Bound by Blood

Bound by Blood

By:  Vivian  Completed
Language: English
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How would a powerless woman with nobody on her side survive in a society full of ruthless supernatural beings? She might be weak, but she is strong-willed. Having lost her whole family to the higher beings, Luciana was driven by hatred, and she would stop at nothing until she avenges them. But what would happen when she ended up being entangled with one of them? ******* He had been nicknamed 'the dark prince', infamous for his cruelty, feared, people cower in his presence. But what will happen when he will meet the girl that feared neither him nor death, because according to her, she has nothing to lose?

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First chapter… already hoooooookkkkk
2023-09-01 14:51:59
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Its a great read. I'm really fascinated by this. Wow! ...
2023-05-27 19:28:10
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Mata Lina
I really love this book. I enjoy the characters, especially Luciana and Raziel. They are both twisted individuals. I enjoy Luciana's sharp mouth, her sass and her strength, and I enjoy everything about Raziel's character. I can't wait for their romance to bloom fully. Good job author.
2023-05-26 00:44:07
user avatar
Just started reading, loving every bit of Luciana. Great story.
2023-05-23 00:16:36
146 Chapters
The dark prince
Luciana stood on the highest point of a cliff with eyes closed, listening to the peaceful sound of the river. Just one step forward, she would fall to her death. But that doesn't scare her. In fact, that was what she was fantasizing about. The wind blew her long red hair to her face, and the ghost of a smile appeared on her lips. She imagined herself just walking that step, and her life would be over. What could be more fulfilling than that? What was there to live for when she was all alone? Just as she decided to move one leg forward, someone had to distract her. "Luciana! What are you doing? Get off there!" Annalise called worriedly. She quickly ran over there and pulled Luciana away. "What the hell are you thinking? You want to get yourself killed?" She scolded. But the ever strong-headed Luciana turned to her with a very stoic expression. "I am sorry for getting you worried." She then walked past her. Annalise stood there confused, her heart still beating in nervousness of wha
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"How much for all of them?" The prince asked, staring at the terrified Rowena. What had even scared the lady more was how the prince was acting, even after killing the inn's guard. He spoke and wiped his dagger so casually, she almost doubted he just killed a person."Two... two thousand gold coins your highness." Lady Rowena replied.When the prince stared at her, she bowed her head, unable to bear his gaze. She was also scared that he might find it offensive and kill her off as well."Two thousand gold coins." He repeated, and lady Rowena hoped that he didn't think it was too much. Clearly, he could afford it.The prince suddenly walked away, leaving Lady Rowena and the girls confused.When he was out of sight, she moved to address the girls."You disappoint me. None of you could manage to charm him. What are you women for?" She scolded them. "You all will be punished."Luciana already expected this outcome, but she still couldn't help but roll her eyes. But she wasn't discreet eno
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Luciana kept looking at her fruit basket, wondering if the strawberries she had gathered would be enough to make the juice she planned to make for her mother, while her feet kept moving out of the garden. Suddenly she bumped into someone. She looked up and the person greeted her with a polite smile. It was the duke of Wesborne, Elric Wright."Careful Luciana. You are always not watchful of your path." He said as he held her so she would not stumble and fall.She offered him a polite bow, feeling quite embarrassed."I am sorry your grace, and thank you for catching me."He waved his hands, signalling that it was nothing."I am glad I met you now. I had been wanting to see you." He told her, and her brows furrowed slightly. "It's the viscount's birthday next week." He said, and she nodded, as that was a common knowledge. "I would like you to accompany me." Luciana pressed her lips into a thin line, before looking up at him."How do I refuse you your grace?"The duke smiled. "It was only
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The Library
Luciana sat on a chair in front of one of the tables provided for them in the room, deep in her own thoughts. She had gone to see the royal physician, and he applied medicine to her wound before covering it up in bandage. She thought the prince was so different from the rumours. Or maybe he just had different sides. Or he didn't want them hurt what whatever reasons he was keeping them. But one thing about him stuck to her most. He was a vampire!The moment she realized, there was a certain feeling that clouded her mind. She hated those creatures. The creatures that were the cause of her nightmare, the creatures that had brought indescribable pain to her.She didn't want to think about it, but her mind kept taking her back to that faithful day. The day one of them, a vampire mercilessly took her family away from her for the slightest reason.Luciana came home that day from the garden, carrying her fruit basket. She met her parents kissing on the table on the living room table. Her aun
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Luciana went with prince Raziel to the secluded side of the library. Only royals and some nobilities were entitled to that section. He then left her alone to make whatever research she wanted to make.The prince came back hours later, only to find Luciana still sitting there, immersed in the book she was reading, or maybe it was another."Vampire weaknesses?" He read aloud as he covered the book to get her attention. "You are really planning to end our race?""Your highness." She bowed politely, but then continued her reading."I didn't expect to see you here." He said, then he went to check the shelves, looking for a book."I spend a lot of time reading your highness." She said to him."I don't expect that from you though."She then closed her book and turned her attention to him, clearly irritated by what he said, and what it implied."Why?""You know...""Most humans are not educated, and have no business reading a book." She completed his statement, and he shook his head, his lips
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Warning: Triggering contentPrince Raziel was in his study inside his quarters studying, when General Lorenzo entered. The general was the prince's closest subordinate. "Your highness, the king summons you." "Any idea why?" Raziel asked without raising his head from his book."No your highness."The prince continued reading his book for a while before he closed it. He then went out with the Lorenzo to find his father.He was not surprised to find his father sitting on his throne, as it was the only place he sits apart from his bed, just to show his power. The man had dark hair and grey eyes like his son, and he looked not too older than him."Father." Raziel bowed in greeting."I summoned you here for three reasons. "The king of Morbury have declared war against us." The king said, but Raziel kept looking at him, knowing he was not done with what he was saying. "Bring me his head.""Consider it done." Raziel said. He then turned to leave."Raziel! We are not done here." The prince t
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The princess
Luciana went outside the house, walking to no where in particular. It was not dawn yet, and she couldn't see clearly. She took the small knife along with her, cutting herself. Even unconsciously sometimes. That was the only way for her to cope with the pain.Her body felt weightless as she moved, she couldn't feel anything, or rather, she didn't want to feel. She knew that she had wounded herself badly, but that was the least of her concern at the moment. She couldn't even tell the exact place she was.She really hoped someone would find her, and maybe put an end to her misery. She caressed the knife she was holding, thinking of driving it through her heart. But there was something stopping her.She remembered seeing her mother, father, her aunt, and her little brother being killed. But she didn't see them kill her sister. What if she was alive? The possibilities were very slim, but she had been holding on it. But she couldn't still help but be bothered. If she was alive, was she with
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A lot of anger
Raziel went to have his breakfast at his dining table, but he stopped in his tracks when he saw the princess already sitting there. Who showed her the way in here?Princess Evelyn got up and walked to him, her steps seductive, she was almost floating."Good morning my prince." She smiled sweetly at him. She extended her hand, hoping he would take it, but he walked past her and went to take his sit. She went after him."We started off roughly yesterday, I believe you were stressed."She came to stand behind him, her fingers caressing him lightly."Did you sleep well?""Who let you in?" Raziel asked instead of answering her.She was stunned for a moment, then she smiled."Since we are going to be married, I think it's best we eat together.""So you have not changed your mind about marrying me yet?"Evelyn gasped. "Why would I? We are the perfect match for each other."She only met him the previous day, and she had already concluded that they were a perfect match?"Have a seat." Raziel s
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Luciana could not seem to get what the prince had told her out of her mind. She had a lot of anger in her. Anger? That was an understatement. It should be more like rage, the pressing need to avenge her family. If she was going to live, she would kill Lord Kruger and his minions. She didn't know how or when, but she knew she was going to figure out a way. Her heart had been filled with hatred, and she was going to hold on to it. It was better than the pain.Her mind went back to the prince? Even though she didn't know his real purpose of buying them, he doesn't treat them badly. He even granted her most of her request. She wondered if he would grant her one more request? She wondered if he could find her sister and buy her too since he likes buying slaves. Maybe they would be able to escape together. She sighed tiredly, knowing that plan was almost impossible.She wasn't sure her sister was alive. It was also very likely that the prince would not do that. And she still worried about t
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Does it hurt?
Luciana was surprised that the prince offered her his hand, but she took it. She couldn't find the strength to get up on her own. When they started walking, she couldn't resist asking him;"Are you taking me to get my wounds treated again your highness?""What did I say about hurting yourself?" He answered her with a question of his own."I'd be punished." She answered like it was a normal thing. "Your highness, may I know where you are taking the girls?" She asked the important question that had been bothering her.Raziel shook his head. The punishment was not her problem at all. For someone who often inflicted injuries on herself, she might even be looking forward to it."I told you they are okay.""Why did you buy us your highness? Why do you like buying slaves?"He stopped walking and turned to her."Do I owe you an explanation?"Yes. "I was only curious to know your highness.""Your curiosity will land you in a lot of trouble your highness."She fell quiet. He said Annalise was s
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