After Divorcing, She Stunned The World

After Divorcing, She Stunned The World

By:  BELLA  Ongoing
Language: English
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In her five years of marriage, Elsie loved her husband, Oswald, with all her heart. Even when their life wasn't happy. But now the man she loves so much is looking at her with a hateful look, slandering her without proof. "Tess is awake, she told me everything! You fu*king murderer!" Tess, Oswald's beloved woman, and if she hadn't had the accident, it would have been Tess, not her, who would have become Oswald's wife. And now Tess was awake. Her dream had awakened instead. She didn't want to have to explain. She didn't want to have to go through countless detentions and begging... Elsie looked at Oswald, who was still indifferent, and said, "Let's get a divorce..." Oswald doesn't believe that the greedy Elsie can give up her life as a rich madam, and he assumes that she will come back and beg him for money. Until Elsie's true identity is revealed and everyone is stunned...

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Is there a book 2? Why there is no epilogue? I hope you could do an epilogue. Thank you
2024-03-07 00:27:48
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Guille C
𝟭𝟮𝟬 Chapters Feb 20, 2024
2024-02-28 22:09:36
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Ruby Veldbloem
nice story
2024-02-10 01:40:38
default avatar
Seems good
2023-12-05 10:34:16
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
106 chapters 10-23-23
2023-10-25 10:48:56
default avatar
Love the story but towards the end it gets a little confusing and then it just ends. Needs more follow through/follow up on details brought up in story but never mentioned again.
2023-12-22 08:52:46
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Heather W
I can't decide if the horrendous grammar usage and disconcerting lack of appropriate punctuation is a result of translation errors or the Author's attempt to learn English on our dime.
2024-03-21 00:48:01
120 Chapters
Chapter 1 We were never a couple
"Elsie, put away your mask of innocence, your lies have been exposed, and from this day you will be thrown out of this villa!""What do you mean, Oswald, I don't understand, I swear I have never lied to you about anything."Elsie asked looking at the man standing in front of her with a chilling look on his face, he was her husband Oswald, their marriage lasted five years, but he now looked as if she was a murderer. He acted like if he wanted to kill her with his cold eyes.Elsie was shocked by such a cold look, she didn't think she had done anything to cheat on her husband, for five years she had loved him wholeheartedly.As she wondered, Oswald said angrily in a louder voice, "Tess is awake, she has told me everything. Before her accident, someone sent her a text message anonymously saying that I was sleeping with a woman in a hotel. She was in too much of a hurry to wait for the light to turn green and was hit by a big truck when she rushed across the road."Tess was awake? Tess was
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Chapter 2 I told you so
She stood by the road side right in front of the mansion with her bag in her hands. Her dark brown hair was tied in a messy ponytail and dressed in white short sleeved top and a flare knee length skirt. With white slippers, she had no makeup on and she looked like an innocent eighteen years' girl who had been thrown out of her house.Her eyes were dried,and she had no regrets about her decision. Five years had allowed her to recognize the fact and she had no more regrets.She was thinking about returning to her true identity when the car window was lowered and a handsome face appeared in front of her.She smiled slightly and walked towards a young man dressed in white suit. His hair wasn't combed and looked messy, his face looked masculine but the smile on his face looked boyish as he smiled in the way of Elsie.He winked in her direction and asked,"Is it time yet? Are you sure, you won't ever look back? As soon as you enter this car, you won't come back here even if you beg me to al
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Chapter 3 I'm breaking your marriage
She walked out of the room with hurried steps but as she left the building she slowed down. The paper in her hand wrinkled due to the forced she was putting on it. A few more steps forward and she stopped and kept her back against the hallway wall. Elsie breathed in several times but she still couldn't stop the tears rushing down her eyes. She looked at the sheet in her hand and read through it again and she sniffed and said to herself,'That's right, Elsie, you have held on for too long. Your love wasn't reciprocated but you have been shamed instead. You should learn your lesson and let him go.'But then more tears flowed down. Just when she was about to break down, she heard footsteps coming her way and she hurriedly stood upright and wiped away her eyes. She didn't want anyone to see her in a bad state and she adjusted herself and started walking away. The lady watched her back wondering what could be wrong with Elsie.She hurried back to the car and entered. She sighed as she thre
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Chapter 4 Reap the fruit of their labour
"Cheers, let's toast to Elsie who finally gets rid of her misery!"Sid suggested, and Elsie did not hesitate, ready to pick up the glass and drink, but Aires grabbed the glass from her hand and replaced it with a glass of soda.Sid looked at him strangely, Aires realized that he was too abrupt, his face immediately turned red, he hurriedly explained, "Elsie, it's been a long time since I drank, the alcohol concentration here is too high, I'm worried that you will get drunk in a while, next we have to talk about Elsie accepting the company, don't we?"Elsie saw Aires' handsome face covered with red, she thought he was too cute, she couldn't help but touch him with her hand, but before she could reach out her hand, a bottle flew in her direction. Aires saw it and hurriedly pulled Elsie into his arms, the bottle hit the wall behind them and broke into pieces.Elsie looked up and realised it was Dwight, Oswald's brother. Dwight is not considered a villain, he always rescued her when his m
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Chapter 5 An evil woman
Dwight came home to see his mother Huldah sitting on the couch putting on a mask, she looked as if nothing clear had happened, he frowned and walked towards her."Elsie divorced my brother, did you force Elsie to do this thing?""What? Is it true what you say, that Oswald finally came to his senses and threw that beggar out?" Huldah heard Dwight's words and excitedly pulled down the membrane to confirm.She was happy to see Oswald made this decision, no wonder she came back from shopping and didn't see that beggar, she was ready to wait to see her and then scold her severely, it's already meal time, she even had the guts to be lazy and not cook!"Beggar? Mom, watch your words, if other people hear you talking about your daughter-in-law like that, you will be written up in the media as a vicious mother-in-law. That won't help crofts' reputation." Dwight said coldly.Huldah, however, did not care at all, she remembered Oswald and could have discussed the matter with her."How do you know
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Chapter 6 Divorce me for him
Elsie knew that the investigation of her father's death can't be rushed, now the first step was to find the mystery man. Sid proposed that they go home first, when they find the mystery man, then act.When they came out from the bar, Sid proposed to let Elsie stay at his house, but Aires immediately objected. Elsie did not want to make them unhappy, so she proposed to go back to her previous home with her parents.Sid finally agreed with her decision, he said helplessly,"I knew you would want to come back, so I had ordered someone to clean up early."Aires found it was improper to object again, so he told Elsie that he was always there and he could protect her at any time.Elsie was very happy with their thoughtfulness, and she was surrounded by such loving people. Why was she so obsessed with Oswald?Fortunately, Oswald's determination made her completely awake.When she saw the familiar environment, she could not hold back from heartbreak. Before her mother died, their family lived
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Chapter 7 Unknown Number
"Grandpa?" Elsie asked again uncertainly."El love, how are you my princess?" grandpa's voice rang out again after a similar pause, and Elsie could hear grandpa's excitement."Grandpa?" she managed to whisper out of shock."Yes, my princess, come back home now. I have something very important to tell you.Elsie didn't ask what was going on, she was completely shocked again by the appearance of her grandfather, who had also disappeared after her father's accident, and she wondered where he had gone all these years.She hung up the phone and went outside before she could gather herself.A man dressed in a black suit and standing beside a Benz. When she looked in his way, he immediately pulled open the car door.The drove towards a vintage building and the car stopped. an old but gentle looking man stood in front of the door with a walking stick in his hand."Grandpa, it's really you! I thought I'd never see you again!!!""El love, my princess. grandpa missed you so much.""Grandpa, I'm s
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Chapter 8 Hot Super Idol
In the bedroom, two maids are busily cleaning diligently, Huldah is standing in front of the door and giving out instructions as if her life depended on it."Hey, put that there! Remove that! Take that out of the room. You must make sure there isn't a hair of hers in the room."Oswald entered the house and walked towards the hall. He saw his mother at first sight, she was helping the maids bring out the wardrobe he made for Elsie after their wedding. He rushed towards her and pulled the wardrobe down. His mother stared at him with anger and surprise but that didn't concern him rather he asked,"What do you think you are doing here mom?""I'm cleaning the stain you brought in the house. I don't want to smell anything familiar with her. Tess wouldn't be staying in this room but yours but I still don't want her to see anything that would burden her. That girl, make sure she gets nothing from this family, that gold digger." Huldah responded with a disgusting expression on her face.With a
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Chapter 9 This i promise you
As if watching him, Ford calls back as soon as he finished reading the words. Oswald picks up and in angry voice shouts at him,“What is it again Ford?”“I don’t know, are you that foolish? I would have held her above all my riches. Why would you lose such a good, beautiful, intelligent and hardworking woman to a super idol? I can’t believe that you choose that proud woman? You were actually cheated on? The whole Oswald crofts? Oh dear, I pity you now and your near future.” Ford teased him in serious voice“Okay, did you only call to mock me? When have you been more sensible than me?” Oswald asked in an angry tone.“Well, I’m not sensible than you but I’m not the one who had been cheated and divorced and his ex-wife is throwing a party over the divorce. Ford in a laughing tone.”“What? Elsie is holding a party? And why do you know about it?” Oswald asked in a questioning and surprised tone.“It’s because your insensible friend has been invited as a special guest to the party. I haven’
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Chapter 10 Actions speak louder than words
Aires looked at Ford and nodded towards him, he held Elsie’s other hand and asked her to dance. Elsie smiled in his way and also nodded towards Ford, before he knew it, they were already on the dance floor. Aires swung Elsie slightly but since she wasn’t expecting it, she stumbled on her feet. Just as she thought that she was done for, she embraced a hard substance. She felt a loud sound in her ears and the feeling on her chest. She looked up in his eyes and was dumbfounded.Loud footsteps sounded from the gate but it stilled as the person watched the scene in front of him. The people in the room could feel the chill around him even from a distance. They watched him and saw his gloomy face, Aires looked away and looked in the way of the guests to see Oswald. He was watching them and his face looked like a cloudy cloud ready to descend cats and dogs.Elsie pushed up and stood on her feet, it was then that Aires told her that,“Your ex-husband has arrived. Would you like to go and greet
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