Fire And Ice

Fire And Ice

By:  Torya  Ongoing
Language: English
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Raven Alistair daughter to Pack leader Jethro Alistair and next in line of Crescent Pack was determined on the fact that she would not have a mate due to an incident that happened years ago when her sister had been rejected by her mate and had committed suicide in her pain. Though she does not even want to be Alpha and does not also want a mate, Her Father supposed that it is necessary for her and her stubbornness and reluctance to it makes her a thorn in the flesh for her Father and the other Council elders but what happens when she finally comes into contact with a man who is dangerously hard to resist and filled with secrets that she was scared to find out?

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15 Chapters
'Axel! Can you keep up?!'   He could hear her laugh as she ran through the dandelions, some flying into the air as her red bouncy hair flew with the wind, her green eyes sparkling as she did so.   Axel was running as fast as he could as his brain registered only one thing.   I can not lose her again!   Yet, she seemed to only move further away from his grasp, her angel like face drifting more into the sun, turning more blurry until she was nothing more than a dot making a frustrated Axel scream in frustration as he jerked up from the bed.   Panting hard, he took in his surrounding, realising it had only been a bad dream and turned to look at his reflection.   Beads of sweat had creased his eyebrow and his blue eyes denned to look more dark, like a storm was brewing in them that made him blink hard before they turned to their normal shade of a cool sky blue co
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It was the feeling of a wet tongue flapping all over her face that made Raven grumble and groan and try to turn the other way on her bed but whoever the kisser was, places it's paws on her body, strongly holding her in place and kept on attacking her with kisses, making her jerk up laughing, holding the pup mid air ok her hands.   The red furry tiny devil wiggled it's tail happily, knowing it had successfully achieved it's mission, it's tongue having huge amounts of saliva drooling down and ears twitching so much as Raven said "Well hello little cousin, what can I offer you?"   Before the pup could put forward it's request, the room to Ravens door was pushed open and the red devil quickly jumped off Ravens body, then the bed and was on her dresser, shoving out everything that was on it to the floor making Raven groan "It's too early, I don't want this happening here"   The male who had nearly removed the hinges of her de
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Kyle Yagami who was now in a white plaid sweater and black trousers with his blond hair slicked and glossy, resting backwards,moaned "Isn't Sam Smith dreamy?"   Axel kept on staring at the newspaper "Yes, of course"   "He has such blue eyes...."   "Yes of course...   "And he's so sexy...."   "Yes of course"   "And he is ugly as hell"   "Yes of course"   "Bitch!"   Axel felt the newspaper in his hand being snatched out of his grasp as an explosive Kyle stood over him, staring at him with pure angry in his eyes "You are not listening to me!"   Axel groaned "Is this what I get for making your coffee for you?"   "Is this what I get for making your coffee for you?" Kyle whined and rolled his eyes before sitting on Axels laps "You should even be grateful that yo
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As they walked down the left wing of Crescent pack's hall, Elle now in her human form, hair wild and unbrushed because she didn't want to get it combed, wearing one of Rin's sweaters that covered everything (Of course this was all Elle's idea) and sneakers, her hand in Ravens right while Rin walked by Ravens left.   Since this was the Alistair's side of the Hall, no other person was seen around, much to Raven's joy, and since she was not a morning person though her morning was going great before she saw someone walk out one of the rooms in the hall.   Brown hair and eyes, possibly six years older than Elle, a major build and an ugly scar that ran down a side of his face....   "Jordy!" Elle said happily, still holding unto Raven.   Jordan Griffith gave his little sister a lazy smile "Well hello little one, I barely see you anymore"   "Well that's because you never look for me" Ell
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Walking down to the Mess hall that had tables arranged in a circular form with the Alpha and his family's table in the middle, Raven noticed to her amazement and unbelieve that everyone was surprisingly paired    Though she knew no one thought she would notice or care, which she probably did not for the latter but she knew everyone's names, and their respective lives mostly because she wanted to know her subjects without having close contact and because Rin, who was Omega and in the lowest hierarchy and had nothing doing most of the time and was mostly used as toys for other higher classes loved to gossip about everything and anything he saw or heard.   Of course, an Omega would never dare stand next to an Alpha, or a future one for that matter but Rin had been set to be Raven's playdate since birth and he had grown on her in the best possible way though their friendship grew stronger when he realized that Elle, her baby cousin, was his
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"So let me get this straight," Kyle said with his legs crossed as he stared at his silver coloured manicured nails. "This is a concert you have been preparing for, for at least, um, seven months and you're cancelling it because you're gonna get sick tomorrow if you don't go down on a person?"Axel winced at the language but said nevertheless, "Yes,""And you expect Sasha to think that you're okay?" Kyle asked, scoffing slightly. "I mean I love all parts of you, but I bet other people don't see it yet."They were both seated in a coffee shop, Kyle now wearing a cream coloured sweater and a scarf around his neck with brown pants while Axel had on a black double-breasted coat and dark blue jeans.He had not really told Kyle about the real reason he could not go on stage during his convert but he knew the male.He wouldn't care for the reason.Sighing, Kyle faced Axel with a smile. "So you want me to convince her not to let you get in the plane?""Yes," Axel replied. "You might have been
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"You overreacted,"Annabelle Alistair slowly set down the necklace on her desk as she stared at her husband through the reflection of her vanity mirror while he stood next to the window, staring at his daughter.Jethro sighed, "She literally wakes my inner wolf."Annabelle smiled and took out her hairbrush from a drawer now. "I know Jeremiah. He cherishes every moment he has with Ravenna while you do the complete opposite."Jethro turned to his wife, smiling, "As I know Annalise,"Every wolf had an inner wolf inside, more like their spirit guides but they barely ever woke until they saw a need to.Jethro's wolf was Jeremiah, and he did not have the same temper as Jethro did, but Annabelle and Annalise were very much the same.Both ready to pacify their Alpha when he became too rough.Still smiling, Annabelle began to brush her hair, ever delicate, ever graceful, just as a Luna would be before Jethro walked up to her and collected the brush, "Let me help, Beloved"She only gave a gentl
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The whole flight was rather too exciting to handle as Kyle kept on rapping his mouth about how he had plane sex with some rich Senator though he refused to mention the man's name for closure purposes, of course and because he said he didn't want Axel to feel badLike the male cared.Throughout the whole thing, Axel managed to avoid talking privately with Sasha because he already felt stupid for what he had done earlier.Kissing her, that is.He knew that it might have possibly fueled her desire to date him, or perhaps to have him but whatever it was, he didn't care and would strongly appreciate it if they never eventually ended up talking.When they landed, Kyle pulled him out of the plane, taking him around different places they could go on dates for tomorrow's blue moon watching while Axel only nodded to satisfy him.Then when Kyle demanded they went shopping, that was when Axel lost it. "You have like a million clothes, what would you need new ones for?""And you have like a millio
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Raven jerked up from her bed, her entire body feeling sweaty and clammy as her heart raced immensely before her room door burst open and her Father stormed in, then froze when he saw her.She stared up at him, trying to calm down as she tried to look normal. "Good morning, Father."He eyed her slowly, as if he was trying to understand something before he asked slowly, "Where were you last night?"She tried to gulp in, as a hot feeling overwhelmed her before realizing that her Father looked oddly handsome today, with his beards today brushed and his—Raven slapped herself.What... What was that?!Jethro, of course, noticed that interaction and got to her immediately, his hands holding unto hers as he said softly, "Are you okay?"She stared at him, then looked down at his hands and noticed that as rough as it looked, she imagined him—With a scream, she jerked away from her Father and rolled off her bed, staring at him with fear in her eyes..Jethro stood again, confused, before she sto
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"You're not getting better!" Kyle felt his head tremble, and he stared at his buddy who was now sweating and trembling, shivering under a blanket. He had said it'd be bad but not this bad! Kyle had managed to keep Sasha away from their hotel room but it was getting dark and the concert itself was starting by ten pm and it was already eight. "Woods..." And that was all the fucker kept saying! It didn't make any sense, though Kyle knew he barely ever made sense, Axel was an outstanding creature and... No, no, it was not the time to blabber about hus crush. He felt like calling someone, anyone for help, but he also knew that Axel did not want anyone aware of this, and he wanted to be out to the woods... How could Kyle possibly do that? * When Sirius' temperature had cooled to a certain degree, she slowly put a blanket over his body. Reina, was extremely loud and ignoring her was the hardest thing Raven had ever done. It was like her literal soul was crying for the other part
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