Alpha's surrogate

Alpha's surrogate

By:  J.Foster  Ongoing
Language: English
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The alpha of her pack thinks she belongs to him and his mate. The alpha of another pack thinks she belongs to him as his mate. Waring packs and mate bonds who will win. This quiet and timid wolf, will she always stay that way or is there something special about her?

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how often does this book actually get updated
2022-07-31 03:15:35
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Updates please .......... Great book so far!!!
2022-08-29 02:28:54
22 Chapters
Chapter one
My life up until now has not been the easiest. I lost both my parents during the wolf war when I was only a few years old. My Grandmother took me in and raised until I was five and then unfortunately I lost her too. Up until then my life was great. My Grandma used to say I looked just like my Mum at her age. I probably don't look like her now. I had long black hair that I always keep tied back in a plait. I have bright blue eyes.Then I was forced to live with the orphan wolves. Where we learnt we had to serve. Between cooking for the wolfs in the pack house or cleaning it. We had to do whatever they told us to if we didn't or we argued against it we would be punished for our actions. At first when the punishments were dealt out we would fear them, the beatings or the starvation would take its toll on our small fragile bodies. Eventually our bodies got used to the lack of nutrition and the beating didn't hurt as much as they once did. Our scars probably acted as
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Chapter two
The problem with leaving this place though was if you got caught trying to leave without permission you were punished. Shockingly. Also with no paid job we could not save any money up so what would I do for food or shelter? These are the only reason that I am still around here. Now that I am eighteen I want there to be a chance of finding my mate even if the chances are slim. We sort the breakfast out and it is taken out by the servers. "Joseph since it is your shit food that you tried to give the Alpha, it will be you that cleans it up off the wall and when you are done you can get straight to your other chores with no breakfast." His head droops at that words no breakfast. "Yes Nora." he replies to her though and makes his way to the wall.We all finish the rest of the cleaning and have the scarps of food that is left. I slide a plum into my pocket and I will try give it to Joseph if I can later. I am mopping
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Chapter three
Looking around the attic room they had put me in and I really wondered what I had done to deserve this. Three days I had now been locked in this room, they brought food up three times a day and they were full proper meals not the scraps that I were used to. I only had to knock on the door and I would be escorted to the toilet. That was my entire days. I just looked out of the attic window looking over the pack lands. It was the first time I had seen it this way that I could remember. I could see the tree's for miles and dotted everywhere was colour from the flowers. I had never seen so many colours at one time. I remember this from when I lived with my Grandma the front of the pack land had the town where the houses and the businesses were. The back of the pack land was just miles and miles of land, for the wolves to be able to run around in. The pack house was smack bang in the middle of it, I must be in the back part of the pack house to be over looking j
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Chapter four
I think I'm waking up when I hear voices talking about another Alpha coming to visit us, it is a last minute notice visit so Alpha Derek is not happy about it all. He wanted me to be sorted out first but now that wouldn't happen and we would just have to make sure none of them came over here and the docotor would have to stay with me. Then all I saw was black again. This time when I started coming back my head had a sharp pain running through it and my lower stomach felt like it had been punched fifty times. My mouth is so dry. I try to move my arms and legs but I am stopped by the leather straps. That is when it all comes flooding back to me. The injection and them forcing me to have my arms and legs strapped down. What had they done to me? The doctor then notices that I am awake and comes over to me. There is just me and him in the same room that I was orignially brought to, so they had not moved me. He starts to squeeze a bag of yellow looking liquid tha
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Chapter five
ALPHA SAWYER'S POV  I was brought up as the future Alpha of the Blue River pack. It was like I had two Dad's I had the strong, hard headed Alpha that was hard on me and made me learn and fight like an Alpha. The other one was soft and playful and treated me just like a normal Dad did to his child. We were close. When I was fifteen my Dad got a disease. One all wolves feared as it was the only one we couldn't heal. It was a horrible way to die, it was slow and painful and shut your organs down one by one. Even though he was dying he still made sure that I was taught how to be an Alpha until his last breath. My mum was absolutely devastated from losing her mate. When two wolves find each other and become mates their souls become one. If one half of that soul is lost, the one left behind they feel a part of themselves is missing and will always long for the other half. She spent the better part of two years locked in a room and only c
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Chapter six
My mate, that was not what I was expecting her to say at all.  "How can that be when the pull is always in the same place?"   "I do not know that is for you to figure out."  The next day I arrange for me and Jack to head back to Alpha Derreks pack, just for me to try find what is going on and if that really was the pull to my mate. When I arrive I am told by the Beta of his pack "Alpha Derrek is sorry but he is unable to attend a meeting today as something very important has come up that needed to be attended to immediatly and he hopes you understand. Now Jerry here will escort you to your vehicles."  "I am sure we can find our vehicles by ourselves thank you." we turn around and start heading towards our car, but before we get to them I look around and make sure no one is watching us.  Jack this way. He looks confused but keeps up with me.  I feel the pull once more and I follow it. J
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Chapter seven
Feeling how much she was shaking while she was at the side of me made me worry. Was I doing the right thing? Is this what she wanted? But the more I thought about it, the more it just came down to me wanting her with me so that I can look after her, because looking at her you could tell she has not been taken care of in quite a while. I could feel her bones pressing into my skin as I held her. What were they doing to her? I wanted to ask her and find out but I wanted to give her some time before she answers the questions. I was also slightly hoping for her to trust me enough to tell me on her own. After a while of driving I knew she had fallen asleep she had completely relaxed against me and now I could hear a very faint snoring sound. It brought the corner of my lips up into a smile for the first time today. I look at the front of the car and see Jack looking in the mirror at us. "What is it Jack?" "I jus
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Chapter eight
LEXI'S POV I'm standing in the middle of the bedroom as Sawyer leaves and the door closes. I look around the beautiful room and see that all the furniture is made from a light brown wood and it all matches. The massive bed has a beautiful turquoise bed cover and about a hundred pillows. It looked so soft and I wanted to climb into it but I needed to be clean first.  I walk to the bathroom and see the huge bath and a shower to the side. I couldn't wait to get in the bath I had never had one before my Grandma only had a shower in her house and I've only had a bucket since she died.  I turn on the water and look at the bubble baths lined up on the side I pick them up and smell them one by one until I find the one I want vanilla.  I fill the bathroom with steam and the scent of vanilla, once the bath is full enough I climb in and the water climbing up my body is fantastic, it is a little hot but my body soon adjusts. I lay there thi
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Chapter nine
SAWYER's POVAfter leaving Lexi in her room, walking out of that door was really difficult and I had to force myself to take each step. I wanted to be with her to look after her and to find out everything about her. However I knew that she needed some time to adjust to all of this and she wouldn't get that we if I didn't leave her alone. As I closed the door behind me I walk towards my office. As I'm walking I see Chloe walking past me. "Chloe could you do me a favour?""Yes Alpha of course what can I do for you?" "I would like for you to find some female clothes for me, she is only small maybe a size two at the most. Can you then take them to the room next to mine. Lexi is in there." "Yes of course Alpha." She starts to leave to do the job. "Oh and please be patient with her she is very timid." "Yes Alpha of course I will do my best to help her in anything she needs or wants." "
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Chapter ten
LEXI'S POVHearing the doctor tell me that I wasn't pregnant was a huge relief. I never wanted to have Alpha Derek's and the Luna's baby to begin with and I never knew how I would feel or handle knowing I was that child mother and I wouldn't be able to do anything about it and I wouldn't get to see them and they would never know who I really was and that because of who I was in the pack I wouldn't get to do anything about it and that would have been the hardest thing in my life to ever do, not to be a part of my childs life.As soon as we heard the news I could feel the tension in Sawyer drain away. I wonder what he would have done if I were pregnant? I can't imagine that going over too well.After the visit with the doctor I was so much happier knowing I still had not had sex and that I was baby free. However he was concerned with my weight and I looked like I would need some more tests to make sure everything else was fine. I was told I needed to start eating
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