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Heath Series

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"Why the fuck did you help him? What is your fucking problem? He was supposed to feel the pain and think about what the fuck he did. Why did you help him like a fucking good samaritan?" He seethed the words like they were acid, every drop stinging my delicate skin. My heart beat accelerated and mild shivers ran down my spine and I didn't know how to calm myself down."No one deserves pain" I muttered lowly. Hope is the studious girl of Liberty High. Like typical nerds, she likes to spend most of her time in the library reading books or hours studying to get the scholarship. She is a shy, nice, intelligent and poor girl who hates violence and tries her best to stay out of trouble. But, like everyone she has a past that chases her. Heath is the opposite of a good boy. He is rich and is blessed with attractive looks but has a stone hard heart and attitude cold as an ice. His piercing blue stare makes everyone fear him. He is in a gang and may I add the leader of the it. But he too has a past that haunts him, memories that hurt him deeply and fears that he can't seem to overcome.The worlds of both Heath and Hope change when one day they accidentally collide in the boring crowded hallways of their school. One look at the timid brown eyes and the blue-eyed boy finds himself intrigued by the layers of pain she's desperately hiding within them. As Heath unintentionally gets close to Hope he figures that under this sweet facade of hers, lies a very dark secret. Now the question is will Heath be able to save Hope from her demons or will they consume her in their darkness for eternity? And will Hope be able to change the town's bad boy? As it is said "only a good girl can change a bad boy."

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Heath BOOK1
#Chapter1 Heath BOOK1Hope’s POV I turned my head away from Miss Hannah and looked at the huge, old sycamore tree which was situated right in the center of the parking lot. Its branches created a magnificent shady bower over the school's parking lot, adorned with maple-like leaves, pale yellow and crisp dry. I noticed one of the leaves on the highest branch broke off from its twig and fell. It glided slowly through the thin autumn air until it finally hit the cold ground. I was still staring at the dead, wilted leaf when I heard the loud shrieking of the bell ringing in the quiet hallways.Standing up, I gathered my books and left the classroom in a hurry. I went to my locker and collected my folder and the books I needed for the next classes. Slamming it shut, I began to walk to chemistry class.As I made my way through the crowded hallway I felt several pairs of eyes on me, scowling at me while others just blankly ignored me. I was glad that they pretended that I didn't
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#Chapter2He rudely answered. His words hurt me and before I knew I replied."Excuse me?" I timidly spoke while staring back at him. He arched one of his eyebrows at me."You heard me," he gritted through his teeth and I shyly looked around."If I wasn't looking then you could have looked and not collided with me." This was the most I had ever spoken to a stranger - especially a boy. I just didn't like the way he said those words to me. He dumped all the blame on me. I wanted him to know that I could stand up for myself but my voice betrayed me as my words were low and weak and I don't really think he heard that.'That is what I am. Weak.' I thought."Whatever," he hissed agitatedly. I don't even think he heard me. Giving me one last look he walked away without glancing back. I shook my head at his coldness and went to my next class. This was my first interaction with the mysterious angry boy of the school and I was already regretting it. He was so... mean and col
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#Chapter3Hope's POVThe next morning I got awoken from my long, peaceful sleep by the chirping of the choir of the birds that were unknowingly perching outside my window, while freely gliding through the crispy and cold morning air of October. Their song was beautifully composed, every note well-practiced and every voice different from the other, that I couldn't help but let the heart-touching rhythm draw a small smile on my face.Shortly, I threw my grey fluffy blanket aside, and went into the bathroom. Quickly doing my morning routine, I slipped on some new clothes. Before long, I was ready and headed downstairs. When I reached the last step I heard the low, yet sharp, clinking sounds of the utensils coming from the kitchen. Eager to know who it was, I hurried into the kitchen. Once I peeked into the room I saw my mother making pancakes near the stove. Now, this was a sight I wanted to wake up to every day. There's just something about your mother's food. You can ne
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#Chapter4I stifled my chuckle at the nickname of Miss Sheila that Heath had used for her. His handwriting was incredibly neat.I stopped smiling and looked at him and found him already staring at me with emotionless eyes. Cold and distant, that was how he seemed. I swirled my head away from him and swore that I wouldn't look at him again. The class went on, and Heath sitting beside me didn't really help the anxiety I was having. Why did he take the seat beside me when there were literally eight seats free in the class? What was his problem? I mean he could be polite for once and not glare at me. Even his staring looked as glaring.After what felt like an eternity the lecture ended and I hurried out of the class. I had physics next, so I dashed to the room and took a seat and in a few minutes the class got crowded and then it began.At lunch I sat outside instead of in the cafeteria. The weather was pleasant and there weren't many people out except the ones who were
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#Chapter5The day went by without any interaction with Heath, I thanked the heavens for that. Luckily he was in none of my classes. After what happened, I wasn't ready to face him. His eyes gazed into mine. I wasn't ready for that intense staring battle again. It was off time and I was standing beside my locker taking the books I wanted. I collected them and created a huge stack in my arms. Balancing them on my left arm I was about to close the locker when itself slammed shut with a bang.Fingers grabbed my arm and a feeling of nervousness enveloped me. It turned me around in a careless manner and I was both shocked and scared by the sudden gesture. When I looked at the figure I realized it was Heath and my heart raced. Heath was standing in front of me in his intimidating glory that was making me afraid. He lightly pushed me into the steel frosty locker. The impact caused all of the books to slip out of my hands onto the floor and a shiver rose straight up to the hai
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#Chapter6Hope's POVI was awoken by the radiant sun rays hitting my face. I grumbled due to the sudden brightness on my closed eyes and turned over onto my side. If only it were Friday.It was Wednesday and I had two more days to go. The moment I was about to enter the abyss, the annoying sound of my alarm blared into my ears. I stuffed my face into my pillow and sighed. Opening my eyes, I looked for my phone and turned off the alarm.Stretching, I got out of bed and went into the bathroom.After doing my morning routine I exited the bathroom. I opened the windows and felt the cold breeze brush against my cheek.It's going to be a cold day, I thought. Walking to my tiny wardrobe, I pulled out a thin black old turtleneck sweater and a pair of plaid cream and black colored pants that I had worn multiple times. I took my undergarments next, and entered the bathroom.Changing into those clothes, I went downstairs and decided to make some reasonable pancakes for my
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#Chapter7Then just a few days ago, he started getting extra touchy and flirty with me. I was really uncomfortable and tried my best to stay away from him.I wasn't someone who would just straight up tell them that I wasn't feeling good with the idea of him touching me. I didn't have those guts, after all, I was a shy girl who couldn't stand up for herself. Just like I didn't stand up for mom when I should have. I lacked courage and that made me weak. David would always look for some excuse to talk to me, and I would just question myself what was going on in his mind. His intentions became clear to me soon after. A girl from his group came to me one day and told me that I was among the number of girls in Liberty High who hadn't slept with him. So I guess that made me his impossible conquest to complete. I was astounded by her revelation and I didn't know why she gave me a heads-up beforehand but I was grateful for that. Of all the things that had happened in my life,
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#Chapter8'Look, she's here.' Someone said.'Her cheek looks really red.' One girl said.'She must have thrown herself at David and got rejected.' A brunette girl said with whom I shared physics class.If only you knew the truth, I thought of spitting the words to her face but refrained myself. Even if I did throw myself at him. That didn't give him the right to hurt me. I wanted to correct her but I didn't. I felt so embarrassed about what happened. I ignored all of the comments and kept scurrying to the food counter. The older woman behind the counter looked at me and sneaked me a sympathetic smile, and I averted my gaze. I didn't want sympathy.Before I could take one more step towards the counter, my head spun a little. I saw black dots before me but they were gone soon after appearing. I held onto the closest thing to me which was a chair. I balanced myself a little and then with small steps went to the food counter. I was going to place my order when the en
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#Chapter9Hope’s POV After searching for Heath in the hallways, I gave up and went to my biology class, for which I was five minutes late. Miss Helena didn't say anything as she was busy explaining the practical to the students. I chose a table in the back, and took out a pen and pencil to perform the practical which was about examining mitosis in an onion cell. I looked through the microscope and focused on the slide image.From there the time passed quickly as classes went by. In between I had math with Heath but he didn't come to the class.Throughout the lectures, my mind was a whirlpool of emotions and thoughts, mainly because nothing made sense. From the moment David pushed me to Heath beating him up and Sebastian knowing what had happened. It was weird and confusing. I had no idea what to think and which answer to look for. Every question in my mind was looking for an explanation of Heath's behavior recently. I had never seen him fight anyone, other than tha
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#Chapter10Cautiously I extended my hands towards his large thick hands asking for his permission. He looked at me and rolled his eyes but let me grab his hands this time. They were so warm and his skin felt rough to touch. I sucked in some air and then grabbed some cotton. "How did you know what happened?" I whispered and he looked at me. Gently and slowly, I began to clean his blood-filled fingers with cotton. His knuckles were scraped and looked like he had never taken care of them."I saw you and him in the library," He said in a dry tone and I looked up to meet his gaze. Oh my Gosh. He had watched how David pushed me, and how I was crying on the floor. He had watched it all, and I didn't know what to feel. I didn't know if he had heard our conversation too because it would be a disaster if he had heard it. I wouldn't even look at him if he had listened to everything David said to me. "Did-did you hear anything?" I asked."No. I saw you on the floor crying and
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