Captured by Satan

Captured by Satan

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Demon | Slave | Possessive | Steamy | Stockholm syndrome Fay is captured by Satan. The cruel demon king, known for his torterous ways, has finally found his human he wants to make into his sex slave. He thrives on pain, war and fighting and isn't afraid to step on the wrong toes. To simply cut them off. Fay is not exactly the typical human they know in the demon realm. No man can bring her down, or make her into a sex slave. Even when Satan uses his evil powers to force her to bow down, she stands up even straighter. But Satan isn't one to give up. The only living being who dares to stand up against the devil is a human, and it intrigues him to no end. This is a story of fire and ice. What will happen when the two find out they both enjoy pain and get pleasure from biting? Will Sam's wife leave her be? Will Sam be able to keep her safe in the Envy war? Obsession is a very, very dangerous thing... It's helpful if you've read my book 'Captured by the Demon King' first. If you haven't, read the first page of this book. It gives a short overview of that book (if you haven't read it; it's full of spoilers, so beware!). This book is a sequel to that book, but can also be read as a stand-alone.

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Renee Cameron
Omg I absolutely love love this book it captured me right from the start highly recommend
2023-12-06 07:34:12
user avatar
I loved "captured by the demon king" and I'm very much in love with this book too... I don't like spending money on this app but for a book this good I'm willing to pay ... I hope you take your time and turn this into a beautiful story ...
2023-10-22 02:07:19
default avatar
How often are the updates? I hope the book is not abandoned
2023-10-07 11:08:31
default avatar
Good so far! Can’t wait to see how this story unfolds.
2023-07-19 02:59:42
140 Chapters
Summary Captured by the Demon King
A short summary of book 1 'Captured by the Demon King':The books are about the seven demon kings of sin who rule the demon realm. Every sin has their own colour. Asmodeus / Adrian: Lust - Light blueSatan / Samael: Wrath - Dark redMammon / Micah: Greed - YellowLucifer: Pride - PurpleBelphegor: Sloth - Dark blueBeelzebub: Gluttony - OrangeLevi, now Dagon: Envy - GreenGabrielle, a human, was kidnapped by the demon king of Lust, King Asmodeus (Adrian). Taken as a slave, their romantic journey started quick and full of lust. Adrian soon realized he couldn't live without his human and asked her to be his partner (he had four at the time, to fill up his lust to the maximum). He kissed her, creating a deep, life-altering bond between the two. Only when a king kisses another, is a deep bond created. This ties the life forces of the two together, preventing the king and queen from fully dying when the bonded one is still alive.Gabrielle ended up killing the brother of Adrian, Levi. Le
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Chapter 1: The club
"You look fucking hot." I turned my head to see an attractive guy, completely focused on me. "Thank you." I replied, my eyes casually scanning his figure. Maybe a bit too business-like for a club, but that added to his aura. "What are we drinking?" he asked, resting his elbow on the bar. I playfully narrowed my eyes at him. "I'm not telling you. You have to guess." I teased."One vodka soda." The bartender said as he put my drink in front of me.Irritated, I snapped my head at the bartender. "Dude! I said he had to guess!" I complained. The bartender shrugged, placing the card machine before me. A card appeared in front of me and tapped the machine, paying my drink for me. "It's on me, obviously." The guy said, suddenly standing a lot closer to me. "Not that you gave me a choice." I remarked, grabbing my drink and sipping it. Perfect and ice cold. "So, where did you come from? I've never seen you around here." He asked me after ordering a beer for himself. A beer? Who drank beer in
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Chapter 2: Look who has returned
"Why did you come home with me, if you know me so well?" He snapped, his anger evident in the widening of his nostrils. "Well, you were right about one thing. I actually could use a good fuck. I thought, why not you? At least I won't develop any feelings for you." I sweetly retorted.He took another step towards me. "You're not at all like all the other women I've had before. But you are the same type of slut. Eager." He sneered ugly. I was so unimpressed by this guy, it almost made me laugh."If you're trying to offend me, you really have to try harder." I said, my fingers touching his dick through his pants. "Try as hard as your cock is right now." The impact of the wall behind me was not as hard as I expected. His lips smashed onto mine and his body pushed me against the wall with aggression. His hand grabbed the fabric of my dress, and he slid it up my body clumsily. He groaned when his fingers touched my underwear. I kissed him back with passion and cupped his cheek almost lov
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Chapter 3: The realm of Wrath
The world spun around me, and the vodka coursing through my body only intensified the disorientation. Sam's grip on me remained tight, and due to the dizziness, I allowed his touch. Stepping out of his hold during our journey to another realm seemed something stupid to do, so I reluctantly held on.My forehead touched his hard shoulder and his fingers dug into my skin more. I just had to overcome this dizziness. When my feet touched the ground, I immediately stepped back, away from the demon king holding me. "Welcome back." Samael said in a mocking tone. Welcome back. I opened my eyes to a pitch-black world devoid of any sound or signs of life. Glancing to my left, my heart skipped a beat. There stood an enormous, black castle, emanating a gothic and gloomy aura. Its towering spires reached for the sky, with bats swirling around the highest points. It was the epitome of a haunted house, a place one would expect to find in Satan's realm. A perpetual mist seemed to envelop the surrou
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Chapter 4: Knife
"Leave," Samael snapped at the crowd, and every single demon turned around. I almost wanted to plead with some of them to just look at me, to help me. But demons tended to be as loyal as dogs when it came to their King. Nobody would misstep here. Nobody would look at me from here on out.That was completely and utterly unfair. As I looked up at Samael, I saw a woman dressed in royal attire standing close to us, staring daggers at me. "You're cutting me off from the entire world." I stated at the demon holding me, ignoring the woman behind him. "You don't need the world." Samael stated back, his eyes on the disappearing demons. "Of course I do. You can't just take away all social contact from me." I snapped back. His eyes suddenly pierced me, and they were black with anger. "You had social contact. And you decided to fuck those social contacts. So to prevent any more accidents, it's better if you have no contact with anyone anymore for the rest of your life.""You can't do that." I s
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Chapter 5: Fear
My breath hitched when the world around me fell away. A cold touch kept me tethered to the demon realm, but I knew in my mind I was somewhere else. The body behind me held me upright, and the chilling hand on my neck was the only tangible reality. A bright light blinded me for a second, and when I saw what was in the light, I wanted nothing but the darkness back. Before me lay the lifeless bodies of my parents, their throats brutally slashed, while my beloved dog lay broken and bruised beside them. The light blinded me again. Elyse screaming from immense agony was the first thing I heard. Then I saw her, laying on a torture bed, nails sticking out of her skin. Once more, the blinding light transported me to a scene of horror. Elle's tear-stained face was twisted with despair as she mourned over the lifeless body of Adrian, his blood staining her entire body. "STOP!" I cried out, my voice filled with anguish. When the light came again, I sobbed in agony. But this time it wasn't
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Chapter 6: Bedroom
"This is your bedroom." I stated with my eyes scanning the art on the ceiling. It was a painting of what looked like a fight. It didn't look like two sides against each other, but more like it was just everybody fighting each other. His room could've easily been the home of Dracula. "It is." Samael confirmed, lighting one more candle beside his bed. "Don't you have slaves to do that for you?" I asked, my eyes on his hands with fire in them. "Slaves and servants are not welcome here. Nobody enters my bedroom." Samael responded, extinguishing the flame. "Am I not a slave, then?" I challenged. Sam turned around to me and actually smirked at me. "You're a different kind of slave. You are required to be here. But if you wish to light my room, be my guest." "No, thank you." I scowled in return. I was not a slave. Samael clicked his tongue as if he was annoyed and pointed to a door opposite of his bed. "Your bedroom is there. When you hear a knock or when you are called, come to me at o
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Chapter 7: Fight
Rushing to the door, I eagerly opened it, hoping to find someone there who could help me. The hallway was once again deserted, and I almost stepped out to call for help when my foot touched fabric. Looking down, I discovered a bundle of clothes lying at my feet.My curiosity couldn't be helped.I threw it on my bed and noticed it was less fabric than I hoped for.A dark red, skin tight, way too short dress. The underwear was black and almost too small and when I looked in the mirror, I wanted to throw up all over again. The dress barely covered my ass. And the top wasn't much better. At least my waist looked tiny, but I preferred a burlap sack over this little thing. It was more a top than a dress. Bending was out of the question. Walking the stairs, a big no. Let alone trying to do anything else than sitting straight or standing in the same place, this outfit was completely and utterly useless and I hated it with all my guts.But I had no choice. The dress I wore last night had vomit
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Chapter 8: Wine
The guy, Vuja, ran away with haste and I felt a little embarrassed that I was the subject of his order. Within a matter of seconds, a sharp knife landed in front of Samael, causing his wine glass to tremble ever so slightly. Observing the scene, I noticed that the slaves refrained from engaging in conversation with Samael. They would bow, but there was no exchange of greetings or further words. Perhaps that was Sam's preference.Samael grabbed the knife and harshly put it in front of me on the table, making his wine glass shake more. "Keep it on you at all times, Fay. I'm not fucking joking around." He let go of the knife and slid it closer to me. "No, you don't seem the type that jokes around." I said back, my eyes on the extremely sharp looking knife.Suddenly, Samael's face was right next to mine. His voice dripped with a threatening tone as he whispered in my ear, "Be careful what you say, flower. I know your deepest fears."A shiver ran down my arm, the memories of last night sti
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Chapter 9: Fiancé
I had to say something to distract him, and it worked instantly.Sam's face scrunched up like he didn't understand my words, but the pure rage left his eyes, and the demons around us calmed down straight away."Human blood... Human blood is completely different." Samael eventually said, his attention shifting now that he was explaining something to me. "To taste something so innocent... So pure... It's completely different from demon blood, which can sometimes even taste polluted, like it's contaminated with poison. Like it has some sort of disease in it. Not human blood. Human blood always tastes... Like you're fucking and devilling an angel from heaven."I raised one eyebrow.Samael leaned closer to me. "Especially yours, Fay. That's why I will be drinking it tonight."His fiancé snapped her head toward us, her eyes filled with nothing but pure hatred."No, you won't." I said to Samael, my eyes going back to him. "What about your fiancé? Can't you drink her blood?" I asked, shifting
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