Forced To Accept A Cruel Destiny

Forced To Accept A Cruel Destiny

By:  Putri Badrfier  Ongoing
Language: English
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Zeenya Vallery must have endured extreme heartache when she saw her stepsister, Stasi Marlena, sleeping with her future husband, Axelo Barnodie, just two days before the wedding. Even worse, it turned out that Axelo and Stasie don't regret what they've done at all. Both of them proudly showed off their intimacy in front of Zeenya. Not accepting what the two of them has done, Zeenya complained to her father and stepmother and asked that the marriage be cancelled. Unfortunately, Zeenya's request was rejected because the Axelo family only accepts Zeenya as their future daughter-in-law.

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5 Chapters
Part 1
Cityspire Penthouse, New York, USA. At night."This message was sent twenty minutes ago. That means I'm already twenty minutes late.""Oh, my God. What exactly is going on? Why does my heart feel so uneasy? Also, it feels like my heart is going to fall out of place."Walking while talking to herself, Zeenya kept looking at the not-so-expensive watch perched on her wrist."What exactly is the surprise that I'm so curious about? Hopefully it's good news that I'll receive from Axelo." Zeenya continued to monologue to herself like she couldn't wait to arrive at her destination.Zeenya was walking in a hurry towards her fiancé's luxurious penthouse. Zeenya has access to the luxurious building because she has been given the key and all the facilities there by her future in-laws."I'm so lucky to have a very kind future father-in-law and a very kind future husband like Axelo. It turns out that he is very romantic, and he wants to surprise me before our wedding day," Zeenya murmured happily.
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Part 2
Zeenya shook her head with tears flowing while her right hand covered her mouth. She couldn't believe what she was hearing and seeing now.How could it not be? The man Zeenya thought cared for her, whom she loves and wishes to marry, now spoke crudely, and he has the heart to do so."You're too much," Zeenya hissed sharply. three words that she has only been able to utter after a few moments in that place."Why, Zeenya? Don't you like watching what we're doing?" Stasi asked, her body moving back and forth along with the stab given by Axelo from behind."Do you think Axelo really loves you all this time?""Do you think Axelo wants to marry you and then do something like this on the first night of your wedding? Don't ever expect that to happen, even in a dream!"The hatred in the Stasi's eyes for Zeenya was clear. A woman who has won the heart of her lover's family without doing anything meaningful.In fact, all this time, Axelo has been in love with the Stasi. However, the man's family
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Part 3
The scream did not come from Stasi, who is not considered a good woman by Zeenya. But it came from Axelo, who clearly doesn't accept Zeenya's words about Stasi.Axelo, of course, will rather defend Stasi, his lover, than his fiancée. The woman is able to give him everything that he wants, and she is willing to satisfy him at any time."If you say anything negative about Stasi again, don't blame me if something unexpected happens to you this time!" Axelo hissed sharply in a threatening tone."What's wrong, Ax? Are you offended by my words that Stasi is not a good woman?" Now Zeenya turned to return to Axelo, who looked at her with his burning glare and clearly hates her."Stasi has made love with me, but you need to know that she gave her virginity to me. I'm the first man to touch Stasi's body," explained Axelo with a full sense of pride for Stasi."Then how about you, Zeenya? Are you sure that you're still a virgin and that you haven't been touched by a man?" Axelo smirked at Zeenya,
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Part 4
After making sure Zeenya was no longer in their sight, Axelo and Stasi stood facing each other. They pressed their lips together and embraced hotly.Then, Axelo carried Stasi in a koala-style sling to the bed to return to their activities, which had been interrupted earlier. Axelo and Stasi were still enjoying their lips together. They devoured each other savagely, like hungry animals."How about if Zeenya tells your dad and mom?" asked Axelo shortly after releasing his lips from Zeenya."Don't ever worry about that, Ax. Zeenya won't get what she wants if her intention is to make my Daddy and Mommy angry because of what we did," replied Stasi, who was currently sitting on Axelo's lap with a happy smile."Are you sure about that?" Axelo asked to make sure. However, Axelo can't bear to have Stasi scolded by her parents because she has an affair with her stepsister's fiancé."I make sure one hundred percent of your worries will never happen to me." Stasi answered confidently. Axelo nodde
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Part 5
"Mom, do you see Daddy?" asked Zeenya, impatient to see Celena alone there."Daddy is at his workplace. What's wrong, dear? Is there any problem?" asked Celena in a slightly worried tone when she saw Zeenya's face, which didn't look fine."Mom, I have something to tell Daddy and Mommy, and I want to say it directly right now. I want Daddy and Mommy to know the important news that I'm carrying right now." Zeenya said so while looking at Celena uneasily."But, Daddy... I think we should just go to Daddy's workplace," Zeenya asked hurriedly and impatiently. It's clear from her face that what Zeenya wanted to say is very important.Although Celena is only a stepmother, she can clearly see the anxiety that Zeenya is feeling. All of that can be seen in Zeenya's eyes, which are incapable of lying. Celena noticed that her stepdaughter appeared to be in a hurry to share the news that she had brought."Indeed, what's wrong, dear? You can tell me first if you're impatient. Then I'll tell your da
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