Cruel Heart

Cruel Heart

By:  Amanda Bittencourt   Completed
Language: English
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Born into one of the main Brazilian mafias, Celeste Brandão fights to escape the fate that awaits her. However, at the age of sixteen, she was chosen to be the alliance that would unite two of the biggest American mafias, in a struggle for honor and power, marrying none other than the "Knight of Death", Kaanadan Salvatore, the current Capo dei Capi of the Washington mafia. And now, at twenty-one, the day she dreaded the most has arrived: her wedding. Despite the fame that her future husband carries and the fear he causes in her, Celeste is determined to escape this world without choices, even if she has to defy her worst nightmare. But Kaanadan's predatory and dark way will provoke an internal conflict with several doubts and desires, the main one being: If even an implacable heart is capable of love.

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89 Chapters
Dad's car had just arrived. Stopping in front of the lawn, he got out of the car alongside his men of honor. Or Doormats. The same looked even more serious than yesterday upon receiving a call from one of the Death Knight's men. All dinner stopped at that moment, as well as my appetite that went from 100 to 0 in a few seconds of conversation. My heart was racing and my hands were pounding even more when Dad could only say, "yes," "sure," "um-rum." Never making it clear what would really happen.What would happen to me in this final stretch.I cross my arms and stop looking at the window, turning around and seeing Celina, my younger sister, sprawled on the couch. She knows what I think, maybe even what I'm going to say. If I go."He won't tell you if he doesn't ask." — Celina contains no speech from him. She gets up and walks towards me."He won't say even if I ask." - I do. It's a truth I've come to know since everything I wanted to build was demolished before it even became a real
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My head was racing. I snort looking at the ceiling and once again I became Celeste Brandão, just sixteen years old on a turbulent night...Papa's soldiers quickly ascended the stairs. Victório, Papa's consigliere, followed by the telephone. I got scared with all that movement and preferred to lock myself in the library.Celina was already keeping me company for a while, and now she sleeps in my lap. I sigh, unable to concentrate on the book I'm reading, knowing nothing would change, I put it aside. I rest my head on the armchair as the library door opens. Ginny walks in with a tentative smile on her face."Is there a problem, Ginny?" - I turned to her.The tall woman had her hair down, something that revealed she was out of the house. Probably with Dad.Ginny didn't deny or agree, moving out of the library without turning her back on me for even a minute and then her blue eyes fixed on me. "Your father wants to speak with you." Let's go.I didn't.I carefully lifted Celina's he
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He was totally different from what I had known years ago. Kaanadan had a full, well-groomed beard. His hair grew longer, going in wavy layers halfway down his neck, the color still the same, light brown. Besides being even stronger.I am impressed by its visual youth. The weather was good, even.I was still staring at him tense and surprised by the misfortune of finding Kaanadan Salvatore soon, the future husband I wanted to escape from. He was looking me straight in the eyes, and his lashes are still way too perfect for a man."So you're not going to answer me?" Kaanadan broke the silence and I took a step back, taking a deep breath before looking back at him.— No, it wasn't lost... I came to see the place.He doesn't seem to be convinced, but he doesn't contradict my speech either. I look around and curse myself for not being 100% focused in front of me. My pulse quickened as I realized I had again missed my chance, but it was even more tense as I turned to Kaanadan. Her gaze
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The days flew by. Now it was fact: Only two days to go.I run my hand over the long blue floral dress I wear as I listen to Gina and Celina fight over which dress my younger sister should wear. The bridal shower will begin as soon as the guests arrive. So, in about 15 minutes.Celina complained about having to wear a pink dress, while Gina looked at her as if the youngest were a doll in her favorite outfit. I smile at the scene, but soon my smile fades. Celina is eighteen, which reveals that she is of marriageable age, and her presence at this tea just confirms it. I push that thought away, knowing that would be impossible. I was in charge of that myself.There's a knock on the door and I walk over to it, tucking a dark strand of hair behind my ear.Francisca, my cousin, appears and smiles tensely. "I'm sorry I came earlier.- No problem. — Make room for her to enter the room.Francisca is next to. Super kind and only twenty-five years old. I know that she was married at eightee
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The walk took forever, and still too fast for my liking. Handing me over to Kaanadan's arms, my dad gave me a serious look, while Kaanadan didn't look much different than I'd seen him before. Serious and without any emotion on his face.The priest greeted everyone, before finally starting the celebration. The guests sat down. All the hundred or so guests fell silent.With each word my heart accelerated like never before. I was grateful for the veil on my face, which covered the many times I felt my face flush. I was shaking too, and I really wished Kaanadan didn't realize how uncomfortable it is to be where we are.The ceremony is long and drawn out, making me think of several things I still intend to do, giving me a certain relief to maybe get this out of the house, but giving me great discomfort when I realize that much of it may be an illusion, and Kaanadan is well worse than I imagine it to be.The first prayers began and I took a deep breath, feeling the dress suffocate me. A
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It was already midnight when the first choirs started shouting for me and Kaanadan to retire to the room.The men were almost all drunk, and shouted things like "take her to bed" or "you're married now it's time for the best part". Well, I wanted to die listening to that. I looked at Kaanadan with a shred of hope that he was like his uncle, drunk to the point where he couldn't even keep his eyes open. But no, he was even better than me, who drank less than him.Kaanadan rose from her chair and I did the same, as much as I wanted to grab her. I saw Celina get up at the end of the other table, but Ginny pulled her back. I nodded calmly at her, hissing an "okay". But all in all, there was nothing.Kaanadan grabbed my hand and led me behind him as a crowd, now even women, followed behind us.I'm desperate. My heart beats so fast I feel it pounding against my skin. I take a deep breath and it doesn't take long until we are in front of the double wooden door on the second floor, where i
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The sunlight hit me. I stretched sleepily, feeling my body a little sore from the sleepless night and I sit on the bed. It takes me a while to think through where I am or who I'm with, what happened yesterday, but when I remember, I swallow hard."I thought you were dead." - The serious voice sounded through the room.I remembered clearly. I turned my face to the side and saw Kaanadan, sitting in an armchair while looking at me. The sun beat down on him too, but lighter than on me. Just as he swore yesterday before going to sleep, Kaanadan did not consummate the marriage, nor did he touch me — I know because I barely slept and his body always had his back to me.I scratched the back of my neck and ran a hand through my clearly disheveled hair. - I wish. - I murmur and I hear him sigh heavily.Kaanadan gets up and walks towards the bed. I watch him, seeing him sit down next to me. I turn away, but he looks at me even more seriously."Why are you still running?" Kaanadan asks and w
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I had already gone through the thousand questions from married women, most were really concerned about how I felt. Among them, Gina was the one who looked to me the most for some revelation.I was able to answer the basics I understood about the subject and say that the pain was not so much.The sheet was displayed on one wall, while all who wanted to see proof of the wife's consummation and honor, passed by and watched. My father was puffed up, proud that his plan had worked. A relief, even though my biggest fear still isn't that he'd find out that I'd done nothing but reveal my dread.I continued through the hall, sipping some of the sweet wine they offered me. Lunch would be on the lawn, at an enormous table they had set for the large Savoia Salvatore family. I felt an arm wrap around mine and I turned quickly, seeing Celina tense.- We can talk? “The same question and I sit.We head outside to a less crowded place. Celina quickly grabbed my hands and made me look at her."He
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A terrible buzz filled my head. I sat up and massaged my temples, easing the immense pain in my head. My blurred vision slowly clears up, and so I observe where I am, not recognizing anything. It takes me a while to remember about the escape attempt, so when I remember... it was a failure.I look down at my lap and see myself still wearing the orange one. I drag myself out of the big bed and my body feels heavy and exhausted. I don't go back to bed, getting to my feet and heading out of the room.I walk along the corridor until I reach a staircase, I go down slowly, seeing that everything is silent and empty. I wonder where I am, but it looks like it's Kaanadan's house. I don't say this for pictures — as I don't have any — but because I was on the move when I blacked out, so I assume they didn't let me say goodbye to my brothers. A type of punishment.I walked to the side of the room. The huge glass wall gives a beautiful view of the city at night time. The lights vibrates and dazz
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KAANADAN SALVATOREThree years ago...“You didn't have to act like that. Fiore scolds me as we walk toward the car.- Like this? With realism? - I ask without looking at him. “I know what I'm doing, Fiore.— Threatening the organization is almost a mafia crime! It's the same thing as asking for war, Kaanadan!- What do you want me to do? I stare at him as I open the back door of the car. "Go back there and apologize?" Is already done.We walked in and I heard the older one sigh.My body is exhausted. After hours of negotiation, I was sure my patience was coming to an end and it would take a toll. And it did, making me alter with Claudio, the head of the Chicago organization.I lay my head on the seat and close my eyes. My head is about to explode, but what comes to mind are those eyes. The eyes of that woman who always pops into my head. Sometimes I think Scott is right: I'm going crazy. It's the only explanation for being able to dream of a face that I never know who she is, wo
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