A Love So Dangerous

A Love So Dangerous

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The story of Sienna Zannotti and Eric Connall is not your typical love story. They are the leaders of rival mafia organizations, and when fate brings them together in an arranged marriage, sparks fly. Sienna is a fierce and unforgiving Don, while Eric is just as ruthless in his leadership of the American mafia. They both resist the idea of a marriage, but their parent's wishes leave them no choice. As they meet for the first time, they each find themselves drawn to the unexpected qualities of the other. Eric discovers a captivating woman in Sienna, and she finds him attractive despite his leadership position. But can two powerful and dominant mafia lords make a marriage work? Will they succumb to their differences and go their separate ways, or will they be able to find a common ground to build from? A Love So Dangerous is a journey through the obstacles of love and power, as Sienna and Eric navigate their way through their arranged marriage. Is their love powerful enough to withstand the forces surrounding them, or will the dangers of their worlds prove too much to bear?

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Seeylah Kamal
I love this book so much. The female lead is so sassy and brave. She really fits to be the leader of her mafia.
2023-10-06 16:38:29
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Leema Kamal
The book is so gripping and I'm loving it already. Sienna is one fierce and bold character, and Eric seems to complement her well.
2023-06-16 00:24:22
110 Chapters
Chapter One
Sienna I held the razor-sharp knife tightly. I took no notice of the way the blade cut deep into the flesh of my palm. I took no notice of my crimson blood which spilled out and stained the carpet below. It actually relieved me. To feel my body in physical pain was a great distraction from the emotional pain that troubled me. I wasn't one to harm myself but I didn't know how to react and my knife was just there.Father wanted me to get married to a stranger. No, he forced me to. He left me with no choice. Granted, I could run, I could hide, but I wouldn't do something like that. Throughout my whole life, I had been nothing but a disappointment to him and this affirmed it. I was nothing more than a mere commodity; an object to trade at his will. He never fucking liked me and I did nothing to earn his approval because I would never get it. My name was Sienna Zannotti, and I was the Don of the Italian mafia. Father only passed it down to me because he was aging and had no male heirs,
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Chapter Two
EricI wasn't surprised when my parents arranged a marriage for me. It was highly common. My own parents were arranged to marry and they had been together ever since, in a loveless marriage till death did them part. What a shitty way to live. I was fucking angry about having to marry some girl. A fucking Italian girl to top it off. There was nothing wrong with Italian girls but she was in the mafia. What would she even be like? Would our marriage be entirely loveless like my parents? Not that I cared, I would just tolerate her and have my way with other women behind her back, and I was sure she would do the same. I wasn't even told of her name, what she looked like, or what she was like. But she was a woman. The boss of the Italian mafia. How could that be? Women were weak and too emotional. She would be the destruction of the mafia. I chuckled at how the most fierce and depraved mafia in the world would fall at her hands. Everyone knew that only a man could run a mafia. Perhaps
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Chapter Three
SiennaToday was the day I finally got to meet the man who would own me, and as Father put it very eloquently, I would be his bitch apparently. But I would rather stab out my own eyes and eat them than let someone own me. Who the fuck did these men think they were? I scowled as I looked into the full-length mirror. My attire didn't reflect what I thought, not in the slightest. My body was covered in a tight-fitting red silk dress. It had a deep v-neck and full-length arms. I wanted to hide my sore wrist, thanks to Father. The dress stopped at my naturally tanned thighs. Pairing the dress with red heels, I went for a simple look. Light makeup covered my face, and my dark hair was pulled back into a sleek ponytail. There was nothing more powerful than dressing up. It made men weak, and I made men weak. I pressed my lips together which were painted with red lipstick. The red blended well with my tan skin and icy blue eyes. Cara entered my room after knocking. She eyed me and complim
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Chapter Four
EricSienna and her father left the house and I was still in a daze. Thawoman… She was no ordinary woman. There was something about her. She had power, and I felt it when she spoke. I felt her strength when she twisted my hand back. She was also quite fucking hot. Her father was a despicable man and I could sense it. He was fucking disgusting. Sienna never seemed to talk or laugh in his presence, or not as much as she did when he wasn't around her. I could feel their animosity towards each other. My parents looked at me with wide grins across their faces and I knew they wanted to talk about Sienna. "Well what did you think of her? She seems sweet," Mother commented. Sweet? I would not describe her as sweet. Oh, but I liked it when she swore. Father chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head. Sweet was not a word we used in the mafia. Fucking hell, we hardly even used it at all."She is fine," I lied effortlessly but really, she was more than just fine. Father beamed and patted my
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Chapter Five
Sienna Two fucking days. Two days of being rushed off my feet and dragged around mercilessly. I chose a wedding dress and it was quite decent but I just hated what it symbolized. This was really happening. There was nothing I could do to stop it. I didn't plead with my father. He would have beat me if I did that, and besides he was busy enjoying himself in different clubs all over the place. I glanced down at my freshly painted nails. They were in nude — which was not a color I would have chosen if the choice had been left to me — but they looked beautiful regardless. I was glad to be kept busy in a way, because I didn't have to interact with my father. He stayed far away and I was glad that he did so. Tonight was the last night before the big day and I chose to stay in bed and watch a horror movie. There was not much I wanted to do. Infact, if truth was to be told, I wanted to fall ill unexpectedly and ruin the wedding. And I knew that would surely piss my father off. I chuckled a
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Chapter Six
SiennaIf the wedding wasn't suffocating enough, I had to attend the after party. After all, it was my wedding. However, I would rather be anywhere but at Eric's house with a majority of people I wholeheartedly disliked and didn't give a shit about.I stood around, still in my wedding dress as I kept to myself. My father was deep in conversation with Eric's parents and I watched perplexed as he seemed to have laughed more than he had in the past month. The wrinkles on his forehead and around his eyes creased deeply with every smile.Sean was currently keeping me company because Eric disappeared to fuck knew where, but I hardly cared about that. Sean returned with two glasses of champagne, one of which he handed to me. I gladly took it from him and drank it in one gulp.He furrowed his eyebrows. "You good, Sienna?" he asked. I smiled as I handed my empty glass to a waiter. "I am absolutely perfect," I said as the smile on my face fell. Then I added, "I just want to leave. I am exhaust
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Chapter Seven
SiennaI stared at him. He was dressed down but still looked like a god. No, a devil. I raised a brow and he chuckled deeply. "Don't tell me you forgot that I don't give a fuck. But if I were you, I would have already stabbed their eyes out," he said nonchalantly.I leaned back onto the fridge. Then I yawned as my heavy eyelids begged for sleep. Eric looked across the room at at my broken tiara as I rubbed my eyes. "Don't worry about that, I will get another one," I said as I looked down at the broken jewellery."Your father has already gone," he informed me. Fuck that man! That fucking bastard. So he left me here. He doesn't even fucking care, anyway, I thought."Well, I am leaving too," I said, sighing heavily as I rubbed my forehead. Then I started headed for the doorway but was stopped by Eric who immediately stepped in the way. "Stay the night. I insist," he said, staring directly at me. I don't have time for no games, Eric fucking Connall, I thought as I tried to read him bu
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Chapter Eight
Sienna The next morning was unusual to say the least. I woke up to the smell of freshly baked pancakes and coffee. I really loved coffee just as I loved the scent. I groaned as I sat upright on the sofa and I thought of how uncomfortable it was. But I didn't expect to be taken to bed. Fuck, if he touched me, I would have killed him. "Good morning, sunshine," Eric called out from across the kitchen. I blinked hard as I stretched. Where the fuck was I? Oh right, I thought as I remembered that I was in Eric's house because he had asked me to stay here after the wedding. I stood up, ignoring him, and I headed upstairs to the bedroom I stayed in last night. Or more like didn't stay in. Upon getting dressed into a casual pair of skinny jeans and a T-shirt which I tucked in, I went downstairs. Cara was a lifesaver as she had brought me some clothing last night. But that didn't change the fact that she disappeared on me last night. When I walked back into the kitchen, I sat down on the
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Chapter Nine
SiennaJust as I stood up, I saw Eric enter into the house. He looked surprised to see me but smiled nonetheless. His clothing was covered in deep crimson blood and so were his hands. I didn't know why, but I felt sudden panic when I saw the blood, which was stupid because I dealt with blood all the time."So this bit of business didn't require a gun?" I asked cheekily. He smirked as he flexed his hands, and I watched his built arms also flex as he showcased his perfectly sculpted muscles. "This bit of business was more personal," he finally replied.I nodded because I perfectly understood what he meant. But shit, I couldn't fall for him.I sighed softly before I asked, "Where is your first aid box?" As soon as I said that, his guard held a box out for me. And it was the same one Cara had an adorable little crush on. And I could even see why. "Thank you, " I replied, looking straight at him. The guard smiled politely. "I am Gabriel," he said, introducing himself. I nodded as I s
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Chapter Ten
EricSienna returned to Italy for some business she had to take care of. I was a little disheartened when she did indeed leave. She was growing on me much more than I cared to admit.I also had some business that I had to take care of. Many bosses would sit on their thrones and let their advisors run their business for them, but not me. There was something about getting my hands dirty that drove me. It made me hungry for more power.That meant I had little time to myself but when I did, I made sure to enjoy it. I smiled to myself when the thought of taking Sienna out crossed my mind. Would she even want to go out with me? No. Fuck, I couldn't think like that.I knew I wasn't compassionate and loveable unlike Sean, and my heart sank at the possibility of Sienna rejecting me. Perhaps she would stay in Italy and never return to America. I wasn't good enough for her, I could never be. This marriage was nothing but a piece of paper like she said.I shook my head and headed for my basement.
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