Sitting in the large room with eyes focused on the financial report while the CFO presented. I could hear him speak but I wasn't listening. I flipped through the document and ensured the finances were in place. My phone vibrated from my pocket rather than holding up till the end of the meeting to respond or check it like I usually do. I unlocked my phone in haste expecting a message from a particular someone who I haven't heard from for a few days now.

I snorted in annoyance when I saw a message from one of my business partners. I dropped my phone on the table and snapped my eyes shut. 

Opening my eyes, I met everyone staring at me and the room dead dropped silent. Rolling my eyes at them, I wordlessly motioned for him to proceed.

"Are you alright sir?" 

20 minutes later, the meeting came to an end. I nodded 'yes' in response to my assistant's question

As we walked through the door, I took in the impressive view. The office was spacious and airy, with tall windows that offered a panoramic view of the city below. I took a seat on my black ergonomic chair and scrolled through my phone waiting for just a single message to come in. Meanwhile my assistant ran down the last two meetings I have, the other at dinner.

"Did you hear me sir?" She asked politely and I thought for a minute. 

"Cancel my meetings." I checked the time on my Patek seeing it was now 6:15pm.

"But sir…"

"Tell my driver to prepare the car." I had to head home to check on my Wife.


It was currently 7:15 and we had just arrived at the estate after trying to beat traffic. I had not heard anything from Lydia since the morning at the hospital, which was four days ago where she told me she was getting a divorce. I was anxious hoping she was alright due to the fact that since the day we got married, she texted me in the morning to have a good day and at night she would tell me all about her day even when I never replied to any of her messages.

She never cared if I responded or not, she would do it anyway. Which is why her silence bothered me so much I couldn't pay attention at meetings. 

"We're here sir." My driver announced and I looked at my phone exiting out of Lydia's old messages which I was simply re-reading again.

He opened the door for me and I exited out of the car holding a box of cupcakes in my hand. I adjusted my suit ignoring the greetings of the staff.

"Welcome sir." A maid who I wasn't too acquainted with greeted me with a huge grin on her face.

"Where's Lydia?" I questioned looking around the room. I snatched back the box as she cautiously tried to take it from me.

"I apologize sir." She quickly said, noticing the anger plastered on my face.

 "But who is Lydia?" She knitted her eyebrow in confusion. I gritted my teeth sharply and watched another maid whose name was Lori or Lomi…I couldn't remember. 

"Good evening Mr King." She bowed her head in respect.

"Where's my wife?" I scrunched up my face in irritation, tired of repeating myself.

"Oh sir… she left." She responded with a solemn look.

"What do you mean? What are you saying?" I questioned in disbelief. Rather than waiting for their response, I strolled upstairs storming into her room. 

This was the second time since we got married, I entered here. The room had lost its warmth probably due to the fact that she was truly…gone. I shook my head, dropping the box of cupcakes on the bed. I knocked on the door to the bathroom hoping to get a response but still nothing.

Looking through the room, some of her stuff is for sure missing. I smacked my lips in annoyance dialing her number.

"The number you're calling…." I hung up for the second time as the call machine kept repeating the same thing. She had either blocked my number or changed her sim.

I left the room

"Sir—" I raised my hand to stop Molly from speaking before entering into my mini home office I had in the house. I sat on the chair and knitted my eyebrow seeing a paper…they weren't just any paper but a divorce paper and Lydia had already signed hers. So she wasn't joking back then in the hospital.

I scoffed in disbelief noticing the credit card I had given her right from the first day she stepped into this house. I saw a written note but couldn't bring myself to read it yet. I ran a hand across my face and I re-dial her number again which wasn't available and it fumed my anger.

"Oh hi son..I heard you just got back." My mum said with a smile entering the office.

"Where's Lydia? Why didn't you let me know when she left?" I bombarded her with questions through gritted teeth.

"Lydia? Son, that name is forgotten around here." She laughed sitting down on one of the seats there.

"I had been trying to tell you everything but you didn't pick my calls." She lied through her teeth.

"When did you call me mum?" I pursed my lips trying to keep my composure. 

She shrugged carelessly, "It doesn't matter. She stole most things in this house and left. Oh, I mean your ex wife. Plus she left with a man, did you know? He pulled in a Roll Royce and she ran to kiss him right in front of her matrimonial hom—"

"That's enough!" I snapped in annoyance. She giggled, raising her hands up in defense.

"I'm your mother and I'm just letting you know that girl was simply useless and a big cheat. A gold digger even." She shook her head with her expression changing from playful to serious. 

"Now how about Audrey's health? Lydia is simply a selfish woman…extremely." She ranted while I picked my brain on if Lydia had a loved one or any one in particular I could reach in order to speak to her.

"Leave." I spoke coldly in a low tone.

"What did you say?" She asked and I shut my eyes.

"I want to be alone." 

She scoffed, rising to her feet, "There's no time to be stressing over a woman that was obviously cheating on you while trying to pretend like she was so in love with you. We need to start thinking about Aubrey."

I clenched my jaw and she walked out the office slamming the door.

My leg hit the floor repeatedly and I stared at the credit card and divorce papers.

Contrary to all what my mother had spoken about her, Lydia never asked me for a dime, all the money I had been sending to her was still intact and things I had purchased for her were still in the room.

I felt horrible and I just couldn't bring myself to sign the divorce papers and finalize it. Nothing in the divorce paper even asked for a penny, she just wanted to be away from…me.

Sighing deeply and massaging my temples, I shifted the whole document and tried her number again but still nothing.

She was truly…gone from my life.

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