Guardians of the Stones. Earth-Air

Guardians of the Stones. Earth-Air

By:  Paul White  Completed
Language: English
12 ratings
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The fight between good and evil has been going on since time immemorial. There have always been those who want to protect the world from destruction, just as there always been those who want to subjugate humanity to their will. At the epicentre of the book are two young people, Katelyn and Jake, who unknowingly become the first bearers of terrifying divine powers. Their lives are about to changes irrevocably. Secrets that have been kept for hundreds of years, a world that no one knows about, become the every day reality for Kate and Jake. A gift that may seem like the greatest miracle will turn into a never-ending battle for their lives and the lives of others. Adventures, secrets, dangers and love will give readers a great deal of pleasure and will not let them put the book down. Will the new times bring destruction to mankind? Will the Brotherhood of Guardians of the Stones succeed in their mission to protect the divine powers and prevent them from falling in to the wrong hands? Can the fate of the world as we know and love it depend on a select few who do not even know they exist? Guardians of the Stones is the first part of a fantasy adventure trilogy depicting a modern eternal struggle between good and evil. This is a modern novel in which we will meet adventures, dangers, secrets, love and many human experiences. The novel will appeal to fans of detectives and thrillers, but it will also be a pleasure to read for those who like adventure and romance novels. There are very few elements of fantasy in the book, so even those who do not like fantasy will enjoy the novel. The book takes place in the 21st century, in the modern world.

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Kyle Dursma
great book I'd recommend to everyone . it is written very well and will make you hope for a second book and a third. very talented author and definitely very knowledgeable/ researched. this book/hopeful future books to complete this story could easily be a great movie. great story 10/10
2023-11-26 15:57:43
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Princess Galaxiana
Amazing read. I highly recommend!
2023-11-15 02:14:36
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Egidijus Velius
One of the best book this year. Easy to read, every chapter brings intrigues and you can't put the book away.
2023-11-10 14:08:49
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Nerijus Riauka
You can recognize good book from few pages. Paul White created amazing story with a soft touch of his own soul. The book is real deal! You can't stop reading it. Waiting for the second chapter, which I believe could bring even more action, love and adventures.
2023-10-29 16:19:14
default avatar
Recommend. From beginning til the end
2023-10-28 05:04:33
default avatar
Dilė VaiDilė
One of the best book this year. Easy to read. Recommending.
2023-10-28 02:59:33
default avatar
aurimas lavinskas
Dwaine "The Rock" Johnson would love this.
2023-10-25 00:31:38
default avatar
Mantas Baltusis
good book!!
2023-10-24 20:16:44
default avatar
Karolis Bukauskas
2023-10-24 18:06:51
user avatar
Paul White
This is great story! Easy to read and can’t put it away.
2023-10-23 18:23:33
default avatar
Author of the year
2023-10-23 18:19:27
default avatar
Enjoyed this book, look forward to the sequel!
2023-12-06 22:33:07
25 Chapters
There is an age-old legend about the four magical stones of the elements - stones that had limitless power, because all of the most powerful elements of the earth obeyed their will. Those who wielded these stones also wielded the most powerful weapon in the world, capable of changing the course of human history. Red like pulsating blood that runs through human veins, the ruby was able to wield the fearsome and terrifying power of fire. Shining like a crystal, the diamond, like a pure tear rolling down the cheek, could cause and quell the most terrible storms and whirlwinds because it was subject to the invisible power of the air. The hardest stones and the largest rocks, the boundless deserts, the sandstorms, and all the elements of the earth obeyed the enchanting power of the green emerald, glistening like the dewy grass of the morning. And the blue sapphire, as blue as the boundless blue of the sky, ruled over the irresistible element of water, which had the force to sw
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Chapter 1
Thorne Corporation, Paris. “I apologise to you all for having to summon you so quickly. In other circumstances, I would not have insisted on meeting at such a late hour, but the matter is urgent and I’m afraid we have no other time to meet”, Nathaniel said to those sitting around the large meeting table. No one had thought of saying anything to him, everyone knew that if the Great Guardian had already called the highest council of the Brotherhood, the matter was urgent, in fact, nobody ever contradicted him. Nathaniel Thorne was a man in his mid-seventies, but not a man of his years, with a powerful and robust physique, one of the most influential and respected business executives, not only in France but in Europe. Nathaniel had also been the head of the secret Brotherhood of the “Guardians of the Stones” for thirty-five years. Despite his sturdy build and the harsh and commanding tone of his voice, Nathaniel‘s face bore the marks of fatigue and sleepless nights. His shoulders w
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Chapter 2
Montserrat Monastery. Catalonia. Spain. A beautiful and sunny morning dawned. Looking at the blue sky, one could have predicted that another hot day at the beginning of summer was dawning although at this time of the year such weather was common. It would be much more surprising to look up in the morning and see dark, ominous clouds like evil shadows in the sky, foretelling rain and wind. Fortunately, it is the middle of May and the rainy season is still far away. This means the air temperature will rise with each passing day and soon every living creature will look up to the sky in the hope of seeing those dark harbingers of fresh rain. Montserrat Monastery has been bustling with life since dawn. After the daily morning service, the monks have been scurrying around the monastery‘s vast grounds like ants on a giant anthill. Although the monks are usually visited by travellers all year round, the beginning of the warm season is a different story. Millions of tourists from all over th
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Chapter 3
Private airport. Cairo, Egypt. The sun had not yet risen when ”Aerion”, one of the world's few private supersonic aircraft, landed on the runway of the private airport. It is a luxurious and very fast business jet that could fly 1.6 times faster than the speed of sound. At that speed it meant you could fly from New York to Paris in four hours and across the Atlantic in just two. "Aerion“ had been designed to meet as many environmental, noise, and individual airport requirements as possible. So, unlike its predecessor Concorde, it could land in any corner of the world. A Land Rover with tinted windows was already waiting next to the giant hangar where four people had just disembarked. The hotel where the group was staying was half an hour away. The men hurriedly loaded their belongings into the boot of the car and wasted no time in moving towards Cairo’s city centre. They had to hurry, because there would be no time to rest. In two hours Darren would be at the City Commissioner‘s off
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Chapter 4
Khan al-Khalili Market is the largest not only in Cairo, but throughout Africa. It dates back to the 14th century and is set in narrow, covered streets. Today, Khan al-Khalili is a conglomeration of markets and shops, where you can buy everything from blankets of all sizes and colours and multi-coloured scented soap bars to the most precious stones and handmade jewellery of undoubted authenticity. Millions of people swarm here all day long. Everywhere you turn, you hear the calls of “Hey, madam, sir, come and see for free”, which are used by the vendors to lure tourists in for a profit. The traders in this market are probably some of the best salesmen and persuaders you will find in Africa. People are constantly amazed that you can buy anything your heart desires here and if one of the vendors doesn‘t have what you need, just wait a minute and he will find another shop that has the item you need. Not only in this market but in any Egyptian market, you can buy spices or herbs that you
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Chapter 5
Montserrat Monastery. Catalonia, Spain. The first opening day of the summer season was at an end. The monastery courtyard, which had been teeming with people all day, had emptied out. The last tourists were taking selfies and heading towards the monastery gates, sharing their impressions. The sun setting in the west had painted the mountain panorama in a warm pink colour, and the sky was adorned with bright stars filling the space like millions of tiny fireflies. Looking out from the monastery courtyard and the surrounding mountains, at the inevitability of the coming night, you can feel as if you are standing on the threshold of another magical world. Kate watched the sun go down and as she gazed at the brightening lights in the sky, she felt the magnificence of this magical place. Looking longingly at the distant mountain peaks, she saw once again how many unknowns are hidden there, how many secrets are still unknown to mankind. For up there beyond the millions of stars, lies an
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Chapter 6
It was lunchtime, and Kate and Geoffrey sat under a lemon tree and ate their sandwiches. Kate had told him about her desire to study in Paris, so Geoffrey was now going on and on about how he was going to visit her and they were going to travel all over France. “I think the choice is quite good. Plus, it's a very quick hop from France to the Netherlands. I hear it's perfectly legal to buy weed or other drugs there,” Geoffrey commented. “All you care about is flapdoodles,” Kate said while waving her hand. “Why not? We‘re young, and you have to try everything in life so you don‘t regret it later,” he replied. “I believe the person who said that phrase certainly did not mean that you should smoke weed in the Netherlands.” answered Kate. “Whatever. Don't be boring, you make me nervous.” Geoffrey glanced at his watch. “Oh, shit, gotta go. My group should be coming down now. I've got to meet them or I'll get in trouble. Shall we go?” He stood up and held out his hand to Kate. They left
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Chapter 7
Cairo, Egypt.Martin sat on the dirty, dusty floor with both hands behind his head, going over every moment in his mind, from the bank vault to this building. Where did he go wrong? He couldn‘t figure out where he had missed something in his perfect, sparkling-clean plan and was now sitting empty-handed. In one swift movement, he had stabbed the tired old man, searched his pockets, and even cut the lining of his jacket, but no matter how hard he looked, there was no ring. The old man had nothing on him except a battered fake leather wallet. The killer was panic-stricken, but he quickly suppressed that feeling – such a reaction would have been very unprofessional. He took several deep breaths, countered his rising emotions and got up from the ground. He needed to move. By the time the body is discovered, his footprints would be long gone. He needed a neutral environment to think through his next steps. He was desperate to find the damn ring. The old man had no chance of getting rid of
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Chapter 8
Jake slowly opened his eyes. For a moment, he couldn't get his bearings and didn't understand where he was. Above him, he saw a dirty, once-white ceiling that was begging to be repainted, just like all the walls in his flat. Looking around, he realised that he was lying on the ground in his own home. Then he remembered standing in front of the mirror and the next moment he was unconscious. Taking his time, he stood up and looked at the clock on the wall. It had been a couple of hours since he was about to leave. Jake was a little scared. He had never been to a doctor in his life, because he had never had any health problems. He had always been as strong as an ox and had never taken any medication. He hadn’t even had a runny nose for about ten years. He could not understand what was happening. How could he faint just from standing in front of a mirror, as if nothing had happened. The situation was more than strange. But it was not only the fact that he had been unconscious for two hou
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Chapter 9
Jake was in the middle of his odyssey through the local nightclubs. He didn‘t like to stay in one place too long. He had a lot of acquaintances in the more popular bars and had decided that tonight he would visit them all. It was fun. Many of his friends who were in the same trade didn‘t drink alcohol at all because the Islamic faith forbade it, but there were many who didn‘t care and had fun, while forgetting all the religious dogma. One of the favourite activities on these nights was to charm the girls who were there on holiday, who felt shy in a strange country, with a different culture, and who were wary of the local men. Jake was the key to success on the road to meeting foreign women. Because he was American and handsome, the girls were willing to flirt with him, thinking he was a tourist just like them. It was a great night for new acquaintances, and quite successful too. Half an hour earlier, Jake had chatted up a group of girls from Germany and had already introduced them t
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