Celestite Wolf

Celestite Wolf

By:  KimberNicole  Ongoing
Language: English
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Forced to leave her pack by her brother's new mate, Alessia isn't expecting all the new attention she is going to gain, the friends she will make, the powers she will gain, the enemies she will defeat. Follow her story as it unfolds with each dramatic turn.

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Diana Reiff Fisher
I love that Can and Demet are on the cover...️
2024-01-28 10:26:22
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Rachel Elizabeth Bruzzese
Best book ever
2021-03-05 10:09:45
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Gemma Cotton
Fantastic can’t wait to read more absolutely loving it
2021-03-03 06:00:37
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Sherrelle Richter
good so far
2021-02-18 17:53:14
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Shelley Conley
awesome book
2021-02-05 02:12:29
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luna moon
This book is amazing
2021-01-26 09:23:18
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Christine Reddy
Are there going to be more chapters? the story is to short but is started off awesome.
2021-01-14 10:20:24
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Irene Cleary Haslett
when are you going to add the following chapters so I can keep up with the story ..................
2021-04-23 13:48:43
user avatar
Mary Frazier
damnit really I want to read of this for christ sake
2021-03-07 10:42:48
20 Chapters
Chapter 1
My name is Alessia, but my family and friends have always called me Allie. I’ve recently become part of the Dark Moon pack, but I was originally from the Cerulean pack 6 hours away. I live with my Great Aunt Tasha, a strange woman with an uncanny ability of knowing things. My brother Austin is the alpha of the Cerulean pack with his Luna Shayla, she’s the reason I’m not there anymore. My brother and I are 18 months apart in age, the day he turned 18, he realized his Beta Ryan’s girlfriend was his mate. It stirred up some drama for a short time, Ryan eventually moved on after sleeping around quite a bit. Somehow him and my brother remained friends, but it wasn’t the same anymore, mostly because of Shayla. She was a jealous girl and didn’t like how close Austin and I were. Our parents died unexpectedly in a car crash when I was 12, they’d been on their way to visit the Silver Dawn pack that sat between Dark moon and Cerulean. A few months after my 17th birthday things were ar
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Chapter 2
We’d been gone for hours, I had let Amara run free for a while if she agreed to do her best to avoid others, I didn’t want anyone to see us. She had followed the river for a while until it came to a small lake, looking around we could see the upper floors of the pack house. We shook off the chill of the night air and padded back toward home. I didn’t have clothes after the shift, so I got close to the back of the house before shifting back and going inside. It smelled like chicken and mashed potatoes, making my stomach grumble. I grabbed a plate of food to take up to my room with me. I scarfed it down quickly, listening for any sound from Aunt Tasha but it seemed she was sound asleep.After finishing my food, I turned on the shower letting it heat up and brushed out my long black hair. I looked at myself in the mirror, I was short, only 5’2”, my hair was down to my lower back, bright blue eyes, and tanned skin. I used to be self-conscience about my body when I was younger but after I
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Chapter 3
Azai’s POVI’d been irritated all day. I was supposed to be reading reports from the warriors patrolling the pack borders, but I’d been mulling over my thoughts all day. Something about that girl from Cerulean pack was different. She was small but faster and stronger than the average she-wolf. Her attitude knew no bounds.As irritating as it was, it was nice to have a girl who wasn’t afraid of me, wouldn’t just submit and listen, one that I wouldn’t have to take it easy on during a spar. Perhaps it was just because of who she was, daughter to an Alpha. I had watched her and her friends from her birth pack leave, growling when that weak Beta put his arm around her. Who was he to her?A knock sounded at the office door, “come in.”Beta Zaine walked in, “evening Alpha, did you read the patrol report from last night?”I cleared my throat, pushing my thoughts of Alessia for another time. “No, was there something significant?”He sat down on the couch on the far wall, “I’m not sure. Open th
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Chapter 4
Mary had put the three of us in the library, I sat between Ryan and Arabella, leaning into Ryan with his arm around me, Arabella leaning on me looking just as ready as I was to go to sleep.A familiar whining hit my ears that made me cringe, “why can’t this wait until morning, I want to go to bed.”Coming into view, Alpha Azai, Beta Zaine, Austin, and Shayla. All of them looked at Ryan and I, Shayla looked at me the same as ever, as if she’d tasted something bad. Zaine, raised his eyebrows, pursed his lips, putting his hand on Azai’s shoulder. Azai’s eyes were flashing black, his jaw tense. Austin was glaring at Ryan looking pissed, who suddenly realized and took his arm from around me as I sat up straighter. Why is everyone so angry?Austin was a foot taller than me with the same jet-black hair we inherited from our father, but he had amber colored eyes that he also got from our father. His jawline was sharp, and he had five o’clock shadow. Shayla had light ebony skin with silver eye
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Chapter 5
I pushed my steak and mash potatoes around the plate while Arabella sat next to me digging into her food. We were sitting in the private dining room meant for the Alpha family, the guard that took Tasha home, I think his name was Gavin was standing against the wall like a guard dog. Azai had disappeared to deal with pack business. Without looking up from my plate I spoke to Ara, "I guess Austin left then?"She stopped eating, "He did. He left like two hours before you woke up. Shayla was ready to go home. Ryan wanted to stay but Austin said he had work to do."I nodded chewing the small bite I had taken. I was more upset not getting the chance to spend time with my brother than I was about being attacked. Azai had told me the man somehow breached pack borders and came right in the door of the packhouse, he didn't even sneak through a window. Although getting through a window of the third floor would probably be difficult. Now the pack house was closed to everyone and had guards stati
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Chapter 6
Azai's personal doctor had just left, giving me the all clear. Despite being tired I decided to sit down on the couch and watch a movie. I searched for something good on the app, settling on a comedy about two adult stepbrothers. Amara picked up on a door closing downstairs and low voices, but they were too far to hear anything. As I was chuckling about a scene in the movie, Azai came up the stairs. His hair was a little messy, he wore no shirt and the sweatpants he had on sat dangerously low on his hips exposing every bit of the muscling on his torso. I tried to avert my gaze back to the movie and crossed my legs so he couldn't smell the arousal coming from between my legs. He sauntered over to the big couch, choosing to sit not that far from where I laid on the chaise with my popcorn. "Do you mind?" He asked nodding toward the popcorn. I shook my head and kept watching the movie. As he reached in the unfamiliar smell hit me. He'd been with another she-wolf while he was out. I nea
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Chapter 7
Storming back into my room at the packhouse I threw myself onto the bed and laid there. Why did everything have to become so complicated? Why did Austin let Shayla send me away? Why did I have to turn out as the Celestite wolf? Why wasn’t Amara speaking to me? I could hardly feel her in the depths of my mind. She was there, but something felt different. Did it have anything to do with the weird dream I’d had? Sighed I rolled over when my phone vibrated. It was a text from Ryan, but I didn’t feel like reading it. I tossed it onto the bedside table and sat up, maybe I could just binge watch a tv show to get everything off my mind. Getting back up I walked out in the common area I shared with Azai and picked up the remote to scroll through the tv shows. Right as I picked one and was moving to sit down on the couch there was a commotion downstairs. I walked down the hall and down the stairs to the second-floor stair landing that overlooked the common area by the fr
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Chapter 8
I had slept so much the afternoon before that I wasn’t able to go back to sleep, I didn’t even try to. I went into the bathroom, which I hadn’t really taken the time to fully observe. The dark wood floor of the bedroom changed into white porcelain tile floors with gray veins, the cabinets were black with white quartz countertops and a square black sink basin sat on top of the counter. There was a room on the end with the toilet in it, and there was a double entry shower that sat behind a big white soaking tub, with an entry on either side of the tub. Inside the shower was black textured tile on the wall, and black rock floors, a dark wooden bench was on the wall that backed up to the tub and there was a huge waterfall shower head coming from the ceiling. I closed the bathroom door behind me and turned on the shower, climbing in I stood under the hot water for some time letting it soak into my muscles, I washed my body with a vanilla bean scented soap and then w
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Chapter 9: Traveling light
Alessia’s POVI just finished getting dressed and walked out of my closet, I was wearing black leggings, a white crop top with white tube socks bunched above my ankles and slides. If I was going to be stuck in a car for the rest of the day, I was going to be comfortable. I’m no alpha, I don’t care what the king thinks of me.I grabbed my phone and my little Dartmouth backpack from Brahmin, putting my phone in the front pocket. I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. Mary smiled at me knowingly, “here for snacks, Allie?”I flashed her an innocent smile, “of course I am, what do you have for me?”She went to the pantry and came back with a basket of things for me, I smiled knowing she had to of gotten this information from Mrs. June back at Cerulean. Shelled Pistachios, White chocolate and Milk chocolate Kit Kats, Twix, 3 Musketeers, cool ranch Doritos and smart waters to drink. “you’re the best, Mary.” I filled the bag with the snacks and grabbed two of the 6 water bottles.I threw t
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Chapter 10: Breakfast with a King
Alpha Azai looked more brooding than ever, and it almost seemed as if he refused to look at me. He was waiting for all of us when we walked out of our rooms ready to leave. He was wearing a taupe-colored suit with a white button up and rich chocolate brown satin tie and shoes to match the tie. His hair had gone from looking like he had been running his hands through it making it messy to neatly combed back again.Beta Zaine Wore navy blue slacks, a light pink blazer with a pink navy button up and pink tie and the usual black loafers.“Well aren’t you pretty, Beta Zaine,” Callie joked about his fashionable outfit.“You won’t make me feel bad for being fashionable, woman. I know I looked good,” Zaine responded back to her.Caleb wore the typical guardian uniform, black slacks, black button up and black dress boots, “if I’d known we were being fashionable Beta, I would have out shined you any day,” Caleb joked.“I don’t doubt that for a minute,” Zaine chuckled.“Are you all done?” Azai s
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