Her Heartless Husband

Her Heartless Husband

By:  Sannie   Ongoing
Language: English
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At Smith family mansion, Camille and her mother Dorca were enjoying their expensive wine as they laughed heartily, it had been easy getting rid of that pest from their lives. " Mother you should have at least accompanied dad to her daughter's wedding," Camille said as she broke into laughter. " Oh dear, you know that I can't allow myself to get embarrassed in front of everyone, I can't have myself associated with Samantha marrying that old fool, it would be a disgrace to our family," Dorca replied sipping her wine ceremoniously. " Why were you at my wedding?" Eliot asked, the question Samantha had dreaded the most.

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47 Chapters
Chapter 1
At noon, the land was covered in darkness, dark clouds hang dangerously on the sky. From a distance, the sound of thunder could be heard. It was in such a moment filled with turmoil that Samantha stood in front of a huge chapel with a bouquet of flowers in her hands which she clutched tightly. She glanced up at the building filled with emotions, her eyes tearing up. This was the place that would determine her fate." Please Samantha, let's go inside, it's about to rain," Herald pleaded."But dad, you know that I don't want this, how could you, my father let me marry someone even older than you. I'm just nineteen years dad," Samantha said with her tears falling freely." We have already talked about this dear, this isn't the end, you can always file for a divorce when our company is finally up and running. I hate to do this to you but there isn't any other way. My child, I'm begging you, don't let our company go to ruins," Herald pleaded." Alright dad, if this is what you want from me
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Chapter 2
Finally getting off the suffocating car, she stood infront of a huge mansion as she glanced around. A train of cars parked by, neatly trimmed flowers, and the building, magnificent in its own way.Samantha was lost in admiring the all too beautiful surrounding that she didn't notice Eliot take his step up the stairs." Show her to her room," Eliot said to Carmen, the housekeeper who had gone to receive them back.Samantha had her back turned against the two as she admired the long drive they had come through. She felt already lost in the vast estate seeing the gate a distance off." Miss Reeda please let me escort you to your room," Carmen said respectfully.Eliot stopped in his tracks when he heard this. He turned around in an instant and stared hard at Carmen." Never should you mention that name in this household ever again," Eliot said in a stern voice before he took long steps and entered the house.Samantha's attention was drawn back as she stared at the two. She heard a gasp fro
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Chapter 3
Inside Samantha's room, she had stuffed a few of her clothes into a small back pack in a hurry. With all the essentials, she hurried for the door. At the same time Dorca pushed the door to her room with much force as it flew open. Samantha was hit on the face before she staggered backwards and dropped on the bed." Where do you think you are going you stupid fool. How could you go against me?" Dorca yelled angrily, her mouth breathing fire." Why are you so upset aunt?" Samantha said slowly rising from the bed, her gaze fixed on those blazing eyes of Dorca."Didn't you say that Boris would make the perfect husband for me? Now that your daughter won him for herself, you are still mad. Aren't you going to be swimming in millions now, isn't that what you wanted, to sell me so that you can maintain your fake lifestyle. No wonder my dad didn't marry you but chose my mother, you are such a shameless and despicable woman." Samantha said angrily as she held her forehead that was swollen by n
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Chapter 4
Herald alighted from his car and hurried into the mansion. He could hear the happy laughter of Dorca and her friends coming in from the pool area. He shook his head in regret as he headed for the stairs. If what Mr. Eliot said was true then Samantha must still be within the mansion. Getting into Samantha's room, he knocked on the door but there wasn't any response. He tried to unlock the door, but it was locked." Samantha..are you in there?" Herald asked, his voice laced with concern." Please let me in, let's talk," Herald pleaded." Dad.." Samantha's exhausted voice came through followed by loud sobs." Samantha, what's happening to you? Please let me in," Herald said." I've been locked inside, dad please get me out of here," Samantha cried. In a long time she hadn't cried before her dad, but she couldn't hold back all the pain burning into her soul." What! Hang on in there, I'm getting you out," Herald said before he made long strides along the corridors to the balcony overlooki
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chapter 5
Samantha and Eliot arrived back at the mansion when it was getting dark. The two had stayed quiet all through the long ride, and Samantha couldn't help but wonder what was going on in her stranger husband's mind. The fact that her dad already knew him made her worry less, but still, he should at least say something.Not a word till they entered the mansion.Carmen had been quick to receive them and tried as much to hide the horror on her face when she saw Samantha's body all bruised up." Next time I won't be the one to save you," She heard Eliot say before he had taken long strides up the stairs. Samantha swallowed hard as she stared at his departing figure. She should be glad, he had saved her from her step mother, but his coldness was something that sent shivers down her spine." My lady, please have a bath while I prepare your dinner," Carmen said respectfully.Samantha only nodded as she went in to her room.Her body arched all over, the warm water and bathing soap bit painfully
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chapter 6
Camille got up at lightning speed and grabbed the vase before she hit him hard on the face. Blood gushed out of his forehead as Boris staggered to stay upright. Camille didn't stop but hit him repeatedly, her heart filled with rage till he had dropped to the floor with a thud, his entire body filled with blood.Camille wailed in frustration before she dropped the broken piece of glass that remained on her hand. Coming back to her senses, she jumped back in fright as her eyes stared at her blood stained fingers. She began to shake uncontrollably, her legs feeling so weak that she slumbered to the floor.A knock came in through the door before one of the men's worried voice called for the boss. Camille quickly got herself up and headed for the window. She couldn't escape, they were on the third floor.The knock on the door had become so vigorous before they had had tried the push it opened. Tears and blood filled her face and body, she looked more like the devil trying to find her esc
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chapter 7
At Elite Entertainment company, the whole building became dead quiet as the CEO walked in. He had never set foot in the company building unless there was a serious problem. With his arrival coupled with the problems that was being experienced by their biggest competitor, it was no longer business as usual.The president and vice president immediately ran to his office floor to welcome him.Everyone was on toes, having been caught off guard. One wrong move and they were fired.Eliot was already in his office with the president and his vice lining up to give reports."What about her?" Eliot asked with a creased brow.The question that Marcus had dreaded for a while now was finally before him." I'm sorry to report this but miss Reeda decided to cancel the contract with our company two months before your....." Marcus replied but paused,afraid of saying the word." That's unacceptable, make sure she pays for the damages to our company as stated in the contract," Eliot said and got up. He
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chapter 8
At Dantez mansion, Samantha tried on the clothes that had been delivered to her just few minutes ago. They all fitted her perfectly.A warm smile crept up her lips knowing that her husband somehow cared about her. All the dresses were really all expensive, mostly the ones she couldn't afford for herself back then when she did her shopping at the top collections in the town.The entire bed was filled with clothes and she was spoilt for choice. She climbed onto the bed before dropping her body on the pile of clothes. Surely her new life would be exciting, just lazing around and making herself look beautiful.A thought suddenly escaped Samantha's mind. Now that her step mother and sister were out of her life, she could chase her dreams. Though she hadn't talked to Eliot, she already could tell that he wouldn't mind at all of she had a job for herself. Being that busy, he surely must be expecting her to find something for herself. With that Samantha took out her phone to call her friend t
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Chapter 9
It was evening as Herald walked to the police station with a defeated expression. He would try his luck one last time, he couldn't rest easy while his daughter slept in the cell." Officer please, I've got a hundred thousand dollars, please release my daughter while you do the investigation," Herald begged immediately he arrived at the counter. The officers already knew him from his insistence earlier on." Dad..." a familiar voice called from behind him as he turned back at once to see Camille, Dorca was behind her.The two rushed over to him still in their dirty clothes before Camille had thrown herself at him." Dad thank you so much for getting us out," Camille said happily as a year escaped her eyes. For once she thought she would perish in prison, but her dad would never fail her." But it wasn't me that had you released," Herald responded in surprise as he held up the bunch of notes in his bag." How is that possible, they wouldn't let me even see you. Officer, how come you rel
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Chapter 10
Samantha didn't get a chance to respond as Eliot jumped up the bed and pushed her back forcefully. He captured her lips that were quivering from fright before he fiercely began to kiss her.Samantha was barely able to breathe as she suffocated from his long but demanding kisses.She tried to break free before Eliot held both her hands over her head with his majestic hand, his other trailing around her body ruthlessly.His lips left hers before they found their way to her nipples. He sucked and bit then painfully as Samantha whimpered in pain. Eliot cared the less even as her protests reached his ears and probably out of the room.His finger slid to her garden that was still dry. He stopped brief to give her a warning stare, she had to respond to him else she wouldn't like it.He licked her nipples once more causing Samantha to feel goosebumps all over her body. The feeling was so intense that before she could register what was happening Eliot already had his finger slide into her cun
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