Distant Hearts

Distant Hearts

By:  Candor   Ongoing
Language: English
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Tatum meets Noah in this captivating tale of love and second chances. Her past keeps her captive in the confines of her regrets and dashed hopes. Then she meets Noah, the handsome doctor who makes her want to finally live for herself after all the heartbreak of the past. Would she be able to let go of her haunting past? Especially when a significant person from her past shows up and reminds her of all the pain.

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27 Chapters
Chapter 1
Four years agoTate There’s a picture frame in my hand. It’s my moms smiling face in the picture encased in the frame. Looking at her now, I realize how much the similarities between us are. A beautiful smile that displays neat white rows of teeth and that little chip at the bottom of the second incisor. I have one too. It isn’t hereditary though. My mom had hers from an accident when she was little and i got mine at 10 when I jumped too high on the bed and ended up face first in the headboard. Our chips are similar though. It’s uncanny how the creator decided to make sure we looked almost like twins. Her light, almost transparent brown eyes are another thing we have in common; the most similar thing actually. She was a very beautiful lady that had heads turn at every turn. “Was” because she died. Horrible twist of fate. I thought I’d have her till she meets my kids and that’s the problem. I had way too many happy wishes for us that it made it all harder to accept her death. I have
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Chapter 2
Four years agoNoahHeidi and I used to run every morning before I left for college but now, she’s in bad shape. That’s mostly due to the fact that she probably stopped running the moment I wasn’t around to push her again. She’s the last of all my siblings and also the sweetest. Heidi couldn’t hurt a fly but that doesn’t mean people won’t want to hurt her. Sadly, they’d most likely take her sweetness for naïveté and try to hurt her in unimaginable ways. I have two sisters, Heidi and Gwen. Gwen is the feisty one and as much as I also take her on runs like this, she can pretty much hold her own so I focus a lot more on Heidi. I won’t let anyone hurt her“Can we stop already?”, she asks, bending over her knees to get more air into her lungs“Come on, just ten more blocks” She groans“Let’s just take a break please”“No.. Now take five more breaths and let’s move on”. I continue jogging ahead without really waiting for her. She catches up and stays a few paces behind me. We reach a tur
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Chapter 3
Four years ago: Tate Carrito is fuming. She doesn’t like me. No that’s the understatement of the year, she actually hates me but unfortunately, I can’t pluck out her eyes and feed it to her since she’s Bridget’s only daughter and Nigel’s only sister. I sometimes wonder how they are siblings when they act nothing alike but then again, Nigel is adopted so that explains it. However, she’s Bridget’s copy. Both are bitches. “Oh, miss, Tatum is just helping me out here”, Nana replies sweetly. It’s a farce, she also hates the whiny bitch.“Well, I don’t see how she’s helping. What if she poisons the food!”Wonderful!“But miss-“. Nana actually looks affronted so I cut her off unless she might actually deck the little shite across the head. “It’s okay Nana, Carrito is just being paranoid… or is she”, I add the last part with a wicked glance in Carrito’s direction. She pales and stills then just as rapidly reddens“Did you just threaten to poison the food??”“No I didn’t, sweet girl”. I ste
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Chapter 4
Four years agoTateMy answer is honest. It’s a reflection of Nigel’s thoughts about me. He always tells me, he always tells me how beautiful I am. Never misses an opportunity to say it to me and everytime, he has wonder in his eyes when he says it . He smiles at my cocky tone then lays on the other side of the bed while I lay on his chest and trace his eyebrows. “How was college?”, I ask“It’s good. I wish I could be doing something else with my time though”That earns a chuckle from me“What? You don’t think the education is worth it?”He bites his lip in response. “No, I just wish you were there with me”My breath catches in my throat and I stare like an idiot at him. It’s him who chuckles this time. “Anyways, I’d be done very soon. Just a few more months. I’d round everything up as soon as possible so I won’t have to spend any more time than needed there. God knows I’ve spent too many years there already”I laugh. Nigel is five years older than me. I recently turned 19 and he’s
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Chapter 5
Four years agoNoahThe next day, I get off work late and manage to order dinner this time around. I finished everything at the office so I won’t have to work while home. Delivery doesn’t take a lot of time and I sigh in relief while moving to open the door. The knock sounds again followed by a feminine “Delivery for Noah ‘sugar’ Brooke”. I can almost hear the mocking smile in her voice and for once I wish Dorothy wasn’t always so extra.I swing the door open a little bit more forcefully than normal while grunting out a hesitant “That’d be me”I must have used a bit too-much force on the door because the girl jerks back in surprise and I still because I recognize her. It’s annoying that I still do after so many years but my memory is potent. She looks much different than before but at the same time, she looks like she hasn’t changed at all. She’s still a little lady, albeit with certain parts of her body more formed than her earlier, most likely teenage self and a certain maturity t
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Chapter 6
Four years agoTate“Jesus. Seriously Tate? All this time, have you seriously thought Nana knows nothing about us?”, he asks, surprising me.“Uhm..”, I try to come up with something to say but words elude me. The possibility that Nana knows about us has been a nagging thought in my mind for the longest time. But hearing him voice it makes me realize that she really has known all along. All the side comments, the knowing looks, oh my God, she knows!“Nana knows everything in this house. I don’t know how you possibly thought that she didn’t know. But don’t worry, she won’t tell on us”, he continues, trying again to pull me to him.“Yeah, but I still have to finish this”“Ugghhh”, he’s groaning now and it makes me smile till I hear him speak up again.“Oh hey chica”, he shoots down from the counter and goes towards Nana- I didn’t see her come in- then circles his arm around her shoulders and leads her towards the fridge.“What is it now boy?”, Nana asks, trying to sound exasperated. It
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Chapter 7
Four years agoTatum Nigel always saw me as a child and a little sister when I was already so obviously in love with him. We didn’t talk again because he went back to college and I didn’t see him for a while. Those were my most depressing days. I was so hurt and felt so insignificant. If I wasn’t important enough to someone who I’d know since I was a baby, then I was probably not too important to anyone else. I could’ve never gotten over my feelings for him but I was beginning to accept my fate until he came back from college one Christmas. I had just turned seventeen then and hadn’t seen him for more than a year, he didn’t come back home after the incident so when I saw him, I was not only surprised but my feelings came rushing back like a hurricane. He was there and he was looking as beautiful as I remembered. He got me a gift for Christmas and one to wish me a happy birthday since he hadn’t come back that year for my birthday but wanted to wish me anyways. I thought we were fina
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Chapter 8
Present Noah“Hi”, Tatum greets unenthusiastically. She knows how to hold a grudge. I give my attention to her and she looks away immediately. Dorothy doesn’t notice though, she turns back to me to ask what I’d like to order.“What would you recommend?”, I ask, turning in Tatums direction. It’s obvious she’s been paying attention to my conversation with Dorothy because she instantly knows I was referring to her.“Me?”, she asks, turning to face me with a stunned expression“You’re the chef, what would you recommended?”. Dorothy turns to face her with a smile, probably also anticipating her recommendations“For breakfast? Uhm, you’d feel better if you consume a light meal so I’d recommend croissant sandwich with mushrooms and Brie. That way, you eat light enough to keep you active for the day but filling enough to keep hunger at bay. Coffee which would be served with the meal would soothe your body and make you alert”, she ends with a smile that seems genuine even if it’s me she’s ta
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Chapter 9
Four years ago TatumBridget summoned me to her office. Battle Bridget summoned me to her office . If that doesn’t spell disaster, I wonder what does. She’s hardly ever asked for me in the past but the few times she did, it was always for something bad I did. Getting into a fight with another kid on the manor, causing trouble, scoring the fence. I always got a good scolding for my actions but the last time Bridget summoned me, I was thirteen, young, stupid and on the cusp of pubertal craziness. Now however, I’m nineteen, almost a fully grown woman with a full brain to know when to walk out from a battle and put a lid on my stupid anger issues. I get to the door of her office and raise a fist to knock, frozen for a second by the torrent of questions that barrel through me, then taking a deep breath and finally knocking. “Come in”, her chilling voice calls from within. I don’t hesitate, I walk in and shut the door behind me. I’m about to open my mouth to ask why I was called when sh
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Chapter 10
Four years ago Tatum The picture in my hand almost makes me hyperventilate. I’m sitting on a swing and Nigel is behind me, smiling down at me as he holds on to the swing, preparing to give me another push. I’m smiling so hard while looking at him so my entire face doesn’t show but anyone who’s seen me before would immediately recognize me. Still, not enough evidence. The pictures keep getting worse though because in this next one, I can’t comfort myself with the “no evidence” thought anymore. We’re both lying on a sheet on the grass, with me lying flush on my back and Nigel’s head on my breast while he holds onto my waist, enjoying the feel of my hands caressing his hair. The picture was taken from above us on a day we’d gone for a picnic a month ago. There was a drone that was hovering about the park for some minutes, I remember smiling at the drone, happy about it, and when it hovered over Nigel and me, I had smiled at it because I thought nothing was amiss. Bloody idiot. If only
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