His debarred mate

His debarred mate

By:  Yarmia  Ongoing
Language: English
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Marcellus Thor is a powerful Lycan who ruled and lived with his Rogue pack. Unfortunately his mate died during a fight and since then he's been alone. it was until he saw Maya Parker in a club celebrating her birthday. Maya didn't know she was a wolf and always lived a normal human life with her human parents. But when she meets the Lycan, Marcellus she starts to experience changes in her body. Going against the moon goddess, and his own pack, he soon marks her with his teeth and then she shifts into a wolf and is mated with him. But the tragedy occurs when he discovers an ugly truth about her. if she was a werewolf, then why did she have human parents? Moreover she was not aware of who her real parents were. Will Lycan ever accept her? or will she be abandoned just like her parents did? a cruel love story, of tragedies and conflicts.

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Chanderika Sharma
Love with the book
2023-05-01 21:52:15
3 Chapters
chapter 1
"your mate has been dead long ago, why don't you try begging the moon goddess to mate you once again. You know it's difficult to live alone" Lara, a member of the rogue pack and his best friend suggested him. Marcellus looked at her and then sighed. No one will ever understand the pain of losing a mate until one experiences. She was her first love and he lost her in a battle with Picaro pack. They were vicious alphas and betas, a pack of werewolves whom he hated most. And yet they killed a Lycans mate. His fury since then held no bounds. Even though he ripped them apart after but his loss couldn't be regained. And now he was all alone for 9 years. He always regretted that despite being the most powerful Lycan of his age, he couldn't save his mate and she died so soon. "You know it, Lara! I wouldn't be able to love anyone else even if I am free to choose." Marcellus implied and she got up from the couch. "As you say Marcellus, remember you're a Lycan? You defeated them, you took yo
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chapter 2
"Maya" he whispered the name to the darkness of his room. So she was a werewolf, he thought in resentment. But little did she know, she was not even aware of herself. He wondered if her parents ever told her who she was. Or did they hide their identity from her all these years?Whatever he was not interested to know about her. Maybe she was hot but just like all the other girls, nothing new. He didn't touch a woman in years and now it felt like he had a need to. Many were at his feet but whenever he got near any of them, he saw his wife's face. That made him feel guilty and he always stopped. *Staring at the ceiling while her parents were out for a dinner, she couldn't stop thinking about him. The man poked an irrevocable side of her. She didn't know how she's gonna find him again. But she wanted to know why he told her such a thing. She got up from her bed and started unwrapping the gifts. As she was fumbling with the heavy boxes, she found the half empty wine bottle. It was the
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chapter 3
Maya got up from her place when she realised that the beast was not going to hurt her. She stepped near him despite her guts wrenching with fear. He saved her, it was the only explanation she could muster. She was stark naked but she didn't care, she thought he was just an animal as she came close to him, face to face. Marcellus didn't know what she was trying to do but undeniably she was the most beautiful woman. Her slender body, small waist and round bosoms. Her womanhood on display and her long legs. She looked like a goddess to him. He thanked heavens that he was in his wolf form or he wouldn't have been able to resist her temptation. She raised her hand and bought it closed to his face. She touched his face, the fear in her orbs sliding away gradually. Their eyes met, his green orbs became soft when they met with her honey, caramel ones. "Thank you for saving me, I don't know how to repay you" she whispered to the beast, only if she could see within him. Marcellus saw those t
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