Blood Awakening

Blood Awakening

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Born as a biracial with a hidden ability that could bring chaos, Maridelle was stashed to the human community by her Aunt Lily. She was taught to live and act like a human not until one unfortunate night has caused her true identity to slowly surface. Her recourse was to take shelter under the protection of a long-time mateless Alpha— Alpha Lachlan Caruso. She immediately caught his eyes right from the instant he saw her. But, as the days unfold the history of her life, the real blood awakening commences. Their lives became too complicated as the enemies vying to get what she have begun to chase after Maridelle who turned out to be his fated luna. Alpha Lachlan devoted his life to save her in whatever cost.

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144 Chapters
BLOOD AWAKENING CHAPTER 1: DEVIL IN THE DARKA pavillion of myriad stars lingers on the firmament; for the first few hours of darkness, there seemed no sign of an upcoming rain. Busy as before, the boulevard owns a hundred and more people probably going home. Streetlights are on providing them sufficient illumination.The clock swings its hands; and the lingering stars hide behind the dark clouds. A drizzle had managed to empty the street as fast as a bullet train. Few of the passerbys had taken shelter. They went to the nearby stores dreaming of wet-free coats and paper bags. But, emerging on the street corner, a lass of fair complexion, brown hair, and tired eyes continued walking. She likes a little of the heavenly teardrops; it doesn’t matter if she get soaked sooner. All she is thinking is the embrace of a warm comfortable bed ready to ease the aches of all day work.“Mari!” shouted Louisiana, a forty-year-old seller at a bake shop where she always buy herself good bread rolls. “
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BLOOD AWAKENING CHAPTER 2: Fangs or Howl Her head is throbbing, burning like wildfire. Uncontrollable. Painful. Numerous time she had yelled, calling for an adequate help. No one seemed to hear. She continued braving her agony, coiling atop the bed she has been dreaming of last night. Her hand deepening in her bed that the blanket crinkled. Her back ached. Arms having visible purple bruises. “Oh, thanks, you’re finally awake, Mari,” her Aunt Lily spoke fretfully, rushing to her bed. She was in the kitchen preparing their meals when she heard Mari’s miserable screams. “What’s happening to me? It’s so painful for goodness sake! What’s happening to me? Can I have my medicine, Aunt Lily?” “You came home last night showered in rain. When I opened the door, there I saw you and then you collapsed in front of me. Don’t you remember anything?”Perfectly crafted lies. All lies. Lily knew more. However, she has to ask questions to assure what to keep will be secured. “No. The pain has alrea
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Blood Awakening Chapter 3: Secrets Unearth
Blood Awakening Chapter 3: Secrets Unearth Heavy breaths and fingers bent against the wooden door. She wasn't sure if she's going to knock or just wait till her Aunt Lily found out she's gone and would bombard her phone with calls and text. But she is considering another option: to suddenly disappear without a word. Mari knew this would surely hurt the person she considered a mother, the only one whose life is devoted to her. However, if she present herself before her eyes, she's afraid of her aunt's reaction upon seeing her with furs on her body; how would she react if she tells her about growing fangs; or will she still accept her niece if she learned of her consuming human blood or worse her own blood. On top of all those overthinking, what's stopping her most is the daunting thought of the possible inability to control herself—the what ifs of being beastly and inflicting pain to her beloved. One...two...three—knock. It took a lot of courage to do that; however, it is well compe
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Blood Awakening Chapter 4: Meeting The Alpha
Blood Awakening Chapter 4: Meeting The Alpha Long hours of driving had exhausted both Lily and Mari. Their car is parked few meters away from the gate with lamps situated on both side of the tall concrete post. Two large black wolves guarding, walking to and fro ensuring no outsiders nor enemies' force are lurking in the dark. For decades and counting there were no narratives of fights and hovering war, but this place is always ready. They never put their guards down. Lily's eyes penetrated on those iron bars; there she saw revelry among drunken guards who probably just finished their duty, laughter of young future wolves mimicking grown-ups and trying to pretend as if they had their lycanthropy had occupied the ambiance. This is the same scenario she missed. It's been a really long time of being away. Lily's introspecting sentiments she tried to escape. It's been long years of abandoning her pack—leaving her family. She doesn't want to but some situation has forced her to sacrifice
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Blood Awakening Chapter 5: Doubts
Blood Awakening Chapter 5: DoubtsIt has been weeks since their visitors came, but Lachlan could not get over her. From afar, on the balcony of his room, that provides a vantage point over the ground where ceremonies would often be held, he persistently watches her. Sometimes, Lachlan would shift just to vividly hear her delicate laughter with the young pups as they play on the ground. His been doing that since after the day he first behold her rare beauty. She definitely had intrigued him. “Alpha Lachlan,” called his beta Mellow. “Did I disturbed you?” he added. He noticed Lachlan been in a pensive state.“No, not all.” Lachlan faces Mellow.“So, how was it?”“Fine. Nothing unusual since day one.”“Okay. You may now leave. That is all that I need for now.”“Is something bothering you, Alpha?” Mellow hesitantly asked. He knew Lachlan since childhood. It was always been the two of them who shares almost everything like brothers do. Lachlan's hold on his wine glass tightened. Slowly,
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Blood Awakening Chapter 6: Gotcha!
Blood Awakening Chapter 6: Gotcha!Lily had left most of the chamber's cleaning to the omegas. Apparently, she won't waste time to do such given the fact that Lachlan's seemed to doubt their presence. “I need to find Amari,” uttered Lily to herself.Among few people who know about the ability of Maridelle's blood, it is Amari she can connect faster. After she exited the chamber, few minutes of strolling, her feet found Maridelle in an anxious state walking on a secluded hallway.“Hey, what happened? You're trembling.” Lily caresses Maridelle's face wrapped in sweats.“Did the twins harmed you?” She knows the twins do not like their presence and if they want to have some fun, they would undoubtedly choose someone easy to pick.“No...No. I bumped with Lachlan earlier in the hallway...” Maridelle said worriedly.Lily's palms journeyed her own face. She is also feeling the anxiousness just by Lachlan's name getting mentioned. She might have mistakenly believed Lachlan took her reasons.
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Blood Awakening Chapter 7: X
Blood Awakening Chapter 7: XMaridelle stayed inside his chamber for few hours, sitting on a couch. She in front of him like a student in front of principal. There was no conversation between them. She desired to initiate a discourse to break the ice, however, her fright of blurting informations ceased her. So instead of talking, she focused her eyes on the details of his chamber. It is huge with a king size bed near the window on the east side. Over it is a canopy of white thin fabric. Paintings she considered of thousands ages hung on the wall. There is a grand chandelier right in the center of the ceiling. On the left corner situated a table, his working table. There are fine furniture with materials she thought expensive. There is also a balcony where the fresh air freely enters the room. There was nothing much to note. It is simple but huge and elegant.“Are you done?” Lachlan finally talked. “Done what?”Lachlan stared at her. “I am asking if you are done watching what's in my
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Blood Awakening Chapter 8: Against The Alpha's Wolf
Blood Awakening Chapter 8: Against The Alpha's Wolf“Is X okay?” Mellow got confused about X's behavior. Usually the wolf won't come out without a summon from Lachlan. But what he had witnessed, X has become aggressive to shift.“Yes, I got him controlled. He just needed a run,” Lachlan thriftily answered. But in the back of his mind, he knows it was not a simple rebellion to force him to give X a run in the woods. He was not supposed to shift in front of Maridelle. He has to find it out. However, he have bigger priority.“And them?” He is referring to Maridelle and Lily.“Detained in the dungeon. Alpha, I admit I cannot believe it. A murderer was not in her appearance.” Mellow shook his head. “And Lily was one of our council, do you think they're not here to hide? She's smart and she knows for sure that the Caruso pack isn't safe given their situation.”“I was thinking of that too. There are many loopholes in the story. The details are not sufficient. This is very frustrating.”Lachl
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Blood Awakening Chapter 9: Save Her Alpha
Blood Awakening Chapter 9: Save Her AlphaIf only it is visible, Lachlan's nose would be seen puffing of smoke. “And you expect me to believe that?!” Lachlan punched and kicked the brick wall repeatedly.There was not even a minute wasted for them to act after a single unnamed enemy had penetrated their territory. It's quite impossible to learn that had happened. They never put their securities down; to think a valuable prisoner was taken out of their range is another thing to get angry. However, hours of questioning Lily yield nothing. “I told you the truth! I don't know who it was,” Lily faintly said. She barely had her strength back from the torture she received from the twins. “Save her, Aplha. I beg you.”Lachlan wanted to disagree and cast every anger he had on his body to Lily. No one needs saving. Maridelle as presented with every facts they had on hand, doesn't need saving. She started the chaos; had a rebellion fueled because of the brutality she did to the three innocent
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Blood Awakening Chapter 10: The Hell
Blood Awakening Chapter 10: The Hell Maridelle woke up with her hands immediately massaging on her temple. It's throbbing like hell. Her vision is a bit blurry.“Shit!”“Oh, hey there, princess.”“Who are you?! Why I am here? Are you with the alliance?”She focused her vision to the person sitting with legs crossed before her. The moment her eyes adjusted to the place, her eyes grow wide in surprise.He rose from his seat located in front of the bed she is sitting.“Oh, the alliance made to catch you. How brilliant that is. Actually, that is an achievement. For a long time, the stupid government did not do such act to address a vampire killing.” He took steps and raised her chin to level his eyes. He stared at her orbs trying to figure out if the possibilities he thought were at high chance.“You must be too special to do that,” he murmured.Maridelle cannot believe the sight. But she has to confirm it. His eyes. It is only his eyes that looked familiar. His voice, she remember it c
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