His Lost Luna - (Book 2 -Azure Moon Series)

His Lost Luna - (Book 2 -Azure Moon Series)

By:  Deborah A  Completed
Language: English
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'She’s human, she’s human, she’s human, she isn’t worth it!’ Are the word Lottie repeats to herself when her personal bully attacks her again. She can’t fight back, it wouldn’t be a fair fight, Lottie would kill her. After all, she is a wolf, living in the human world. That has been raised by a witch, alongside her hybrid sister. If life wasn't complicated enough. Things get even more complex when a tall, dark stranger crosses her path. He’s prepared to help her discover her true identity, but what’s in it for him? As Lottie’s 18th birthday approaches. Lottie learns the truth about her past, the mysteries of her present. But how will this affect her future? All she wants is to be happy. But some people are completely against it! This is the 2nd book in the Azure Moon series. It is a short book and runs along the same timeline as book 3 in the series ‘Future Alpha Nix’. Please be advised these book ends on the same cliffhanger. The cliffhanger is where book 4 begins.

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Susan Farnsworth-McCarter
Great series! I love how each book follows one of the main characters. I’m reading the 3rd now. Fantastic work!
2023-12-01 01:59:52
user avatar
Jamie _
read this book in a day it was so good
2023-07-26 22:41:22
default avatar
Nae Nae
I looooooveeeee this series ever book gets better. .........️
2023-07-25 15:31:28
default avatar
Y. Jetter
The story line is original. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.
2023-06-17 22:09:24
default avatar
KY Brink
So this book continues The twin alphas mate?
2023-04-28 14:41:39
70 Chapters
Chapter 1 - 5 days until Lottie's 18th Birthday  
Lottie’s POV The crowd surrounded us. They were laughing and cheering. Amber, my high school tormentor, stood above me at the cafeteria table, the crowd encouraging her to continue. I just put my head down and accepted whatever she wanted to do to me. I wanted to retaliate; I wanted to fight back. But it would be an unfair fight. She slapped me a few times before she picked up the juice off my lunch tray and poured it over my head. She then grabbed a handful of food and smeared it into my hair. I just gritted my teeth and took it. The laughing and heckling got louder. She grabbed more food and done it again. People started throwing food at me. ‘She’s human, she’s human, she’s human, she isn’t worth it.’ I chanted to myself. It was all I could do to control my rage. She grabbed my hair, forcing my head back, sneering into my ear. “You truly are a pathetic loser.” Amber has been bullying me for years. I was always an easy target for her, as I never fought back. I
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Chapter 2
Lottie’s POV The day Caren started her menstrual period was the day she developed some magical powers. She could grow plants and heal small wounds. Over the years, her power grew. Now she could make a small breeze and cast a small safety barrier around herself. She occasionally used it when we were fighting. She had her own built-in defense weapon. When I started menstruating, I had abdominal cramps and a need to lie down. Mom would give me some homemade herbal tablets to help me relax. Mom didn’t allow us to have friends growing up. We were unpredictable, and I was moody. Mom sometimes gave me a pill to help me calm down. She told me it was herbal, but I didn’t care as long as it helped. We couldn’t risk anyone finding out who we truly were. So, it was Caren and I growing up. She was all I really needed, anyway. Since I was young, I have been physically fast and strong compared to Caren. As I got older, I got faster, stronger and more protective of my family. I knew
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Chapter 3
Maddox’s POV I was involved in the ‘mating ceremony’, not because I wanted to be. But as the newly appointed Alpha of my pack, I needed to do everything to find my Luna. I was 20 and had not found her yet. There were plenty of women throwing themselves at me, but I wasn’t interested. I just wanted my fated mate, my Luna. I would do anything to increase my chances of finding her. Including taking part in these stupid organized events. There were a few unfamiliar smells in this area of the woods, including the coppery smell of blood. I was further out than most of the other people taking part, but the River Valley Pack border patrol should deal with any incidents tonight. Especially with so many visitors visiting here at the moment. “Hello,” I heard a female voice call out. I peeked from behind a tree. There was a young girl with red hair who was carrying a woman. I think I recognized her skirt from earlier in the evening. “Hello” the red head called again. I was i
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Chapter 4
Xavier’s POV I mind link Saxon. Parker can explain everything to the Alpha at the River Valley Pack. “Tell him that rogues are in his territory and kidnapping the female wolves from the ceremony. Make sure the girls get to the pack house safely. I am going to follow the red head. I won’t be long.” I followed her scent into human territory. I had to be careful to stay out of sight. Where was she going? “Alpha is aware, he is going mad as the border patrol should have spotted them. The girls are safe.” Saxon mind links me. “We also have the caged rogue in the cells. The Alpha of this area will sort him out. He is livid at the situation.” “Get some rest, Saxon. I have a feeling this isn’t over.” I caught up with the red head and hid in the shadows behind a bush near the house she ran into. The house is in the middle of nowhere, with no neighbors. It is also far away enough that no one can see inside from the roadside. She pulled a shirt from under the
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Chapter 5
4 days until birthday Lottie’s POV I struggled to sleep last night. Not because I was afraid of what happened, but because I didn’t tell my mom. I told her everything, Caren too. Between us, we have no secrets. Family is important to all of us, especially me. Mom thinks it’s because I am part wolf and with wolves being pack animals, they depend and rely on their families more. She encourages us to live similarly, which is why we are over protective of one another. Before me and Caren left for school that morning. I told our mom that something had happened last night on my run. She gave me a questioning look. I also told her I felt it was time for her to tell me about my real mom. She told us that after school we would all sit down and she would tell us everything we wanted to know. This was the only thing in our lives our mom refused to tell us until we were ready. Her agreeing to it now must have meant that she believed we were. It was a long day at
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Chapter 6
Millie’s POV “He placed her carefully on the table. She needs help, he told me. But he didn’t need to tell me. I could see she needed help. She was bleeding so badly. He dashed back to the front door. Shouting that he had to hide her sent from the rogues. He kissed me before he ran off. I panicked for our safety when he said rogues were chasing her, but I also panicked for his seeing as he planned on luring them away. It was when Roni rolled onto her back to reveal her huge pregnant stomach, I forgot about the rogues when I saw how pregnant she was. I set to work on the wounds I thought I could heal, but it had been years since I had to heal anyone. Aidan never needed this skill of mine, as his wolf healed any injuries he had. Her wounds were so deep and there were so many. She told me one of the rogues was in his human form and he used a silver dagger to cut her. He also dipped it in silver shards to make sure her wolf couldn’t heal her. She was struggling to brea
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Chapter 7
Lottie’s POV What a bombshell our mom landed on us this afternoon. I didn’t know what to expect, but I don’t think I was expecting all of that! Both me and Caren got a lot out of the conversation though. I know I never knew what happened to my biological mom. But I don’t think Caren ever knew what happened to her dad, either. It must have been hard for our mom. I guess that is why she hasn’t told us before. She lost her soul mate while he diverted the rogue’s attention away from my mom. She raised me based on a promise. Our mom and her soul mate perfectly matched each other. Aidan was brave, he must have been. Mom is brave and loyal. She has strong morals, which she teaches us. I can’t imagine the life Caren would have had if they had both raised her. But then again, I can’t imagine my life being any other way. They have always been there for me. Mom raised us alone and did a great job, in my opinion. But here she was, a crying wreck, telling me how I came to be in he
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Chapter 8
Maddox’s POV Here she was pouring her heart out to me and I just laughed at her. I did offer to help her with some things she was struggling with. “How can you help me?” She asked. “Remember the wolf from the valley, the big black scary one you said was a good boy?” “Yeah, but he wasn’t that scary. More like a big puppy, really,” she replied. “Who is she calling a puppy?” Xavier asked me. “That was Xavier. He’s my wolf and he is pretty scary.” She looked confused. “Let’s start at the beginning. Do you have a wolf? Maybe voices in your head started when you were about 16. I guess you’re not part of a pack, seeing as you know practically nothing about what you are.” “I hear a voice when I need to be cautious or am in danger like last night, but not any other time. I live with my mom and sister. Not sure what makes us a pack. Mom is a witch, Caren is a hybrid, 50% witch and 50% wolf. I know my mom was a wolf but know nothing about my dad, so I could
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Chapter 9
3 days until birthday Lottie POV I feel so tired. Thank goodness it’s Friday. One more day in that hell hole and then the weekend. I went downstairs to find Mom and Caren having breakfast. “Are you joining us sweetheart?” mom asked. “Thanks for yesterday.” I told her as I sat down. “I know it can’t have been easy and I know it hasn’t been easy raising us over the years. On a positive note, I met someone last night. He is offering to help me with the wolf stuff.” Caren started choking on her cereal. “What?” I explained to Mom and Caren about the wolf attack in the valley a few nights ago and meeting a man on my run last night, as well as his offer to help me figure out my future. When I looked at Mom, she was just staring at me with her jaw open. “Come on, Caren, we’re going to be late for school. Bye mom.” She sat there, staring at me in silence. As we got to school and were about to part ways, Caren turned to me and said, “They’re only human”. I hate thi
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Chapter 10
Parker’s POV I can’t believe Caren still wants to protect the humans, even after everything they put Lottie through. There was no need for what that girl and her friends had done to Lottie. I am very surprised she stayed so calm. Especially after seeing her in action the other night. Caren, being a wolf/witch hybrid, is different. I have never met a witch before. I was always told to avoid them, as they are an angry, selfish species who only think of their coven. Historically, there has always been disagreement and fighting between the species, so the two avoid each other at all costs. But Caren isn’t like the witches I have heard about. She protected Lottie. She defended her not with magic but with her fists. As a wolf, she is weak. She is probably on a par with a human. I like the pair of them and not just because I think Lottie is Maddox’s mate. They are different. The afternoon was quite amusing in this high school, though. The girls were flirting like crazy wi
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