By:  Crystal Luna  Ongoing
Language: English
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Isabella is a promising young girl but after a fatal accident that took her father's life, Isabella was never the same again. She had to leave her little town and all the demons within, to go on a quest for a new start, she makes new friends, and with an unexpected job on the horizon , she meets with a ruthless Mafia that would change her life forever. Xander Diaz better known as the Draco is a ruthless Mafia boss, that has the city in the palm of his hands, he gets everything he wants, until he met Isabella, a mesmerizing dancer who broke all his rules, but that was when he knew he must have her by all means.

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Delinda Schumacher
139 chapters 10-27-23
2023-10-28 00:41:18
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Delinda Schumacher
99 chapters 1-18-23
2023-01-19 04:06:01
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Bethany Rebecca Moss
How regular are updates
2022-12-22 11:08:31
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Love it can’t wait for update
2022-12-04 13:48:39
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Michele Pixley
Great book however the author finds it hard to update it therefore you pay all that money for no ending and little updates. Save your money for a different author.
2023-05-29 06:40:52
159 Chapters
Chapter 1
Isabella's POV ''You know that saying that says" time heals all wounds," and it will all feel better as the years go by. Yeah, that wasn't my case at all because my wounds were still very wide open and it still hurts as hell with the guilt eating me up alive. The image of that night was still so very fresh in my head, making me wonder and also ask myself every single day that if I had done things differently that day, would it have happened the way it did? If I had just listened to him and not have to be a stupid and stubborn teenager, if I had only obeyed him and I had not gone out to that party, my dad would still have been here with me. "Oh goodness............. so many what if's," I said to myself, letting out a breath I didn't know I was holding as I sunk further into an abyss of self-pity. Why did I have to argue with him, why did I have to make him lose focus? The accident was all my fault and I have hated myself ever since. (flashback )Isabella, why didn't you listen t
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Chapter 2
Isabella POVFlight attendants prepare for landing. Please, passengers and cabin crew. Please take your seat for landing. We are slowly descending to our destinationThe announcement rattled me up from my sleep as I blinked out the dizziness slowly from my eyes, fully aware of my environment.Soon, a lady with red hair who looked like a flight attendant came to me, sayingMiss... Please fasten your seat belt. We are about to land, " she said, smiling.Nodding my head as the realization soon dawned on me, I quickly did what I was told to do with shaky hands.I didn't know how long I was out, but my nerves were soon getting to me as the dream of a new life and a new city would soon be a reality.My heart was thumping so loudly in my chest and goosebumps filled my hand as I held onto the edge of my seat.I didn't know what to feel or what to think as I shivered from the feeling of uncertainty that was slowly taking over me.I wanted this..... No, I needed this, a fresh start, ” I said to
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Chapter 3
Isabella POV.Mia's question caught me off guard. I couldn't tell her the truth so I had to make something up.Nothing really. I'm from a small town so I came here to explore the big city, " I said, which was partly the truth anyway.Mia and Aiden nodded their heads, smiling in response to my answer, as we all soon went ahead to eat our breakfast.Isabella, so what is your game plan? Are you going to get a job, ” Aiden asked, downing his coffee?Yes definitely, I have to find a job, I can't live here rent-free, " I answered, smiling as I savored the taste of his delicious French toast.Isa, I know you have to find a job and all that other boring stuff, but first, you have to see the city and have fun. You just got here.So I would do you a favor and be your tour guide. What do you say, "Mia smiled, loving her idea.Giggling a bit, I was so amused by Mia's sense of humor, so I just couldn't say no to her even though I could see Aiden rolling his eyes at her.Yeah, Mia, I would love tha
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Chapter 4
Isabella POVWhat! I screamed in shock.Yeah, it is a job and it pays well," Mia let out, as if it was no big deal.Again what!" I screamed and Mia chuckled.Look, like I said before, it is a job, and if you must know, I do it as well," she said, smirking.But I thought you were a dancer and a musician," I said, confused.Yeah, music right now doesn't really pay the bills, so I dance," She said with her eyebrows raised and I knew exactly what she meant.." Really you are a stripper," I asked.No, I would like to use more of the term dancer or entertainer because we actually do dance and entertain people, you know, but it is just with little or no clothes on," she said, smirking.But...but," I stuttered, obviously confused.So what do you say? Would you like to join us? I can talk to Dan, he will love the idea of a new girl around the club," Mia said.“Uhmm..." I mumbled out as I paced back and forth the room, totally unsure of what to say.A stripper... that was definitely not on my l
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Chapter 5
Isabella's POVI didn't know if I had made the right decision or if I had just walked into the lion's den accepting Mia's proposal, but the only thing I knew for sure was that I needed the money and it was the only paying job I was offered.So the next morning, I quickly got ready, wearing a yellow floral dress and putting my hair up in a ponytail.Mia had promised to introduce me to Dan today, so I didn't want to be late for anything in the world.Walking out to the living room, everywhere seemed deserted.Confused... I wondered what was going on. Usually, Aiden was always in the kitchen by this time so I wondered if he was still mad about me taking up the job with Mia," I said to myself as I walked into Mia's room, only to find her still fast asleep.Shaking my head and wondering if we weren't going to see Dan as plan today, I called out to her but she didn't respond.After several gentle taps on her shoulder and still no response from her, I decided to scream out her name.Mia!" I
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Chapter 6
Isabella's POV (A few weeks later)It has only been a couple of weeks since I started my job here at Club Paradise. I haven't danced yet because he refused to put me on stage.In his own words... I wasn't ready to be dancing in front of people yet. And because of that, I wasn't paid as much as the other girls at the club.So I practiced every day just to be as good as the other girls here. And I can tell you for a fact that it hasn't been a walk in the park. Dancing with heels on was a true pain in the ass and mastering my stability on the pole was kind of the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.It wasn't my dream job working here at club paradise, but I was willing and able to make it work here because I knew I couldn't go back home, I couldn't face my demons back there. So my busted ankles and sore feet were enough to prove that I just couldn't relent.Mia, of course, has been of great help to me. She has been there for me all the way, teaching me all I needed to know about h
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Chapter 7
Isabella POV I was so happy that Aiden and I had slowly gotten back to the way we were before. He was no longer distant from me. On the contrary, Aiden stayed with me throughout my sick leave from the club. Since my legs were in a bad shape, Dan gave me a few days off to recover. And I must say these past few days were the best ever. Aiden and I spent almost all our time together, with him taking care of me while I just listened to his not-so-funny jokes and ate his specially prepared meals. It was really good to have my friend back. “Aren't you going to the gallery today," I asked as I walked into the living room. No...What are you doing? You are supposed to be in bed, resting those legs of yours," Aiden scolded me as he guided me to the chair, totally ignoring my question. Stop... I am fine now, my legs are all better now," I let out as I rolled my eyes at him. Aiden was obsessing over my injury way too much. I knew he cared about me, but this was getting way out of hand now
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Chapter 8
Isabella POVGet ready Isabella, you have 5 minutes," Dan ordered.Okay, Dan, you win, I will take her place. Don't just allow Isabella to dance for the Draco," Mia said.No... I want Isabella to do it," Dan said with a smirk on his face.But..." Mia tried to protest but Dan didn't give her a chance as he walked out of the room immediately.Look at me, Isa..." Mia forced me to look at her, sayingI hate what Dan is doing to you, but it looks like you don't have a choice.Listen to me... When you get there, try your best to avoid any eye contact with the Draco.Just dance and leave..." Mia let out with so much emphasis“What is going on? I'm confused," I finally got the chance to let those words outOh my dear Isa, I'm so sorry this had to be your first debut here, because, girl, you are walking into the lion's den," Mia let out with a worried look on her face.Lion's Den..." I asked, even more confused.Who is this Draco?" I asked Mia with a racing heart.ooh sweetie... you don't want
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Chapter 9
Xander's POV Walking into Club Paradise, I looked around at the pack of people drinking and laughing, and also the dancers doing such a great job entertaining them.This place was my only getaway spot, a place where I could just go and unwind without any interference from my job.And I must tell you, my job isn't a small one, it requires me to take a lot of hard decisions and that can be so draining.So here... was the only place I could go and just relax without thinking about work.“Stay here, I will go in alone," I turned to my bodyguards, sayingYes Boss," they both responded in unison.And you can also get a few dancers to keep you entertained," I smiled as I walked into my private lounge.Seating, I was immediately poured a glass of whiskey on ice by a waitress“Oh you are here. I wasn't expecting you until Friday," Dan walked in looking all nervous.Well, it's your lucky day because I'm here now," I said, smiling as I sipped my drink.Oh yes okay, I will just get you your danc
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Chapter 10
Isabella POV I was livid, my heart was racing and I was boiling with anger as I walked into the dressing room, taking off my mask.I couldn't stop thinking about what just happened.Who does he think he said to intimidate me like that?I knew he was all tall and macho, and his eyes could make anyone scared for their life, but still, he doesn't have any right to hold me the way he did," I huffed as I slumped down to the chair.“What happened... what's up," Mia rushed to me, askingWhat do you mean," I asked, looking at her confused.“I mean what happened in there, you look angry," Mia asked as she folded her hand across her chest, leaning against the mirror.“Fuck... Mia, that man is a self-absorbed, arrogant son of a bitch," I cursed out.“Christ... I wonder how Bambi managed to dance for him all this time.He is so handsy, touching me so inappropriately," I said, rolling my eyes at the thought of him.“What... No that can't be possible, Isa," Mia shook her head,“It's all true, he h
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