Chapter 6


Riley squealed in my ear when the call ended. “Sexy voice,” she remarked.

“He oozes sexiness everywhere.”

I couldn’t believe the man would personally meet me. He could’ve sent anyone.

Rafael. His name was Rafael. I wondered what his family name was. I wanted to stalk him on social media.

“Do you girls know what time it is?” Wesley complained. “Can we go home now?”

Riley’s mouth twitched. “You’re just jealous. Nancy broke up with you.”

Wes glared at his sister. “Shut up. Are you a child?”

“Nancy broke up with you? Why didn’t you tell me?” I questioned. This was news. We always told everyone about everything. Riley was biting her bottom lip, looking down.

Wes waved his hand dismissively. “I just didn’t want to worry you.”

I pouted. Sure, I’d be worried. Wes met Nancy because of me. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault.” He smiled, patting my shoulder. “Hey, it’s getting late. I have an early meeting tomorrow.”

“Oh, of course.” I nodded, then looked at Riley. “Are you go
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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
moving a little slow. also, his behavior is kinda weird. he filed for divorce before he talked with her, so she wouldn't have a choice. then, he's expecting their relationship to be unchanged and for her to fight? but avoids all confrontation regarding him?
goodnovel comment avatar
Sharon Mccully
Fast paced story so I'm not bored
goodnovel comment avatar
Debbie Parks
What a bastard

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