Corrupted Knight

Corrupted Knight

By:  Ankita Kundu  Ongoing
Language: English
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Regan It started the day in senior high, a game of revenge that I was unaware of at that time. He starts the battle of the unknown me, a girl with a lost memory against him, a handsome bully with his demons. I thought he would forgive me for what I did to the only person who was everything to him. It wasn't intentional, yet he didn't miss a chance to hurt me where it hurt the most. I knew that I was the only one to blame here. I believed it was all my fault. Then I left something that I wished I didn't have. . Lincoln The emotions and forceful resistance I had built around my heart before, now I see them breaking into several pieces. That's what I thought until it wasn't after that reality was drawn to my mind. But still, that hole in the heart one can't fix after losing the only family one ever had. I wanted to change it, to move on with my life. Those games I have played to push away people who cared for me now tire me shitless. I even felt awful about hurting that girl more when she was never at fault. I wasn't even in my right mind to see the effort she put into healing me until. . .it was too late. She left, disappeared like she never existed in my life. Her action turned me into something that no one had seen coming. Years later, I ran into her again, who saved me from becoming my worst enemy. What happened to my sister wasn't her fault, and I no longer want to punish us both for it. I am letting go of all those grudges. And I won't let anything stop me from getting what I want.

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About The Book
"I don't need you to protect me. Your love will be enough for me to fight till my last breath." ~ Regan"My love for you is mercenary. Don't expect something that you will never get from me." ~ Lincoln...Regan Wells (Maria Turgenev)It started the day in senior high, a game of revenge that I was unaware of at that time.He starts the battle of the unknown with me, a girl with a lost memory against him, a handsome bully with his demons.I thought he would forgive me for what I did to the only person who used to be everything to him. It was never intentional, and he was aware of it, yet he didn't miss a chance to hurt me where it hurt the most.He hated me and blamed me for everything that happened in his life.I knew that I was the only one to blame here. I believed it was all my fault.When I couldn't take that anymore, I left him, which I wished I didn't have.But how could I bear to see him with someone who wasn't me?I wasn't sure if I could survive alone, yet I made it for her
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Prologue I
Regan Christmas it was, but I saw my daughter pushing the ice ball harder in our garden. She did well and was given the proper shape of the head of her snowman, but she was having a hard time rolling it on the ice to bring it to me- for me to set it on its body. That was how we would celebrate our vacation, the two of us as a family. Strange, but it was okay. At least, to me. But to her, it wasn't. She never complained about it. And I didn't want to think about what she was missing out on when I was angry with her now. I noticed how the light dimmed in her eyes when she heard her other friends' plans for their weekend with their families. I was going to pretend as if I didn't see that or listen to her ask them if they would eat cake and dance with their dad and cousins circling the bonfire in their garden. She liked that one thing. I arranged barbeque, too, after decorating with lights, plastic garlands, and our snowman, but it wasn't enough. And again, I couldn't bring her father o
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Prologue II
ReganA few months later;"If you are still unwilling to tell me who she is to you, I will make sure you won't ever get out of this place."There is nothing about him I don't know about, but still, his deep-set eyes look unrecognizable now that he looks unfamiliar to me. And I know I am the reason for the monster he turns himself into. I didn't expect to come across something unexpected when I decided to leave him seven years ago. All of them believed they had figured out what happened that day to her, his sister, and that's where they were wrong. Everything I confessed before was just a glimpse of that night. Even after remembering everything, I couldn't share that with anyone. I couldn't, and now, I can't still. Or even in the future. This man before me blames me for that still. The old me would have accepted all the torments without any protest, but today, I won't. I am no longer the girl I used to be. I no longer live in the past. And I have to get out of this place, but I don'
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Chapter 1
Lincoln"Don't even think about it!"I draw out my cigarette, gazing at the woman on the floor warningly, who keeps struggling to get rid of that rope tied around her."I am going to ask you for the last time." I glanced at my team and told her, raising my voice, "If you still don't tell me, I have to leave it to them. And trust me, they won't mind having their way of making you speak up!" Sweats on her forehead, that tension line, and those eyes are showing enough. "S...sir, please believe in me. I didn't take him outside that day. They have done so much for me. How could I do this to them?" One can easily make a fool out of himself with that innocent and timid facade a vile woman has on, but if he replays that video footage outside the mayor's mansion, he has to come back to his senses and do everything he can to lessen the pain in a mother's heart who just lost her child."So, you won't tell me." I snicker and step back, making the woman looks at me in horror. "Take care of it."
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Chapter 2
ReganHe ignores me. Pretending he doesn't hear what I ask him. But I still notice how quickly his expression changes as his back stiffens on the chair. As if he is on high alert now. His aunt once called to tell me to stay away from Lincoln because she feared I might take her son's life like I took their daughter's. Does Lincoln also keep the same thought about me? I can't see any other reason for him to sit as this composer. That realization again shows me the place I belong so effortlessly that I feel constricted in my throat."Thanks," I try to sound sarcastic after taking my seat beside him, well, of course, keeping a distance between us. I raise my head and feel a spark when my eyes meet his, who looks away again.My heartbeat increases. My vision gets blurry with tears of grief. Even if I break down before him, he will never understand the reason behind my tears. But we can't avoid this conversation anymore.I spent my entire life alone in the darkness. The coldness is what I k
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