Alpha Xavier And The Legend Of His Chosen Mate

Alpha Xavier And The Legend Of His Chosen Mate

By:  Sam Shelly   Completed
Language: English
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Athena Moonville is the daughter of the Alpha and Luna of the Moon Stone Pack. She may not be able to shift as yet but her life is still perfect. She has perfect grades and the perfect boyfriend. Everything seems to be on track until she catches her boyfriend Nate sleeping with her best friend Lia. Heartbroken and angry she runs out into the rain, cursing herself for not seeing the signs of betrayal sooner. That's when she witnesses her parents getting killed by rogues. Before they take their last breaths, her parents tell her not to trust anyone, not even the werewolves from her pack. Now angry and alone, Athena sets off into the woods. She travels for hours until she comes upon a cottage deep in the forest, but before she can enter she collapses from hunger and dehydration.  ********** Alpha Xavier Pureblood is the leader of the Midnight Pack. He is arrogant and hard-headed but very protective. When the elders tell him that the pack needs a Luna to make their pack stronger, he gets angry, since these same elders told him to reject his fated mate years ago because she wasn't from an alpha bloodline.  Frustrated and with his wolf, Exodus at the surface he transforms and runs to Scarlet, his ex-mate's cottage. There he stumbles across a girl passed out on the forest floor. He scoops her up and immediately feels a connection. He finds it weird she doesn't have a scent but his wolf doesn't care, he vows to protect this mysterious beauty at all costs, not knowing she is the wolf from his favourite story as a child, The Legend Of The Arctic Wolf. 

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Apple Pear Peach
One of the great stories I've read so far.. can't wait for the latest update.
2024-02-26 19:19:18
default avatar
Elizabeth McElheny
It’s great.
2024-01-15 09:18:04
default avatar
Hanna Hollin
Love it!!!! I need more chapters!
2023-12-24 14:45:54
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EgyptAnn Call
This book is well written and I love the characters I hope to keep reading
2023-12-13 05:58:13
default avatar
A very good story. I am enjoying it so far but I have reached chapter 29 and Xavier went from badazz to cheesy. I don’t like how he’s talking to Athena like she is now a piece of meat. Where has the passion gone? Nevertheless I will read all chapters since I bought it all, but please fix convos
2024-01-21 09:12:15
user avatar
That B¡tch
The only reason I read this book was because the 1st chapters were written by another author I follow on here. I wanted to finish the story because I fell in love with the first couple of chapters, they're different. I kept up with the book here & I'm disappointed. The story is predictable.
2024-02-23 23:45:03
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
59 Chapter 2-12-25
2024-02-13 07:23:19
default avatar
Good to a point. Started to get weird in the middle.
2024-02-04 06:20:05
user avatar
Not for me. Too chaotic.
2024-01-23 22:04:24
default avatar
Was wondering why this book sounded familiar.
2024-01-19 23:01:18
144 Chapters
Chapter 1 BETRAYAL
ATHENA'S POV“Are you sure about this, Lia?” I asked for the umpteenth time as I stared at my reflection in the mirror. The red thong and matching bra my bestie bought for me to wear on my upcoming Moonday, was not my style at all. I turned to get a better look at my rear. I shifted the phone from one ear to the other, frowning at my appearance. “I look like I belong in a Playboy centerfold,” I declared with a snort as I shook my butt cheeks and watched them eat up the bow that settled at my crack. “I am not wearing this,” I finally stated.Lia heaved an annoyed sigh. “I’m just trying to be your friend, Athena,” she let out, and I already knew what was coming next. Throughout the two years I’d been dating Nate, Lia had been urging me to sleep with him. So we’d been through this conversation more times than I could count. “Nathan is every she-wolf’s dream guy. He’s handsome and wealthy. Plus, he’s from a prominent family, being a beta’s son and all.”Though I’d heard her tired argument
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ATHENA'S POVThe night grew colder as I left Nathan's house. The sky opened up and doused the earth with rain as if the heavens felt my misery and were crying with me. Icy drops assaulted my face, but my hot tears still burned my cheeks.A few guards patrolled the area and, out of embarrassment, I stuck to the woods to stay out of sight as I made my way back home. I couldn't wait to get there to burn the stupid skimpy outfit my now ex-best friend gave me. I couldn't believe she’d stab me in the back like this — All while making me feel guilty for not sleeping with Nate, too. Then to turn around and do him behind my back? I felt sick.Thunder sounded, rumbling loudly as the rain worsened. Flashes of lightning lit the path ahead, and the pack house came into view. But as soon as I saw it, an incredible uneasiness washed over me. I paused and hid behind a tree. Then I focused and saw my mother crouched in a defensive position. A burly man with a brown beard stood before her, and she gnas
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XAVIER'S POVI lay in a cave surrounded by a dozen beautiful, naked she-wolves. Each had pledged herself to me when I saved them from vampires who had used them as blood whores. The cave used to belong to the vampires, too, but I took it over after exterminating the bloodsuckers. I called it the Wolf’s Den, and it had become the place I went to blow off steam with the she-wolves—something that had been their idea.Initially, I’d refused their offer, happy just to provide them with comfort and protection. But after spending time with them, attachments developed and our sexual relationship began. I cared for each of them, too, but made it clear early on that I didn't want a luna because of circumstances of the heart. They understood and provided me with sex regardless.Though I never slept with just one or two. No, no. It was always a group endeavor. That was their rule—so I couldn't pick favorites. And who was I to complain when so many she-wolves made themselves so readily available?
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Chapter 4 MUTE
XAVIER'S POVDawn approached and the faint sunlight cast soft shadows. It looked as though leaves danced serenely across the forest floor as I carried the girl to the cottage. She appeared to be floating on the edge of consciousness as her fingers brushed lightly over my dewy, naked skin. The movement was so gentle that I almost attributed it to the light breeze blowing through the trees.Her eyes opened wide and focused on me intently as I rushed to carry her through the cottage’s door. Her hair fell like waves pulling out to sea as I placed her to rest on Scarlet’s decrepit couch.The mud covering her face had dried and begun crumbling, revealing what appeared to be a beautiful face underneath. Exodus and I watched her closely and noted the sadness in her eyes. She appeared to be young, not quite a child, yet still too young to be an adult. I wondered when I had started seeing people like her as young. I was only twenty-eight for Moon Goddess' sake.Her beautiful silver-gray eyes, l
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Chapter 5 TRUST NO ONE
ATHENA'S POVXavier left, and the red-headed she-wolf stood in the sitting room across from me, watching me with her burning, scornful gaze. Her expression and obvious negative intentions toward me sent terror up my spine.“You’re lucky he found you first,” she said, then cackled in the most sinister manner.My insides churned, and my breathing became ragged.A gruesome grin spread across her face. “I would be having you for supper right about now,” she stated, obviously assuming I was human.I wished I had my wolf. With my alpha blood and my wolf, she would have been no threat to me. As it was, though, I was no match for her.Part of me thought I should have told Xavier what had happened. But I had to heed my parents' advice not to trust anyone, which was why I went along with the handsome wolf’s assumption that I was mute. I had to feel him out first.My tummy rumbled, and I swore if I didn't get something to eat, I would perish before the next sunrise.“The dumb girl is hungry?” Sc
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Chapter 6 HELLO
ATHENA'S POVI woke feeling like I got hit by a truck and then stampeded on by a herd of buffalo. Memories of Scarlet stabbing me and then throwing me into the river flooded my mind. I drew my palm toward my stomach to investigate my wound. I flinched. Instead of finding a gaping, bleeding hole, my fingers met with bandages and my nose with a foul aroma. I lifted my hand and took a whiff. The ointment was strong and repugnant. “Holy Moon Goddess, my head hurts,” I whined.“Ah, I see you are up, child,” said a cracking voice from the room's darkness.Shuffling noises met my ears, then the dragging of curtains on a rod. Sunlight streamed in as an elderly woman parted the old, dusty drapes. She padded around barefoot in a tattered grey dress with an overused dishrag thrown over her left shoulder. Two more hung from the string of the dress tied around her waist. Her tired, yet striking, brown eyes watched me with concern, with the crow’s feet at their edges enhanced. Her thin pink lips tu
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Chapter 7 SILVER
AUTHO'S POVAthena's everything hurt.The pain was like fire burning her limbs. She winced. It blew up in her head with a terrifying blankness. It was nauseating. She quivered. The pain felt like a hot, sharp knife, covered in salt, slicing through her skin and into her muscles and bones, as though her legs had been frozen and a bolt of lightning had struck her body from head to toe.Her wound was throbbing, and her fingers were numb. She coiled them unknowingly to ease the painful rigidness. She curled up next to the tree trunk closest to her and decided to wait for Maggie there. Her feet couldn't go any further, and she wasn't sure about this plan that Maggie had. Alpha Pureblood was said to be a very ruthless and unforgiving Alpha. She just didn't think he would take time out of his murderous schedule to help a weak little orphan like herself. He was probably feeding on Maggie's intestines right about now. She pondered.She was so tired. A yawn escaped her lips. She just needed to
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ATHENA'S POVI felt so protected and comfortable in his arms. His musky essence of almonds and spices served up more satisfaction to me. I didn't want to let go of him. His chest was hard because of his washboard abs, producing warmth to my trembling frame.“Was it quick?” I asked. That poor girl didn't ask to be born with blonde hair and silver eyes. I couldn't believe someone would murder a person because of something that came naturally to them. Xavier's chest rumbled out a raucous laugh. The vibration shook my ear that was pressed up against him. “This is not funny, Xavier. Your Alpha is evil." I tilted my head upwards, so I could stare into his face.He parted his lips and spoke. “Are you this gullible, Athena?” He captured his bottom lip between his teeth. His whole expression sparkled with mischief.“Hey, back so soon?” A male's voice interrupted us. Xavier's eyes looked over my shoulders at the man.“Yes, I am. What did I miss?" Xavier sought, and I was struggling to wiggle my
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AUTHOR'S POVXavier's heart was pounding at a mile a minute in his chest, while he stood there listening to Athena relaying the vile and disturbing things that happened on that fated night when her parents got murdered.What made it worse was that she witnessed it. Xavier hated that this sweet girl had to see that evil bastard, Cyrus, infiltrate her home and take everything away from her.Exodus was frozen in the back of Xavier's mind, rooted to the spot. His insides bubbled with rage as he fantasized about ripping Cyrus to smithereens.Athena was a crying wreck now, clutching her pendant with trembling hands while describing how she held her parents' wounded bodies until their life forces ascended to the Moon Goddess. Her recollection of their deaths cleaved open Xavier's heart, reopening the old wounds that his parents' deaths caused.Athena shook as she cried, squinting her eyes tightly as the salty liquid ran down her face in streaming lines.“Oh, Athena. I'm so sorry." Xavier qui
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AUTHOR'S POVThe fog receded up the mountains as the sun woke up, spreading its warmth and golden beauty around the meadows that surrounded the Midnight Pack.Athena was riding out a nightmare. It was about the night of her parents' murder, and every time she got close to the cloak figures that shot her parents, someone would stab her from behind. In a panic, she jumped from her slumber, clutching her chest in a way to ease her racing heart. She was breathing violently, thanking the Moon Goddess that it was only a dream, at least the last part of it.Sadness swept over her from all angles, followed by anger and hopelessness. Then Xavier flashed in her thoughts, and she realized he was her silver lining in all of this. She promised herself that as soon as she became Luna, she would orchestrate her revenge.The door crept open, and a slender omega glided in. Athena sat up in bed when the lady entered."Oh my, I didn't know you were up yet,” she spoke, startled. “I'm Valerie, and I'll fe
Read more Protection Status