatest blessings in life, and choosing your spouse is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. But not her Samaira, she never wanted to marry like that. She wanted to achieve something first, being from a middle-class family, growing up without a parent's love. She wanted to become a doctor but her all dreams got broken the day, when her uncle asked her to do something in return of his year's love, he had given to her. She could not refuse. Unwillingly she becomes his replaced bride. Someone's replacement. Abhimaan Rajvansh, a man of pride, arrogance, traditional values. He is the pride of his family. The most handsome and one of the eligible bachelor. Every girl dreams to be with him, he's enjoying his life fullest and suddenly he got to know that he's getting married. Will he accept his replaced bride? When her family was the reason for his family's embarrassment. Will he ever understand her? Will they ever find their soulmate in each other? Join their journey of trust, respect, compatibility and love.

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Yemi Olatunde Oluwafemi
Very interesting!!!! well-done author
2024-03-26 17:48:54
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Shiñé Stâr Samaira
My favourite book...️ so beautiful.. When you will post sequel of this book?
2024-02-27 22:18:15
user avatar
Beautifully written. The beginning itself is so intriguing. Well done author. ...
2024-01-23 23:13:38
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Harsh Sharma
what a engaging story, beautifully crafted, the way author describe their love is magical....️...️ Must read ...️
2024-01-20 11:23:45
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Mradul Singh
what a wonderful- written and fulfilling story. Great job author......
2024-01-20 02:43:47
user avatar
Love Rajput
Beautiful story with interesting characters Loved Abhimaan and Samaria’s love and their moments
2024-01-19 23:55:48
56 Chapters
1. Her life
A girl clad in blue lehenga almost running with some gifts in her hands. She almost got slipped because of her dress, but still, she is not giving any importance to how her dupatta was almost falling down from her hands. "Just one more turn than it will be complete." She said to herself while keeping the gifts into the car's backseat, driving at her doorsteps.She is Samaira Singh, 23 years old. She is a very simple and innocent girl. She is a kind girl, every parent would be proud to have. She is beautiful and intelligent, just completed her graduation. First, she wanted to do medical but that cost a lot and she can't be more burden on her uncle. Her parents died when she was just 6 years old, from that time she is living with her father's brother's family. Her uncle is a kind-hearted person, who couldn't leave his only brother's little girl crying on her parent's dead body. So, he brought her home. Well, not everyone was happy with this in his family. They are still not. But she
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2. Married??
Samaira was standing there still, for a moment, she heard the engine of a car and run to the window and saw her cousin sitting with a boy and rode off without even looking back. "Di....di.....please stop..." She yelled but she couldn't do anything. She has no idea what to do. She was just afraid now. She clutches the certain tightly to control her inner self. "I have to tell uncle and Aunty, ....yes,...I should.." She turned to go and found them already there with a confused look on there face, seeing her pale face."Where is Dhriti?" Damini asked roaming her eyes around the room, found her wedding dress on the bed, messed up the room with no presence of her daughter. Her uncle Ishwar Singh widen his eyes on realising the situation. He looked towards his wife, who also has a horrified expression on her face."This can't be happening....." In trembling voice, her uncle Ishwar said, his balance shook and about to fall but Samaira and his wife holds him and made his sit on a nearby co
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She was standing there closing her eyes tightly, clutching the curtain. She knows she has to face this situation, she can't run or hide forever from them. But what will she say??How will she explain herself??What if they won't accept her?What if he won't accept her??Her eyes filled with warmed tears again, thinking about all the upcoming possibilities. She was busy fighting her own turmoil that didn't realize when the door got opened with a thud. She gasped. Abhimaan entered the door furiously and looked around to spot a figure hiding behind the curtains or trying to hide. Which was clearly a failed attempt. "So you think after cheating us, you can hide from me." He roared to her. She shivered hearing his loud and angry voice. I didn't cheat them. He fished hard, not wanting to do something wrong with a girl. The moment his mother told everyone about this, he got furious. How can someone dare to cheat on him and his family??He saw her in the morning sleeping on the couch
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4. Desicion
She was standing there, behind the curtain clutching it tightly, her eyes closed. She knew she had to face the situation, she couldn't run or hide forever from them. But what will she say?How will she explain herself?What if they won't accept her?What if he won't accept her?Her eyes filled with warmed tears again, thinking about all the upcoming possibilities. She was busy fighting her inner turmoil and didn't realize when the door opened with a thud. She gasped. Abhimaan entered the door furiously and looked around to spot a figure hiding behind the curtains or trying to hide. Which was a failed attempt. "So you think after cheating us, you can hide." He roared at her. She shivered hearing his loud and angry voice. I didn't cheat them. He fisted his hand so hard that it hurt, not wanting to do something wrong with a girl. The moment his mother told everyone about this, he was furious. How can someone dare to cheat on him and his family??He saw her in the morning, sleepi
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5. Unknown wife
Life is unexpected.Unpredictable Life plays games with you, and you can't do anything to stop them. Sometimes it gives you heartbreak, pain, suffering and sometimes it gives you love, care and respect. That's what happened with Samaira. At an early age, her parents died, making her lose everything. Making her accept that she will never be happy again because her parents are the biggest blessing she just lost. She accepted her pain. Her Suffering. Her loneliness.But a month ago, everything changed again. But this time maybe it was for good. Maybe...She didn't hear taunts from anyone. She doesn't have to hear what a burden she was. No yelling, shouting or angry faces. If marriage gives you this peace then she is happy to be married. Her new family loves her. They have accepted her as their daughter-in-law. That day, she came to know how much they respect their culture and tradition. Despite being the richest family, they still believed in relations and the bond of love. She d
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6. Conflict with family
What are you still doing here?" He asked angrily.Last time, he checked..he made it clear about not wanting her in his house. His eyes were oozing anger. His stronghold was hurting her, unknowingly. Her eyes turned glassy seeing his anger. She has never seen someone this angry, with this closeness. Her Aunt used to shout at her but this is something next level. "I....please, it's hurting..." She pleaded while trying to come out of his hold. He watched her struggling and pressed his lips tightly to control his rage. He left her and dashed out of the room.He needs to stay away from her at this moment or he will do something wrong. I need to talk to them.Samaira took a long breath which she was holding since she doesn't know. She hissed a little rubbing her arms, it will leave marks surely due to his tight hold. Her Husband.She thought to first change herself in something appropriate. She took plain green kurta with white leggings. All the while, she was just thinking about wha
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7. He is Rude
It's been 2 two days since the heated argument between Abhimaan and his family. Since Samaira met her husband and he left her again. Without even trying to know her, he judged her with the doing of her family. The whole family was feeling restless. They can't leave their Son's marriage on the verge of destruction. When no one at the fault. It's just the fault of their stars, their situation. If they had met Samaira first, they would have chosen her instead of Dhriti. Samaira is more talented, sweet, beautiful and gold heart person. But they never met her. Her Aunt didn't want her to come in front of them. She was always jealous of her beauty and talent. There were so many things just like this which she never shared with anyone. Not even, her uncle knew about it. Samaira was watering in the garden lost in her thoughts. She loves to be here, with these fresh flowers, and fresh air. At least they are not like my life. Arunima came to her and stood beside her. They exchanged a warm
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8. Outburst
Breakfast is almost ready, you go and set the table?" Samaira asked one of the maids. She woke up earlier than usual and fresh and up not wanting to face him again. Being in the same room with him was torture for both of them. Both were avoiding each other. He slept on the bed and Samaira on the couch to keep her distance. He also didn't pay any heed to her. "After all, it's my room and She disturbed everything." With this thought, he slept soundlessly.Samaira went to the dining table, where everyone was present even Abhimaan. She glanced at him for a microsecond and served tea and breakfast to them. "You too sit with us, we will serve ourselves." It was Gautam who spoke, breaking her thoughts. Every day she ate with them. But, today she didn't want to. Being in the same room with him was already enough for her. He didn't say anything, didn’t even look up towards her. He poured himself his coffee, avoiding her. She felt bad."Dadaji, I made this fruit salad with almonds for y
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9. Moving together
The following night, Abhimaan was on Terrace, drinking and fuming with anger at Samaira. A mere girl has ruined his peaceful and content life. Even turned his whole family against him. Of course, her innocent face is not her reality. What kind of person would trade some other girl in their daughter's place?What kind of person would break every contact with their so-called daughter?And in what place would someone agree to spoil her own life?She has hatched some big plans. And my family is getting easily fooled by her innocent charm and beautiful heart. Bloody hell!"Abhi...." He closed his eyes and took a long breath to calm his inner rage. He put his glass aside, not wanting his mother to see him drinking. "Please Mother, I'm not in the right state to talk. We'll talk later." He said will finalty. "My sweet, sweet boy.." He felt her caressing his back, almost soothing him of his tiredness. He felt warmth instantly. A mother knows exactly when her child needs her love and war
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10. New hopes
Following the address given by Mrs Annie's, Samaira reached the library. It was not far from the penthouse. As soon as she entered the place, she took in the surroundings. The place was big but had a homey and warm feeling to it. It smelt of books, her favourite scent, next to mud after rain, it smelt heavenly. In her school, whenever there was a free period, she used to spend her time in the library. Many classmates of hers used to call her a bookworm, maybe she was one. But then again, she has no one else other than books. She used to be a chirpy girl as long as her parents were alive. Then, no one scolded her and watched her under a scrutinizing gaze. But, some incidents have the power to change someone's life, personality and more. She got her library card and roamed around the different shelves. She went to her favourite genre, biology and medicine. All subjects related to the University's academic and research programmes had been included in the collection. The library also
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