Forbidden Crush

Forbidden Crush

By:  Flower spirit   Completed
Language: English
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Juliette...! You can fall for anyone...but him. I repeated it a hundred times in my mind. No...! Not that way...! Don't look at him...! Suppressing my untamable desires to see him, I had been struggling hard. Why is life so complicated? Why out of all it has to be him? *** Juliette Stanford, a university student, had a crush on her new, handsome and charming professor for not long but that crush became a tangled love when he turned out to be her brother-in-law-to-be. It was a one sided love and she tried hard not to get deeper in her fantasies as there was nothing mutual and he was the one in the forbidden sides for her to fall in love. But...! Nothing goes as the will...! She thought it was only her who was struggling until the day of her sister's engagement when he suddenly grabbed Juliette in his arms and announced that he loves her...!! Wait...! What happened...!!

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God loving it so much...️...️...️
2024-02-01 12:46:46
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I can't take it anymore, please author update at least two episodes a day please...️
2024-02-01 13:32:58
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I liked it so much hope the updates are stable
2023-12-28 23:39:23
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Meharunnisa Begum
Good story
2023-12-27 21:37:04
80 Chapters
Chapter 1 Prologue
Juliette's point of view... "Mom," I called her again, "Are they here yet?" she sighed before glancing at me in irritation from the side of her eye but soon burst into laughter as I started grinning. I had been asking her the same question for last thirty minutes. "You are a bit too excited, sweety" Mom replied as she shoved my head. Anything for that smile. A woman with a beautiful figure, with a chocolate-brown hair and fair complexion, who is in her late thirties yet so beautiful to make your heart flutter. That's my Mom, sweet and beautiful. "Will everything be fine honey?" she sighed halting the laughter. I understand her very well, about why she was concerned. All because of my dear sister. I had been roaming around the hall, picking up things and dusting the already neat and clean pillows on the sofa. I can't help it because I was a bit so excited when Mom broke the news to me. Aunt Dory's relatives are coming to meet us, I mean a marriage proposal for my dear freakin
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Chapter 2 Tampering...!
Juliette's point of view... I was in the middle of the hallway in the school this morning, digging through the files submitted by the classmates to find mine when I heard a line or a few. Two of the teacher's voices whispering in excitedly from the room behind me. Usually I am a good girl and I wouldn't have bothered, but right now eavesdropping the teachers in the staff, felt like the only exciting adventure I could find in this exceptionally boring day."Did you see him...!" "How creamy he is...! I felt him...ugh...! I can't explain..."I chuckled to hear two of the oldies taking about a guy. They have the current too...! I thought they were talking about a film star or an idol but to my surprise they weren't. As those words could damn pull out any girl's interest, without further delay, I shifted closer to the room door and continued listening in."His hands brushed my arm and I was frozen...! You know I bought this dress yesterday. It gives a look of pumping my breasts up." M
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Chapter 3 Meet me in the office...!
Juliette's point of view... "Were you the one in the staff room earlier?" he asked and I froze. But still, my subconscious mind forced me to think another way.Who the hell is he to ask me? I rolled my eyes over his handsome face and attractive body and blurted out in my straight attitude. "Who the hell are you to ask me? It's none of your business...!" I smacked while turning around to run away to my class. Though he is not a student, he isn't a professor either. Who on hell works as a professor with that face and body? Rushing towards the class, I didn't even bother to turn back once to face him. If I do, I may fall for him. My my...he was...ugh...!! "Guys time to play...!" I announced the moment I stepped in. Everyone started screaming in joy. Getting settled, I started working on the reports and Scarlett started writing her notes. It was afternoon already and two consecutive periods of arts, I mean leisure was like candy for the kids. They were shouting, playing, enjoyi
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Chapter 4 Annoying encounter...
Juliette's point of view... The art class, I chose that subject because I heard that the previous art teacher attended the classes so rarely. It was considered as a leisure period for us but now everything changed. Why on earth did the school hire an annoying character like him?A face like a chocolate man and the temper of a hell lord. What am I going to face right now? As the bell rang, everyone started gossiping about the new dream boy character introduced but my concern was solely on the look that he spared me before getting out of the room. I have to enter the devil's lair...! Oh God...! Why? It's 2.00 p.m and I'm standing at the door of Mr. Richard's office still hesitating to enter. Whatever is waiting for me, it cannot be good...after all...! After standing there for what felt like an eternity, I finally mustered up the courage to knock on the door."Get in," I heard an extremely resonant voice jerking my soul inside. Pivoting the doorknob and pushing the door open, I
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Chapter 5 Stuck in the sand...!
Richard's point of view...A few days ago, I got a call from Dad's office and rushed back there only to listen to the thing I regretted the most. His will...! Before Dad passed away a year ago, he wrote a will and another will to keep his will safe until I complete my master's. I was in my last year when I got the news that his condition was bad, yet he didn't let me come. I can only see him at his funeral. It was irritating. His team of lawyers told me that he asked them to keep his will a secret until I get my master's graduation done. Ridiculous...! Why was that so important...! I felt it was the most annoying thing that he demanded from me but as soon as I got his will opened, my mind just fumed off. As a Master's graduate from the University of Oxford, I felt thoroughly humiliated when I was asked to work as a teacher at a high school. And he wanted me to be a art teacher...! Wasn't that a joke? Why would someone with an architecture major will work as an art teacher?
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Chapter 6 Unexpected thing...!
Juliette's point of view... "Juliette...!!" my Mom shouted her throat out and I knew that I had just messed everything up. She is gonna kill me if that creep tells her anything of what happened at school, that I poked something at the staff room. But that pervert...! I am gonna kill him today. How dare he come straight to my house?Where the hell did he get the address? I walked out fuming in anger but after taking a long breath I was ready to fight the battle.Then suddenly the unexpected thing happened...! That scene, I saw just blew my head off. The hall was packed, Aunt Dory and one more lady along with that handsome creep were sitting on the L-shaped sofa. My Mom was serving them with some tea or coffee. Looking at how nervous my mom was, I can say who those people were. I strode my ass down the stairs with my eyes flung open as if it was something shocking going on. No way...! This is not going to happen. I thought he was here to blurt about me but it was more than a shoc
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Chapter 7 An oath for me...
Juliette's point of view... Lab-Dab...! Lab-Dab...! This is not happening...! I am dreaming right now. I was never handled like this by any boy...! This is just...! He grabbed my hand and took me near the space between the two rooms. It's like a corner hidden from everyone, some things like a table and a few chairs were resting over there. He pushed me slightly over the table so that I almost leaned back on it. That was unexpected. Totally Unexpected. Goosebumps crept all over my body and I quivered for a second. How could he possibly do that in my own house? "Leave me...!" seizing myself out of my shock, I struggled but he hushed putting his finger on his lips as if I was a kindergarten child. "Shh..." My forehead creased and my heart almost thumped out of my chest beating so fast and louder that could be heard out. He clenched his fist on my shoulders, staring at me. I lost my voice as it could mute anyone for sure as he was just a few inches away from me and his strong a
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Chapter 8 It's settled then...
Juliette's point of view... My sister is an artist, not a normal one, of course. There is a sense of abnormalities in each of her art pieces. However, I find it a bit unusual, but she is quite famous. She holds a gallery of her own and surprisingly some fans love her work. Surprisingly...! Oh... Yeah...! I need to admit it. He walked in and in just a few minutes they walked out looking at each other, giggling. I never saw Anna being so intimate to anyone, especially men. She had only one die hard friend, Rubia who is more than a sister to her. I can certify that if I and Rubia were on a sinking ship, she would choose to save her over me. That's what my sister is...! Getting back to the point, When I saw my sister being comfortable with that stranger, I swore to myself that I would never drool over him again. It's settled then. I programmed my mind to set the very point that he was a no to me. I must avoid him just like a plague. Yes...! That's what he is to me from now on..
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Chapter 9 I need a distraction...!
Juliette's point of view... "I need a distraction Scarlett...!" I almost yelled grabbing my head in my hands, "I want it so badly." Whenever I try to do my work, those words echo in my ears. Meet me in my office...! Who the hell does he think he is? I was supposed to avoid him, right? "Distraction...!" she screamed looking at me, "It's about time... Let's go...!" I asked for a distraction not frustration...! In just a fraction of second, I was dragged out of the campus, by her and I know where she was taking me. Soccer ground...! The senior's match...! Ugh...! I don't want to go...! It was one of those days. Too hot and too bright.I sighed and covered my eyes with my hands, shielding them from the scorching sun as I tried to look around. I saw a wide expanse of the football field and those who were here to see it. The stadium was rustling with students loitering around but most of them were hurrying to get under a shade as the match was about to start. Scarlett had a sp
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Chapter 10 You have a lot of guts...
Juliet's point of view... I turned to see the one holding my hand behind me. A girl with a weird make up and her hair tied up in a pony tail along with her, a few more wearing the same minute skirt circled me. This is going to be very hard...! "Look, I don't know what's wrong with her, that it all happened, but she started it first" I tried to explain it but that wasn't working at all."Did you hit her, Did you just hit Amy...!" she gritted, Uhh...!Not again...!"Yes, she did it...! Deb..." The one on the floor shouted, and the one before me, Deb moved toward me as if some kind of gangster was here to fight with me.Ridiculous...!"What the hell, do you guys think we are? Are we in kindergarten?" I snapped and tried to get away, but she grabbed my arm and yanked me back.I almost tripped but stood holding her shoulder. I think this is gonna be big.Why do I always get involved in the fights that I don't want to...?The one on the floor, Amy stood up, and Deb came closer, grabbing
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