First Love Again

First Love Again

By:  Irene ofure  Completed
Language: English
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Bella Murray was doing well in her private school. She used to be rich until her parents passed away making her to survive on her own. All she wanted to do was to live and forget about her past but what will she do when her past comes back to her. Logan Lacosco used to be her best friend but left for England when he was in grade 8. They were lovers and he promised to come back for her but what if he broke that promise and got engaged to the princess of England turning him to a prince. Will Bella forgive him? What happens when Logan comes back and starts attending her school and sees his first love again?.

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Irene ofure
I love this.
2023-03-07 02:44:00
24 Chapters
BellaEvery girl dreams to have a prince charming that will sweep her off her feet, to experience the moment when it seems like the whole world vanish and all you could think of is him. To experience the moment when he asks you to marry him and be his princess.Well I also dreamed of that life, but I live in the real world where there is no prince charming to sweep my feet. I live in a world full of hardship and pain." Miss Murray? Miss Murray??" The teacher screamed snapping me out of my trance. I noticed everyone in the class was staring at me."Would you mind telling us the answer to the question on the board?""Ummm ten?" He looked at me disappointed and went back to the board before the bell rang."Okay everyone don't forget to so you homework from your textbook and Miss Murray can you stay back for some minutes?"I nodded as everyone exit the class and I went up to his desk. He hands me a paper showing my previous test score. I couldn't believe it I got a C minus."Care to exp
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Bella's POV "Wait do you two know each other?" The principal asked"Yes she is my best friend", he announced keeping his eyes on me."Really, Miss Murray why didn't you tell me earlier?" She asked in shock still studying the both of us."We used to be best friends", I corrected wiping the smile off Logan's face. It wasn't my intention to sound rude but I needed to clarify him that just because he's back doesn't mean things are going to go back to the way they used to be. He must be joking if he thinks he can just come back into my life and pretend like everything was okay.The principal sensed the tension in the atmosphere and cleared her throat. "Well I hope you'll be able to adapt quickly prince Logan and don't hesitate to ask Miss Murray for any help".We exited the office to start the tour. A man walked up to us, "prince Logan do you need anything else?" the man asked."No I think I can handle it from here, I'll call you later." Logan responded as the man nodded his head in under
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Bella's POV "Bella! Bella! Wake up! Bella!"I slowly opened my eyes and sat up everything seemed blurry at first but soon my eyesight cleared. I saw Amber struggling to free herself from the ropes."Where are we?""That's what I would like to know" she hissed in frustration"Do you have any idea on who and why we are being kidnapped?" I questionedShe raised her eyebrows thinking of all the possible reasons but instead just remained quite."Nothing I can't come up with anything. And if my parents were in any kind of troubles they would have warn me to be careful" she said."I think they're awake" a deep voice said at the other side of the door, Amber and I stared at the door in fear."Let's go in" the familiar voice said. I know who has that voice and I'm more than annoyed right now."I know who's there" "You do?" Amber asked as the door slammed open revealing two able bodied men. Amber mouth dropped in shock as she saw the one and only prince Logan that she has been dying to meet.
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Bella's POVI froze in shock, I didn't know whether to push him away or not. But this is wrong he's engaged to the princess. I slightly pushed him away but he didn't move so I pushed him again."We can't do this"."Why not?" He pouted with his hands around my waist."Because you're engaged and to the princess at that".He sighed and removed his hands. He took his bag from the floor and looked me in the eyes again but I stared at my feet and just like that he walked away. Tears gathered at my eyes. Oh Logan why are you doing this to me!.It was lunch already after class. I couldn't focus in the class since Logan was also there, he didn't even glance at me once. I don't know what's going on in his mind and I'm beginning to feel guilty.Everyone was starting at me badly like they all hated me. What did I wrong this time? I went to my locker and kept my books but everyone was looking at me with disgust."Bella! Bella!" Amber called as she ran towards me waving her phone in her hands. "Yo
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Bella's POVI woke up with a knock on my door."Bella are you in there?""Yeah come in", I said and sat uprightShe entered the room and sat gently at the side of the bed. "How are you doing?""You heard the news right?""Yes, I watched the news yesterday I can't believe he did that, jerk!" Amber said"That's why I didn't want him to come back into my life. It's only been three days and he has already ruined my life." I said"You are one tough girl, no matter what you're going through you're gonna survive this. That's why I love you" she said pulling me into a hug."So what's the deal between you and Logan?" She asked"You really want to know, I'm sure when you find out you're going to hate him."I told her everything starting from when my parents died and how Logan was the only who actually made me smile. For two years since my parents died he was the only one that was there for me until his parents decided to move to England. I was devastated. He told me he loved me and he'll come b
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Bella's POVIt was saturday.i laid on my bed staring at the ceiling. It was already twelve o'clock. Normally I would have been at work by now or doing my homework but since I have no job and can't attend school I had nothing to do.Suddenly my phone vibrates. It was an unfamiliar number calling."Hello?""Hi this is Chase from De Grove company, may I speak with Miss Murray?"I was shocked. I didn't expect to offer me a job already."Yes this is her.""Hey so great news I found a job for you."Aaahhhh!! I screamed covering the phone so he won't hear me."So about this job my friend needs a tutor and he was asking if you would like to do it?""Uh, how much?"I've never tutored once, although I have good grades but I don't really know how to teach others."My friend is paying fifty dollars per hours and he wants you to tutor him for two hours.""Oh my goodness!!""So you'll be tutoring him every day for two hours which will be five hundred dollars a week."As soon as he said this my jaw
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Logan's POVRight after Bella left. I sat back on the sofa and tried to do my homework on my own. I can't believe I just told her that I love her. It wasn't like me to tell people what I felt inside but when I talk to Bella everything just comes out of my mouth without me even realizing what I'm saying."Prince Logan?" George called out as he entered the room. "Why did Bella run off like that? I thought she was tutoring you until seven o'clock. It is only six." "Uh. she uhm, uh" I stuttered biting my bottom lip. I knew I couldn't tell George about us "She had an emergency so i let her go earlier than expected." I added. He approved nodding his head. "Well if vou need anything, I'Il be in the kitchen." I don't know what to do with Bella anymore. Love is so complicated! Bella's POV"Hey Bella, you're early today. I thought your work finishes at seven." Sally greeted as soon as I entered the apartment. "Yeah. You won't believe who my boss is," "Try me," She challenged.
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Bella's POVLogan and I studied for an hour already and neither one of us mentioned anything about yesterday's incident. I was thankful that he didn't mention it again. Suddenly, there wasa knock on the door. "Come in." Logan commanded as the door slightly opened. The person slipped in and stared at me than necessary. The woman was tall and slim. She had brunette hair like mine and the same blue orbs that Logan has. She smiled at me and walked towards us. "Bella, I missed you so much." She squealed pulling me into a hug. "I missed you too Lindsy." I said hugging her tighter. It's true, I missed Lindsy. She had been a wonderful woman and a second mother to me before my parents even died. She supported me and loved me like her own child and I couldn't thank her enough for that. "Mom, what are you doing here?" Logan asked. "I thought you're still on a business trip with dad." "Well, the King wanted to talk to us tomorrow so we decided to go home right away to rest. Why
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Bella's POVI unlocked the door to our unit and got greeted by Sally who was sitting in the living room watching sone comedy show. "What the hell happen to you?" She asked running to the washroom to get me a towel. "Here." She said handing me the towel, "So what happen?" "It's raining out." I bluntly said as I dried myself with the towel. "I can see that. Now where's your umbrella?" She questioned placing her hand to her hip. I quickly glanced at the room and found my umbrella hanging on one of the hooks near the door. "Let this be a lesson to always bring your umbrella whether it's raining or not. It's better that you're prepared." She lectured. "Yes mom." I said sarcastically making her chuckle by my comment. "Oh and where's your car?" She questioned. "Um It wasn't starting the other day so I didn't bother driving it if it's not going to work." "So why didn't you get it fixed?" She raised an eyebrow. Gosh, this girl can ask questions all day. "Like I have the mo
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Logan's POV I stared at the pool looking at my relection, I took a sip of my beer and the bitter flavour melted in my tongue. I kept thinking of Bella and what she did to me. "A little depress today aren't we?" A voice said making me startle. "Shit man, don't sneak up on me like that" I cursed as Chase sat beside me opening his beer. "Sorry didn't know that you get easily scared." He apologized taking a sip of his beer. "So what's up? Why'd you invite me over?" "I messed up big time man." I sighed yanking my hair out in frustration. "Let me guess. Another episode of the Prince and Cinderella." He kidded. "I don't know what to do anymore! I thought I was protecting her, but at the sane time I'm causing her pain. I don't want to hurt her and I especially don't like it when other people cause her harm. What's the right thing to do?" I asked desperately. "So let me get this straight. You're protecting her by pushing her away?" "Yeah. I guess. It's the only way I could th
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