Falling for Alpha Luther surrogate

Falling for Alpha Luther surrogate

By:  Marizgold   Ongoing
Language: English
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Falling in love with the surrogate of my worst enemy could be destined by the moon goddess, but is overthrowing him and becoming the Alpha of his pack also destined? 

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Rachel Kuyet
...... nice work
2023-09-05 18:26:48
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IJanusu Margimari
woooo. the suspense is thrilling.
2023-09-05 17:54:01
50 Chapters
Chapter 1.
MELISSA'S POVI woke up abruptly at the sound of angry voices from behind my door. For a while, I tried to figure out where the noise was coming from, when it dawned on me– Alpha Luther and his mate Luna Dahlia The exchange of words wasn't a new thing to me, it was like a routine to me. Sometimes, I'd prefer they argue, that way I'm certain that none had slitted the other's throat. My eyelids still felt heavy with sleep but with the angry voices that flooded through the thick walls, made the atmosphere tight with tension.I reached for my royal blue silky nightgown at the other side of the bed and slipped into it. My heart tightened and my hands went cold, “what could be the problem this time?” I sucked in a breath and quietly got out of the bed, careful enough not to make the least sound. Maybe it was fear of being tortured by Luna Dahlia, her hatred towards me was understandable. After her mate Alpha Luther had taken me as his surrogate, she had been on the edge.I tiptoed towards
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Chapter 2
BENEDICT'S POVI coursed through the forest, using the light of the moon as a guide. Luther's men were closing in on me and I was too weak to fight back, I had to resort to the best weapon– my legs.They were everywhere in the air and it would be almost impossible to bypass them not in my weakened state, knowing the guards were under the decree of Alpha Luther, they wouldn't stop not until they captured me.I scanned the forest as I ran, frantically looking for a place I could shift. My wolf Perry had fought tirelessly. I needed to give him a break.I groaned as I felt a sharp pain at the back of my shoulders. I staggered as my vision blurred, "Shit…son of a bitch!" I cursed, as my legs suddenly became stiff.The effect of whatever they had shot into me was slowly wearing me out. It wasn't Wolf bane which had the potency to make my senses go haywire for a good five minutes.I reached for my back and touched the arrow that was embedded into my muscles. I growled angrily and turned arou
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Chapter 3
MELISSA'S POVThe air was cold and moist, filling my skin with goosebumps as I sat at the pack royal garden exclusive to only the pack's blue blood. Luna Dahlia would rather dine with the Omega than see me here.I walked out of the garden towards the hallway. The ruckus coming from the entrance of the throne room caught my attention and against my will, I started towards the–"You shouldn't be here," Alpha Luther gritted. His eyebrow furrowed with what seemed like anger when he saw me. My gaze fell on the reason for the commotion– I inched closer to get a clearer glimpse. He was tall… a few inches taller than Alpha Luther, disheveled brown curly hair that needed urgent attention– thanks to how the guards handled him. He was bound with a steel chain that clung around his wrist and ankle, I feared they were too tight they might break his skin.His clothes were tattered, they exposed scars and a tattoo that coursed from his biceps to the side of the neck. My stomach twisted at the sigh
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Chapter 4
LUTHER'S POVThe way he looked at her. Hell, the way they looked at each other unnerved me greatly. Did she really think I'd not notice? My eyes were fixed on him as I fought the urge to rip out his freaking bones and feed it to him. He wouldn't dare…"You may leave now," I forced a smile. I would have her head if she does anything sneaky. She bowed curtly, squared her shoulders and walked away without looking back. Jealousy enveloped me as I watched her disappear round the large hallway. Melisa wasn't just a surrogate, she lit me in ways I couldn't explain. Her smile, her teal eyes that were perfectly etched on her face, jet black curly hair that dropped to her waist.I had resisted the urge ramming her to the bedpost and sucking off the juice in her slit because of my pup– I'd go nuts if anything happened to my pup. And out of the blues some wreck of a man who thought of himself like a god thinks he could come and take what's mine?The council had passed the verdict to take place
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Chapter 5
BENEDICT'S POVMaybe it was luck. Maybe fate or the moon goddess still had use for me– I'd never believed I was a threat to anyone let alone the Moomicrant not till they misused the power their position held, oppressing the people at any given opportunity.I'd barely escaped death by a cat's whiskers but it was barely enough to come up with a plan– I'd never thought to have. Not until…her. As I sat in the dungeon they had thrown me into, awaiting the death penalty, my mind flooded with thoughts of her. The paleness in her eyes, the way she scrunched her nose and stiffened her shoulders when he pulled her close said one thing– she didn't want to be there.While I sat by the corner of the dark room. All I could think of was her– she was the most beautiful creature I'd set eyes on. I could deny the anger that welled by a good degree when I noticed the bulge–You barely know her.I tried to shove aside the thought but the more I did the more it nipped at my nerves. Just one moment with h
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Chapter 6
MELISSA'S POV. I jerked up at the sound of rattling echoes. I Inched towards the window with sleepy eyes, and poked my head through the draped curtain to see the cause of the commotion.I gasped in utmost shock the moment I caught sight of the fellow, been led towards the Moomicrant gate bound with heavy chains. A pang of trepidation enveloped my entire being causing goosebumps, jerk from my…,”weasel wimp! Common now— loser! Fight all you can” a masculine voice yelled I reached out for my terry night-robe and slipped into it, scurried towards the Terrace of my chamber to get a land scape view. My chest tightened, I clamped my mouth as I struggled to breath, life crawled out of me, watch how the stranger from yesterday lunged with steel chains on his wrist and ankle, pools of blood swaddled him, his skin deformed by seconds, he ran like a wild beast.“Wolf bane!” was all my heavy heart could think of. I sank hopelessly on the floor surrendering to the momentary pain that engulf
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Chapter 7
BENEDICT'S POVI roared, the excitement in my heart knew no bound. My body was free from all bruises I’d gotten in the past. Perry growled in my head, while struggling to break lose. He burst out rashly, and coursed franticly through the dense coarse forest. The sky was aglow while setting towards the west, the sunset sank into the earth perfectly with a blaze of gorgeous pink and gold. The glistening waters trickled gently and carefree through the valley, accompanied with the sound of bird thrills and the buzzing of bees. The budding scent of oak tree nudged him faster into the forest. The crunch of leaves underneath his claws, the wind whistling through the trees. Was a sign that his freedom had come to stay. “ROARRRR!!”Perry roared loudly. The earth shook. The trees rustled. The birds took to flight in fright "Tabular rasa!———— New beginning!" I shifted back to my human form against the will of Perry, who still wanted to explore the dense forest. Going back to the Moomicr
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Chapter 8
Alpha Luther's POV "Shit!!" I muttered while I observed the liquid substance that rolled from my head down to my face. My heart boiled in anger, while my wolf "Zuka" snarled inside my head angrily. Nobody dared to humiliate me! Alpha Luther this way…Melisa, she has crossed her boundaries and would pay with her life for this. I would cause her to beg for death,but wouldn't find it.I would make her a living shadow. Her morning would be dark and her night full of pain. Raving anger tore at the very core of my being while I struggled to keep my stance… I swear to the goddess I would kill her the very moment my gaze met her's. I slowly lifted my head up and met her teary grey eyes. Her mouth was curled up to the left while her face screamed of fear. The uncanny beauty that enveloped her figure even in this state of fear pacified my raging anger. My wolf Zuka became calm at the instance and began to crave her scent, and the feel of her body. I lost my mind at the sight of her
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Chapter 9
"Bammmmmmmmm!!!" I hit the table in front of me hard. "Who the F**k did you call a useless bitch? I charged angrily at him. Zuka became enraged causing him to stay restless. I covered the distance between me and Xavier, Grabbed him by the neck and raised him up. I glared at him with a scowl. My eyes darkened with anger and an insatiable urge to rip his heart out of his rib cage "Don't you ever!…. In your miserable life, call Melisa a useless bitch. I said between gritted teeth and snarled at him. "She carries the next Alpha to this park. He has more worth than your entire generation would. Don't dare test me again!" anger etched in my voice I released my hands from his grip, allowing him to drop hard to the ground."All of you" I bellowed while my gaze scanned through their frightened faces. "Learn to stay off! Silent !!!! The clicking sound of my foot was the only thing heard as I stormed out of the hall angrily. ************************ Melisa's POV I shuddered while
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Chapter 10
Luther's POV "Melisa!!" I growled, stamping my foot hard against the marble floor, on the passageway to her chamber. The words of Xavier pained me greatly, only if they could read my heart, they'd be more careful with their use of words. I halted, turned around to look at Larsen who stood frozen at the spot. " Get me Melisa, now!?" I muttered in a low growl, my eyes darkened with rage. He trembled nervously at the look of my face and scurried away. I yanked on my table angrily the moment I got to my office. My human form craved her sight and the bulge she had on her tummy, my wolf Zuka wanted to inhale her scent and lick deep into her.Larsen was beginning to take forever to get her, the scowl on my face tightened. I wasn't one to have patience in things like this. I paced around restlessly trying to calm my wolf who was going over the edge"Herk!! I screamed the moment I exhausted my patience. I stormed out of my office heading towards Melissa's room. My anger palpled,
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