Destined by One Night: The CEO's Pursuit

Destined by One Night: The CEO's Pursuit

By:  Lana Mora  Updated just now
Language: English
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He is a ruthless CEO, known for his cruelty and bloodlust. She is a lost heiress, a young lady from a prominent family. Seven years ago, she was trapped in a schemed one-night stand with him. Now, she emerges as a stunning figure with triplets, vowing to exact tenfold revenge upon those who framed her. Just when she decides to make a clean break, a mysterious man appears and cages her in his embrace. With a devilish grin, he whispers, "My dear, with my children, you cannot escape my grasp even if you run to the ends of the earth!" Ms. White sneers, "I don't want a man who throws himself at me." One of her children cunningly smirks, "Mommy, it's better not to challenge Daddy anymore, your skills are still too shallow."

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Chapter 1
In a presidential suite in Fiesta Hotel. It was very dark."It hurts! It hurts so much!"Marilyn Chambers wondered if she was dreaming and why her body was so painful.She didn't know what happened to her."It'll be fine in a while. Hang in there." A man's voice came near her ear. It was low and with somewhat suppressed pain.Marilyn groaned in discomfort.The room was so dark that the man couldn't see Marilyn's face clearly, but he could smell her sweetness.After a long while, the man finally stopped and let out a deep breath.That man looked at Marilyn who had fainted beside him. His vision began to blur and he fainted too.When Marilyn opened her eyes again, it was as if her entire body had been crushed. She felt pain all over.She sat up slowly and wondered where she was.She remembered that she came to the fifth floor to get some files for Sandra Chambers."Hello? What is the room number? Where should I go?"Room 503. Okay, I got it."After she hung up, she found that she was at
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Chapter 2
Seven years later.Fielddell Airport.There was a six-year-old boy in a white T-shirt and blue jeans, with a pair of sunglasses on his handsome little face. His pink lips were slightly pursed.The little boy was protected by a group of bodyguards. He walked out of the airport exit. Behind him was a beautiful woman in a black dress. Her wavy hair was simple but fashionable. She carefully protected the little boy."Look, he is here. It's the famous child star, Arturo Chapman.""He is so cool!""Even the way he walks is cool!"Arturo's fans kept screaming.At the exit of the airport, a lot of people were taking photos of Arturo with their phones.Arturo, the child star who had recently become famous throughout the country, was only six years old, but he was very well-known.He smiled at his fans around him and thanked them warmly before getting in a black van.With no more of the noise outside, Arturo quickly took out his phone and dialed a phone number with his thin fingers.One, two, A
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Chapter 3
Marilyn wanted to leave. She still had things to do, but the nurse asked her to pay attention to the man's state. She saved him, so she couldn't leave until the man's family came.Marilyn waited and fell asleep on the bed.Malcolm opened his eyes slightly on the bed. He looked around with his deep eyes and discovered that he was in the hospital.Suddenly, his phone rang, and the ringtone let out.When Malcolm heard the noisy sound, he knitted his sharp browns in a bad mood.Marilyn heard the familiar ringtone and took out the phone from the backpack on her knees. She answered the phone without looking up."Arturo." She just woke up, so her voice sounded a little hoarse."Mom, it's Laverne." His daughter's displeased voice came from the phone."Laverne, what's wrong?" Marilyn sobered up a little."We're here. Laverne, don't worry." Marilyn listened to her daughter's words and softly hummed.After hanging up the phone, Marilyn felt that her arms were numb and stretched herself. When she
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Chapter 4
After a while, Malcolm withdrew his gaze and walked over elegantly.Sitting in the car, he leaned back in his seat. He slightly narrowed his eyes and frowned in pain.He put both hands on his lap, and the wound on his forehead still hurt!But it was not as painful as the pain in his heart.Julian started the car and glanced at Malcolm through the rearview mirror.He was puzzled. He had not seen such a painful expression on Malcolm's face for a long time.Malcolm, who had always been cold and arrogant, exuded an innate noble and elegant temperament.It was said that Malcolm was ruthless and decisive! It was true.If it weren't for their many years of friendship, Julian wouldn't have sat in the same car as him. Few people could stand his powerful pressure.Julian dared not to say a word and quietly drove.After a long time, Malcolm calmed himself down and slowly said, "Julian, her name is Lynn."When Julian heard this, his hand that was holding the steering wheel trembled slightly!He k
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Chapter 5
It was crowded inside, and many reporters were surrounding the handsome little boy who was playing the piano on the stage. They were taking photos of him.And it was a nationwide broadcast today!Arturo had recently become a famous genius and received the attention of the entire country.Marilyn looked at her son with a smile.Arturo was dressed formally today. He wore a small black suit with a bow. His hair was slightly fluffy and he looked even more handsome and elegant when playing the piano.She had three children, Dominic Chapman, Arturo Chapman, and Laverne Chapman. They brought her endless good luck.She raised the three children without a husband. Most girls couldn't stand it and were even more afraid of gossip, so they would choose to send the children away.When she was pregnant, she was also afraid.But it was only for a moment. She had no family, and she didn't even have many friends.The children in her belly had become her only hope and family, so she chose to keep the c
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Chapter 6
Malcolm raised his head.But he only saw the host on TV.He casually glanced at it and withdrew his gaze.Seeing Arturo's profile, Malcolm didn't think too much.He suddenly thought of the schedule for tomorrow. He asked, "The design director from the branch will be here tomorrow, right?"Julian smiled and said, "Malcolm, yes. This design director entered the branch company of the Lowe Group three years ago. She has been promoted to the design director of the branch company with her unique design within three years. She's quite excellent. She will help you a lot after she takes over Hannah's job."Malcolm nodded with no expression on his face.The Lowe Group ran various industries.But Malcolm had always been obsessed with the design industry.A warm scene suddenly crossed his mind."Lynn, what do you want to do when you grow up?""Malcolm, is my princess dress beautiful?" Carolyn stood up and spun around with a sweet smile in front of Malcolm. Her beautiful princess dress fluttered u
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Chapter 7
Marilyn stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window for a long time until her calf was bloated.Only then did she turn around and walk towards her suitcase.She opened the suitcase and hung the clothes in the closet.Marilyn liked dresses the most!All of them were designed on her own for herself.They were in the style she liked.After putting all the clothes into the closet, she put her daily necessities into the bathroom.She prepared the clothes for the next morning after everything was done.After taking a bath, she dried her hair. She got on the big bed which was covered with a pink bed sheet. She smiled since she liked its color.She picked up her cellphone on the bedside table.Unlocking the phone, she saw Roland's message.Roland sent a voice message. "Lynn, I will stay in the Fielddell branch of my company for a month. Let's have dinner together after work tomorrow."Marilyn smiled and replied to him."Roland, okay! I don't have any friends here. But why do you stay here f
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Chapter 8
"Mr. Bowman, don't go too far. I'll be the wife of the president of the Lowe Group." Velma glared at Sergio angrily. She wasn't gentle anymore and looked at Mr. Bowman arrogantly.The former secretary never dared to block her way. But ever since Sergio became the secretary, he had repeatedly stopped her from seeing Malcolm.Marilyn was surprised. She thought, "She's Malcolm's fiancée?"Sergio narrowed his sharp eyes and said clearly, "Miss Remington, I said that you can also talk to me like this when you become the wife of the wife of the president of the Lowe Group. It's almost time for the meeting. Please come after the meeting if you want to see Mr. Lowe.""Sergio, let's wait and see. When I see Malcolm, I'll tell him that you...""What are you arguing about?"Behind Marilyn, an emotionless voice was cold enough to freeze people.Marilyn couldn't help turning to look behind her. She was stunned.He was the cool man that she had saved yesterday.She remembered that and he hadn't eve
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Chapter 9
The meeting used to be boring, but now under her wonderful description, everyone's attention was attracted by her clear and melodious voice.Finally, Marilyn finished her presentation amid warm applause.Malcolm narrowed his eyes as he looked at Marilyn. He began to admire her because she was one in a million.To be able to become the design director within three years, she really did a good job.Only those talented people who got fairly good at designing and really put a lot of thought into it could draw out such exquisite costumes.His tone was indifferent, "Everyone, take a look at these designs. Do you have any opinions? I have to say I am very satisfied."Malcolm had always been scrupulous in separating public from private interests, and he was very serious about his work.His words meant he believed in Marilyn's ability.Marilyn smiled excitedly. She stayed up all night to draw and design. Now it appeared her efforts have paid off.Everyone shook their heads. They had no objecti
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Chapter 10
Sergio walked into the office and meaningfully looked at Malcolm, who was immersed in loneliness.Julian told Sergio that Malcolm had been missing Carolyn Remington the whole night.Sergio remembered Carolyn. She was a pretty girl with clear and big eyes.The Remington family and the Lowe family were neighbors. When Malcolm was unhappy, Carolyn would try to make him happy.Malcolm liked her very much. However, it was because of Malcolm that Carolyn disappeared. Nothing could relieve his terrible sense of blame.Sergio walked over to Malcolm and said slowly, "Malcolm, Miss Remington called again and asked when you would be there. She said that the two families were going to discuss your marriage."Malcolm took a glance at Sergio with deep-set eyes and said coldly, "An adopted daughter wants to marry me in place of Lynn. Don't you think the Remington family is ridiculous?"Sergio answered, "Since you don't want to go there, I'll call to refuse her later.""Well." Malcolm became sullen.
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