Forbidden pleasures

Forbidden pleasures

By:  Rinna O'Shea  Completed
Language: English
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FORBIDDEN PLEASURES Millie broke up with her boyfriend of one year because she was sexually frustrated, but when she temps for Weston Young, she can't help but be instantly attracted to him. Not only does he catch her watching on her first day on the , but he also offers her a proposition that she can't refuse: To join him and his girlfriend in bed. Her decision to agree is a beautiful disaster.

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Prince CyToss
I Liked story so much
2024-02-09 01:24:34
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Phung Lam
Hello you good !
2023-10-14 11:47:05
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Prez E. Barrientos
wow nice story ever
2023-05-19 10:03:02
default avatar
Great stories collection!
2023-08-26 00:09:34
159 Chapters
So handsome
MILLIE’S POVIt had been one week since I decided I didn’t want to play house with my boyfriend anymore and I actually wasn’t even a little bit sorry. I had tried so hard to make things work between us that it had become a huge headache. I gave up quickly after that. We didn’t see eye-to-eye on so many levels that I wondered how we had lasted as long as we had.And in the bedroom? Don’t even get me started on that mess! Let’s just say, he definitely didn’t fulfill my needs and I walked around with sexual angst everywhere I went. Shit, a new cashmere sweater damn near made me convulse from the tension built up inside of me.But now I was free!Today I was turning over several new leaves. I was going to get back out there and be my free-spirited self. I was going to have as much hot sex as I could until I found a man who could completely satisfy my appetite. I was also starting a new job today that I was going to rock! From here on out, I was taking back control of my life.After paying
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Caught watching porn
“I need to speak with Mr. Young immediately. This is Richmond from Gucci. He’ll want to take this call.”I gulped and looked over toward Mr. Pompous-Sexy-Asshole’s door and pegged him to be the type of boss who didn’t want to be bothered, but I patched him through anyway.“I’ll transfer you now,” I said as I pressed the top button with the initials W.Y. next to it. Then I hung up the phone and blew out a breath. This was not the best start to my first day. Fuck me.The end of the day was finally nearing and I had answered more phone calls in an eight-hour day than I had in an entire year combined. Who were all those people? And if Mr. Pompous-Sexy-Asshole had me running on one more stupid, petty errand, I was going to pull my hair out.First, he had me run to grab his dry cleaning. Then I had to run and get his lunch which he didn’t want by the time I returned. And let’s not forget about the errand that consisted of me running paperwork down to the basement where this department didn’
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It's just sex
“Yes, I understand your frustration, sir, but Mr. Young is currently unavailable. I can take a message for you and have him call you back as soon as he’s able.” I rolled my eyes for the millionth time today. Every single person who called acted as if they were supposed to be transferred directly to Mr. Pompous-Sexy-Asshole without question. He was a busy man and hardly took anyone’s calls. This man on the phone currently, was no exception and he wasn’t understanding that.He mumbled a few awful insults at me and finally hung up, which was totally fine with me. I was sick of listening to his bitching anyway.I quickly typed the awful man’s message into the program designed to be sent to Mr. Young when I saw a strikingly beautiful woman pass by my desk and head straight for Mr. Pompous-Sexy-Asshole’s door.“Um, excuse me, ma’am!” You can’t just walk in there!” I quickly stood up and tried to reach her before she barged into his office. I didn’t want to be yelled at by the man on my seco
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Joining them for a threesome
My heart pounded against my ribs as my head became lightheaded. In just a few minutes, Weston Young would be picking me up to bring me to his place; wherever that was. I admit that I was extremely nervous about the whole thing. Memories from my college days came into my thoughts and I remembered the last time I had a threesome. I was drunk and it all happened so quickly, but this time it was planned out and now I didn’t know if I could go through with it or not.If Weston had been single and asked me to sleep with him, I’d have jumped at the opportunity and not feel nervous in the slightest. Sleeping with him and his girlfriend had my nerves all over the place. Was she actually cool with this? He had said they did things like this often, but to me it was foreign.I stood on shaky legs and padded over to the front door to peer out. My heart lurched in my chest as I saw Weston young stand there in his delicious five-piece suit. Holy hell. My mouth watered just from the sight of him. How
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Ecstasy pill
She plopped the pink pill into her mouth before she walkedover to Weston and placed one on his tongue. They both grinned half-heartedlyat me before Isadora walked back to me. “It’s ecstasy, babe.It will make you feel really nice.” She held out the pink pill again and Istared at it.I was familiar with ecstasy as I had done it several timesin college, but that was ages ago. I remembered how it made me feel so goodwhile it took away any fears or doubts, allowing any sexual experience to blowyour mind.Fuck it. I held out my tongue as she placed the pink pillonto it before I swallowed it down. Now what? I remembered it took a bit beforeyou could feel it and by the looks of it, they weren’t patient on getting intobed. After all, Weston said this was just sex, nothing emotional. “Good girl,” Isadorapurred. “Now we wait.” She leaned forward and lightly kissed my lips. Itsurprised me; I won’t lie, but I actually liked it even if my stiff and nervousbody looked like it didn’t.
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It's feels good
Weston dropped his trousers and briefs while his erection sprang free; Isadora wasn't joking when she asked her question. He was indeed huge and no doubt put all the men in my favorite porn videos to shame. And trust me, I liked them big. The bigger the better and Weston was huge.I shifted on the couch as I eagerly anticipated the moment he took me when I felt Isadora tug on my blouse. It came free from my skirt as she quickly removed it and tossed it to the floor next to Weston's discarded clothes.He grabbed my legs and swung them off the couch before he helped me sit up and finally to my feet. I stood chest to chest with him as I stared directly into his intense gaze. Every hair on my body stood up on end as I inhaled a sharp breath. No man had ever made me feel this before."Remove your skirt and panties," he rasped out while he removed his shirt. The way he grabbed the back of his shirt and tugged it over his head made my mouth water. He stood fully naked in front of me and I ha
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Stay with us
Fuck. What have I gotten myself into?!Isadora had stopped touching me as I looked over at her. She seemed to still be enjoying herself, but instead of watching me, she was staring up at Weston with an unreadable expression on her face."Fuck!" Weston cried out as he pulled me back into the moment. I closed my eyes and allowed my orgasm to take over. His grip on my throat nearly choked me completely out while his other hand left my wrists to slap me hard on the ass. My orgasm heightened and exploded as I screamed into the couch cushion.He stopped his thrusting as his body began to convulse against me. I could feel him milking the last of his cum into the condom and technically into me. I was in pure bliss as a huge smile crept over my face.And then he pulled out and completely released his hold on me. My body still buzzed from the aftermath as I stood from the couch and bent to grab my clothes.When I turned to look at them, I watched Isadora walk up to Weston and kiss him in such a
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Crave for him
It was weird being here; I won't lie. After doing what we had done in the study and the ecstasy still running through my veins, I couldn't help but wonder what happened now. Isadora still had loud music playing through the house as she busied herself with dinner while Weston sat at the kitchen table on his laptop. He completely ignored both of us while an annoyed scowl pinched his face.Isadora finally finished dinner and had set it out for us on the table. I had no idea what the hell she had made but it smelled delicious. It looked like a Mediterranean dish of some sort."Eat up, you two, we need to get our energy back up for what we're going to do next."I stared with an open mouth over at her as a tightness consumed my core with anticipation. Damn this ecstasy! If I was sober, I wouldn't be this excited to do the dirty again, especially after the weirdness I felt after the first time. But when I looked over at Weston, I remembered how he felt inside of me and I wanted to feel him a
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Don't tempt me
Weston's gaze flashed with uncertainty but then it was gone just as fast as it had appeared. What the hell was that all about? Did he not want to touch me?"Come here, baby," Isadora coaxed as she crawled away from me but continued to hold my knees open for Weston to crawl between them. "I want you to get this out of your system, baby." I looked between the two and wondered what the hell she meant by that. Get what out of his system? Threesomes? Fucking hard? What was she... Ooooh.Weston sank deep inside of me as he filled and stretched me all over again. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and probably saw the inside of my skull. My knees gripped his sides while my hands grabbed the top of his shoulders. He let out a groan as he pulled out and sank back in again and again, but it was way too slow for my liking."Tell him what you want, M," Isadora rasped next to me.When I looked over at her, she leaned back against the pillows and played with herself as she watched us. It was w
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Erotic punishment
Weston brought us into a room that looked like an office and shut the door right before I heard the click of the lock. He stepped toward the small loveseat in the room and sat down after he set me to my feet."I'm going to punish you now, Millie. Are you okay with this?" I loved that he asked for my permission and hell yeah, I was okay with this. When I nodded at him, he quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me down over his lap, my stomach tight against his thighs. His hand rubbed soft circles over my ass as a groan filled his chest and vibrated against my side.The anticipation nearly killed me as I began to squirm in his lap."Don't move or I'll tie you up."Oh, yes!His hand left my ass for a moment before it came down hard against my soft cheeks. My body bucked in his lap as a moan escaped my lips."Did you like that?" Weston rasped out as his hand caressed my ass again.I nodded as I looked over my shoulder at him. "Yes. Now, may I please have another?"He growled as a wicked gleam
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