Finding Love With The Cold Billionaire

Finding Love With The Cold Billionaire

By:  MoniqueR  Completed
Language: English
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Sherry was ready to leave her billionaire husband's mansion. She was mad because his husband backed out on his words and didn't give her a divorce based on their agreement before their twins were born. Ready to leave, she showered her adorable twins with kisses and hugged them one last time, hoping that when they grew up, they wouldn't hate her for abandoning them. Her husband stood near the door; he declared, "If you leave this house today, you will never see the twins again." Distraught, she replied, "Take care of the twins for me." Sherry exited the room with tears falling on her cheeks. While descending the staircase, a nagging question was burning in her mind. Is it worth abandoning her twins just to be with the guy who can make her happy?

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Queen Harvey
Even though l started out not being that fund of this novel, but the more l read the more l loved it!
2024-02-23 13:14:52
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Alice Boatemaaa
Very interesting story
2024-01-01 18:37:36
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The book is geared towards people who are at least 18 years old, but many times it felt like the book was written by someone younger. The author used wrong genders and mixed up character names. There were unbelievable scenes, but a happy ending for all major characters.
2024-02-14 00:20:21
105 Chapters
1: The Other Woman
The party was already in full swing at the Hamilton Mansion when Sherry and her husband, the billionaire Axel Green, exited their vehicle.They entered the grandiose mansion and greeted everyone they knew at the party."Hon, I will just talk to someone. Find a place where you can be comfortable," Axel said, his eyes fixed on the blonde-haired woman standing across the room."OK." Sherry walked to the sofa and made herself comfortable.The two women sitting on the sofa nod at her and continue their conversation.The waiter approached the ladies carrying a tray filled with drinks. Sherry took one glass and began sipping the red liquid.She glanced at the area where her husband had gone and noticed that Axel was no longer talking to his friends. Where is he?Maybe he was there somewhere having a conversation with a business associate or chatting with his friends and family members. Every time he wants to talk business with anyone, he prefers to do it without her. She doesn't mind at all.
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2: Say Something!
*GreenDew Mansion*Sherry arrived at the gate of the GreenDew mansion, a sprawling one-hectare state owned by the Green family. Axel's billionaire parents gave him the property as a wedding gift.She paid the taxi driver her fare and added a hefty tip. She left the vehicle and signaled the guard to open the gate."Good evening, Ma'am!" The guard conveyed his greetings.She replied, "Good evening." She walked to the entrance of the sprawling mansion, equipped with modern amenities.She entered the door, climbed the staircase, and headed to the master's bedroom on the second floor. She entered the room and the moment she closed the door behind her, she broke into tears and ran to her bed, burying her face in her pillow.After a few minutes of sobbing, she raised her tear-stricken face and glanced at Axel's bed next to hers.They are not an ordinary couple; they have a separate bed because her husband insisted that he couldn't sleep on it with other people. She accepted his reason with a
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3: Cry A River
"So you already found out?" Axel spoke calmly as he left the bed and picked up his clothes.Sherry went back to her bed and donned her clothes. She looked at him. "You are cheating on me! Since when? Answer me!" She yelled, her body trembling in anger.Axel sighed. He is now faced with the full wrath of his wife. "Meghan is my girlfriend, the love of my life. I have to give her up because they want me to marry you. This is what I get for being a good son," he said calmly. His tone was filled with anguish, sadness, and regret.Sherry swallowed the lump in her throat. The pain she saw in her husband's eyes mirrored the pain that she felt the moment she discovered his infidelity."But you are already married to me. You are a married man! You can no longer continue your relationship with her!" she said exasperatedly, continuing to throw valid arguments at him.Axel shook his head sadly. "I know. But until now, she's still the one I love. Until now, my heart still beats for her and I can't
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4: Sadder Than Hell!
The following day, Axel was already up and about, having already taken his shower, eaten his breakfast, and donned his office attire for the day. He looked at his wife, still asleep beneath the covers.When he was ready to go, he was debating whether to wake up his wife or not. Is she okay? She has been crying the whole night.He went to bed and touched her arms lightly. "Hon, I'm going to my office," he said softly.Sherry stirred in her sleep and opened her eyes. "W...what?" she asked in a sleepy voice."I'm going to my office," Axel repeated. "Instruct the maid to transfer my clothes and stuff into the guest room. And don't forget to eat breakfast; you look awful.""I don't want to eat breakfast. I want to die!" She murmured and closed her eyes again.Axel sighed, shaking his head. It's the first time that he has seen his wife look so down and beaten. She's clearly in a state of depression and ironically, he was the one responsible for her current situation. He felt a prick of cons
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5: Worse Than Yesterday
*Prime Green Business Headquarters*During lunch break, Axel left the 30-story Prime Green building, their family-owned business headquarters, to meet his best friend in the restaurant, two blocks from his location. Instead of using his car, he walked and reached the restaurant in minutes.He found his friend, Jason, sitting on the table in the corner, far away from the rest of the patrons of the restaurant.Jason waved at him and said, "Let's go upstairs, I have a reservation there.""OK." Axel followed his friend to the second floor.The cheerful waiter accompanied them to their private room.They settled on the couch, facing each other.Jason studied his friend's face closely. "How are you today, bro?" he asked.Axel sighed deeply. "Worse than yesterday, bro.""Why is that?" Jason raised a brow. "Let me guess, your wife didn't want to sign the divorce paper, am I right?"Axel nodded his head in confirmation. "You are right. She told me that I had to kill her first. She will never s
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6: See The Sun Again!
The following day, Sherry was still sleeping when Axel entered the master's bedroom to check on her. He was deeply bothered that his wife was looking miserable last night and he has to see her this morning to see if she is okay.He went to the bed and observed Sherry's breathing. Thanks to God, it's normal and although her long, messy hair was plastered all over her face, she looks fine.He no longer tried waking her up; instead, he grabbed the blanket and draped it over his wife's body. "I'm going to work. Take care of yourself," he said softly.He walked to the door and exited the room.Sherry, who was already awake during those times, opened her eyes and looked at the door. Fresh tears trickled from her eyes. She's tired of crying, so she got up from bed and went to the bathroom to start her day.When she finished in the bathroom, she went to the closet and donned a cotton top and shorts.There was a soft knock on the door."Ma'am, breakfast is ready. Should I bring food here?" Mae
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7: Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
The next day, Axel arrived home at 5:00 in the morning and went straight to the guest room.The sun isn't yet on the horizon but Sherry was already awake and heard the footsteps in the hallway. She knew it was her husband coming home early in the morning and he was spending the whole night with his mistress.She bit her lower lip as she felt the stab of pain piercing through her heart. Tears swarmed her eyes. She went to the bathroom and splashed water on her face.Today she will cry no more!She went back to bed and tried to go back to sleep again. But no matter how hard she tried, she could no longer go back to sleep. She grabbed her tablet from the side table and began browsing the net, looking for something interesting to occupy her mind.She watched a two-hour film about family drama, romance, and betrayal.The sun was already up in the sky and she had a sudden need to drink coffee. She got up from the bed, went to the table and made herself a cup of espresso coffee using the cof
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8: What Is Your Decision?
Sherry arrived at the MGM Agency and was able to talk to one of the agents after five minutes of waiting."What can our agency do for you, Madam?" A clean-shaven guy in his 40s asked Sherry inside a room."Um, I want to know the address of my husband's mistress. Her name is Meghan but I don't know her family name or her address," Sherry explained."No problem, Madam. As long as we know your husband's name and where he is working right now, and you can provide us with his photo, we can follow him 24/7 and locate the address of his mistress. You just gave us all the correct information, and we will give you the best result in the soonest possible time," the guy said."OK. Can you guarantee me that it will be discreet and that my husband will never know that you are following him?" Sherry asked apprehensively."Yes, Madam. That's what we do best; we have been in this business for 50 years, helping people find answers to their questions in a discreet way. We value your trust, Madam. Rest
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9: I'm Feeling Hot!
He cleared his throat. "Let's behave the normal way, just like before. Let's talk about divorce after the wedding anniversary. Tell the maid to put my clothes and stuff back here," he ordered, and he left the room.Sherry sobbed silently. She felt sad that her husband still wanted to continue with the divorce. She was actually hoping that he would abort the issue that caused her so much pain but she was wrong.He still wants to be with Meghan in the end.So be it!She left the room and went to the guest room to get her husband's things and put them back in the master's bedroom. When she arrived there, Mae was already placing Axel's things on the bed."Ma'am, Sir Axel instructed me to put his things back in the master's bedroom," Mae said, folding the clothes."No problem. I'll help you," Sherry said."No need, ma'am, I can do it," Mae said, putting the toiletries in the plastic basket."Um, Mae, regarding the divorce, you are the only one who knows about it. Until now, I haven't signe
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10: Don't You Dare!
The next day, Sherry's body was aching, especially her crotch area. Axel pounded her core like there was no tomorrow.She smirked; her plan worked despite the soreness she's feeling right now. When Axel stirred in his sleep and opened his eyes, their eyes met. "Good morning, hon," she greeted him cheerfully.Axel nodded his head, rubbed his eyes, and got off the bed. Then he looked at her. "What happened last night won't change anything. The divorce will continue," he said, going to the bathroom.Sherry bit her lower lip in sadness. She was hurt because she expected that what happened last night meant something to him. Their sex was incredible! It was one of the best sex they ever had during their two-year marriage—five rounds of hot lovemaking—and she was over the moon.Sigh...It doesn't matter what he says to her; as long as she gets pregnant, the rest doesn't matter anymore.She continued lying on the bed, facing the wall, li
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