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He gazed into her eyes and bluntly declared, "Our marriage is nothing more than a deal." Meeting his gaze with fierce determination, she retorted, "As long as it protects my family and guarantees their safety, I will reluctantly put my signature on that document." Trapped in an unwanted marriage, Diego and Gabriella found themselves entangled in an arranged marriage they never wanted. Would their love flourish amidst the vows they exchanged? Or would they coexist as enemies beneath one shared roof?

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Melissa Roumadi
2024-02-26 16:27:08
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Suzanne Asmar
Same story as same story as ARRANGED TO THE ARROGANT CEO!! difference in names of characters
2024-03-01 00:03:28
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rosenie pultoo
This story is up to chapter 6 EXACTLY like "Arranged to the arrogant billionaire" by L. Barbosa. I actually believe the real author to be Barbosa because I read another book and it has the same style of writing. I stopped reading this one because the development doesn't make sense.
2024-03-25 09:00:54
48 Chapters
Chapter 1
Gabriella 's POVI observed my mother as she prepared me for a marriage to a man she deemed suitable. The fact that they considered this normal repulsed me, but I had come to accept that I had no control over the situation. They desired it, and I was compelled to comply. Whether or not I liked it, they believed it was appropriate for me to marry the man of their choosing."He is a good man, Gabriella . He has agreed to assist our family, and you must understand that nothing comes without a price," she remarked, causing me to chuckle involuntarily. I couldn't help it. The man was demanding compensation for his help. It wasn't as though he was doing it out of pure benevolence."Mother, he is marrying me," I replied, meeting her gaze squarely. "And he is not doing it for free." Does that mean, I'm the price for his actions?"Marrying him doesn't mean you are paying a price for anything. If anything, it will elevate us from a financially struggling family to one that is wealthy and has re
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2Diego 's POVI observed with a raised eyebrow as she entered the hall, her gaze evading everyone while fixated on her feet. It wasn't until she took a deep breath that she mustered the courage to meet my eyes. Only when she reached me at the end of the aisle did she manage a smile. However, the smile failed to reach her eyes, and as I returned the gesture, I knew mine lacked sincerity as well. Nevertheless, the scrutiny of the onlookers demanded we play our parts convincingly, for failure would have consequences for both of us.As she stood before me, I clasped her hand in mine. We recited our vows, and people watched in amazement, believing we were a couple deeply in love. In truth, the last thing I desired was to marry her, yet circumstances led us to this impromptu union. She averted her gaze from mine when she uttered her "I do," and in response, I leaned in, briefly pressing my lips against hers.She returned my kiss, pausing briefly as if expecting me to intensify it.
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Chapter 3
Gabriella 's POVWe stood in front of the cameras, their flashes blinding us, while a pack of cameramen trailed behind, capturing our every move. As we made our way towards our private plane, I couldn't help but feel trapped in this media circus. Putting on a fake smile, I glanced at Diego , who was equally struggling to maintain his composure. The incessant clicking of the cameras made it evident that we were growing weary, yet it appeared that nobody really cared."It seems we're stuck here for a while," I murmured, my words laced with forced cheerfulness. Diego , trying his best to hide his frustration, mustered a smile in response. We both knew that we couldn't escape the relentless paparazzi, but how did they even manage to infiltrate the runway? We would have to address this issue with the person in charge.Diego voiced his bewilderment, "I don't understand how they gained access to the runway. We'll need to have a discussion with the responsible party." I shook my head in agree
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Chapter 4
Diego 's POVI observed in silence as Gabriella entered the house, refraining from uttering a single word. We both understood that we would be occupying separate bedrooms, and thankfully, she chose not to address the situation. The resentment I harbored towards her for daring to betray me by issuing a challenge was not something I would easily let go of. However, at present, I had pressing matters to attend to. Unfortunately, the wedding had caused work delays, which only added to my frustration."Boss..." Pedro attempted to approach me, but I swiftly intervened, preventing him from coming any closer. I had no desire to entertain anyone's nonsense at this moment, and the last thing I needed was to be burdened by whatever issues awaited me."Diego , Valentina awaits you in your bedroom," Pedro interrupted, halting my steps. Confusion wrinkled my brow, and as I turned to face him, I arched an eyebrow inquisitively. He responded by crossing his arms firmly across his chest."I sense your
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Chapter 5
Gabriella 's POVSitting on the edge of my bed, I pondered the overwhelming situation I found myself in. The night had been restless, leaving me with little sleep. However, I knew I had to rise much earlier than him to prepare myself. The last thing I wanted was to create a negative impression that could lead to unfavorable gossip about me.Having already dressed myself, I opted for a modest navy blue dress and paired it with white heels. That was the way we were taught to present ourselves. Whether it was a dress or an elegant combination of pants and a shirt, heels or sneakers, we were expected to maintain a certain appearance in case we had guests. Sneakers were reserved solely for activities like the gym, yoga, or pilates. Generally, my outfits were chosen to be presentable even if we had unexpected visitors.Although it was already past nine in the morning, I had already completed my makeup. This was the norm in our family, regardless of the hour.Taking a deep breath, I rose fro
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Chapter 6
Author’s POVIt's been a few days and two weeks since Gabriella and Diego got married and the both of them had a lot to do and say. Gabriella certainly didn't have something she was looking forward to when she got married but it didn't include her getting forehead kisses early in the morning, it didn't include her always waking up in Diego 's arms, it didn't include Diego accompanying her to school a few times, it didn't include patiently waiting for Diego in the evening so she could share how her day went and what lecturer pissed her off and what her friends Mona and Angel did to her that day, it didn't include Diego laughing hilariously at her and then making nerve cracking jokes, it certainly didn't involve her chest beating furiously on her chest each other she stared at him. It was supposed to be an arranged marriage, an arranged marriage that neither of them expected to be able to co-exist peacefully under the same roof. Diego had surprisingly transformed from being the arroga
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Chapter 7
As soon as Diego dropped the call, he turned to face the Director who had submitted the proposal. Everyone was sure he was going to fire him moreover, six directors had been fired ever since he took the President position. "I want a new proposal before the day ends," Diego said as he stood up and stepped outside. The director in person fell to the ground, relief coursing through his veins as his other colleagues helped him up while congratulating him on not losing his job. Only in Rodriguez Corporations would you congratulate someone for not losing their jobs. "Send Gabriella's picture to the bodyguards and securities, whenever she's coming over, no one is allowed to stop her" Diego said as his secretary nodded. 'Is Miss Gabriella coming today?" he asked as Diego continued walking in long strides. "Probably" Diego replied as he walked into the office. "Set up the online meeting with the branch in Vietnam," Diego said as his secretary nodded. "On it sir" he replied. Mona burst
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Chapter 8
Gabriella was quietly nodding her head to the music playing in the car when the car suddenly swerved to the side. The driver was quick to apologize to Gabriella immediately. "I'm sorry Miss, the car suddenly blocked me on the way" he said as Gabriella furrowed her brows and nodded politely towards the driver. "It's okay Uncle. You can just reverse and go" Gabriella said as she craned her neck realizing that unless the other person moved his or her car, they barely even couldn't move. Gabriella furrowed brows even became more profound as she stared at the flashy BMW in front of the car. It was one of the new series that BMW had just recently released. "I'll go tell the other person to move the car" the driver said as Gabriella shook her head. "Ha, no need, i..." she didn't get to finish her statement because the latter opened the driver's door and a woman wearing sunglasses and a well proportioned suit clung to her body like a body hug cloth rather than a suit. It was obviou
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Chapter 9
As Gabriella stepped out of the cafe, a frown appeared on her face as she got back into the car. It was supposed to be a marriage of convenience but Gabriella didn't know what was going on. She had no idea of what was going on in her head or with her body at all.Even though she knew Diego had zero feelings for Stephanie, she couldn't conceal the hate in her heart at all. She sighed as she threw her head backwards and different thoughts began racing through her head.The driver turned into the premises of Rodriguez Corporations and Gabriella glanced at the tall building indifferently."What did you just say?" Diego asked again."Miss Omo arrived in the country late yesterday night and blocked MissGabriella 's way while coming back from school. They had a discussion in a cafe" his secretary replied as Diego raised an eyebrow."Is Beth okay?" Diego asked as the secretary winced and dropped a laptop in front of Diego . His wife had brutally murdered the other woman eventhough she was c
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Chapter 10
Diego stared at the teary lady in front of him as he rubbed his forehead."Why didn't you tell me you were coming back?" He asked quietly as Stephanie swallowed her saliva."I wanted to surprise you," Stephanie said with a small smile as Diego nodded."Fair enough. I was really surprised when I heard that you had gone to visit my wife" Diego said as Stephanie paled slightly before wearing an aggrieved expression."Didn't we agree to marry each other?Didn't you agree to wait for me?"Stephanie asked as Diego wore a surprised expression."We?" He asked."You and who?" He asked again as he smiled, his smile not in any way looking like a smile."You were the only one who made those decisions yourself. I have nothing to do with them" Diego said as Stephanie felt her heart being squeezed directly."Diego !" She exclaimed."How could you do this to me?"Stephanie asked in pain."Do what to you?" Diego asked clearly not affected by whatever face Stephanie was making."You know how much I lov
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