Eternity In A Second

Eternity In A Second

By:  Maze  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ellie Reigns is the only child of her father, a notorious Mafia Boss. She was raised under a roof of strict rules and regulations. She is his prized possession, his precious rose. When Ellie’s mother gave birth to her, something tragic happened: she died minutes later, not even getting the chance to hold her child in her arms. Ellie is now 19 years old, yet her father keeps her hidden from the world, afraid that he would lose her as he did her mother. Because of this, she has zero experience with love. She is deprived of the normalcy of a teenager. A day came when Ellie got sick of being locked away from the outside world, and that was when she met Dexter Mill. He is known as a bad boy and a player, but to Ellie, he becomes known as the guy that took her breath away; the one that raised goosebumps on her skin. Dexter becomes known to her as the boy with mesmerizing eyes. Maybe it was love at first sight, but it only took a second for Ellie to see eternity in those green eyes of his.

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4 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Ellie, I am not going to let you work over there!” My dad’s voice booms in the house. He looks more than ready to argue, and I am not backing down either. We are in the living room and he is sitting on the couch with his laptop on his lap. “It is just a job at a coffee shop, dad! I can’t be a kid forever, I am 19 years old!” I argue back, and he scoffs. “So you think you are all grown, huh? Why do you even want to work? I have provided everything you need, you have more than enough for you and generations to come. Why do you want to be a slave in a coffee shop?” He closes his laptop and turns his full attention to me as he makes his point. “A slave?” It’s my turn to scoff. Is he being serious right now? “You know what a slave is? A slave is being under the rule of your mafia father and not being able to be a normal teenager, that’s slavery!” I yell at him and he stands on his feet, causing the laptop that was on his lap to fall to the floor with a thud. “Ellie, don’t you dare ta
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Chapter 2
“You mean right now?” I ask her, and she nods. Selena drags her body from the bed and stands to her feet. “Why are you still laying down, let’s get ready!” She tells me and I take my phone and place it in my pocket. I then stand to my feet and wait for her to tell me how the hell we are going to escape this prison that I call my house. I have tried multiple times to sneak out, but to be honest, they were all epic fails. I was always caught and didn’t even make it to the front gate. So I am beyond intrigued by how Selena is going to get us out. “So what’s the plan?” “It’s quite simple. You and I are going to go downstairs and I am going to tell your father that I’m going home and I would like you to walk me to the front gate,” Her plan causes me to frown. That is a crappy plan! “That won’t work, Selena. Your plan is crap.” I tell her. If anything, she does not seem offended but seems more motivated. “You want to bet that it would work?” She asks and a smile creeps to my face. To
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Chapter 3
I have always seen this coffee shop from the outside, but I have not really entered it before.It is quite beautiful and homey.It is evening hours and the sun will soon be setting. Customers are scattered around tables in the place, but it is not full.Coffee shops are usually full in the morning hours or noon. At least that is what Selena has told me.“Do you think she would be here?” I ask Selena and she scoffs lightly.I am referring to her aunt that owns the place.“Kendall is always here, where else would she be?” She replies to me.She leads me to the counter and then asks a thin blonde guy that works as the cashier.“Hey, Steve. Where’s Kendall?” She asks him and the boy stares at me.“Wow, who is she?” He avoid Selena’s question and asks.“I have not seen her around here, is she new in town?” He continues to ask and Selena rolls her eyes.“Steve, you creep, leave my friend alo
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Chapter 4
The force of his physical assault throws me off my feet and I fall backwards onto the floor.My jaw seems to have a burning sensation from where he hit me and I can not stop the tears from flowing out of my eyes.“I—Ellie, I’m so sorry.” My dad looks devastated that he slapped me. He tries to reach out to me to help me from the floor, but I flinch.I am breathing heavily and I am too shocked to even speak.He has never hit me before, in all my nineteen years, we have only yelled at each other and argued, but it has never come to physical assault.I sniffle as I get off the floor and I run to my room.“Ellie, I’m sorry!” I hear him say loudly but I ignore him.When I reach my room, I enter and I lock the door once I am in. Instead of going to my bed, I slide to the floor with my back pressed against my white door.I begin to cry bitterly and the emotional pain that I feel is too overwhelming.The light i
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