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Grow up together, living together and go to school together. That is how Owen Cruz and Leon Yu live with their own lives for 18 years now. But Owen has a deepest secret, he is gay. He can't tell it to his Best friend Leon because Leon hates gay. A super straight, tall and handsome guy that even the Star Showbiz wants to recruit. Does Owen can still keep his secret forever or will choose to live separately from Leon? How will Leon react if he find out the deepest secret of his best friend Owen?

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I love this book so much that I did not want it to end. I wish that you included the wedding and more about Nic and Steven... but we can't have everything we want lol. The ending was perfect. Thank you
2023-05-27 06:21:34
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Why don't you post 'Searching Every Planet to Find you' here?
2023-05-21 18:46:23
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I really love this book, I love their growth and that they don't give up on each other
2023-05-21 18:44:39
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" Get out of here!" Owen is pushing Leon out from the bathroom early in the morning. He was taking a bath when Leon suddenly open the door. Wearing only one piece of cloth and bubbles all over his body, he managed to react immediately before Leon successfully entered. "What's so wrong of taking a bath together? We're both guys and we were doing it ever since!" Leon starts stuttering. "Even so!" Owen answered without blinking his eyes. "I almost finished bathing so wait outside this door, got it?!" He even knocked the door two times before entering again and continue bathing. "I'm gonna be late if we don't take a bath together now!" Leon shouted but with control. Owen didn't listen. It's still 6:30 in the morning and there's only 20 minutes walking distance to reach their school. So, they won't be late. And besides, the reason he can't take a bath with Leon today is because of his dream last night. "Shut up! I'm almost done!" He and Leon grew up to
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"Why?" Leon asking him with a low tone, he's hand is on his pockets. "I-l just want to experience living alone." He said. "Are you saying, you feel annoyed by me now?" The tall guy look at him for one second. "Of course not!" He answered. "It's just that, we live together ever since we were young. We both have privacy that we wanted to do inside the house but we can't do it because we also don't have seperate rooms." Owen explained. When they were only Eight years old, their parents let them sleep in one bed every time they visited each other houses. And now, even they were already in senior high, their parents bought a small apartment with only one room and one bed for them. "And what kind of private matter you wanted to do? Masturbate?" Leon didn't even blink nor think twice before asking it. Owen's face turned red instantly. He gripped the umbrella that he is holding and he hit Leon who's smirking beside him. The man is laughing while receivi
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Everyone's attention is to Leon, all of his classmates are waiting for him to give the name of that person who he admires. The man look at side which Owen seated. Owen feels nervous all of a sudden. "Why are you looking at me?" He voiced it out. "Do you remember the girl we used to play with, back at my house?" Leon asked Owen. Of course he remember. But why is he asking? "Yeah, why?" "Do you remember her name?" Leon asked again. "Angelica. Wait, why do you keep asking me? Have you forgotten her?" Owen remember that little girl back then, that girl has a round blue eyes since she is actually half blood, her mother is a filipina-chinese and her father is an American. The little girl also have a wavy long hair that Leon's often plays, she sure will be pretty when she grows up. "Why would I forget her?" Leon answering while crossing his arms in front of his chest. "Wait, so who is that girl again, Owen?" Louis is now asking him too with cur
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After their classes, Owen messaged Leon that he will be late to come home due to his schedule to meet Steven. Leon didn't reply, so Owen return his phone to his pocket. "I'm sorry for being late." A voice from behind make Owen startled. He turned his back to see Steven standing with poisture half step away from him. "Did I startle you?" He looks so relaxed with a hint of smile on his face. "How long have you been here?" Owen asked while avoiding Steven's eyes. "A moment when you started texting." Steven casually answered. "I'm sorry, I didn't notice you. Shall we start?" "Yeah, but first, let's find a perfect place to place our things, I can't find a bench here. What if we go to School gym?" Steven says that while his eyes is roaming around the area. They are at the vacant space at the back of the school building. "What if there's a lot of students in there too?" He fidget. Owen doesn't like to practice if there's a lot of people watching. He
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Owen gave his number to Steven before they started to make some dance steps for upcoming school event. Steven is a great dancer, and Owen admired him for being great. "En.. I think we should add some spicy moves." Steven suddenly stopped and look at him. He then get the towel that Steven lend to him. Wiping his sweat while waiting for Steven to finish making new steps. "Can I hug you from behind? I also need to touch your face while you are leaning to the right." He asked his permission while explaining. "It's not a problem" he said.. "It's actually good idea." He continued and put down the towel back to the floor. Owen walks closer to Steven and stand in front of him then turned his body and face the mirror. "I guess putting one of your hands in my stomach is also great. Let's try it." He said. Steven approved and they started dancing again. That's the 6th steps they made. They still need to create other steps, and for sure they can't finished it in one time pr
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When Owen got out of the shower room. He saw Owen sitting quietly in front of the table. His eyes is following his move like he's observing him and trying to get some answers for the questions inside his mind. "Drop it already, what is it?" Owen feel a bit irritated this time. "Nothing" Leon said and look away. Owen tilted his head but didn't say a word. He just walk towards the table and occupied the vacant chair and they started eating. After eating without talking, Owen cleaned the kitchen and went to bed after. Leon, on the other hand is taking his bath. Laying in bed while playing his phone, Owen heard the door open and close at the same time. Leon finished his bathing. He's phone ringing and Steven calling. " Yes?" Owen answered. "I forgot to ask you, What snacks should I buy tomorrow?" Owen smile after hearing those. He even chuckled. "You called just to ask me that?" He asked. "Well, yes. Is that bad?" Steven voice sounds he's also smiling.
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"Who are you?" Angelica is asking Steven with a hint of admiration in her eyes. Owen is nervous right now. Did they heard what they were talking about? He doesn't notice that Steven is actually staring at him at this moment. Maybe the guy read what is on his mind and suddenly grabbed his hands before answering the question of Angelica. "I'm Steven, Owen's friend and his dance partner." Steven smiled but didn't even reach his eyes. "Wen-wen, Leon and I want to invite you to buy some snacks. Wanna come?" Angelica didn't give her attention to what Steven said and directly ask him instead. After 8 years of being away to each other, Owen noticed that Angelica is now acting so different. Is it because she was living on the US? Perhaps that's it. He glanced at Leon, the guy is not looking at him but looking at Angelica. Owen can't take it anymore so he answered, "I'm sorry I can't, I already accepted Steven's invitation before you guys arrived. So maybe next time?" This
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No one speaks, No one dare to move. Only the sounds of breathing can be heard at that moment. Owen is staring at Leon with serious look on his eyes, while Leon is looking at him with dumbfounded look on his face. Is he gonna hit him now? Or gonna swear at him? Owen is feeling nervous but he has no choice but to accept the fact that this is the end of their friendship. And those promises of living together? It's starting to fade. There still no words came out from Leon's mouth until he slowly move and take one step backward. Owen swallowed his own saliva to control the tears that is trying to escape from his eyes and secretly clenching his fists behind his back. "This..." Leon finally find his words. But that's only it. He even covered his mouth and continue to remain silent again. The pain in Owen's heart is getting more and more that he himself can't take it anymore so he also make his move. He take one step forward and before he leave, he said.. "If you can't ac
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He was so shocked after hearing those words from Owen. He doesn't know this, He doesn't even noticed anything for the past 10 years. No, when did it start?, Is Owen already gay since he was a child or just bended? He has no idea at all. And that is so frustrating! He himself is a best friend of Owen, They grew together, they live together but he has no idea what's going on! He even told him many times that he hates gay yet the one he keeps telling those hurtful words is actually gay?! In other words, he hurt Owen many times! "Answer the phone! Damn it!" Leon is trying to contact Owen this whole time now but it seems that Owen is ignoring his calls. "F*ck!" Feeling dejected and frustrated, he sits on the floor. He needs to talk to Owen to ask him to explain himself why did he hide it from him. But, is it really okay with him to live with gay? He was sexually attacked by gay when he was 13 years old. He remember the time when he was almost raped by that man. Leon was 13 y
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Owen didn't say any words even he heard what Steven said. His dance partner has a point now. "Let's go." He heard him talk again but he just followed him like a robot. "Or do you want to go back home for now?" Steven asked him when he noticed that he ain't talking. "Should i?" He asked him too. If what they think is the truth, then he doesn't want to face Leon for now. "If you want.. " Owen!" They both turned their heads looking for the owner of that voice who called Owen's name. "Huh! Look who's here?" Steven can't hide his bitterness and anger when he saw Leon walking towards them. He even pulled Owen and hide him behind his back. Owen didn't react, he just stay where Steven put him and looking down at his shoes. He didn't dare to look at Leon's eyes to hide his disappointment and the pain that he is hiding in his eyes. "Give him to me, I need to talk to him." Leon's voice is cold as north Pole. He heard the rumors spreading inside the
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