Chosen By The Moon

Chosen By The Moon

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"Mate!" My eyes bulged out of my head as I snapped up to regard the guy who is obviously the king. His eyes were locked on mine as he began to advance very quickly. Oh great. That's why he looked familiar, he was the same guy who I bumped into only an hour or two before hand. The one who claimed I was his mate... Oh... SHIT! *** In a dystopian future, it is the 5-year anniversary of the end of the earth as we knew it. A race of supernatural creatures calling themselves the lycanthrope has taken over and nothing has been the same. Every town is split into two districts, the human district, and the wolf district. The humans are now treated as a minority, while the Lycans are to be treated with the utmost respect, failure to submit to them results in brutal public punishments. For Dylan, a 17-year-old girl, living in this new world is tough. Being 12 when the wolves took over, she has both witnessed and experienced public punishment firsthand. Wolves have been domineering since the new world and if you're found to be the mate of one, for Dylan it is a fate worse than death. So what happens when she finds out she not only is a lycan’s mate but that lycan happens to be the most famous and the most brutal of them all? Follow Dylan on her rocky journey, combatting life, love, and loss. A new spin on the typical wolf story. I hope you enjoy it. Warning, mature content. Scenes of strong Abuse. Scenes of self-harm Scenes of Rape. Scenes of a Sexually explicit nature. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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Nancy gross
can't wait for the next chapter
2024-03-16 22:15:10
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she’s suffering solely bec of her own stupidity. the King should have just killed her than trying to win her over. She claims she hated wolves hence rejecting the bond only for her wishing the Beta as her mate instead…psh…so cliche
2024-03-12 20:30:48
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Diana Stewart
Freaking awesome. Different and exciting.
2024-02-25 08:31:09
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
99 chapters 2-24-24
2024-02-25 05:28:48
user avatar
Camilita Vargas
It's 5 stars because the author was honest about the vicious content in the blurb. But, boy, that's some disgusting, sick love story! Basically, all the violence FL suffers comes also, and MAINLY, from her mate. I couldn't go past ch 8 without throwing up a little in my mouth. GROSS!
2024-02-19 11:42:09
default avatar
Was the last update in November? Any plans for future updates?
2024-02-13 23:20:34
124 Chapters
Chapter 1
Dylan POV. CRACK! "Argh!" A small pain filled cry left my mouth as I ran in front of my brother, just in time to take the lashing that was originally meant for him. "That boy, just completely disregarded the alpha of your districts pack, step aside." One of the packs warriors held a long thick whip in his hand while looking at me then glancing behind him to look upon my brother. "He's six years old. He didn't mean to..." I was cut off by another load crack and a stinging sensation hit my cheek, my hand moved up to my face, as I inspected the wound, I looked at the fingers that had gently grazed my now stinging cheek and noticed a line of blood coated them. My face was bleeding. "Do you wish to make this a public punishment? I can assure you that it will not end well for you if you don't move aside, human." I don't want to take another punishment, I had received my last one almost 2 months ago now, and it took me weeks to heal, my back is already scarred for life. "He meant no di
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Chapter 2
Dylan POVMy eyes groggily opened as I sat up, my neck aching from lying on my stomach on a hard wooden table, and my back stinging. I looked down at my once naked torso to find a large bandage, perfectly wrapped around my entire torso covering my exposed breasts as well. Looking outside I noticed the sun slowly making its ascent, an orange hue tinging the early morning sky. I sucked in a breath before allowing my feet to take my weight, almost instantly toppling over in the process. I noticed a small glass of water placed next to me and took it in my hand, greedily drinking every last drop. Realizing I had to get ready for school, I walked over to write a note for Sheila explaining how grateful I was that she helped me and where I've gone. I slowly walked up the hill to my house, once I got indoors I went straight to my room and grabbed my uniform. After the lycans took over they initiated the rule that all humans must wear a certain uniform, and all wolves can express their indiv
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Chapter 3
Dylan POV“Mom? I'm home!" I yelled the minute I finally got home. Almost instantly she came bounding down the stairs of our little house, she quickly engulfed me in her arms with tears in her eyes. "Dylan, I'm... I'm so sorry about yesterday, I sat with you for hours, but you didn't move, I had to get home to Freddie." She cried on my shoulder while I just rolled my eyes. I'm not much of a hugger, I always just look awkward. She's also very melodramatic sometimes. "Mom, I'm fine." My mom eventually stopped sobbing as she slowly let go of my form drying her eyes. "Your dad would be so proud of the strong young lady you've become." I smiled before turning to head up the stairs. "Dylan... I... I made your favorite." I could already smell the beef broth she was making. The aroma wafting through the house. It was very rare we'd get the food to make beef broth, but I smiled and nodded my head at her knowing she must have done something to get the ingredients. "Thanks mom." Me and my mo
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Chapter 4
Dylan POVAfter a long night and an even longer morning, we were all finally stood in the hallway at school waiting for the twins to arrive. "Mine!" Everyone that was stood in the hallway tensed up, as we were seniors, me and Nick were stood towards the very back of the human line. All the mated people were situated directly opposite their wolf mates in their years. We stayed silent and still as Arya walked down the hall and stopped directly in front of Nick. His eyes widened in fear, unsure of wether to look up or keep his head lowered. "Look me in the eye, mate." He glanced at me slightly as if asking what he should do. "I said, look me in the eye." He slowly moved his eye line up to look at her face. I took a glance myself to see her eyes pitch black with lust. "I... can't... I mean... erm." Before he was able to mutter anything else, two wolves from opposite, grabbed him out of the line and dragged him behind Arya. "Hey!" My head shot up before I could stop myself. My mouth a
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Chapter 5
Dylan POV. "Ouch, not so hard." I seethed as the school nurse cleaned my new wound with antiseptic. "If you had of just kept your mouth shut, this wouldn't have happened." I turned to my right looking out the window at the few clouds that were floating in the blue sky. "Like I said, I'm proud to be human, and now everyone knows what I am." I clenched my fist together as the nurse began wrapping a bandage around my forearm. It had been a good few hours since the incident in the hall, and I had been forced to come to the nurces office after I had tried to clean my wound by splashing it with water from the tap, it also refused to stop bleeding. "You are impossible. Can you please just try and stay out of trouble? For one day, that's all I ask." Our school nurse is a wolf, she's one of them. However she hates the way they treat us mere humans, she thinks we should all just live in peace with equal rights. Like that would ever happen. "All I've done is stay out of trouble, but you a
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Chapter 6
Dylan POVDuring the last week, I've been horrible, in class I've been loud in voicing my views, I've insulted at least everyone to some degree, I didn't care about the consequences, and I certainly didn't think about them. I haven't seen Nick at all since he was claimed, and to make matters worse today was the royal visit. Oh yes, werewolves and mated humans alike were spending every waking minute preparing themselves to meet his royal majesty, king of the wolves. Unclaimed Humans however would rather stick pins in their eyes. "Dylan, get down now... you're going to be late." She was right, I was dawdling this morning, I really couldn't be bothered today, I gave myself one last look in the small mirror and sighed when my eyes met my newly uncovered brand. It had bad bruising around the letters, and was still extremely tender to touch, it was definitely healing now though. I made my way down the stairs and came face to face with my mother who was seeing to Freddie, she was helping
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Chapter 7
Dylan POV.I wandered the corridors straight to the lunch hall. All the people I would normally hang out with we're all mated so I grabbed my lunch quickly, and sat down at the end of the human table. Let me lay the lunch hall out for you. On one side of the room you have two long rows of tables, with simple benches that make it look like prison, on the other side of the room you have multiple round tables with fancy chairs. Yup you get it. The humans sit at the prison tables and the wolves and traitors sit on the fancy tables, they get fancy food, fancy drink and most importantly they get pudding. what I would give to have some pudding. "Dylan can we just talk?" Nick quickly took the spot next to me as he set his lunch tray down. I looked at his food which had been placed on a ceramic, circular white plate. God that looked good. I sighed knowing he was going to talk anyway. "Fine, you have two minutes." I used my fork to take a bit of pasta off his plate and shoved it into my mo
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Chapter 8
Dylan POV.I took a small step backwards causing a small growl to come from the kings chest. I took another step back and he stopped in his tracks staring at my form. His eyes raked up and down my body landing on my bare arms, he frowned at my uniform then turned to our principal to say something. I didn't hear what he said but I used his distraction as an opportunity to run. I quickly turned on my heels and began sprinting down the hall, Another loud growl shot through the school, so much so that you could almost feel the lockers shaking. The only thing coursing through me was fear. I ran straight to the window, and quickly began fumbling with the lock, I opened the window and went to jump out, unsure about where I would go, or even if I would survive the fall, however my foot was caught by two of the kings men, my front slammed onto the floor and my hands slapped the wooden tiles as I went down, letting an audible 'Ooof' leave me, and they dragged me by my ankles back to the hall
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Chapter 9
Dylan POV. There I was in front of the entire schools population, the royal gamma, the royal beta and finally the alpha king who claims I am his mate! Could have fooled me. “What did you just say?!” Anger was pouring out of the king a gasp left me when I saw his claws and teeth elongate. “Words!” I said it so quietly I didn’t think anyone would have been able to hear it I was trying to be discrete and filtered for once but I guess it didn’t come out quiet. The wolves within hearing distance gasped and before I could comprehend what had happened the back of the kings hand snapped up quickly and made firm contact with my face once again. My body crashed to the floor from the impact, this time his hit was much harder, more anger filled. Blood seeped into my mouth and I hung my head letting the red substance fall from my lips to the floor. The entire population of school was shocked at the sight but were powerless to help. “Don’t test me girl! We may be mates but I am still your king!
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Chapter 10
Dylan POVMy moms eyes widened as she realized my situation, her head then quickly lowered at the Kings presence while the other two men jogged up behind him. "I... Erm..." my eyes widened at how useless my mom was being. I know she wasn’t the strongest person ever but I thought she'd at least be better than what she was. She slightly moved to the side causing my frame to come out of cover. Seizing this opportunity the king reached around and grabbed hold of my wrist tightly, before roughly pulling me into his firm body making me drop my bag of things. I quickly tried to push him away but his grip only tightened. "MOM! Do something. Please!" Tears were brimming in my eyes again as my mom looked between the king and me, I couldn’t let them fall, I just couldn’t, the confliction buried within her iriseswas heartbreaking. The king took my mother's silence as her answer and wrapped his arm around my waist lifting me up slightly and pulling me away. "Mom, don't let him take me, stop him
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