Bared To You

Bared To You

By:  Love Egbejale  Ongoing
Language: English
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Haunted by his own actions that led to a tragic accident claiming his best friend's life, Prince Maximillian embraces a reckless lifestyle, burdened by remorse, and is compelled to return home. Frustrated by his parents' concerns, he writes a farewell letter, intending to live as a commoner. However, his self-destructive plans change unexpectedly when he meets Edwina, or Eddie, a woman defying societal norms by dressing and behaving like a man. Enchanted by her confidence and wit, he falls in love. His attempts to win her over are thwarted by her devoted friend who desires her for himself, a persistent princess, and Edwina's determination to maintain her unique identity as her father's "son."

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29 Chapters
A year ago "What do we have here?" inquired Dr. Garcia, one of the attending doctors, addressing the paramedic. "A male, 19 years old, victim of multiple gunshot wounds. His blood pressure is 90/60. We administered one liter of saline during transport; he lost a significant amount of blood." The paramedic replied. Upon being transferred from the gurney to the emergency ward bed, the patient was fitted with an oxygen mask, and sensors connecting to a heart monitor were attached to his body. Immediately, the alarm sounded, indicating a very low pulse. "He's going into cardiac arrest," Garcia's colleague, Dr. Saunders, announced. "Is the defibrillator ready and charged?" Dr. Garcia swiftly asked. "Ready, doctor." A nurse responded. "150 joules! Clear!" The shock was administered, but there was no response from the patient. "200 joules! Clear!" The shock caused the patient's body to arch off the bed, but there was still no response. "He's gone," Saunders stated as the asystole a
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Chapter One
EdwinaDuring my mother's pregnancy, the midwife confidently announced that a baby boy was on the way due to my lively movements, sparking great excitement in my parents. They had eagerly anticipated the arrival of a son after having two daughters and had even chosen the name Edwin. However, upon my birth, their expectations were shattered as I turned out to be a girl, leading to my name being changed to Edwina, much to my father's disappointment.At the age of six, I had a vivid dream where I envisioned myself as the queen of a magnificent kingdom, a vision that filled me with immense joy despite the unlikely prospect of encountering royalty. I confided in my mother about this dream, and she fervently prayed for its realization. Unfortunately, my older sisters ridiculed me, labeling me "Joseph the dreamer." Esther, my eldest sister, dismissed my dream as impossible, doubting that even a royal servant would take notice of me, let alone a Crown Prince. She explained that it seemed imp
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Chapter Two
Maximillian People say we each have our personal prisons, even though we're not physically confined; sometimes, we choose to remain trapped. It had been a year since my best friend Darius passed away, and I hadn't moved past my grief. How could I, when everything around me served as a reminder of him? His face haunted my dreams, his laughter echoed in my ears, and his voice lingered, sharing dreams of a future he'd never witness, all ended by my own hands. I resented the pity mirrored in my parents' and siblings' expressions, and their delicate treatment of me as if I were a ticking time bomb. Rejecting their sympathy felt rude, and I couldn't openly express my disdain for my privileged life.Writing a farewell letter to my parents proved to be the most challenging task I'd ever faced, yet it was necessary. I couldn't be certain if leading an ordinary life would ease my guilt or bring slight comfort, but regardless, I'd acknowledge my suffering as deserved. Having completed my lette
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Chapter Three
LeonidasDear Mom and Dad,Writing this letter fills my heart with overwhelming emotion. It's challenging to convey the depth of my feelings as I bid you farewell. Expressing this pains me, but I cannot pretend everything is alright in my world when it's not.I regret to inform you that I am not in the right frame of mind to continue as the Crown Prince of our great kingdom. So, I am relinquishing my rights to the throne. The time has come for me to embark on a new chapter in my life, yet you will always be in my thoughts and my heart.You've been my pillars of strength, my guiding lights, and the source of unconditional love. I regret taking that love for granted and disappointing both of you. Leaving you is difficult, but it's something I must do. Please understand that I carry your love with me wherever I go. Thank you for your endless love and support. Please take care of yourselves and don't worry about me. My love for both of you is beyond words, and I will deeply miss you.Wit
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Chapter Four
EdwinaI couldn't believe that a man so incredibly handsome could exist. In this Kingdom, I had never encountered anyone like him: soft, silky black hair, long eyelashes coveted by women, perfectly proportioned lips, a chiseled jaw, and a body I was sure even Steven would envy. I refrained from counting his abdominal muscles, but I estimated there were around eight."Where are you from?" I wondered. "Are you just passing through, or are you here to stay?""Are you speaking to an unconscious man?" Evelyn inquired."I'm just thinking out loud," I replied. "Are you back from the market? How did it go?""The same," She sighed, settling down on the low stool. "I'm sick and tired of everything that's going on.""Papa said that the farmers' cooperative society is willing to loan him the money he asked for," I informed her, trying to offer some reassurance. "They gave him six months to pay back.""Will that be enough to get what we want done?" Evelyn asked, her concern evident. "The roof is l
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Chapter Five
I woke up in a dimly lit room, my memory hazy after being attacked by thugs. My body ached, and my head throbbed with pain. Wondering where I was, I strained to see through the dimness. Surprisingly, I could spot a lantern on the wall and another nearby, despite the pain. A nauseating smell filled the air, adding to my confusion.Struggling, I propped myself up with my good elbow, attempting to understand my surroundings. Four walls enclosed me, adorned with only a large portrait and a wooden table tucked in a corner. There were no other furnishings or electronics in sight. The possibility crossed my mind that the beating might have left me blind, but I could discern the faint light and the room's sparse contents, so that idea was promptly crossed out."Where the hell am I?" I muttered, scrunching my nose at my bad breath before mustering the strength to rise. Stumbling across the room, I reached for the door and pulled it open, stepping outside. To my surprise, there were five peopl
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Chapter Six
Edwina "Edwina," Evelyn inquired, noticing my unusual silence. "Are you alright? You're quieter than usual." I know I'm not exactly the life of the party, but today, I'm just not in the mood for small talk. "I'm fine," I replied, attempting to conceal my inner turmoil. "I was just about to ask the same thing. Last night, when you returned to the room, you went straight to bed without a word. Did something happen?" Esther chimed in. "Nothing," I replied, my tone masking my true feelings. Evelyn, ever perceptive, asked, "Is it your period?" "No," I scowled, irritated by the question. "I'm perfectly fine. I just have a lot on my mind. By the way, did you mention that Samantha's mother refused to pay you for the three tubers of yam she bought yesterday?" "Yes," Evelyn sighed, frustrated. "She said since my mom still owes her for the cassava flour she bought last week, she won't pay up." I clenched my fists, feeling my patience wane. Today was definitely not the day to test it. "I
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Chapter Seven
Maximillian"Are you sure about this, Max?" My brother, Julian, asked me." He appeared even more nervous than I was, despite my suggestion for him to wait in the car. Nevertheless, he insisted on joining me, accepting whatever challenges awaited us."This is your last chance to leave," I warned him as the screen door opened and Darius's mother, Annis Sterling, emerged with Darius's dog, Bomer. I had missed Darius's funeral due to a coma, making this moment even more significant."No way. If anything happens to you, dad will have my head," Julian protested as Annis descended the porch steps. He questioned whether I had informed our father about our presence here, but got no response from me. "You didn't tell him?!" His eyes went wide.Just before she turned away, Annis noticed me, her expression changing from indifference to outrage. Despite her disapproval, Darius and I had always found ways to stay connected, even defying Annis's attempts to keep us apart.The last encounter between
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Chapter Eight
As Cyril Jonas was leaving his farm, Chief Williams's booming voice stopped him in his tracks. "Ah, just the man I wanted to see." Chief Williams said.He couldn't fathom why Chief Williams had traveled all the way to his farm, considering its remote location on the outskirts of the Kingdom. Cyril, curious about the reason behind this unexpected visit, speculated that it must be a matter of great significance, given the chief's effort to reach him. He couldn't imagine what Chief Williams, a man of average build with a noticeably protruding stomach, might have to say to someone of his humble status, other than possibly concerning an incident involving one of his own daughters."Chief Williams," Cyril inquired, concern etched on his face. "Is everything alright?""Nothing is alright, Jonas," Williams retorted bitterly. "Nothing will ever be alright until you find a way to tame that hellion you call your daughter."Pretending ignorance, Cyril asked, "Which one of my daughters?"William
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Chapter Nine
Edwina"Why does Dad want me to head home now?" I asked my sister, taken aback."I'm not sure, but I think you might be in trouble," Evelyn replied, shrugging her shoulders."But I haven't done anything wrong," I protested. "We need to sell all these peppers today, or we'll have to use them ourselves.""Maybe you should go home. I'll stay until six," Evelyn suggested."Are you sure? Will you be able to manage bringing some things back by yourself? If I can come back to help you, I will. Otherwise, Esther will come," I said."No problem.""I'll go home and see what Dad wants," I muttered before leaving. Dad rarely called me home from the market. Whatever he usually had to tell me could wait until I got home, but this might be very important."Edwina Jonas, is that you?" A female voice questioned.I turned around, only to find myself face to face with Samantha Williams, my arch-nemesis. In a surprising turn of events, she had gained admission to a university in the city and had traveled
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