Allure Of Gray: Daddy, Please Forgive Mommy

Allure Of Gray: Daddy, Please Forgive Mommy

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“Remember when I said I forgive you? Guess what baby, I lied.” ****** Bree had thought that breaking the heart of her boyfriend, Spencer on that rainy evening was the worst day of her life but her cold and manipulative mother proved her wrong by sending her to a psychiatric hospital as a punishment. Finding out that she was pregnant and escaping the hospital, Bree fled the city to somewhere far away to escape the clutches of her controlling mother and become a free bird. When her little one turned three, she innocently asked, “Mommy, where is Daddy?” “Daddy is no more,” she let out the first thing that came to her mind. After five years, Bree returned to the city, this time as an FBI agent and crossing paths so soon with Spencer in an unexpected dire situation was something she never expected. Amid all similarities, the old chirpy vibrant man that she once knew was no more, instead this Spencer was bitter and vengeful. He was hell-bent on making her pay for her decision five years ago. Moreover, how will the morally gray man react when he finds out that they have a child together, especially after his last words to her years ago that still echoed in her ears day and night?

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10 Chapters
Goodbye, Spencer.
“You can't go in.”“Why?” Bree asked, glaring at the security man in her way. “You have been prohibited by Madam Bennett from entering the Bennett’s mansion. Please leave, Miss Marsden.”“I'm here for Spencer. Can you please reach out to him?”“I'm sorry…”“I'm not go…going to leave until I see him, Mr.” She tried to sound stern. “Fine. I'll give him a call. You stay here and make sure you don't take a step in, okay?”Bree nodded. In less than five minutes, she saw Spencer running in her direction and closed the distance between them. His hands fell on her shoulders gently and looked her over from head down to her toes in concern. “What's wrong, baby? Why are you here all of a sudden? Come this way.” He held her tiny wrist and led her outside the mansion’s enormous gates. “I'd no idea you'd show up. Are you hurt? Did your mother hit you again?” He asked, his eyes scanning her body for any trace of injury. “Let's break up.” “What?”“Didn't you hear me? I said, "Let's break up.”He
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A Nut Upstairs
Bree shifted uncomfortably on the car’s seat, trying to put as much distance as possible between herself and her mother, Nary Marsden, the classically beautiful cold woman sitting next to her in the expensive car that they rode. She sat down with her back arched and her legs crossed not minding her daughter who was obviously uncomfortable. The black gown and hat that she wore matched perfectly with her personality. There was definitely no wrinkle and to everyone, she looked too young for her age. Bree was figuratively hugging the door at the moment. Sharing the same space as the extremely cold woman next to her wasn't something that she does frequently. It has been years since she last rode with her mother in the same car. Normally, they would go separately. The car has been moving for the past hour thirty minutes thirty seconds without stopping. Yes, Bree has been counting. She couldn't help but wonder where on earth they were heading. “Mo…mother, can we stop for a while, I feel
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You're Going To Have A Baby
“Mommy will come pick you up when your nut is in the right position,” saying that, Nary turned her back to her and started making her way toward the exit. “No…no, Mother,” Bree got up to chase after her mother but before she could, she felt four hands hold her in place, restrained her arms behind her, and tied her wrists so that she would be unable to make any further movement. “Mother, you can't do this. Father and brother would be mad if they found out.”That seemed to work as Nary turned head first before making her way back to her. “I do not care about the both of them. They left right? I do not give a damn about them.” Her tone softened. “I only care about you, my dear. Only you. Because we are so much alike. You are just like me.”“No, I'm not. I'm not a crazy manipu…”*Pa*Her words were cut off with a slap from her mother causing her long ginger-colored hair to fall on her face. She quickly clamped her mouth shut as she gritted her teeth in pain from the hit. This woman had
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Get Rid Of It
“W…what?”“Who is the father of your baby, Bree? Does your mother know about him?”“I'm pregnant? I'm going to have a baby?”“You are, dear.”Bree shook her head in denial. She can't have a baby. This can't be happening right now. Why on earth does God always punish her with things he knows that she doesn't want? She doesn't want a baby ever. She doesn't want to become a mother or even hear the cries of a baby in her home. Why was life so unfair to her? First, her day started with the servants at home waking her up and then her mother dragged her to this place only to leave her there as a punishment and now, she just found out that she was pregnant. An unwanted pregnancy. Her whole life was totally ruined. Bree’s eyes welled up in tears at the thought of becoming a mother to a child that she didn't want. She can't mother a child having never received motherly love from her mother. How would she give her child what she never had herself?She doesn't want to become like her mother. Sh
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Single Forever
~Five Years Later~“Aunt.”Bree whirled around at the call of the tiny sweet familiar voice from behind. A frown creased her brow as she saw Ariel holding the hands of the man beside her. “Ariel? What are you doing?”“Aunt, this uncle agreed to pay for our ice cream.”Bree’s eyes fell on the man beside her daughter. “Hello, I'm Jack.”They shook hands. “Bree.” She smiled. “Don't mind this silly girl. I already paid for the ice cream. She’s just silly. Come here, Ariel.”Pouting her lips, Ariel hesitantly dragged her foot to Bree until she was standing next to her. Bree took the ice cream box from the salesperson and handed it to Ariel. “You do know that sweets aren't good for health, right?” She asked her four-year-old daughter who was clutching a box of different flavors of ice cream to her chest as they walked out of the ice cream shop. “I'm healthy, Mommy.”“Doesn't matter. You'll get health issues if you eat too much sweets.”“Mommy promised to buy me lots of ice cream if I a
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Familiar Figure
After hearing all her boss had to say about the situation at hand, Bree slipped her phone into her trouser pocket and turned to the cab driver. “Please head to the Boston mansion instead”“Yes ma'am.”“Mommy, why are we going there? Won't you spend time with me again?” “I'm sorry, Baby. Something came up at work. I'll drop you off and go attend to it. I'll be back before you know it, okay? You won't miss me.”“Hmm. I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself.”“You're really not going to miss me?”The child rolled her eyes. “No. Only kids miss people when they leave for the meantime.”“What? But you are a kid.”“No, I'm not. I'm four already.” She sounded offended.“So what? You're four. You're still a baby.” A frown creased her brows. “You should whine sometimes and stop acting like you're an adult. You're only four. Kids your age whine all the time but you, you don't even do that. If you want something, you order me.”This topic, they have treated it times and times again and it see
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No Running Away This Time
Bree looked up at the man pressing the barrel of the gun against her forehead, with no trace of humanity in those familiar eyes. Her heart sank and her heartbeat thundered as she recognized him. Her very own Spencer. There was no way on earth she wouldn't recognize him. Those familiar eyes and scent had tortured her day and night for the past five years. No way she could forget them. Their gaze locked for a long while. Did he recognize her? Was he happy to see her? Those questions raced through Bree’s mind as their gaze intensified. She couldn't tell what he was thinking as the man in front of her was Spencer but not her Spencer. He was not the Spencer that she used to know. The man standing in front of her was like a god of death with cold and empty eyes, ready to wipe any obstacle in his way. The cold metal on her head proved her right. He was no longer the Spencer that she loved. The man who would never hold a gun talked more of placing it on her forehead. He was familiar yet di
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Cold-Hearted Stranger
“I warned you, Bree. I’ll have to show you what being a monster means. I'll break you, I'll make you pay for your sins, and trust me, there is no running away this time.“At the sound of her name on his lips, Bree’s hands curled into a fist, her nails digging into her palms. Her name sounded so well coming from him just like it always did. It sounded so right. “This isn't you, Spencer. You are way better than this.”“Do not act like you know me. We see nothing more than enemies, trust me. We are enemies and you are going to find out just how I treat my enemies.”“H…how?” Bree stuttered. “Wouldn't be fun if I mentioned, right? You'll just have to find out on your own, won't you?” His smile widened. “I thought as much.”Just then a loud sound reverberated in the lonely hallway that they were in. They had forgotten that they weren't in a safe place. They were so occupied with each other that they forgot that they had to leave the dangerous building. “I…I think this side of the buildin
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Ariel, What Are You Doing?
“Officer. I…I think you shouldn't go that way.“What?”“I…I mean you should go the other way. I already checked this side and there's no one there. You should check that way Instead.”The officer looked at her as if suspecting something but he still nodded and ran hurried in the opposite direction. Bree released a breath she had not realized she had been holding. Her eyes fell on the floor where she was standing previously. If it wasn't for her missing gun which she knew Spencer had taken along with him, she would have doubted her mental health. She would have called him a fragment of her imagination because he disappeared like he wasn't there in the first place. Picking up her ID card she made her way out of the building. “Boss.” She saw her assistant rush to her immediately as she emerged from the building. “Tiana.”“Boss, where have you been? I was worried that something happened to you.”“Nothing happens. I was alright.”“You look grim. Are you sure you're alright? Are you hurt
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Independent Ariel
“Don’t you dare move,” the little girl ordered the dogs, her voice stern and commanding. She turned to her mother. The look on the child’s face made her mother flinch. To think that she was scared of the little girl now. “Mommy, what?”“What? Aren't you afraid of these dogs? They're dangerous,” Bree said, her voice trembling as she stared at her daughter in disbelief. The child was not only unafraid of dogs but was actually commanding them. How was this possible? And why were the dogs listening to her? They were notoriously disobedient and hard to control. “What are you doing with them?” Just then, her eyes fell on the child’s hand only to see a long stick. Was she really trying to caution these dogs? Last time she checked, these dogs listened to no one else but Mr Boston and even he always had a hard time putting them in their place. But her little Ariel glared at the dogs right in their eyes and dared them to make a move. Oh goodness. She was going to faint from a heart attack i
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