Billionaire 's Delicate Wife

Billionaire 's Delicate Wife

By:  Ella7   Ongoing
Language: English
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* On Alice's wedding day, she receives a message from her hacker friend which contains videos of her fiancee and Sister. She goes to room 305 not ready to believe but is met with the shock of her life, she takes pictures and videos of them there and posts them on social media with the caption "Cheaters forever." She locks them in the room and goes to the hall to call off the wedding. The guests bash her for making them waste money but the filial and quiet Alice was gone already. * Alice and Arnold both share a sexual relationship on the night of the wedding, Alice escapes from there the next morning and places a 50-dollar note on the table for him thinking he is a nobody. Arnold wakes up and finds the money he was given, he looks around for Alice but can't find her. He decided to find her and teach the pathetic bride a lesson for messing with him. * Alice goes to Fishes River, ready to drown herself and die. She could not take the betrayal of her fiancee and sister to her, she couldn't even show her face to her family after spending a nightstand with a man she didn't know. She continues crying till various cars surround her, the men try to convince her to go with them but she refuses to threaten to kill herself there. * The man calls Arnold and reports to him the situation and he tells them to hold on, after five minutes he arrives there with his assistant ready to drag the pathetic bride to his house. Alice is stunned by seeing and mistaking losses her step falling into the river.

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22 Chapters
Chapter 1
~~~~~ Wedding Hotel ~~~~~ Hall 2The sound of aggressive heels clicking on the tiled floor conveyed the bride's wrath as she walked in her bridal gown. As she paddled across the hallway, a strong fire could be seen burning in her eyes, causing her face to contort into a grimace. Her lovely red hair, which had formerly been arranged into a gorgeous bun with jewelry, was tangled and disheveled behind her as she matched the veil that was dangling at the tip with barely a pin. She wasn't the naive woman from a few hours earlier; as she moved through different rooms, her eyes glinted dangerously. Her fairy stories were destroyed, and all of her hopes were crushed, about love was all reduced to shattered fragments. She ceased to be innocent and naive at that point. After some time, she found the room that was indicated in the message that had been sent to her; her friend Mila from Country A had sent her several movies featuring her purported fiancé, the soon-to-be groom, and the love of her
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Chapter 2
He looked to be the only one in the area, and the leather couch he was sitting on gave Alice unholy thoughts.It appeared that he was leaving the restroom because it was the same man she had run into when leaving her room. Why was he still at the reception, I wonder? How come he was still waiting while everyone had left? Natalie met his gaze because she was still staring at him when he was using his phone and drinking. After growing weary of staring at him, the girl turned to her drink, but then an idea dawned on her. It was impossible to measure the extent of her pain from what her fiancé had done to her. When she remembered, She downed more than two glasses of vodka and grimaced at the sight of her sister in bed with her fiancé. The bartender tried to intervene at this point, but she made him understand that he had no control over her life. Knowing full well that the man in the corner was staring at her, she drank half of the bottle. Was she bothered? Not at all! She minded him then,
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Chapter 3
the man dashed down the hallway, past doors leading to other rooms until he eventually arrived at his destination and shoved open the door. Happily, he arrived at his boss on time. He had been monitoring the time and figuring out how much time he had left.He had been sprinting, so he pushed the door open and let out his remarks. "Boss, I am here, I got here on time." Taylor was Natalie 's aide.Natalie 's honed abs would make any woman go crazy, and he had a towel tied around his waist with water falling from his hair into it. He was insanely attractive.Fortunately for Taylor, his supervisor was about to the restroom. Because of his lack of friendliness, Natalie instilled terror in all of his employees, knowing full well what would happen if they let him down or failed.After gathering his thoughts, Taylor gave the suitcase to his supervisor and said, "Here are your clothes, boss, just as you like them." Taylor handed the bag to Natalie . "Use that phone to locate the girl, and urge ever
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Chapter 4
They were all aware of his aversion to physical contact "Master, feel free to set her down here. We'll tend to her needs." The men's leader said, but Natalie chose to ignore him and continued approaching the automobile. "Get in the vehicle and head to Idris' mansion (the men's leader's name)." Taylor gives the doctor a call and requests that he arrive at the mansion immediately." Alice was tightly clutched in Natalie 's arms as he got into the automobile and gave an icy instruction. Everyone moved quickly to avert the boss's wrath, and Taylor called the Hawthorne family physician after that.~~~~~ Ace's Estate ~~~~~They all arrived at the mansion in less than thirty minutes, standing at a designated space within the city, Swiftly stepping out of the driver's seat, Taylor unlocked the door and let Ace inside. With the girl still unconscious, Natalie gets out of the car and carries her inside the mansion, where the doctor is waiting for him. "Whatever became of her, master? Is she no long
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chapter 5
Oh my, what a wayward son I have, tsk tsk tsk," James muttered, purposefully upsetting Arnold. Arnold said, "Get to the point, dad. I don't have time for your blabbing." He detested it when people, especially his father, acted theatrically around him. "All right, then, this elderly grandmother will explain her caller's reason. I would like to notify you that your cousin, together with his wife and child, has returned to the nation, and you are falling behind in your desire to have an heir. I'll give him the business if you carry on in this manner. You get it?" James said something serious and hung up. Arnold scowled, his eyes and face as cold as the North Pole, the phone he was holding. "I will kill him then, simple"***** Room*After a while of struggling in the dark, Alice noticed a brilliant light at the end of the tunnel. She swam towards it and instantly started to pant for oxygen. She closed her eyes to the blinding brightness as soon as it appeared, and then she opened them w
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Chapter 6
"I won't sleep with you or have sex with you for you to give birth to my kids, I won't even lay my hands on your body. You will give birth to my heir through artificial insemination and that's it, nothing else " Arnold explained glaring hard at her. Alice's eyes widened in surprise. "What? Artificial what? Why would you do that to me? Why?" Alice screamed as her gaze roamed around the room, "Perhaps are you out of sperms, is that why you are forcing this on me?" Alice questioned when a thought struck her head. Arnold's lips parted in slight shock but it was not noticeable to Alice, he quickly arranged his expression. He wondered what the young lady was thinking in her little head that made her come to such conclusions about him, anger bubbled up from the depth of his heart but he retrained from choking her to death. "I am well and fit not out of those you mentioned, so stop thinking rubbish in your damn head," Arnold grumbled, he blushed slightly from talking about his manhood but
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Chapter 7
~~~~~ Dennison Mansion ~~~~~ Cold evening.Jia Dennison (Alice's mother.) sat with a sulking expression on her face, her always sparkling pretty eyes looked dull and almost lifeless. She looked like a pregnant mother who had just lost her unborn child through miscarriage, she sat without any aim or motives just staring at the mansion's door waiting for Alice to come home or walk inside with a bright smile like she usually did. "Alice, come to mother. I miss you so much, don't do this to me. Alice." Jia mumbled in an inaudible voice to herself, big fat tears fell from her beautiful blue eyes which Alice got from her. Mr. Dennison sighed gazing at his wife from the top of the stairs, his expression was no less than his wife but the tears in his eyes refused to fall. He too was missing his beautiful daughter, he had sent men to search for her in the whole of city C but she was nowhere to be found. He slowly climbed down the stairs walking towards Jia, a fake smile stretched on his lips
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Chapter 8
~~~~~ Arnold's Mansion ~~~~~ The next day.When Alice woke up she was met with darkness, she groaned in pain raising her head from the bed. She glanced around her wondering how she had ended up in the bed, The last she remembered was crying close to the window and there she had fallen asleep. A sharp pain shot through her head "Ah! What the heck is happening to me?" She grumbled raising her hand to her head, when she touched her head she jolted backward "Oh my I could boil an egg with my head." She mumbled realizing the pain and weakness in her body.Everything that happened before she passed out flashed before her eyes, she remembered arguing with the weird man who wanted her to bear his child. She remembered how she had firmly refused and he had then told her he would lock her up till she agreed, tears peeked through the corner of her eyes when she remembered his words. Her situation was hopeless, as she wallowed in her pains, sorrows, and regret the door pushed open revealing a yo
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Chapter 9
~~~~~ Arnold's Mansion ~~~~~Taylor sighed looking at his twin brother walking away, the truth was they were both twins born to the same parents. Their parents had an estate and a rich business but neither of them wanted to run it, Terry wanted to become a doctor and Taylor was willing to sacrifice his life for Arnold. They both chose their various careers leaving their parents helpless. "What did Terry say? Is she alright or dead?" Arnold questioned walking out of the room which jolted Taylor out of his thoughts. "I think she is okay master, there's nothing to worry about." Taylor muttered turning towards Arnold, "That's good then." Arnold mumbled turning back to walk into his room."Master what should we do about her parents? They are looking all over the country for her, we can't keep them in the dark for too long." Taylor remarked talking about Alice's parents. "I got some intel that the mother fell unconscious today, I think we have to return her sooner than later," Taylor adde
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Chapter 10
~~~~~ Disentangling Mysteries ~~~~~The chateau hummed with strain as Arnold's determined plans unfurled. Taylor conflicted between devotion and concern, kept on executing his lord's requests. The insight about Alice's supposed treachery with the first life partner spread quickly, creating shaded areas over her family's standing.Amid the disarray, Alice ended up bound to the lavish walls of Arnold's house. The room's glory stood out strongly from the trepidation in her eyes as she argued for her opportunity. The housekeeper, trapped in the crossfire, quietly noticed the unfurling show.As days passed, Arnold's tenacious quest for control increased. He moved chess pieces on the leading body of trickery, organizing a story that would keep Alice snared in his web. The pressure inside the manor reflected the tempest seething outside, an illustration of the strife inside its walls.In the meantime, Taylor wrestled with the ethical ramifications of his activities. He was unable to shake of
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