His Human Mate

His Human Mate

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Tanya, a 20-year-old human girl is forced by her parents to move to a strange town in the middle of Fayette-Lexington, KY for University. There she meets Tristan, the alpha of a werewolf pack whom she soon finds out is her mate. She has never been happier in her life but this happiness is short-lived when she finds herself having to choose between her newfound mate and the people she has cherished all her life. Now she is forced to question herself and her loved ones, are they really who they portray themselves to be?

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Amazing book
2024-03-23 22:25:26
73 Chapters
Chapter 1
Tanya’s POVOn a warm August day, he sat across from me on the picnic blanket, talking about his latest job at the local diner. I was completely zoned out, all I could think about was how his toned muscles flexed every time he raised his hand while explaining each event, a habit he doesn't seem to know how to stop.My boyfriend was the most beautiful man in town. He had this gorgeous blonde hair that reached his shoulders with the most captivating green eyes. I always got bullied by other girls for not being up to his standards, I'm defined as your average girl by most.“Are you listening?” Orion asked, startling me back into the present. I quickly smiled at him and nodded my head.“Then what are you so quiet for?” Orion questioned further. “Did something happen at home? You've been quiet today,” he stated, looking at me with furrowed eyebrows. He started deep into my soul awaiting an answer. I knew I had to answer him or he wouldn't let it go.Well, here goes nothing…. “There's somet
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Chapter 2
Tanya’s POVIn the days leading up to the move, my frustration bubbled beneath the surface. "I can't believe you're making me leave everything behind!" I exclaimed to my parents.Mom tried to soothe me, "Sweetie, it's a great opportunity. New school, new friends—it's a chance for a fresh start."I crossed my arms, "Fresh start? More like starting from scratch. I finally had a group of friends, and now I have to rebuild everything."Dad chimed in, "Change is part of life, Tanya. You're not leaving your memories behind; you're making room for new ones."I sighed, "I don't want new memories; I want my old ones. Why can't things just stay the same?"Mom hugged me, "We understand it's hard, but change brings growth. You'll see, Shadowclaw might surprise you."I remained unconvinced, muttering under my breath, "I doubt it."As moving day approached, I reluctantly packed up my room, holding onto the familiarity of my old life.I sat in my room, surrounded by moving boxes and a heavy heart.
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Chapter 3
Tanya’s POVI sat in the backseat of the car, staring out at the passing landscape as my family drove towards my new home in ShadowClaw. The argument from last night still echoed in my mind, their words weighing heavily on my heart.As the car rolled on, my mother, Penelope, turned to me. "Tanya, sweetheart, I know this move is difficult for you. But remember, Mystique University is a great opportunity for your future."I sighed and looked down at my hands. "I know, mom. But leaving everything behind, my friends, the familiarity of home, it's just so hard."Jack, my father, glanced at me through the rearview mirror. "We understand, Tanya. It's normal to feel scared and unsure about such a big change. But sometimes, stepping out of our comfort zone is necessary for growth."A voice in my head interrupted with unusual enthusiasm. "Come on, Tanya! Think of all the amazing things waiting for you at the university. New friends, new experiences, and who knows, maybe you'll even discover a h
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Chapter 4
Tanya’s POVThe girl turned around, a huge smile on her face…. “Hi, I'm…..” at the same time I said “Monica!!!! Hey! What are you doing here?” “Oh, this is my new room”, Monica stated.“Wow, this is my room as well. Been here for a week” I told her excitedly. Monica’s smile faltered a little if I wasn't paying close attention to her, I wouldn't have noticed.“That explains the decor”, Monica said in a weird tone. “What?” I was confused…. “Oh nothing, I'm glad we're roommates” she stated in an overly chirpy voice. “Me too,” I exclaimed, equally excited.I had always hoped for a roommate who would become my confidante, my comrade, someone who would understand and support me through the ups and downs of college life. I'm more than happy and content with the fact that I got Monica as my roommate, the first and only person who has been kind to me so far.I glanced around the dorm room, tidying up my belongings as Monica was out for class, the door swung open, revealing Monica with a warm
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Chapter 5
Tanya’s POVFeeling the weight of Monica's unexpected threat, I knew I had to find a new place fast. My days became a whirlwind of stress and uncertainty as I embarked on the journey of searching for a new hostel.I wandered through the streets of Shadowclaw, scanning every "For Rent" sign and jotting down phone numbers. The weight of my backpack seemed heavier with each rejection, and the fear of being unwelcome lingered in the pit of my stomach.At one point, I stumbled upon a hostel called Moonlight Haven. The name itself felt like a soothing balm for my troubled soul. I cautiously approached the reception, my nerves on edge.The receptionist, a friendly woman with a warm smile, greeted me. "Looking for a place to stay?"I nodded, "Yeah, just moved here, and things didn't work out at my previous hostel."She handed me a brochure, "Moonlight Haven might be the perfect fit for you. We believe in creating a peaceful, welcoming environment."The atmosphere at Moonlight Haven was notice
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Chapter 6
Tanya’s POVAs I stepped into Moonlight Haven that night, a mix of anticipation and uncertainty hung in the air. The decision to leave my previous hostel, haunted by the cruel whispers and the weight of constant bullying, led me to this seemingly ordinary yet oddly inviting place.Moonlight spilled through the windows, casting a soft glow on the worn-out carpets that crunched beneath my shoes. Little did I know that within these walls, a world untouched by ordinary rules awaited. The air buzzed with an inexplicable energy, whispering secrets that eluded my understanding.The creaking of the old staircase echoed my apprehension as I made my way through the dimly lit corridors. The hostel seemed to hold stories in its timeworn bricks, stories I had yet to uncover. It was a moonlit beginning, a fresh start, unbeknownst to me that the ordinary facade concealed extraordinary secrets that would shape the course of my life in ways I could never have imagined.The door groaned softly as I ent
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Chapter 7
Tristan’s POVI toyed with the night lights of my pack bedroom, first pressing the switch button on the remote and then shutting them off after a few seconds, watching the room flicker between brightness and darkness simultaneously.I turned around in bed, my head going from resting on my arms to the pillow to the bed itself, with my eyes closed I tried to get in at least 2-3 hours of sleep after working the whole day. Usually, after my busy day working 14 hours, I would be out succumbing to darkness but for the past 2 days, it has been the opposite. I've been struggling to sleep, my mind racing with thoughts of the weirdly attractive human girl I met in the woods behind Moonlight Haven.I can hear the raindrops falling against the glass wall which gives a picturesque scene of the whole pack. ShadowClaw pack. This very pack became mine too early and probably would have an alpha born of a loveless marriage after me. It's a shame that my father got ill and can't continue his pack duties
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Chapter 8
Tanya’s POVThe next morning, I woke up feeling woozy, like I had hit my head on a wall. The events of yesterday came rushing back to my head spontaneously most especially those haunting hazel eyes that deprived me of my sleep. I had so many questions but no means to get answers, Ms. Grant would not talk to me either, and looking at the creepy nature of my housemates, I knew making the moves to get answers would be a dead end. I resolved not to let it overwhelm me, I’ll take it a day at a time. I looked at the time, jumped out of bed, and ran to the bathroom. I was going to be late for Professor Eugene’s class. I took off the nightwear I wore and tossed it farther from the bathtub as I entered the old and unbalanced Jacuzzi tub. It had lost its original color which I believed was white, I imagined how long it hadn’t been in use for. I felt a relaxing kind of sensation that soothed my insides so much immediately my skin made contact with the warm water. It reminded me of home, it also
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Chapter 9
Tristan’s POVMy mind never stopped running back to her. She had made herself at home in my head and I loved how it made me feel. I went from my usual morning run and I suddenly felt a twinge of ecstasy in my chest that caused me to stop in my tracks. A powerful scent that sought nothing but to bring me to my knees engulfed me. It was her, I knew it was her, that human with those beautiful pure eyes I met in my wolf form that day in the woods, she was close. I looked around anxiously for a sign of her, but I got none and it was beginning to piss me off. SKY, my wolf was pacing inside of me, he sizzled with so much energy, and he felt her too. “She’s here…somewhere close, I can feel her, Yesssss, I can feel her” Sky giggled inside me, I felt him surfacing, a sign that he wanted her so badly. “Take it easy, will you? You can’t possibly surface here, we might just end up scaring her away, I can’t even get a sight of her and it’s frustrating me, don’t add your tension to my already tens
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Chapter 10
Tanya’s POVI felt eyes someone’s eyes was watching my every move but I didn’t give much thought to it, for I know it could be the other students of Mystique University who also saw me as an alien. After my class that morning, I headed to the cafeteria, I was hungry and since I hadn’t eaten in the morning, the insects in my stomach were beginning to bite me profusely. I felt uncomfortable gazes on me, I wanted to disappear and reappear at the cafeteria but HA! I am no magician or witch. I looked down the whole time as I took careful steps as though the ground was going to break if I walked any harder than I did. When I got there, the gazes never stopped, rather they multiplied. I made my way to the counter and ordered food mac and cheese. That was all I could afford at that time because I had run out of money. I placed the order and waited for a few minutes for it to be processed. After a little while, the counter attendant rolled over a tray to me. I carried the food from the counter
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