By:  Elijah Peji  Ongoing
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Maria Angelica Ricafranca, a 20-year-old preschool teacher, is a clumsy girl who dreams of having a happy and complete family. Until she unexpectedly met the playboy Bachelor Mr. Jericho del Fuego who owns a realty company on one of their out-of-town tour. She had a love at first sight with Mr. Jericho and imagined him to be her future husband. On the opposite side, Mr. del Fuego who is fond of beautiful women had a very bad impression of Teacher Maria because of her clumsiness. Will Mr. del Fuego fall in love with Teacher Maria? Let's all join in their journey of love-hate comedy romance.

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33 Chapters
Chapter 1 First Day Of School
Teacher Maria Angelica Ricafranca, a 20-year-old new teacher is very excited as today will be her first day of work at St. Mary's Academy in the City of Batangas. She woke up early and started her morning routine. Took a bath, had her breakfast, and carried her things. She is living alone in an apartment since she will be working in the City while her parents were in their ancestral house in Baybayin, Rosario, and Batangas. She's the only daughter of a couple of farmers Mr. and Mrs. Ricafranca. She grew up with a simple provincial living who only knew the school and their residence. Her friends used to call her a nerd and clumsy girl since her school days for she only studies well and does not join them with the usual teenagers do, partying, mailing, and strolling. She is an obedient daughter of her parents. She always admire her parents' love for each other making her grew of dreaming of the same happy family life in the future. She took a bus heading to St. Mary's Academy. It will
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Chapter 2 Independent Living
After her duty as a Preschool Teacher at ST. Mary's Academy, Maria then went to her apartment already. She's now living alone. It will be her first time away from her parents who used to serve her everything. Even if they have a simple life, her parents let her grow up with everything they can give to their one and only daughter. She grew up a kind and God-fearing person. She is a very obedient daughter to her parents. Living alone somewhat made her sad as she was separated from her parents now though she finds it challenging and full of excitement as well. She will learn how to cook for herself, how to wake up early all by herself, and how to make things she hadn't done alone before. She wanted to develop herself to be more sociable as it will be needed in her work as a preschool teacher. She also wants to explore making herself improve and be more confident. She is also dreaming of meeting someone, her soulmate perhaps when she is not under her parents' roof now. She's already 20
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Chapter 3 Teacher Maria Meets Mr. Del Fuego
Early morning, Teacher Maria woke up early and had her preparations before going to St. Mary's Academy. She is so excited to meet her cute pupils once again. She knows that they will enjoy their topic for today. She took a bus already. She arrived at the school early as well giving her ample time to set up everything in her classroom. She will be having a Coco melon theme inside her room so that her students will have a playful mood while learning her lessons for today. When the students arrived, "Wow ! Teacher our classroom looks so cool," one of her students shouted as loud as her eyes widened upon entering the room. "Yey! I love our room Teacher Maria," the other one exclaimed. "I'm so excited about our learnings for today," said the little boy coming in. Teacher Maria smiled and felt so happy upon hearing her students' compliments. "I'm so glad you all like and appreciate our room today. I make sure to give you more themes in the future my dear students," she said to her stu
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Chapter 4 Who Is Mr. Del Fuego
Mr. del Fuego stood up from his bed and took his cigarette. He just wrapped a towel around his waist and went to his veranda. "Hmmn," a sound of a woman came out under his quilt. "Good morning Honey," Cassandra greeted Mr. del Fuego while looking at his staggering and sensual aura. She was one of the realty agents under his firm. She had a long sleep after being exhausted last night with him. He was like a hungry beast who devoured her body last night. It made her so excited again thinking about how he did it last night. It was her most steamy night. He was so manly and delectable and can make every woman fantasize to be in his bed. Luckily she was one of those. She rose from the bed and straightly walked naked towards him. She hugged Mr. del Fuego from his back. Mr. de Fuego felt her big soft orbs at his back and he became irritated. "You may leave Cassandra," he said emotionless. Cassandra paused for a moment. She can't believe those words came out of his mouth after their heated
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Chapter 5 Accidental Encounter
It was the early morning of Saturday, and Teacher Maria felt that she missed her parents already. She missed her mother's cooked dishes and her father's serenade using his harmonica for her and her mother. Usually, if it's the weekend, they spend quality time together. They also used to go to their vegetable and fruit farm and she helped her parents harvest some tomatoes, eggplants, pechay, and fruits like bananas and coconut. Her parents were both hardworking. Harvesting and selling their stocks at the wet market in the town of Rosario is their source of income. They were living a simple life yet they were wealthy of the love and happiness within their family. She immediately packed all her used laundry and planned to wash those in their home. She was so excited and hadn't advised her parents of her arrival. She wanted to surprise them. It was one whole week of being separated from them and she longed for them already. "I knew that Mom and Dad will be surprised at my arrival," she
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Chapter 6 Challenged
Mr. Jericho del Fuego had this impression of Teacher Maria. She is quite far different from all the women being linked to him. Maria is more of conservative type and naive. She was the only one who doesn't show any interest in him when he accidentally send her to their home in Rosario.Jericho was a bit challenged by her. He smirked and think of something naughty with Maria. No one can ever snob him. He was the notorious playboy Bachelor in town and he want Maria to be part of his collections. He would like to play with her only. He wanted to discover how will she react to his charisma. He smokes while he was walking in the parking lot of his building.Meanwhile, Teacher Maria was busy doing her school reports and teaching her students. She's a bit distracted every time she thought of the handsome face of Mr. del Fuego. She was fortunate that she was sent to her home last time by Mr. del Fuego without any damage done to her. Mr. del Fuego had been known as a playboy bachelor in town,
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Chapter 7 An Invitation
As Teacher Maria was so busy preparing for the upcoming Teachers' Conference in Cebu, she received a message from an unknown number. She immediately opened her phone's inbox and got surprised with the message and to whom it came from."Hi Teacher Maria, Can I invite you for a dinner tonight? It's me Echo, remember me?" the message came from Mr. Jericho del Fuego, the one she had a crush on. But then she was quite hesitant to reply to his invitation. Mr. del Fuego had a reputation as a playboy and a womanizer. Even if Maria had a crush on him, she felt awkward because of their status gap.She knew that she might be one of those women who will cry after Mr. del Fuego rejected her. "Hey, Maria, why are you having those thoughts? Mr. del Fuego is just asking for dinner. That's all!" her conscience asked her.She was quite ashamed of what she had just thought. She might have overthought it that way. Perhaps Mr. del Fuego just wanted to know more about her father's business and she might be
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Chapter 8 First Dinner Date
Teacher Maria was quiet during their journey. Mr. del Fuego was looking at her once in a while. He smiled when he saw that today, Teacher Maria wore lipstick and light make-up. From their previous meetings, she was so simple with no makeup at all. Her beauty is quite intriguing. He can see her natural beauty the longer he stared at her. "God, she is really beautiful," he said to himself.Teacher Maria was so conscious of her looks. She was worried that she put on too much makeup or was her lipstick too visible enough for Mr. del Fuego to look at her once in a while. She was now becoming uncomfortable that's why she asked him," Excuse me Mr. del Fuego, eeer, I mean Echo, why are you looking at me while you are driving? Is my makeup too thick? We might encounter a vehicular accident if you continue to look at me while you are driving." There was a bit of concern and weariness in her tone when she asked him."Of course not. I know how to drive well. No worries. I'm looking at you because
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Chapter 9 Confusion
Mr. Jericho del Fuego was being confused lately. He was well known and popularly tagged as the most notorious playboy Bachelor in town, but why is it he is quite confused with Teacher Maria after their first dinner date.He wasn't like this. He doesn't care to any of his previous women but he was now holding his mobile phone and starting chatting with Teacher M are, "Hi, good morning ! How are you? Are you heading for work now?" he was still not sending the message as he was still confused about his feelings towards her."It shouldn't be like this. I must not feel this way towards her," he told himself. While still thinking of sending his message to her suddenly his mother approached him and told him to accompany her to the mall."Echo will you please come with me to the mall? I need to buy something," his mother asked him.Echo accidentally pressed the send button on his mobile phone and his message was directly sent to Teacher Marias."Ooh fuck!" he wanted to delete it but it was al
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Chapter 10 Teacher Maria Meets Mrs. Del Fuego
While having their coffee, Echo received a message from his mother," Honey, where are you? I am already done?""Please excuse me, I need to call my Mom," he said to Maria."Yes, please you may," she said.'I am just here at the Starbucks Mom. I'll just finish my cup and I'll fetch you okay," he called and told his mother."No, I want to have a cup of mine too. Can you order me Hot Macadamia and blueberry cheesecake, please? I'll be coming over," she said."Alright Mom, we will wait for you here," he said.'We? Who's with you?" Mrs. del Fuego wondered."You'll meet her later Mom," he said.Mrs. del Fuego smiled. She. This means he was having coffee with a woman and this will be his first time to introduce to his mother a woman."Wow, I am so excited to meet her Honey. Is she your girlfriend already?" she excitedly asked her son.Echo laughed but he was too happy with his mother's reaction, "Let's check if she will pass with your standards Mom," he said."Oh, my dear son. Whoever you wa
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