Alpha Manuel, My Triplet's Baby Daddy

Alpha Manuel, My Triplet's Baby Daddy

By:  MelanieTee  Updated just now
Language: English
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Samantha had always been someone who cared about the people she loved. Unfortunately, the people she trusted used this against her and she is framed for having an affair with the Alpha of Gloriver pack, Alpha Manuel. This was only a one night stand, but turned out to be much more because the union led to Samantha having triplets for the Alpha. 5 years after leaving town to escape danger, Samantha is back now, and she doesn’t know why, nor can she explain the strange connection she feels for Manuel. Will the happenings between them and the challenges they face lead to the truth being revealed? Find out in Alpha Manuel, My Triplet’s Baby Daddy.

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martin latimer
very Good Thoroughly Enjoying It Shame To Stop On Interesting Part
2024-03-11 07:24:30
150 Chapters
Chapter 1
SAMANTHA'S POVI groaned as the sun rays shone straight through the sheer fabric of my curtain.I got out of bed at the sound of my mother's voice."Samantha!"My mother called out again."coming!"I called back.I rushed into the bathroom to get ready for the day.Trudging down the stair case I met my mum who wore a stern expression on her face which meant that she was really angry now."What took you so long?"My mother asked as she pivoted down the stairs to the kitchen."I was getting ready"I responded.Walking into the kitchen,I saw my elder sister, Maeve chomping down a plate of steak and chugging down a glass of juice with it."Hi sis"I greeted.All I got in response was silence.Maeve ignored me and focused on the plate in front of her.My mum who was oblivious to the exchange between us,walked to the kitchen aisle pulling out pots and pans frantically searching for something. Shaking away the sad feeling, I proceeded to help my mother."Mum,what are you looking for?"I
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Chapter 2
MANUEL'S POV Shifting my weight onto my shoulder, I turned to see a beautiful mass of brunette hair splayed onto the pillow next to me. Abruptly, I shot up straight as I took notice of my surroundings. My vision blurred as the images of the night came flooding into my mind. Throwing off the duvet, I went around the room in search of my phone which I hoped would provide some answers as to why I had come here. It was a brothel for goodness sake. Locating my phone triumphantly I went through my call logs but was interrupted when the lady in my bed turned giving me a full view of her face without being shrouded in her hair.The memories came to me now. I had drunk my way into the brothel last night after I had discovered that there was a traitor in my pack. I was yet to find out who but the mere thought of my men betraying me had sent me spiraling. I had drunk myself into a stupor to forget and had gone against my inner inhibitions about a place like this and decided to have fun.I ha
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Chapter 3
SAMANTHA'S POVAs I tried to make sense of what had transpired all but a few moments ago, my thoughts wandered to Maeve. How could I have completely forgotten about her? Was I insane?Not only had I given my virginity to a strange yet sexy man but I had forgotten my sister. I asked myself If I was truly insane.was I?That remained up for verdict but I had to get out of this room. It felt so serene and cold that being alone in here felt eerie. Tossing the wad of cash that the stranger had arrogantly thrown to me like I was some prostitute onto the bedside table, I got into my jeans.The sharp pain between my legs reminded me of the numerous times he had rammed into me. He had been insatiable. Glancing around the room for an exit point, I headed to the bathroom to wash away all the grime and sweat that had stuck to my body.Looking at the mirror I noticed all the bite marks and scars where he had nibbled and held so tightly. Ashamed now, I hopped into the shower, willing the though
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Chapter 4
MANUEL'S POVThroughout last night, my thoughts had been filled with her. From my waking thoughts to my dreams, her soft moans, her beautiful hair, the way her body fit so perfectly with mine. I buried myself into work, it was all I could do to not go insane from thoughts of her.We had issues regarding the pack's security system and who better than to reach out to the pack's leading man in all things hacking, which was Micheal?He didn't hold a very high position in the pack but he was one loyal friend I could turn to whenever the situation got this bad. Glancing back at the stack of unopened folder files detailing the rivalry and the issues caused by the opposing pack, the Bloodhound pack, I let out a sigh as I signed off on it. Delegating the matter to the head of command, Jonathan. We were not close but we had a good working relationship.After much deliberation, I decided to go over to see Micheal. We had discussed matters over the phone but had been keen to leave vital de
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Chapter 5
SAMANTHA'S POVSitting on the porch of my so-called parents' house, I recalled the revelation that had shattered my entire world.***FLASHBACK***"What did she do?"Gamma Jonathan had asked with a confused frown but once he had seen the video which I didn't know existed, he had looked at me with such disdain and disgust that the hair at the back of my nape stood on edge."please Jonathan I can explain. I was..." I began but was interrupted when I was sent toppling back onto the couch I had woken up from."How dare you refer to him by his name. Have you no respect coupled with the fact that you have loose morals?"My father said "Dad!"I shot up from the couch to stand in front of him. My eyes watered at the thought that they would think of me that way."Don't you dare call me that? You lost that right when you decided to forgo your family's reputation as well as your fiance's repute. For goodness sake, he is a general. Do you know what this video could do to his reputation? "
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Chapter 6
SAMANTHA'S POV"Let me go!"I screamed as he pulled me into the kitchen. Locking the door behind him. Maeve's eyes widened in surprise."What the hell is she doing here?" she asked."I found her lurking around at the back of the house" he responded."Why can't you be gone and out of our lives?" She said through gritted teeth."I know what you've done," I told her.She smiled sincerely."Oh, do you know? It's about time. I thought you would be dense and stupid forever" she mocked."How could you do this to your sister? loved you. I cared for you. I..."I cried."Point of correction, you are not my sister. You never were and never will be.No matter how perfect you may seem or act, I knew that deep down you were always a whore." she said."What did I ever do to deserve this? I was good to you" I told her, my voice shaky with tears.She rolled her eyes."You can't be serious" she replied wryly."Your mere existence brought me pain and misery every single day of our lives. From the moment Mo
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Chapter 7
MANUEL'S POVAfter I had left Micheal's house, all the tumultuous questions nagged at me and I knew I had to get to the bottom of this and fast. So I did what someone of my caliber and power could do. I resorted to using my contacts to track down the woman at the bar and the real owner of the bar and since there was still the danger of getting discovered by the mole, I entrusted the information to my most trusted me. Of course, that was after running good background checks on every one of them as well as their current life interactions outside of the pack.Micheal had also been a very big added help to finding the woman and that alone had shortened the search to two days later. Which brought us back to this very moment.Here I was seated at my desk in my office looking through the contents of the report that had been complied.The name "Callista Were" didn't ring all bells. I had never heard of a name like that but according to her file, she was born and raised in a faraway pack and
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Chapter 8
MAEVE'S POVEver since I was a little girl I had always felt that I was never good enough. Especially being the older sister, all my parent's attention had been on me but I always found a way to disappoint them while my younger sister strived to be better at everything she did. She was a high achiever in academics, life, and love. Almost every guy I had liked or dated had ended up trying to get closer to her instead.So when Jonathan approached me I had been overjoyed but quickly it had been snatched away when an alliance was made between him and my sister. That tipped over the iceberg that had frozen my heart. Angered now, I knew, I had made a decision.But Jonathan had still been meeting up with me secretly. We would rendezvous at a hotel or his house to satisfy each other's needs. I craved his love and attention and he craved my body. I knew
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Chapter 9
MANUEL'S POVI watched as her facial expression changed as she narrated what had transpired between my Gamma and her. Of course, I had no way of confirming if it was true or not."He threatened me. He told me that if I didn't do as he said, he was going to punish my family. I had no other choice Alpha Manuel but to do as he instructed me to. So I went along with his plan. Please donot
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Chapter 10
SAMANTHA'S POV5 years went by and I never saw the man I had slept with that night again. Even when I tried calling him to tell him the news, I was disconnected soon after. I found out in the news that he had begun dating Maeve and that he was planning to make her his Luna. That had hurt me a lot more than I thought it did. I hadn't tried contacting my family since that day either .They had cut off all means of communication to me.
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