Her demon Alpha

Her demon Alpha

By:  Godwin Hosanna Aga  Completed
Language: English
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The demon in him is evil and with time, he will be consumed entirely but he promised to get rid of himself before that happens. Alex Heartman is the most cold-hearted Alpha king in the entire wolf Kingdom despite the fact that he treats his wolf pack with fairness and justice. He prefers to use his brain rather than his emotions but when he gets trapped in an arranged marriage with the most unusual person he has ever met, he starts having doubts about his entire lifestyle. She is innocent and carefree, and cannot even think of hurting a fly. The arranged marriage was just to make the two packs allies and join hands in solving the mysterious case but as time goes on, she begins to feel like he means much more to her. Breaking through Alex’s concrete wall is not going to be easy, but Mia wants to make him human again… Will it be possible?

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120 Chapters
Alex HeartmanAlex pulled off his shirt and dropped to the floor with his palms propping his chest up. His muscles rippled as he did his early morning push-ups, a routine he had grown accustomed to since he turned twelve. 'Fifty-five, fifty-six!" His wolf, Max, counted in his head as he effortlessly pushed himself up and down.Just when he reached sixty-nine, there was a knock on the door and he paused, jumping to his feet. "You may come in." His deep voice reverberated throughout the navy blue walls of his room. The doorknob twisted and his royal maid stepped into his room. Alex noticed her cheeks turning crimson as her eyes traveled down his chest."Oh!" She squealed, widening her brown eyes and quickly shielding her eyes with her palm. "I'm sorry, my lord. I didn't mean to-""It's fine, what brings you to my chambers?" He inquired, maintaining a straight face. "It's time for breakfast, your highness." She replied, still pressing her hand to her eyes. "Will be there in a minute
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Mia JaydenMia wore her black cape and tiptoed to the door, trying to be as quiet as a mouse while pressing her ear to the wooden door to listen for sounds. Her heart jumped to her throat when the thought of what she was about to do filled her head. Adrenaline rushed through her veins as she pulled the door open when she could hear the distant chatter of the maids in their various shifts. She snuck out of her room and plastered against the blue walls of the hallway, which had many paintings of the alphas that reigned before her dad. With a heaving chest, she stealthily made her way into the wing that led to the grand foyer. This wing had ornaments and flower vases around it with paintings of the past Lunas.'Where are you?' Mia's friend mind-linked her and she juddered, holding her breath not to give herself away. 'I'm doing the hard part, can you not do that next time?' Mia glanced from left to right and was about to climb down the stairs when she saw a guard approaching. She rush
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Stella Jayden(Luna)"Perz! Perz!!!" The luna of Diamond Shadow Park screamed, shaking the walls of the palace. "Your highness." Perz bowed, shaking in fear. He was well accustomed to how temperamental the queen was."Where's Mia?!""Your highness, I-er, we-"Perz struggled for the right words. He had been fooled."Are you retarded or are you just plain stupid?!"The Queen's nostrils flared and her face was now red. "Where . Is. My. Daughter Perz?!""Your Majesty, S-she is not-"Perz stuttered. The Queen terrified him especially when it had to do with the princess"What did I tell you about letting her out of this palace?!" Her canines elongated and red veins marred her forehead.Perz hoped it was a rhetorical question."Did I not instruct you to not let my daughter through those doors, Did I not?!" "You-you d-did your highness-""Did I stutter when I told you those words?" She fumed; chest heaving.The Queen balled her palms into fists, her hands were itching to slap the guard and
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Alpha Jayden. Alpha Jayden remained in his study even after the whole mother-and-daughter charade was over.Choosing rather sit and work than retire to his bed chambers to a wife ready to give him an ear full of how nonchalant he was about their daughter's safety. He was about to damn all consequences and retire to his room nonetheless when he stumbled across the unsolved– almost cold case of the three young wolves gone missing.He mind–linked his beta demanding his presence in his study."Alpha." Phil greeted with a curt bow.Alpha Jayden awarded him a stern look before tossing the files of the missing wolves to him."I thought I said to solve this case, Philip." Alpha scolded slumping back in his chair in frustration and tiredness. He had had a long day already and this was going to elongate it even more.Phil glanced down at the files on the desk not even bothering to pick them up. He took his seat opposite the Alpha making himself comfortable."And I told you I was on it,"He sa
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Alex Heartman"Help!" Alex's mother screamed. "Momma!" Alex yelled and tears welled up in his eyes. He was scared shitless."Mom?" Alex whispered when he saw a shivering woman coiled up in the corner of a dark room he had been trapped in.He took slow and conscious steps towards her as his six-year-old self held tightly to Mr piggy, his teddy bear.When he got close to her, he realized a tad too late that it wasn't his mother. The woman raised her head and she was frighteningly faceless.Alex's heart skipped a beat and his legs turned to jelly. He let out a strangled scream as he tried to retreat quickly but she clutched his wrist and pulled him toward her. Instead of falling into her embrace, he fell into an endless pit. His throat hurt from all the screaming; his muscles sour from the swinging of his hands as he lost his grip on piggy as fell deeper into the dark hole. Just when he felt there was never going to be an end to this torment, he felt himself drowning as if he had fal
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Alpha Jayden"The Alpha would be here soon."Hendrix informed Alpha Jayden and his escorts before exiting with a bow.Alpha Jayden and his men sat in the luxurious waiting room of the Crystal Moon Pack's palace. Alpha Jayden scanned the waiting room, seeming awestruck. He was truly impressed, he thought the old fool(Alpha Heartman) had never been fashionable all through the time he knew him. It was surprising that he suddenly was now.He got to his feet to take a better look at all the paintings and artifacts on the wall. He thumbed his beard and cocked his eyebrows, nodding at the grand decorations, not missing the beautiful chandeliers that hung from the ceiling. The place was indeed glorious.It spoke of royalty and strength which were not characteristics of the Alpha he knew."Alpha Jayden." His thoughts were cut off guard by the powerful voice that called out to him. Jayden knitted his brows into a frown. 'That's weird, I didn't hear him come in.' Alpha Jayden thought to himse
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Alex was dismayed and disturbed when he lost the mystery man. He felt outsmarted which was not a feeling he was in any way accustomed to.When he finally gets a hold of him, he'd ask him how he had managed the disappearing stunt.As pissed as Alex was about the whole ordeal, he was also intrigued to know how he had done it.His interest had been spiked and he'd do anything to find out just who and what the hell that person wanted. He wanted him dead, that was for sure, but why?"Sire." Alex was pulled out of his thoughts by Gerald."We're here," Gerald said, pointing upward at the Great Hall Of Counsel. ••••••••••••Alpha JaydenAlpha Jayden was beyond pissed and all his anger was directed at one man. The same man who had invaded his thoughts all through the day before and even plagued his dreams. Alexander Heartsman. How could one man yield so much power?They had all been kept waiting for him for almost thirty minutes and just when Alpha Jayden was about to s
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Mia Jayden"Your highness, wakey wakey,"Mia's personal maid, Isabelle said in a sing-song voice.It was always the same routine.Isabelle would wake her up from her slumber every morning and Mia would often take her sweet time before rousing from her sleep.Isabelle always found it interesting and as much as she wanted to be angry at her for giving her such a hard time, she just couldn't. It was impossible to get upset with her no matter how hard anyone tried and Isabelle couldn't comprehend why it was so."Your highness," She called again a tad too close to the princess's ears for comfort.Mia shifted so she was now face down; her head buried under her pillow as she groaned in frustration."I told you to stop calling me that." Mia's voice sounded muffled from under the pillow."And I told you I can't because it's protocol." Isabelle gave the same reply every timeThey'd been through this a billion and one times and Mia was getting tired of having the same bicker with her maid."Is.
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Stella JaydenStella stood in her room proudly watching her daughter as she tended to the injured bird.She was undoubtedly proud of how caring and full of love her daughter was. But as proud as she was of her girl, she couldn't help but worry for her safety. She didn't enjoy locking her precious daughter up in the palace but she had to for safety. This was because of the prophecy she had received just after Mia was born on that moonless night. Stella allowed her mind to relive that night, twenty-two years back.She had spent half an hour in the labor room, struggling to push out her precious daughter. The labor was long and painful.She still remembered vividly how dark the night had been as there was no moon in the sky. When she had successfully delivered and the child had been cleaned up, the delivery nurse had pointed her and Jayden's attention to the birthmark on her child's waist. It was a clear half-moon.They were both confused as to what it meant so Alpha Jayden ordered t
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"What is it you're saying, Jay?!"Stella fumed.Alpha Jayden didn't know what to say, so he kept mute."Are you kidding me, you want to give our daughter to someone barely known for some alliance?!"Now, she was yelling the roof off and Jayden could swear that his ears would bleed any minute from now."What are you truly saying, Jay?" She breathed heavily.Jayden remained silent as he still didn't know how to answer that."Jayden, are you planning on trading our only child for the sake of your political greed, what about her mate and even his mate?!" Stella asked, face turning red.He could literally see hot smoke like incense ascend from her head at this point."I've asked you a question Jay and when I do, I expect an answer," she said through gritted teeth. "Answer me!""I don't know, okay!" He yelled back, throwing his hands up in exasperation. " I don't want our daughter married to that man either but this is beyond my control.""Beyond your control? You're an Alpha!" She banged h
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