Escaping The World: Lost in Book (book 1)

Escaping The World: Lost in Book (book 1)

By:  Freya.ggirl  Ongoing
Language: English
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Danika has the perfect life. Perfect family. Perfect friends. Perfect grades. Perfect mate. Perfect, right? No. She has a few secrets she hasn’t admitted. Secrets like Hadley Robertson. So how does she escape this? Reading. And Hadley… he has a few secrets of his own too.

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27 Chapters
Aidan I cannot take it anymore. Sitting in Physics and my mind keeps racing. No matter how much I try to pay attention to Mrs Kingsley and her speech on intermolecular forces, I just can't do it. My mind keeps fixating on the biggest problem in my life… will my dad walk away from his illness in this life or the next? "Dude are you okay?" Jared leans over to check in, Maybe it's because I’m radiating stress or maybe it's because I’m tapping foot and seesawing my pen like crazy. "Ja, I'm fine." I reply with out tearing my eyes from the clock. 40 more minutes. 40 minutes. Just 40 more… I soot my hand up. "Mrs Kingsley can I please go get some fresh air."Mrs Kingsley turns from the board and looks at me with understanding."Sure hun. Take all the time you need." I grabs my bag, run out of the classroom, down the empty hall and burst out of the doors leading to the front steps. Without thinking I dig in my bag and grab t
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Danika"Danika! Pay attention!" Mr Saunders shouts while I'm staring out the Maths classroom window. "Maybe if you paid attention your marks would be better." He scolds me with a smug look on his face. I hate this man. He just grates my tits. The whole class starts whispering and getting ready for a brawl. "Better than my 93% year average, Mr Saunders?" He ask sarcastically. Everyone is oooing at that. "Miss Giovanni, I will not tolerate back talk in my class! I think you should go and cool off outside for a while, think about why what you did was wrong." He stares me down and opens the door. I gladly pick up my stuff and walk out. "Maybe in that time you will have thought about why your answer on the board was wrong? It's 3 not 79. Brackets first." I say sweetly before walking out the door. Mr Saunders slams the door shut and it hits me on my backside. If only we could have another maths teacher but in such a small town there aren't many options f
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"Trynna Escape the world too?" Such an arbitrary thing to say and yet it just tumbled out of my mouth. His chocolate brown eyes latch onto mine and he refuses to let go. It’s almost as if he’s searching for something in my eyes. Then just as suddenly as he latched on, he looks away. He takes a deep breath and runs his hand though his hair while raising the bottle in defeat. "Something like that. And you?" He doesn’t look me in the eye as he speaks. "Something like that." I repeat. "However, I find it best not too run to the bottom of a bottle." This is not my place, let it go! But he’s the one to keep it going this time. "And I find it best not to chain myself to someone else's world." He retorts. "Fair enough." I say and carry on with my reading, twirling my pencil in my fingers until I need it. I thought that would be the end of this strange encounter but Aidan had other plans. He stared down at my book.
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"Hey Deej! Wait up." Addilyn runs down the hall and tackles me in a hug. "Hey Addy." I squeeze her back. Addilyn is my girl bestfriend. We've been friends since the beginning of high school. She befriended me the moment I set foot on campus and, well, the rest is history. She laces her arm through mine as we walk to chemistry together. "There's a rumour going round that Mr Saunders kicked you out of maths class and you went to the gardens to fuck Aidan Gabriels." She says in a sly voice. I can't help the laugh that escapes my lips. "HA! Who on earth told you that?" But before she can answer, the rest of the group emerges from wherever they were and join us in our walk to Chemistry."Deej, someone said you fucked Aidan Gabriels, is it true." Dominic asked. "You fucked him? I heard it was just over the clothes stuff." Ben piped up."Leave the poor girl alone. She can do what she wants with wh
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Aidan I sit patiently in the library for the girl from the gardens and hope she arrives. I have no idea what happened back there. What she read, it touched me. It was like no drug I have ever had and I want more. There was something about her too. She was mysterious and cunning but not in a bad way. The kind of person I didn't feel weird crying in front of. Why did I cry? That's not like me. I keep glancing from the door to the clock, hoping and praying she'll come. I catch her sweet voice laughing in the corridor. As she rounds the corner her head is tipped back and her gorgeous lips parted in a huge smile as she laughs. She waves goodbye to whoever she's talking too and enters the room. Even in this light she is stunning. Her golden tanned skin glows in the dingy library lights. Her light brown hair with sun kissed streaks and one pink strip is pulled into a braid and I want nothing more than to just know her name. I lock onto her navy blue eyes.
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We sat for 2 hours in the library just talking about books and music and the world before Mrs Watson's soft voice went through the intercom to tell us the library was closing. "Thank you." Aidan says while we walk out with his ‘to read’ pile. "It was fun." I say as we walk down the dead halls to the parking. "Thanks for the fun afternoon. Enjoy your evening." I say politely as I begin the short walk home. Aidan grabs my arm and spins me around. "Would you like to go on a date sometime?" He asks… nervously? Is Aiden Gabriels nervous to ask me on a date? Me? A no one rouge? No, I do not want to go on a date with the biggest man whore in the school. I just shake my head at him with an amused look on my face. "Thanks but no." I pull out of his grip and walk towards the gate leaving a stunned Alphas son behind me. It doesn't take him long to shake the shock off and catch up to me."What? Why not? We
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'It never fades away, it's staying Your kiss like broken glass on my skinAnd all the greatest loves end in violenceIt's tearing up my voice, left in silence'A knock at the door interrupts my slow dance with my dad. He twirls me and sends me giggling to the door. There's another hard knock. "I'm coming, I'm coming. Keep your knickers on." I shout and open the door. My gigglely state is replaced by shock. "Aidan? What are you doing here?" "Danika Giovanni." He says. "Who's at the door, hun?" My dad shouts. Aidan looks past me and into the house. A growl escaping his lips. What was that? "Just a friend from school dad." I say and pull the door closed behind me. I pull Aidan back down the driveway and back to his car. "Why are you here Aidan? How do you know where I live?" I cross my arms over my chest against the cold. He steps so close to me. "Because, Danika Giovanni, you owe m
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"Ice cream after the game?" Jared shouts as he runs and swipes past me."Always!" I shout back as he makes his way out to the field. Jared and I have an after game ritual of ice cream. It all started after he lost his 1st match in 10th grade and was really bummed about it so I took him for ice cream to cheer him up. The team then went through a bad batch and lost every game of the season so I took him for ice cream after every game. The next year, however, the won every game. After his 1st win, Jared took me out for ice cream to celebrate. This then became the tradition. If he lost, I would take him for ice cream and if he won, he would take me for ice cream. I was getting free ice cream tonight. The guys played so well. I was appointed manager because Ben couldn't handle that side of being captain. I love all the guys so I didn't mind much. All the guys left for the party Ben’s throwing and I couldn’t help taking a mo
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The party is packed when we arrive. Ben, being the captain, is hosting. Ben loves 2000/early 2010 music so Hey Mama is blasting when we arrived. We walk past all the people on his front lawn and into the back/party central. Jared kisses my cheek before breaking off into the crowd. It’s so dark and so many smells I don’t know who’s who so I grab a bottle off the drinks tabled and started dancing in the middle of the make shift dance floor. 'Rub him downBe a lady and a freak' I love this song. I dance my heart out. Someone comes up behind me and we start dancing together. His hands roamed up and down my side. I move my hips to the music against his every growing excitement. He turns me around and pulls me against his chest, his hands firmly on my hips. His scent hits me hard and I look up to find none other than Dominic Grey. Nick and I had a strange friendship. We always flirt with each other but nothing ever comes of it. To
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"It's automatic It's just what they do They say all good boys to heaven But bad boys bring heaven to you" I sing while placing my hair into a milkmaid braid with shaky hands in the bathroom. I’ve been on many dates and I was never nervous before them. Why am I nervous for this one?"What am I?" Nick shouts from my bedroom. We are both rouges by our parents default. Our parents are close friends and business partners and we live right next door from each other which means, more often than not, we are at each others houses. Especially when our parents are on business trips like now. "Bad boy all the way. But you are definitely going to heaven." I walk into the room and kiss him on the top of his head. He wraps his arms around my waist. Sitting on my bed, he is the perfect height to rest his head on my soft C cup boobs. I run my fingers through his hair. "Did I tell you how sorry I am about last night?" He mumbles from be
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