Accidentally involved with you

Accidentally involved with you

By:  Bhishorla  Ongoing
Language: English
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Olivia face a troubling life after her lover ran away from the hospital when they had just discovered that she was pregnant. As it gets even troubling Olivia realize that she had been used after her so lost lover return as her step sister's finance, she was used by her family and her lover. Fortunately She accidentally got involved with Maximum Weitheimers who is one of the biggest, richest business man internationally although he is cold and acts very heartless. Olivia gradually find herself getting involved with Maximum. To find the father of her child and to get what rightfully belongs to her, Olivia decide to take the route of revenge with a lot of powers by her side. Will she find the father of her child? Will she get close to Maximum?

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Taylor Yousoofian-Brookes
I’m loving this story, when is the next chapter coming. It’s been a while. 12/8 chapter 55
2023-12-09 02:32:00
55 Chapters
The pregnancy announcement
Olivia sat at the front of the doctor's office looking puzzled, she stares from the test result in her hand to the clock, it has been two hours, he has been gone for two hours. She has not been catching the sight of him at all. In her hand is the result of her pregnancy, which has been out for more than two hours. She feels so sad and worries about what will happen to her next now that she is pregnant, her stepmother will probably skin her alive and will talk bad about her to her father, which is the part that scares her the most. They came to the hospital together, and he was so anxious to know what the test results will be after she discovered her morning sickness, and she was so excited to know about the pregnancy that finally she will leave the house and marry her beloved. A few hours before*** Olivia was in the car looking out of the window wondering what the result will be, she had to skip her lessons to go to the hospital because she won't be allowed by her stepmother to
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The Mistake
"Austin will be released from the hospital today," Felix announce to Bryce Bryce jumps from his seat with excitement, he has been sitting in his studio all day recording music again and the news went into his ears and hit his head, just some minutes before Felix entered he did not care but now he seems to care so much, the news of his brother finally released from the hospital is a good thing. Austin has been in the hospital for three years now before he was a famous musician and has fans all over the world but when an accident happened to him that made him fell into a coma and after doing much hope his fans are finally giving up on him so Bryce had to take over to stop his brother fame from fading away and he is still holding on. "Has Mom been told?"Felix who shows no interest anymore answers with a snub "Yes I already informed the Mistress and young ladies Isabella and Tori." Bryce shows anger immediately "Why did you do that? Am sure that they are already showing thei
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A friend that cares
Olivia walks on the street dejected, she covers her head with a scarf to hide away from people, she can't believe that she made a fool of herself and got into the news with the title of the crazy woman, she can't recall what happened all she just knew is that her eyes opened wide to a lot of crowds, reporters and news media flashing their cameras at her and asking her questions on her pregnancy. How did she mess up so badly, she has shamed and embarrassed herself in public she can't go back home or else her father will kill her and even if no one knows her as his daughter the news is supposed to have gotten to them but how painful this has affected her life She must have revealed that she was pregnant. It's night already, she has been hiding from people all evening and she is now walking on the street helplessly, and Kin has not been found, what has Kin done to her? Olivia was sure that Kin can't just leave her in his mess and run away but when she recollect his expression at t
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The strange girl
Settled in the Weitheimer's house, Austin has been moved to the house after he woke up the hospital was rewarded by Maximum the eldest son of the family, immediately he has ordered a new building for the hospital as its headquarters and promised them it won't be in his name, he also gave them countless millions of dollars in their account, dish a small house becoming big overnight. Every one of the members to has their own of showing appreciation. Everyone is surprised at the behavior of the Wertheimer family to their third son wakes up, they never gave up on him even when the doctors gave them no hope. In their large luxurious living room, there is the whole celebrity family of the Weitheimers, their mother Mrs. Linda is a renowned businesswoman and a media company owner, she has seven children and none of them is not known to the business world and entertainment world. Her first son Maximum is a businessman and also has little inspect to the entertainment world, her second son i
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Especially Memories
There is a sense of regret and resignation on Olivia's way home, she ponders how she could have acted that foolishly, how could she have lived with such foolishness, and how could she have lost everything, including her life, family, and hope? She hoped that she would finally get married to Kin and be free from her stepmother's salt and pepper, that was what made her believe that she was going to finally get married to Kin. The hope she had made her believe that finally her hard life would be able to come to an end and her hope made her think that she had a way out, but she was mistaken. But now that she thought of it, she deserves it all. In her hand is her month's pay and today is the first day she started the job, and she won't be going again. She has been fired.“Are you Olivia Williams?” Shaking from the news that she heard from the couples at their table, Olivia is still confused to reply with a shaking voice “Yes.” “I can guess from your hair and dressing that you ar
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Marriage plans
what is your take on this?" "Nothing much?" Another director answers as he flips pages upon pages, he drops it and pick up another document and flips it without knowing what to do. There are three directors in the very big office, they are seated at a round table which centers at the center of the whole office, two blue colour sofa beside the table and on this table they are four laptops and piles of documents on it."I think we should go with the second plan of the chairman.""To mingle with the Han group, we have to be productive and more engaged with the current socially business world, go you think?"The man looks away from Maximum Weitheimers and old they are putting on their best effort to his hearing, he just hope that he won't sack them "Yes." The office is more like a living room, very large and too big for an office, it is actually the CEO office. The tension in the office is not good, before they are thirteen directors in the office but some of them has been sent ou
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The saviour
On Saturday day morning. Tracy will be back soon from her night shift and Kelvin left for his delivery job, Tracy quited the lesson and started working both full time and both shifts from one place to another earning double of her pay and the painful part to Olivia is that the siblings are actually working for her and her baby. The new has become famous even the more, she is now your top topic, rewards are every where for anyone who finds her and report it to the Weitheimers family. Olivia was forced to stay indoors since then, she can only watch movies, take care of the house, eat and sleep and when Tracy and Kelvin get off work, they all sit and drink over watching movies, these are happy moments for Olivia it is better than been with her family. After the morning chores, there is nothing to eat at home, she knew before but refuses to tell Tracy and Kelvin about it, she has money with her and with it she can use it to buy few food stuffs too. As she dress she uses
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Meet the Weitheimers/Williams
" Hey wake up." Olivia feels the taps simultaneously, she is shaken awake by the hand and she stretch out her little body tiredly, she yawns and covers her mouth playfully and smile at herself. She somewhat feels refreshed just by that little, she haven't feel so refreshed and relaxed after she had a few hour sleep before so why now Was she too comfy? How can she be so comfortable in a strangers car? She wonders. "How could you sleep like that?" Olivia move startled and hugs her bag to herself and look at the man embarrassed a little."Well...I thought you were taking me home." Olivia asked looking around confused. "We are here." "Where?" Olivia ask with a frown still looking around confused. The man did not reply again but instead he just alight from the car and leaves her in the car, he walks from the side of the door to her door at her side. She still sit confused, from the car she seated it doesn't look like Thomas street at all, there is flo
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Her mother, her threat
Suddenly Olivia recognize the voice as her stepmother's voice, her blood becomes cold she could die, she wish the ground will open up and swallow her but it is impossible, why is Roisin here, of all the people she wants to see how come it is Roisin her stepmother, that woman is pure devil, she can wake up the whole dead will her wickedness.Why is she here?"Darling, look at our daughter," Roisin shouts as she sees Olivia, she start shredding tears "You wicked girl, you got your father worried." Olivia looks up and sees her father standing at the side of a book shelf, immediately her eyes knock with his dead stare she knew she is going to get in trouble. "Sister, how could you do this to us? We were worried."Sophia her second stepsister who is a junior to Mackie runs to her feets and cries bitterly. It is all an act, even her father has start a crocodile tears, they are lying, they have probably planned on how they will punish her and putting a act here is just for
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Punishment and Pain
iIf she refuses, her mother's grave will be uprooted and her pictures and belongings will be burnt to aches, and she couldn't let that happen, she made a promise to keep her mother's memories in the house whether her father married again or not. Her father has this strong habit of threatening her with her mother's grave and belongings by saying that her mother misses her, olivia's heart always melts at all these lies by her father, nevertheless she can't act like she doesn't care about her mother.She wipes the tears falling from her eye and guilt comes over her. “Are you okay?” Isabella, who is seating beside her asked. Isabella suspects something is wrong with this William family, she has been watching Olivia since, and her emotions and attitude doesn't show that her family treats her right in the way they act in front of the gatherers family. she knows that olivia is not happy going back home, but how can she be certain? She doesn't understand why her mother insisted on letting
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